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Previous >>959310

Discuss and post anime styles in 3d. From figurines to celshaded models, etc.

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Is Wandah's 2nd figurine course really good?

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I've started retraining myself to sculpt anime heads the way Japanese people sculpt clay figures in those youtube videos. Maybe it'll help me conceptualize the style better. Will post some progress later to see if it was worth it.

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Really great work anon! Are you the guy who makes those garage kits?

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read the filename

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Maybe I should ask /beg/ about this instead but I was doing this Android 18 head for practice and I'm getting this odd phenomenon where attempting to shade smooth the head mesh where for whatever reason, Blender is automatically marking certain edges as sharp. On the mirrored part it shows up as these bad looking artifacts. Adding a subdivision surface makes it 10x worse, the artifacts turn into these huge cracks and ridges sticking out of the face. Does anyone know why this is happening? I thought my topology was alright, but it keeps re-appearing even if I manually mark these edges as smooth.

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Forgot the actual image. General feedback also welcome, I'll be doing the hair a little later.

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Set the auto smooth angle to 180°. Always always do this when making an ArcSys style model where you want to be able to manually control shading with mark sharp.

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Her Craneum doesn't end where her hair start

Anonymous No. 980423

I concur. Toriyama's characters have thoroughly circular heads, and the androids especially so.

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Attempted to add hair. I really don't like it but I suppose the point of practice is to experiment and try new things to see if they work. My method of trying to use planes to draw a general outline and then add hair curves on top of it really didn't work and I'm sure there's an easier way to get the effect of stranding that her hair has while still maintaining the sense of volume and layering.

Hm, I don't have a Normals tab under my data section for that object. Is it only available for certain objects? I made this head starting with a single vertex and then extruded it out following the reference image before filling the gaps by connecting the eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Or do I have to enable something from a menu?

Yeah I know that much but I was worried if I made her head any larger she's start to look like an alien instead of an Android. I guess with certain characters you really have to push the anatomy. Any good rule of thumb for how much a head should "extrude" into hair? Especially for anime girls I feel like it's substantial but my instincts always tell me that their hair is just really big as opposed to their skulls. Not sure if that's correct or not though.

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>if I made her head any larger she's start to look like an alien instead of an Android
anime girls ARE aliens. Like rosweld Greys. But with eyelashes, makeup and hair.

Anonymous No. 980461

Now that you say it, large round eyes, almost non-existent noses, small mouths, and abnormally large heads... you might be on to something. I'll keep that in mind when I make more anime girl heads.

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Made snippedy snib girl

Anonymous No. 980544

Cool. You going to print it?

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Good thread.
Maybe we can start collecting some useful courses/files to help anons start with anime 3D

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The tutorial series by Wandah Kurniawan is pretty solid but personally I had such a hard time with Zbrush as a program I had to give up on it. It was just one headache inducing UI problem after another. That said, if you can wrangle the damn thing, it's pretty obvious the dude knows his shit, even if I'm not the biggest fan of Prime 1 as a figure studio.

Anonymous No. 980614

I reckon the best starting points are the beginner focused cheap/free courses on udemy and youtube. Preferably by someone who's accent won't drive you nuts. The wandah course assumes a certain level of zbrush knowledge.
Whatever people do though, don't buy any of his courses on official coloso site. The content is good but the site and the proprietary video player they force you to use are dogshit and hijack your pc.

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Hopefully cutting and keying it today

Anonymous No. 980626

Any specific ones you recommend? Preferably in Blender? I wanna try 3d modeling to make anime figures but I feel like I'm missing a lot of fundamentals. There are some youtube tutorials on making anime faces by tracing vertexes around reference images into a kind of mask, but I feel like my topology is subpar because I'm not really familiar with any of the basic reasons why certain edge flows are the way they are in good looking faces

Anonymous No. 980628

Honestly for printable figurines and sculpts you don't have to worry much about clean topo. If you were making anime models for vrchat or similar it would be a different story. But for 3d printing what you see is what you get and if it prints out in the shape you want it too then you've done it correctly.
As for your question, I don't have any specific blender tutorials in mind, I only work in zbrush sorry

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I guess it's less topology that I'm worried about and more the fundamentals of sculpting and translating human anatomy into 3d models broadly and anime girls specifically. I have some experience with painting garage kits and posing so I understand the basics of a nice figure, but getting the actual 3D modeling aspect of figure creation is proving to be an enigma. Like I'll watch someone create a basic mesh, then do a hundred seemingly minor adjustments and get a really appealing body/head. And while I can get to a pretty similar place when it comes to making the base mesh, making those adjustments to really polish the model eludes me. I guess I just don't know what I should be looking for beyond a vague idea of "Make it look better".

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White 3D artists should start working in anime studios Nips can't into 3d for shit just look at this season's anime with absolutely unwatchable animation Highspeed Etoile

Anonymous No. 980712

That's what it makes a 3d modeler good.
It comes with time, because you develop an eye for volume and shape.
Just keep making 3d, I can make an anime head on 20 minutes, but it took me a few year to get to that point

Anonymous No. 980714

Would be a cool idea but nip wages are incredibly low for what would be considered high skill work. Add on the language barrier and highly restrictive work visa and it's just not an attractive offer at all.

While not animation, check out the job listing for SK's company looking for a figurine sculptor:
You're looking at full time 9 hour days for just 200k yen/month ($1300/mo, $325/wk) for your skilled labor.

Anonymous No. 980737

Take a look at mark lambert's (@Remanance) work for an example. Don't worry about your hundreds of minor adjustments yet. Focus on large, meaningful changes and get the figure into a shape that pleases you before you start wondering if your ears should be a couple millimeters higher etc.

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I guess I'll just grind out a bunch of heads/bodies and see what I can improve at as I go along. Speed is probably the first thing, I'm definitely getting more comfortable with the interface as time goes on. I can always use my actual anime figures as reference too.

Speaking of, taking criticism on this new head. I think it's alright, and I'm going to do the body/hair after, but I feel like my ears and skull shape are still slightly off.

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White 3D artists need to join together and form their own studios. There ought to be a lot seeing as how whites are automatically displaced by an jeet with 5 seconds of blender experience.
It would mean working for free on that first project, and any studio saying
>We'll hire whites
will be targeted for harassment too.

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Update on the hair. It's alright but I actually found out a better method to do it like 30 minutes after I finished, and by then it was too late. Guess it'll have to wait for the next head I do, but I think this turned out okay enough. Kind of chunky but it has a good overall shape I think. On to the body sculpt.

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there's this extra chucnk of skull I think needs to be chipped away on the outside corner of the eyes. The tutorial in the OP misses it too. I've seen some other anime drawing meme refer to "doll faces" and "mask faces" and this corner in the eye is a defining feature.

Anonymous No. 981043

Good stuff anon, keep up making those anime heads.
Maybe since you are doing sculpting you could look up someone explaining the overall shape of an anime head and study those?

Anonymous No. 981061

I'm not sure I exactly understand what you mean. Like the eyes should be less round and have a more defined corner on the outer side?

Thanks. I'm trying to look up more specific fundamental-based tutorials on constructing heads/bodies for sculpting but I'm running into an issue where I can only really find workflows. So instead of learning WHY a skilled modeler would make dozens or even hundreds of small adjustments to the face or body, I'm learning the HOW and WHAT of making a face in Blender and they're fast-forwarding through the adjustments phase without explaining anything. It's kind of frustrating, I remember watching one guy talk in-depth about mapping out the facial geometry (Which I already knew how to do) and then hand-waving the fine tuning process with something like "Just keep nudging verts until you're happy with what it looks like".

I think I'll look into more traditional 2d art explanations of anatomy, since understanding that and stylizing it is how you would make an anime character in a pen/paper medium, so I imagine most of that understanding transfers over. At the very least I know that the muscle and bones of the body create the structure under the skin, so it might just be a matter of getting enough practice in that I just "get" how everything should look when put together. But man, blindly grinding heads/bodies seems like I run the risk of learning the wrong lessons.

Anonymous No. 981062

Not those anons you are talking with but once you find a good resource do share it here with anons. Maybe you can help other lurkers.

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>I'm not sure I exactly understand what you mean. Like the eyes should be less round and have a more defined corner on the outer side?
yeah sorry I tried to draw something to help explain my first post but it didnt look right. Hopefully this diagram explains it.

Anonymous No. 981074

Sure, if I can find anything I'll post it. Sadly I haven't had much luck so far and it doesn't help that searching stuff on youtube has been a real crapshoot. If it's not "Basic beginner workflow for babies" it's that the search page gives up after like 6 results and just recommends random 3d modeling shit. Really annoying but the (absolute) state of the internet is a different matter.

I think I get it. The area around the eyes should be more recessed, and it kind of curves into that area of the skull shape. I think my mesh has a bit of the "mask face" when "doll face" would be more appropriate because of the way I made the base mesh. I'll keep that in mind for the future since I definitely want to have a more 3D look. I'm aiming to one day make 3D printed figures after all.

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Haven't had much time to work on 3d stuff but I did finish the body sculpt. I think it turned out pretty good for the most part, but I feel like the hands sculpt got way too detailed. For one the voxel size made my computer chug a little and it became hard to really smooth out all the details leading to something of a lumpy look. I'll probably try raw poly modeling hands in the future and then try to convert them to fit the body mesh. I'll post a picture of the backside next.

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Anonymous No. 981532

And the back. Another issue with the hand voxel size being what it was is that they were impossible to join to the main body. But remeshing them at higher sizes made the fingers stick together. Gotta be a better way.

Anonymous No. 981540

body looks pretty good. The face deserves another go over.
Are you trying to boolean on some downloaded hands?

Anonymous No. 981541

I'm just gonna keep making heads until something clicks I think, no substitute for practice and all that.

As for the hands I modeled them from scratch myself. Not sure what you mean by "boolean" as a verb. It's something you can do to models I imagine, but what exactly does it entail? I'm pretty new to this stuff overall so apologies if it's something obvious.

Anonymous No. 981555

Are you planning to use cell shading on her?
Because the face is a bit bumpy and you may get issues in the future

Anonymous No. 981579

Probably not. I originally got into this with the idea that I could 3D print these models and then assemble/paint them IRL. I'm a garage kit painter and I recently came into a really high quality elegoo resin printer so I'm only going to bother with sculpting/posing, all the "texturing" work will be done in the real world.

That said the "lumpiness" of some of the parts of the sculpt does bother me and I'm not exactly sure how to smooth it out. For the face I imagine it's an issue where the topology isn't even enough across the surface, but for the other body parts I'm not sure. If you have any advice on how to fix it I'll gladly take it.

Anonymous No. 981582

It's definitely a topology issue on the face
Can you post an screenshot of the topo?

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Anonymous No. 981591

Sure. Here's the edit mode view of the face from the front orthographic view, isolated from the rest of the model. There's a mirror modifier and a 3rd level subdivision acting on it, if that makes a difference. If you have any advice please be specific as I am not very intelligent.

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Anonymous No. 981608

Different anon here, this is going to give you some trouble if you don't do some smoothing, not to mention the loops (blue) which would work better for anime style, it would also get rid of that lone triangle and that diamond near the mouth.

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Anonymous No. 981609

This is from a commission I am working on, check the loops for reference.

Anonymous No. 981616

I think I see what you mean, but can I ask a few further questions?

1) Why is it exactly that the loops marked in blue are better than the ones I have now? Looking at the counterexample face I agree that the topology is much cleaner and it looks a lot nicer, but rather than trying to just go for rout copying in the future, I'd like to understand why those loops are the way they are. What makes them more suited to anime specifically?

2) For the red circled area, what do you mean by smoothing? Like it's too recessed (Causing the upper cheeks to cast a shadow over it) and it needs to be brought out more? Or is it that there's too much geometry and it's cluttering the head unnecessarily?

3) What's the issue with the triangle and the diamond? I know that, topologically speaking, triangles aren't good because they don't effectively deform when the model is posed. Are diamonds the same way or is it just that specific diamond near the mouth? Are some triangles permitted where the model won't be deforming much, or are there deeper reasons for removing them?

Sorry if these are annoying questions but I'd really like to get some more understanding of the issues I'm facing.

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Anonymous No. 981618

1. They make deformation and sculpting better and easier, you can also make adjustments easier when you select the loops.

2.Yes, ideally I would first delete that loop in the middle and see if the others can be properly connected into better loops, since you are using sudivision it is also easier to tweak them.

3. the triangle under the eye which could be removed in favor of some loops and quads, what I learned myself is how these areas shape up the cheeks as well, otherwise we end up with very flat faces, the diamond in that area may give you some weird results, my example also has it but as you can see it flows differently, when in doubt just triangulate a face and see how it will deform.

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Anonymous No. 981724

Increase the cheek bones to create those cheek curves typical anime heads have.

Pic related should help you out; the blue lines are what we see as the contour/outline of the face. But the cheek lines (which are part of the facial outline of your anime character head in the 3/4 view) is more 'hidden' in the full front view.

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Anonymous No. 981725

Here's another one.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 981816

Looking at this, looking at the models already posted. I was going to make a comment about this, but I wanted to first take my own advice.
A common problem I'm seeing is making the cranium way too small. Anime girls need lots of skull room for their big eyes and crazy hair. When you're modelling a brand new bald character it looks wrong to your eyes because the hair does so much to frame the face.
I Made this mesh a while ago but it was too detailed and didn't "look anime". This is after I've smoothed away a lot of details I had sculpted and moved her brow ridge another 30% lower on the face and from there the nose line down maybe half that. The hair and the textured one is just to see how it would look in context. That's not an actual face texture I intend to use.

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Anonymous No. 981825

same mesh with my eye shader, different hairs, and different lighting.
The one on the top left has this muddiness to it that looks like the normals catching some ambient occlusion or just lot looking good. Top left and bottom right look the best and they have the most lighting blowing out the normals.
What can I do to make the surface look smooth and nice even in poor lighting? Which there will be a lot of.

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Anonymous No. 981835

i'm too retarded for this, anyone know how to make that part of the hair without using sculpt and addons?

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Anonymous No. 981836

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Anonymous No. 981837

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Anonymous No. 981838

Anonymous No. 981844

Curves with geometry is one way, you want it to be polygon efficient? you will probably need to account for subdiv.

Anonymous No. 981846

i know about the curve tech, but i still don't know the right way to do the circled part

Anonymous No. 981850

Start with reducing the circle's subdivs to 2-4 max, then edit the circle's vertices, change its handles to vector type if needed.

Anonymous No. 981852

What's this supposed to be a tutorial for? I don't really understand what the result is supposed to be?

Anonymous No. 981853

cloth fold

Image not available



Anonymous No. 981898

Image not available



Anonymous No. 981900

To do this. I made a nurbs circle and placed it about where I wanted the ponytail to come out, duplicated it and used maya's "live surface" to move the CVs of the circle onto the scalp in the irregular shape it needed to be.
Then I lofted between the 2 curves, and extracted another loop out of the middle of the surface. I adjusted the CVs of that middle loop to be in a better spot, then lofted another surface on all 3 loops and did the same thing 1 more time.

Anonymous No. 981901

alternatively I've offset a sphere I sculpted to intersect with the head where I wanted and did a boolean subtraction.

Anonymous No. 981983

Hey thanks for all the advice, I think I know what to do but as I was working on the face mesh it seemed difficult to get the desired result and I think it's mostly because my facial geometry is crowded. Rather than keep trying to correct it I think I'll just make a new one from scratch. Part of that is also because for some reason trying to add a rigify human mesh results in not much happening, so hopefully a clean slate will fix that too. I wanna try a better method of modeling hair, hands, and faces too.

I see that this thread has accumulated a lot of nice reference images, but does anyone have any character references? It seems difficult to find T or even A pose reference sheets for a lot of anime characters, but I guess I could always make due with front/side facing screenshots

Image not available



Anonymous No. 982009

How can I better visualize ways to make this part of an anime face? Like what’s under it I can use as a guide? Like it’s not just flat, that’s what makes it complicated for me
This isn’t mine, it’s a ripped model from fire emblem engage I’m trying to understand alongside anime head anatomy pictures

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Anonymous No. 982010

Studying anatomy, particularly facial anatomy diagrams, will probably help you out. Faces in general are patchworks of fat bumps, dozens of different overlapping muscle groups, and the underlying skull structure. One thing to keep in mind too is that anime faces are often "perfect" in the sense that while they have variance in cheekbone height, facial fat, and overall skull shape, they lack the flaws inherent to normal human faces like wrinkles, smile lines, sallow cheeks, etc. Anime faces are almost universally youthful and feminine, unless the character is specifically old/very masculine, in which case you might get something like pic related. Soriz here from Granblue Fantasy is supposed to be old and very fit/lean, so his facial muscles and skull shape shine through along with a healthy amount of wrinkling. You basically want the opposite of this but this face is still worth studying as it has a lot of anatomical roadmaps from it.

For this part in particular you're modeling a very stylized version of someone's cheekbones, the ridge around their nose/mouth, the upper chin area, and the buccal region of the cheek. It's mostly muscle, but the important thing to remember is that everyone has a fat pad right under their eye socket and to the left/right of their nose. You can feel this on your own face, it's the soft, pliable skin on that region before it starts to stretch out on it's way to your mouth and jawline. This patch of fat is also why your face puffs out below your eyes and while it doesn't go out as far as your forehead, the principle is similar. Just remember, you're not bucking anatomy but heavily stylizing it, so when in doubt look at a facial muscles chart. Most faces have very little fat and the muscles/bone are responsible for the deformation.

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Anonymous No. 982011

Thank you so much for this incredible post, I have the anatomy for sculptors book and i draw the asaro head every day, buts it’s very difficult to understand the plane on that part of the cheeks where the red line is, now I see a way to get it understood. Thank you!

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Anonymous No. 982012

Start like this with a cube and then extruding, anime characters have in essence a "cat" face.

Anonymous No. 982392

i always assumed people just modeled for anime, kinda surprising to learn that people sculpt it too. I imagine that's way harder, props to you folks

Anonymous No. 982394

i actually give up on sculpting, too tedious compare to normal modeling

Anonymous No. 982397

It's nice that you agree with yourself.

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Anonymous No. 982405

this was my first attempt, never tried again

Image not available



Anonymous No. 982406

...still suck at topology :3

Anonymous No. 982407

Use front and side references from here until you develop understanding and u own style

Anonymous No. 982890

it's a lot easier when you know how to sculpt, it lets you get the shape right without having to worry about topology at the same time

Anonymous No. 982958

*throws up*

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🗑️ Anonymous No. 983006

How do japanese (and only japanese) blender artists manage to be so good at making anime characters?
Is the secret to it japanese-written books on blender? I noticed one of the people here mentioned a blender series of books on anime.
Anyone has japanese resources on anime on blender? I want to know if they are as good as they seem to be.

Anonymous No. 983007

>Hold your hair softly
Everything is going to be ok, I know that you are pregnant and your husband left, but I'm here for you

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Anonymous No. 983008

How do japanese (and only japanese) blender artists manage to be so good at making anime characters?
Where do they learn?
Japanese anime blender books?
Compared to the west, they have very high-level, high-quality books that teach them how to draw anime and how to model anime in blender, so i would make sense.

I am looking for japanese resources on anime on blender, i want to know if they are as good as they seem to be. Are there torrents for japanese blender books? I could not find much on genesis lib and other places.

Anonymous No. 983042

a lot of nips on twitter recommend that book last year

Image not available


nano chan.png

Anonymous No. 983119

how we looking?
want to keep the poly count lower. exaggerated the mouth area because its inspired by nichijou's distinct style. gonna pull it out even more i think actually.

Anonymous No. 983156

looking good

Anonymous No. 983261

the japanese learn by copying masterworks

Anonymous No. 983262

Now to my eyes that does not look like good topology, but I can see in the renders he is using a flattening shader. There's a whole other side to "modelling anime" thing that involves shaders that ignore the creative meches one must make in order to make the shapes that way they need to be.

Image not available


nano chan.png

Anonymous No. 983355

need to decide if I'm gonna have attached limbs or floaty limbs. progress been slow, started a 3d modeling class at uni and now I'm learning maya on top of this and another blender course kek

Anonymous No. 983362

>have a lot of time to learn 3d modeling everyday
>decide to fuck around and waste 9 years not learning 3d modeling

Anonymous No. 983384

alright, i know how to model, right now i'm about to watch some course, it teach me how to model, uv mapping, texturing, and rigging, should i skip to uv mapping, texturing and rigging and skip modeling since i have my own workflow for modeling character?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983524

make hand one continuous piece and paint in fingers with the texture, or make individual fingers?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983540

felt happy with how my model turned out, any tips on what i should learn next and constructive criticism?
Accidentally made the model ~750k triangles i thought that was funny.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983591

Here’s something I made today.
I spammed dynamesh and zremesher near the end to get it to look how I wanted or to move things easier, or just to clean it up. and my reference was a 3D model
Can I even say it’s mine?
Most importantly, is it good?
The hair is an old thing I modeled

Anonymous No. 983612

>Can I even say it’s mine?
yeah you pushed the buttons. I shy away from using 3d models themselves as references unless im trying to copy something technical like topology. But if it's all youve got it's all youve got.
>Most importantly, is it good?
I'm looking and right away it is not repelling my senses, which is good. I have my own taste when it comes to the face ratios. The back of the mandible ought to be closed to the ear but it doesn't look bad. We really need to see it with a shader though.

Anonymous No. 983627

I’m this guy >>982416
I wanted to try to see if I could get a win under my belt and I think this is helping me how to make anime or better ways to approach it. Of course I’m not gonna use 3D models as references but if I can get one model good, then I know how the process to make good models. I also followed a video
Also, What do you mean by shader?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983641

By shader I meant how it looks like with the really good looking pro 3d anime that they use special materials that mimic 2d rendering to different degrees. If for instance you used a material the shaded the mesh with completely flat colors the normals along the cheeck and jaw areas of the face will not come into play. All that will matter is that the edges are in the right spot to create the proper illusion from certain angles.
If the mesh is being rendered with full 3d lighting then the normals in that area become very delicate.
It is a good looking anime face.

Anonymous No. 983643

can you post a picture? not clicking that link

Anonymous No. 983656

ugly but cool at the same time

Anonymous No. 983688

What do you think?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983713

this is what i made today
the left pic has the zremeshed version and the one from before i did it.
does it look like im getting the hang of it?

Anonymous No. 983716

here it is with a shader

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983726

Yeah this shadow reaching up around the cheek and turning the chin into a circle is a problem.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983727

oh and yeah just saw it. This is much better.

Anonymous No. 983728

And then I see these 2 highlights on the far side of the mouth and under the eye. If it were my project I'd call these problems, and Id fix them by making the face details even more smooth and round, but I am pretty sure there are anime styles that include highlights like that.
So this is probably the best advice. We all need to pick a particular look to emulate. What's wrong and what's right will be determined by the source. Copying master work is exactly how the japanese learn art. You want your art to look japanese. Copying japanese art burns the candle at both ends. Find some good looking examples from an anime or manga that you want your model to look like. Pick a particular character and a few scenes with their face at key angles. Then make your model look like it as closely as you can.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983752

What makes her ugly? What makes it cool?
i want to improve so i need to know what im doing right and what im doing wrong. Is blender even the best option for this kind of modeling work? i feel like im not using this tool to its potential.

Anonymous No. 983754

oh no, the whole muzzle area is weird.
where is the nose? why are her lips puckered up like that?
i would lover her eyes to give a bigger forehead, then probably make the bangs come down further too
and id either make the chin more pointy or more rounder, gotta go with one of the two
also im not a huge fan of the shading/texturing of the lips but that may just be my personal taste

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983757

She does have a nose, its just hidden by the shaders at that angle. I feel i kinda like that look but ill explore that more.
From the profile i think i can for sure see the eyes need lowering a bit and what about the brow line? should it be sticking out a touch more? I think i really struggle with that "shape" above and around the eyes.
I know my topology could use a bit more efficient work but im just concerned about proportions rn.

Anonymous No. 983761

NTA but the total lack of nose under most angles make it look kinda creepy.
Manga/anime-style always has at least something *suggesting* the shape is there.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983775

Here anon. I'm trying to find a free copy. Give me a moment

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983777

nose is a bit bulbous

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983781


Image not available



Anonymous No. 983782

i want to make my oc in the head style of a specific game, and thats why im using this reference of a 3d model.
theres alot of differences, i have trouble with the cheeks because with the nose and lips, the nose is tilted upwards, and the top lip is on top of the bottom, alot of things i understand why but for things like cheeks i really struggle with wanting to get the shape right from understanding why it is that. would you be able to help?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983786

how could i approach making these in zbrush?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983787

even when directly facing the viewer, you still get a tiny indication of a nose. it's honestly pretty rare to get absolutely no nose in a normal pose. sometimes it disappears when making an exaggerated face or with a very specific style though.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983825

can't find a better way to make hair fold when the character with twintail

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983828

let me also ask
Is it even possible to figure out 3D software was used to make a head like this?
If not? What 3D software is used in Japan to make anime models? I don’t think this type of model is sculpted first, or idk. Im new to this

Anonymous No. 983830


Image not available



Anonymous No. 983831

It’s not that.
I’m pretty sure this is Maya, but I’m not sure if they used that for cutscenes and environments but another software for characters since the backgrounds are different

Anonymous No. 983837

>got filtered by twintail
fuck me

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983871

>anons are making heads from scratch instead of modifying a topologically correct anime head model from a ripped UE game.

Anonymous No. 983909

yes, i hate retopology, also i need to learn how to limit my polycount

Anonymous No. 983912

Yeah imagine wanting to learn how to do something

Anonymous No. 983913

cats evolved to take advantage of the cuteness signals that anime also exploits to sell their hyper abbreviated characters.

Anonymous No. 983914

On an occasion I went so far as to download the Young Link model from Hyrule warriors and modelled my own character's head around it like a 3d trace. Like you there were just limits to my conception of the problem that was stopping me from doing things right. Every time the face would come out too formed and detailed. Bogdenoffed.

Anonymous No. 983915

zBrush just has several built in.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983918

damn took me 2 days to finish the hair

Image not available



Anonymous No. 983956

I don’t think it’s permanent limits just me not trying to make sense of it enough, I’m just not used enough to anime anatomy as much as irl face. The latter I have studied this past week for cheeks like watching medical dissections and drawing over a skull with fat and muscles.
I just have to think of the cheeks as having a sphere below the eyes

Anonymous No. 983963

Looking good anon, where is she from?

Anonymous No. 983973

Azur Lane

Anonymous No. 983978

would be awesome if you manage to find it

Anonymous No. 983980

No luck so far. But I will keep looking

Anonymous No. 983981

Bremerton? Is nice to find another skk doing botes

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984058

Found a DL for that tut plus two tuts by katsu (this guy
.epubs and sample .zips

Anonymous No. 984062

yes, not real skk since i only play for a few months

Anonymous No. 984063

thanks anon this is great

Anonymous No. 984064

thanks a lot anon
>flat face tech
oh no

Anonymous No. 984065

You should fix the hips and belly area, also the ears, other than that nice job

Anonymous No. 984066

this guy's tutorials are great but i have no clue how he does what he does. i model from the cube and use extrude but he just makes the topology as he goes? this seems much easier. what tool even does this? i'm very new to blender btw and usually work from shapes so sorry if this is a dumb question

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984067

like pic related
yea i really really have a problem with shaping the belly
got it

Anonymous No. 984068

draw deep gauges tracing musculature, tendons, fatpads, and bone protrusions, then smooth them till they're almost completely gone. Gauge them in and smooth them again. Repeat till results are good

Anonymous No. 984069

if you have a problem with book maybe watch videos? i use workflow, he combine sculpt and poly modeling for the body, it's a timelapse, but if you have enough patient, go watch it

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984070

dang, i really need to learn anatomy after this

Anonymous No. 984071

How are you sculpting the bikini? I'm also doing a character in a swimsuit and not sure how to approach it.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984072

sadly i'm not sculpting, first i use knife tool to shape the bikini, select the inner loop, duplicate it, then make a cube, subdiv it twice, delete half of the cube, then shrink warp the cube to the bikini shape, you can skip the cube part if you don't really care about topo

Anonymous No. 984073

you can watch that video if my post is too ESL for you

Anonymous No. 984074

you can maybe try using one of those AI image translators for a page you have trouble following to learn better as I imagine most of the directions are in the text and the images are a general showcase of how things should roughly look
not ideal but it's something

Anonymous No. 984076

Amazing, thanks a bunch anon!
Where did you find it, if you don't mind me asking

Anonymous No. 984200

Anyone have any workflow example to create short hair from a single mesh for front and back bang?
i don't like these videos creating multiple amount of separate hair strands that just join in one point without any merging.

Anonymous No. 984204

something like that?

Anonymous No. 984208

Thanks, first one is similar to my complain but i never thought of attaching the hairs to each other and the second video is an interesting take to it.
I'll just give a try to both to see which works best

Anonymous No. 984220

>asymmetrical clothes
>reference use A pose
>model the character with T pose
it's over

Anonymous No. 984228

Are you guys translating the document or do you just read Japanese?

Anonymous No. 984229

I'm using Yandere translator. It's not much but at least you can get the rough idea of what is going on

Anonymous No. 984230

How do you even read or navigate this "book"?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984231

holy fuck, her outfit filter me

Anonymous No. 984236

I just read japanese, it only takes 3 years to learn

Anonymous No. 984275

Good work anon! What are you going to use her for?

Anonymous No. 984293

i'm going to use this one to learn how to uv mapping, texturing, rigging and paint weight since i never bother to learn how to do it before

Anonymous No. 984320

this person teach you 3 ways to make hair

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984393

I need to fit these eyelashes on a head though which goes to my main point:
I want to poly model this head from scratch (not edit, make from scratch and use this as reference) I want to make this but I would like some idea on how to approach it, like if there’s a smart way to poly model it and then rig it all

Anonymous No. 984394

owari da
maybe duplicate the face around the eyes and shape it? like part

Anonymous No. 984398

>delete legs since it's covered by shoes and stocking
>still more than 70k poly count

Anonymous No. 984399

It's probably the hair

Anonymous No. 984400

18k for both hair and body

Anonymous No. 984408

post model with wireframe on?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984416


Anonymous No. 984417

yes i need to subdive her bang

Anonymous No. 984418

I like it.

Anonymous No. 984419

How did you went about doing the body?
Any tutorials you watched?

Anonymous No. 984421

see >>984073 playback speed 0.25x

Anonymous No. 984425

Thank you. Hope to see you improving anon. Keep up the good work

Anonymous No. 984429

No I want to create my own it’s just I don’t know if there’s a better way than to brute force extrude every vertice
What do you mean by owari da? The link works I think

Anonymous No. 984430

you too anon

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984431

Like I’m hoping there’s a smart way to do this instead of picking a random spot and then building from there checking every 2 minutes at the reference. If that is the only way that’s fine. But I also have to rig it and idk how I could do that with anime heads. I have rigged bodies on models I made before like this

Anonymous No. 984432

it's either sculpt the retopo, that tutorial, or some weird ass workflow from other japanese youtuber

Anonymous No. 984433

Anonymous No. 984434

That’s what I tried to do >>983713 but it wasn’t that good enough.
Maybe I can try to make a better head and transfer weights
Thank you!

Anonymous No. 984436

what about retopo? find anime base mesh then retopo it

Anonymous No. 984437

What kind of guides (text or vids) would you guys recommend for someone just starting out? Gonna be stuck at home for a few months so I though I'll finally bite the bullet and try.

Anonymous No. 984438

from scratch? never touch 3d program? if blender the donut tutorial, other than blender i don't know

Anonymous No. 984439

Yeah Blender,don't see a reason to try other more complicated programs if I can't even do something basic.

Anonymous No. 984440

yea, donut teach you the basic

Anonymous No. 984441

yeah, that's a 70k model, I guess it depends on the platform you're exporting to and if you don't mind losing a bit of smoothness
you can definitely remove some vertical and horizontal loops in the lower body, and the shoes feel dense

Anonymous No. 984444


Alright,thanks guys

Anonymous No. 984449

Like zremesher? Idk
I have this autistic impulse to make everything from scratch no matter what

Anonymous No. 984450

No, remesh I by hand
Anime cell shading needs certain topology to be done right

Anonymous No. 984473

Don't do those.
Do these. The donut tutorial is boring and almost made me quit.

Anonymous No. 984510

Anon, do the donut tutorial
That's the best to start
You could not handle the donut tutorial, you are not ready my friend

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984512

no, not zremesher, you do it manually like pic related

Anonymous No. 984530

I tried with the brush and it was the most painful shit ever
Isn’t that maya

Anonymous No. 984531

yea, i think maya retopo tool actually better than blender and easier to use

Anonymous No. 984550

I'll check those out too,you weren't joking about the boring part,but I assume it's main purpose it to familiarize people with the basics along with getting people used to the most used shortcuts.

Anonymous No. 984553

>get filtered by coat

Anonymous No. 984557

The other tutorials do the same, and much better and in a fun way.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984558

i need every edge on the shoes

Anonymous No. 984560

if you're okay with using tris you could save a few polys still

Anonymous No. 984561

Post it, maybe we can help

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984610

good idea but i don't know the right way to use tris
i actually get filtered by the hoodie, manage to make it, need 3 hours though

Anonymous No. 984624

yea fuck rigging and texturing, gonna make another character with simpler design and learn how to rigging and texturing

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984625

Is it possible to work as a 3D artist in anime figurine companies like Good Smile Company or do they only prefer traditional sculptors?

Anonymous No. 984627

They don't use sculpting, it's mostly pre-made models and modeling.

Anonymous No. 984628


this will give you all the skills you need on the side of Blender, with some extra things.

it's it over priced so try find it for free.

Anonymous No. 984630

should i learn new workflow if i already comfortable with my (i copy other people) workflow?

Anonymous No. 984631

by new i mean copy other people workflow like or

Anonymous No. 984635

So apparently i just learned that we have to add giant "triangle" shapes to the eyes area, the mouth area, and the cheek area to make a proper anime topology. It also have to be super detailed with a ton of polygon. What the heck.

Anonymous No. 984644

Stop aspiring to become a japanese wage slave who works 80 hours a week and you will be happy.

Anonymous No. 984659

from what I hear they employ plenty of digital sculptors but I think I would be happier working a regular job while making custom figurines on the side, rather than working for a company
competitive field and I'm not that special

Anonymous No. 984669

Nah. You just press zremesher, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and meditate on accepting things as they come.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984670

That's the better hussle.
We're living in a world where a normal person can afford a table top injection molding machine and cast parts with 3d printed molds. You could be making your own figurines that are 100% yours from stem to stern and keep all of the profits.

Anonymous No. 984671

you have edge loops outlining certain details so they deform better, and those loops have to terminate somewhere. On a shape as complex as the face there isn't always good places. So you either have poles where more than 4 edges converge, or have tris embedded in your quads in certain places.

Anonymous No. 984713

best way to make character with spiky hair? like ichigo or naruto

Anonymous No. 984716

I wish I could do this.

Anonymous No. 984720

I think on that scale it's better to use silicone molds than injection molding and molding/casting is a new skillset that you have to learn, on top of physical painting
if it's a one-off figurine then resin printing

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984735

how we lookin
i am putting off hair as long as possible

Anonymous No. 984752

You put the effort to do make it so that puts you above like 99% of people.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984791

yeah whatever doesnt change the fact that im dogshit at this lol
who has the easiest hair here

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984795

Here's my first attempt at making hair below 3k with the first video during last weekend, though i hand painted the texture myself with the basic blender paint tools since i don't know yet how nodes works. No shader going on here but lot of draw and smear tool involved.
Are there any addons that allows me more drawing tools on blender similar to photoshop at some extent? I just think painting texture on the 3D model itself within Blender is very fun but i saw a lot of videos just using nodes and photoshops, i fear my way is kind alien, especially for "anime" style.

Anonymous No. 984804

>below 3k
post wireframe

Anonymous No. 984807

>yeah whatever doesnt change the fact that im dogshit at this lol
you are gonna make it, took me 5 years to get to >>984416 level because i'm too lazy to learn shit and open 3D program

Anonymous No. 984808

hey that's pretty neat

Anonymous No. 984809

i saw a video that explained his to literally open photoshop tools in the blender texture painting menu, but i lost it. I'm looking for it now and will share once i do. this looks great, though, awesome job

Anonymous No. 984823

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984828

might be a bit more than 3k later

thanks in advance if you ever find it

Anonymous No. 984829

damn maybe i should learn how to coloring

Anonymous No. 984869

>but i saw a lot of videos just using nodes and photoshops, i fear my way is kind alien, especially for "anime" style.
Because texture painting in Blender is shit. You are better off learning Substance Painter. Substance can be obtained through same sources as Photoshop (e.g., m0nkrus).
Japanese guide, but the UI is in English:

Anonymous No. 984882

>imagine not know how to paint

Anonymous No. 984888

yes i don't know how to paint

Anonymous No. 984910
finally course from actual nips, hope someone upload it somehwere

Anonymous No. 984919
streaming right now
inb4 >vtuber
still 3d anime modeling related

Anonymous No. 984948

The vertexes of the mouth are all fucked up. What to do?

Anonymous No. 984949

anon you have to actually show an image for us to know what exactly is "fucked up"

Anonymous No. 984956

>add emission texture
>then draw the rest of the shit
it's THAT easy? i thought you need to draw from 0, include the skin too

Image not available



Anonymous No. 984959

weird collar thing is gonna be a pain in the ass when I rig i can already tell. the string things are temporary until I can figure out a better setup. maybe I can find a way around the rig, have a couple ideas slowly stewing on the backburner.

not a huge fan of rigify (will probably have to use it for this one tho) and I really want to learn advanced rigging eventually, does anyone have a good resource for that? are there any animu-specific rigging techniques out there? already planning to set up something for a 2d face thing

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985015

any tips or methods on modeling eyes and eyelashes?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985042

hair, attempt 1. why is there a weird seam down the middle? it has solidify and mirror modifiers, does it have to do with those? it only showed up when I turned on solidify

Anonymous No. 985043

My first guess is that they're in the wrong order; try switching them

Anonymous No. 985044

Had something similar today with mirror modifier,mine was improperly mirrored and the middle edge was also mirrored so they overlapped.

Anonymous No. 985045

nah doesn't do anything

Image not available


osaka 2.png

Anonymous No. 985046

i think that might have been it, thanks.

Anonymous No. 985047

Is good

Anonymous No. 985057

duplicate face around the eyes, and shape it

Anonymous No. 985061

Extract polygonal edges as a curve and extrude along that curve.

🗑️ Anonymous No. 985068

hi anons i recently picked up 3d animation and managed to trudge my way through the blender donut tutorial and now i feel a little bit lost on what to do next. obviously i learned some stuff from the tutorial but its one thing to make a simple 3d object by watching someone do it for you step by step compared to making your own 'thing'. im really interested in low poly ps1 style aesthetic and anime and ideally i would like to design some scenes / characters with that aesthetic in mind but im feeling a bit lost on what to do next.. any helpful tips for beginners or youtube series would be greatly appreciated. ive been looking for more noob friendly tutorials i can follow along with to get a better grasp of blender because i still dont feel confident enough to venture off into the wild and do my own thing yet.

-thanks :]

Anonymous No. 985078

Dumb idea: You know how bodies drawn in 2D are drawn using basic shapes as a base and then they go from there? What if I did that with 3D.

Anonymous No. 985082

apparently that's malware

Image not available


osaker is rotating.webm

Anonymous No. 985116

grease pencil: yes or no? i am heavily procrastinating texturing because i am scared of it, someone tell me it will be okay otherwise I will continue fucking around with useless things

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985119

I’m making something based off my OC donut steel. I wanted to sculpt the head/poly model the head for the games style to understand it more but I just edited a head I liked from the game. I think it wouldn’t be a good use of time, what do you guys think?
I’m trying to think of these as contour lines I do on drawing but vertex loops instead, is this genius or dumb?

Anonymous No. 985120

The edit mode screenshots the parts I made for the head which were eyelashes and eyebrows and hair
Do I need to learn sculpting to level up? I don’t know how much I can learn of this
I do wanna make high Poly things but it’s a big beast to do

Anonymous No. 985121

Also this is an outfit I’m putting in a game, i referenced the topology for the game’s base models to make this
Does it count as mine still?
the chest plate and dress I made without using it

Anonymous No. 985281

what are them blue lines

Anonymous No. 985284

not related to the question, but the sharp edges on the armpits look not good. if you want those anime fetishbait armpits while keeping a lower poly count, you'll need to do some texture painting.
also not sure why she would have an edge on the side of her leg unless she's wearing tights?

Anonymous No. 985290

Amazing anon!!
Thank you so much.
I searched everywhere for this but could not find it, just where did you got it? It's fine if you don't want to answer or don't remember, thanks a lot again!

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985295

ok enough fucking around. uvs have been haunting me since I started learning blender. im hoping it will be "good enough" given how I plan to make it fairly flat looking. saw a thing on youtube about animating face textures with uv shit so gonna give that a shot

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985297

Yeah I’m going to texture it. It’s my first time doing substance painter and I have to learn it for this specific game’s style

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985298

I made a mistake before I took that pic that I forgot to change

Anonymous No. 985316

image texture or emission + image texture? and why

Anonymous No. 985338

you want unlit so you can draw the shadows instead of fixing the normals, it depends on your skills and target platform too

Anonymous No. 985340

what if i want to use it for vr chat?

Anonymous No. 985341

do not use emission for for vrchat or your avatar will shine like a thousand sun while you're trying to erp with some furry in the dark
I would learn to fix normals so you can get the lights to shade your anime character properly, but painting the shadows is a valid approach, just don't use emission

Anonymous No. 985342

thank you, guess i'll stick with image texture

Anonymous No. 985346

Really useful thread and videos here. I'm a 2d artist/animator for over 12 years now but finally decided to dip my toes into 3d. Really want to make them low polly girls and do some game stuff with em. Will post some results after i get through these basics blender tutorials.

Anonymous No. 985385

Good luck to ya,hope you don't get discouraged from the initial flood of info.

Anonymous No. 985425

If you wanna sculpt tight clothing like a Bikini in Zbrush what method is best for this?
I've tried deleting the other parts of the body. So mark an area, polygroup it and delete the rest of the body. Then extrude but it ends up with really messy ugly edges that ruins it.

This seems the best for what I want. But there's no explaination whats going on.

Anonymous No. 985427

mask extract is what you want to do

Image not available


osaka san.png

Anonymous No. 985505

lmao its so bad fuck

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985509

I'm starting the first course from Wandah Kurniawan, is the second updated one that much better? Should I grab that instead?

Anonymous No. 985510

it's better to learn from multiple artist

Anonymous No. 985514


Anonymous No. 985522

tf that supposed to mean

Anonymous No. 985523

I thought modeling using topology was crazy and then i watched a video of a guy doing retopology after sculpting a model. Geez.

Anonymous No. 985524

it could be a lot worse

Anonymous No. 985530

Been looking through my grams and trackers, but haven't been able to find this on 'em yet.

Anonymous No. 985533

Anyone have a rip of this or a similar course?

Anonymous No. 985555

Damn,that's schizo levels of accuracy

Anonymous No. 985556

>better than cris, i'm assuming
guess it could be worse but dunno about the autist. onward to attempt 3.

Anonymous No. 985559

it's on online-course

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985565

Here it is, spoonfed:
Pay me back finding subtitles for this thing.

If anyone want another course from Wingfox, Coloso, and so on, just tell me. Fuck having to download from all those stupid services.

Anonymous No. 985568


Anonymous No. 985569

I meant this one for the last

Anonymous No. 985570

Can only find the first one. Uploading it right now.

Anonymous No. 985572

I kneel

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985583

Here's the link. I'm still finishing uploading the rest.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985592

Here's another in the same vein that i could find.

Anonymous No. 985593

thank you but it says the folder is not public

Anonymous No. 985594

Thank for the heads up. Try it now.

Anonymous No. 985595

it works, thank you, time to order a bigger 3d printer

Anonymous No. 985597

ah, part 12 and 13 are missing

Anonymous No. 985599

Uploading it right now.
I am going to upload some other courses. If there's anything else that you want and that i can find just say so. I'll upload it too.

Anonymous No. 985605

Thank you white saviour

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985613

Anime-Style VFX Production in Blender

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985614

Creating Eye-Catching Animation

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985616

3D Anime Style Mecha Production in OctaneRender for Blender

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985620

Pencil+4 for Maya 三渲二风格化角色全流程教学

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985621


Image not available


i kneel.png

Anonymous No. 985622


Image not available



Anonymous No. 985623

This is another big one that i am uploading right now.

Blender 三渲二原创角色制作流程特训营

Anonymous No. 985624

you might want to encode the links in base64 to stop automated scanning

Anonymous No. 985626

Anonymous No. 985627

>>985623 i hope you will upload this one when the course is up

Anonymous No. 985637

huh i need to split head and the body if i want to have separate UV map?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985639

Advanced Guide to Sculpting 3D Collectibles (Second Course) by Wandah Kurniawan

Will do.

Anonymous No. 985640

isn't this missing sections? For example Section 3

Anonymous No. 985641

Yes, uploading them as i post.

Anonymous No. 985642

ah, I'm stupid, thanks

Anonymous No. 985644

thanks in advance

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985646

Creating Fantasy-Stylized Characters: Streamlining the Modeling Workflow

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985647

From Basics to Practice: Creating Cute Live2D for VTubers

Anonymous No. 985648

coloring hard...

Anonymous No. 985649

anyone know where to get blender paid addon for free?

Anonymous No. 985659


Anonymous No. 985668

thank you

Anonymous No. 985669

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985689

Creating Cel-Shaded Character Animations with Blender

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985690

VFX Artwork That Pushes the Limits of After Effects

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985692

2D Frame by Frame Animation

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985693

Step-by-Step Guide to Indie Animation Production

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985698


do you have this one?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985699

Not available yet on the intertubes. Everyone is anticipating this one. The moment it is available i'll post it here.

2D Action Animation Starter Pack

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985702
Creating 3D Anime Backgrounds in Blender: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985708
Create Expressive Character Animation Using Blender by 3DCG Creator, Jp-K

Anonymous No. 985728

Damn,the place popping off,and people sharing actually useful stuff at that,thanks kings

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985729
Intro to 3D Cartoon Rendering with Blender by 3D Artist, Sangwoo Park

Anonymous No. 985739

LMAO! The Chinese took this course down because it is essentially teaching coomers how to create "2D" girls for porn.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985741

im gonna download all of these then never use them, thanks for your service anon

toned down the mouth area because I think having it super pronounced was causing issues. now it's not enough so I will find a happy medium next time

Anonymous No. 985744

Can someone tell me if this course have the english subtitles? Because i got them as a separate file.

Anonymous No. 985747

i assume this one doesn't have resource file?

Anonymous No. 985752


Image not available



Anonymous No. 985753

I don't know if it fits this thread.
Fun 3D Character Modeling Using Blender by 3D Character Artist, Minjeong Shin:

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985755
Transform 2D Characters into Showcase-Ready 3D VTuber Avatars by 3DCG Character Artist, Rui Ricia

Anonymous No. 985756

ITT : anon make me question my purchase

Anonymous No. 985758

Hey, if you bought something that isn't being shared you can always leak it...

Anonymous No. 985759

but he already post what i bought

Anonymous No. 985760


Anonymous No. 985762

someone has to fund these courses anon, don't feel bad

Anonymous No. 985764

This. There are plenty of cool courses that i wish i could buy just to share.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985765
The A to Z of Creating Cartoon-Style Modeling with Blender by Blender Artist, Anteater

Anonymous No. 985767


Anonymous No. 985769

blender sculpting channel

Anonymous No. 985771

i'm not going to download this one since i already have it, i'll assume you don't have the resource file, so here the resource file it will expire since i don't have premium account

Anonymous No. 985772

i can upload the resource file but can't upload the video course since it's encrypted

Anonymous No. 985773

Do you have this one?

Anonymous No. 985775

i don't have that one sorry

Anonymous No. 985776

Hell, i'll accept the resource files.

Anonymous No. 985777


Anonymous No. 985778


Anonymous No. 985780

would be nice if next thread have rentry for all those course and recommended youtube channel

Anonymous No. 985782

Based anon.
Do you have this?

Anonymous No. 985796

Gonna download and try to watch just to see what hes doing, thanks. Hopefully ai might be able to actually translate this too.

Anonymous No. 985799

the course is in English?

Anonymous No. 985803

didn't know blender doesn't have a lot of brush for texture painting, you can't even rotate the image

Image not available



🗑️ Anonymous No. 985821

Amazing anon.
Would you happen to have a course that teaches textures for anime?
Something like this.
It feels as if every course i try avoids the topic.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985824

Amazing anon.
Would you happen to have a course that teaches textures for anime?
Something like this.
There are far more complex clothes with complex shadowing, this is just an example of what i am looking for.
It feels as if every course i try avoids the topic.

Anonymous No. 985829

not him but most of what's posted ITT with the course links and youtube links already goes through anime texturing like if you go through the playlist this guy posted about it's the entire process of texturing >>984869

Anonymous No. 985831

Substance painter on steam is 89 dollars for me for some reason (guess country region). Any idea if that's like a one year subscription or you keep it?

Anonymous No. 985832

it's a monthy sub

Anonymous No. 985835

oh wait you said steam, you get to keep it when you buy it (perpetual license) but support is dropped at the end of this year

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985837

What's the best way to draw on the model similar to ClipStudio Paint?
I know there is Substance Painter, but it feels like more for realistic textures, I'm looking for more anime/paint style

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985839

Seems like might be worth it then. I pretty much just want it to be able to paint this kinda stuff. I could do it in CSP, but as someone whos learning 3d still I really feel like it would be better if i can paint onto the model directly (minus the eyelids animations since i doubt substance has support for animated uvs?)

Anonymous No. 985840

there's no point buying it when adobe is going to drop support and make you use a worse version with features taken away unless you do a monthly sub so you may aswell pirate
also texture painting for that level of low poly can easily be done using blender's texture painting

Anonymous No. 985841

Like, features in the version I buy will stop working...? As long as it retains the feature set it has now seems like a decent deal to me. The thing i really like is that substance seems to have layers, which I use a lot of in CSP for general drawing. Blenders texturing didnt seem to have it.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985842

Are neck shadows like this actual shadows or is it also normal manipulation?

Anonymous No. 985849

Probably an area that is always set to unlit using a texture. Same with the nose.

Anonymous No. 985851

>Like, features in the version I buy will stop working...?
Yes that's what it means on the steam page when it says support will end after 2024
Adobe will take away any features that involve their services unless you pay their monthly sub so you'll only have the offline version available so at that point you may as well pirate

You're right that SP has a better layering system as it's designed purely for texturing but blender does have a basic one with how you use slots, uvs, and the node system which is more than fine for that level of low poly

You can use SP and be fine so feel free to ignore my post but you'll be doing the same thing as blender anyway as that style of low poly is just assigning all separate objects their own material slot + base color, marking the uvs and then you just paint on the model or uvs directly and optionally use something like photoshop/gimp for the face + eyes as you'll need to make a sprite sheet for expressions since you won't be modelling eyes and mouth

SP shines best for higher poly and sculpts because at that level you want extremely high detail which is also what most anons ITT are doing which is why you see many posts about SP but even something like 5k-10k poly is good for SP for anime style but blender still works fine for that too

You should do some research to see how people texture paint in blender so you can better understand when to use blender vs SP for texturing

Anonymous No. 985878

hey maybe a longshot but do you have anything for rigging?
I'll be happy for just about anything but bonus points if you have this one

Anonymous No. 985894

i don't have it since i'm not into rigging

Anonymous No. 985895

I have both. Do you want it?

Anonymous No. 985897


Image not available



Anonymous No. 985903


Anonymous No. 985904


Image not available



Anonymous No. 985906

The 100-Chapter Guide to Blender From the Basics to 3D Animation

Anonymous No. 985909

cheers anon, thank you

Anonymous No. 985910

The course video numbered 88 was originally damaged, so the other rar titled 88 contains the actual correct video file. Just replace it.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985911

Since i shared tons of Coloso courses....
Realistic Live-Action VFX Compositing Using Blender by VFX Artist, Wakui Ray

Anonymous No. 985913

does it really matter if I use blender instead of zbrush for sculpting

Anonymous No. 985921

Thanks, will check those resources out.

Anonymous No. 985937

are you painting the lineart in the hair or using modifiers?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985939

i tried using grease pencil line art modifier but pic related happen, don't know why so i'll try use solidify later

Anonymous No. 985940

this one with complete resource file? some site upload his first course but the resource file is not complete

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985942

wandah kurniawan with extra resource file, would be nice if someone have all resource file assuming the one i upload is not complete

Anonymous No. 985945

it happened because the grease pencil modifier is mapped to your active camera
a workaround is to lock the camera to your view so it updates the lineart when you move, but you won't be able to use grease pencil if you're exporting it out of blender anyway

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985969
Blender Anime /NPR Environment Course by Virendra Kumar (CG Dash)

Anonymous No. 985972

>Virendra Kumar
I mean the pics are beautiful so I shouldn't complain

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985975
The 50-Chapter Guide to Developing Game Backgrounds for Concept Artists by Concept Artist, Redhong:

Image not available



Anonymous No. 985976
2024 Blender Beginner Course: Create Cinematic Scenes by Daren Perinčić:

Anonymous No. 985997

>it happened because the grease pencil modifier is mapped to your active camera
that's stupid

Anonymous No. 986004


Anonymous No. 986021

Realistically doesn't matter. They're both tools, use whichever allows you to achieve your desire result better. I use blender for hard surface because I could never get into zmodeler, but anything organic I do in zbrush. Always end up doing retopo/rigging/render in blender though.

Image not available



🗑️ Anonymous No. 986192

Thanks for uploading so many resources!
>Pay me back finding subtitles for this thing.
Not that anon, but i might be able to help with that.
I made a little guide to use AI to generate subtitles locally, it doesn't use many PC resources so most people can do so.
The results?
Check them in the vid here, they are pretty much flawless.

Anyway, anyone has a guide on texturing anime clothes? Like >>985824
says. Most japanese do not use modifiers or fancy 3d tools, they go to photoshop or some other painting tool and draw the clothes there, then UV wrapping them to the 3d models.
I suppose that's mostly a photoshop course.
I cannot find any info on that, only 3d timelines on youtube you need to watch at 0.1x speed to decipher what's happening.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 986195

Thanks for uploading so many resources!
>Pay me back finding subtitles for this thing.
Not that anon, but i might be able to help with that.
I made a little guide to use AI to generate subtitles locally, it doesn't use many PC resources so most people can do so.
The results?
Check them in the vid here, they are pretty much flawless.
It is impressive how it accurately translates the steps the video describes and what the person speaking is trying to do.

Anyway, anyone has a guide on texturing anime clothes? Like >>985824
says. Most japanese do not use modifiers or fancy 3d tools, they go to photoshop or some other painting tool and draw the clothes there, then UV wrap them to the 3d models.
I suppose that's mostly a photoshop course.
I cannot find much info on that, only blender timeline videos on youtube you need to watch at 0.1x speed to decipher what's happening.

Anonymous No. 986766

Dude who shared the tutorial vids,you're a real king man,really appreciate it

Anonymous No. 987067

Does this course include the stuff for the cyberpunk girl in it? I downloaded the files but don’t see anything for her.

Anonymous No. 987122

Man, I spent money on rapidshit to download some of those courses from other places, but i'm glad you shared them, anon. With so many of them now, I have no idea which ones to watch first lol.
Could you check on these two please? They seem incomplete, with just one file in the folders. (and I really want the one by Minjeong).
Files removed

Anonymous No. 987504

I can't seem to find a good app for reading epub files. In fact, today was the first time I've ever seen this weird file.

Anonymous No. 987519

Are the models/files and such available as well or just the videos?