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I have a fetish for intellectual humiliation. I fantasize about being mogged and ridiculed by a hot girl who is smarter than me and makes fun of my lacking knowledge of higher math and theoretical physics. Are there girls on /sci/ who know more than me? Please no trans.

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Is this accurate?

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🧵 Why haven't you cheated and committed scientific frauds yourself to win 50 yet anon.

Anonymous No. 16186450

it's so easy. they don't even check anything nowadays.

>Krish Pai
his name sounds like a shit pie

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🧵 What Are The Scientific Implications of Plastics in Your Balls?

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Guys, I'm losing my mind. Can someone debunk this?

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Scientifically, is it possible for a planet to develop entirely flora lifeforms with no fauna present?

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Can any astrofags explain why epsilon crucis is on the RIGHT of the crux constellation on the flag of Australia (And Samoa and Papua New Guinea) but on the LEFT on the flag of Brazil?!?!

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🧵 Kurt Godel

Anonymous No. 16186252

Why is he so hated by mathematicians? What did his incompleteness theorem really prove?

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We Finally Found God. She is a Black Hole.

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🧵 Materials Science

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I've been thinking of reading through this book at the end of my life, is it even a fun field?

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Can we discuss rail gauges?
What is the "best" gauge theoretically? By this I mean if you do not take economics into account what gauge can move the most goods and people. How does this change if you DO take economics into account?

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Brainrot victim here.
How do I make a function for a curve like this?

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🧵 Thoughts on the "gender differences are YUGE" perspective in evo psych?

Anonymous No. 16186125

My first reaction to this paper is "frequency with which a group corresponds to its typical traits is not the same as the size of differences between groups." Size is relative to reference points, a range, and there are data sets you could use for most traits that would make the difference between men and women small. For example, if you do a sex/species study you'll find the male/female differences within a species small compared to the differences between species. For example on many of the most prized "gotcha" traits that evo psychologists use to argue that men and women are like TOTALLY DIFFERENT BRO, the male/female difference is absolutely tiny compared to the human/mouse, human/chimpanzee, adult/baby, etc, difference. Take strength for example. Adult men and women look way more similar to each other on this trait than they do babies or chimps.

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🧵 i dreamed that she had passed away and it was real

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🧵 /sfg/ - Spaceflight General

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Launch in 2 Weeks Edition

Previous: >>16184146

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Barkon No. 16186001

To use your brain manually, you must target your temple, and use it to hoist or lower your brain muscle, directing your brain organ.

Eyes work strangely, rather than swinging your eye to the left, you can look left through a tick of the iris feeler compilation alone. When you automatically look, there is an untraceable pattern of pupil, eyeball, iris and other.

All body can be controlled introspectively, without 'struggle'. The temple is a way we can control our mind introspectively(like the iris with the eyes).

Many possibilities arise through this function if you get to grips with how phenomena in the universe and your self works. You can compute from mind and process into the environment, possibly in the smallest most petty way, with potential for growth. This is the future, this is the grounds for evolution, and we need proper mentalization in our world.

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Do all schizos hate doctors and medicine or do we only hear from the ones that do and the ones that seek out doctors for help when they are scared lead normal lives?

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Barkon No. 16185963

Time is the big negative, nature is the small positive. The nature of the universe is partnered with the time of the universe. If I ask you 'how long does it take for you to read this post?', you might say, '15 seconds' - this is in relation to time(the big negative universe). When we bring time into question, what exactly do we bring? Time is "not there", in that it is negative, only related to by positive nature in relation. '15 seconds' is measured by a clock which ticks in relation to time, and the prospect of the measure is a co-relation. There's time in this post, and in your interactions with the world.

Time is the big negative, and nature is the small positive.

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🧵 everything in nature is vertebrate like

Anonymous No. 16185838

except for insects/spiders/crabs

its true, only the arthropods are alien

>lots of jointed legs, which are literally just pieces of chitin armor and a muscle at every joint, and a single nerve going all the way to the tip of the leg
>body contains NO BLOOD VESSELS
>there is single large opening inside the body where blood is stored
>oxygen goes to jointed leg muscles without use of blood vessels
>almost no internal organs at all except heart and "brain"
>no skin, only armor, if armor is crushed, a liquid pours out

octopus and its relatives;
>blood vessels, oxygen from gills goes to every part of the body through blood vessels
>no armour upon skin but has real soft skin like some fish or lizard or a human (fish and lizard has scales though, human and octopus doesnt)
>MAY HAVE hard shells but its not the same as skin being covered in it, usually its something like a snail would have, an armored shell made from calcium
>internal organs, spleen, liver, kidney etc
>big brain

lizards, humans etc:
>blood vessels
>all kinds of internal organs
>big brain
>internal skeleton made from calcium (this is related to octopus/snail shell, but its inside vertebrates while in octopus its in outside because they are a reverse of what a human is, in some sense)

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Anonymous No. 16185801

How do I use the scientific method to test whether this is reproducible?

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Why does boredom exist?

No other emotion causes more suffering and sets the human race as far back as boredom.

It has zero evolutionary benefits and tons of negatives.

If there was no boredom I could work 16 hours per day easily. Humans could acheive amazing levels of mastery in things as they could just endlessly grind them out. Something is going on /sci, boredom should not exist. If anything boredom seems to be increasing in the human race too which is even worse.

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🧵 Quick question

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Is this a square or a rectangle?