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🧵 Would Judo or MMA be for a fat fuck?

Anonymous No. 198396

I want to do some sort of martial art but there are only judo places and an MMA place nearby, the MMA place focuses on BJJ, kickboxing and catch wrestling, they are part of the Zé Radiola team and some jap jiu jitsu org so I don't think it's a mcdojo at least, no clue how to check if a judo place is a mcdojo or not tho.
I'm mainly worried about tearing an acl due to my fatness.

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 198264

If a human can kill a grizzly bear unarmed,
Could one of the modern martial artists like Mike tyson do the same to someting like a tiger?
Has any regular person beat up a profesional fighter?

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🧵 Pro fighter conditioning

Anonymous No. 198120

Realistic conditioning that people from MMA, Kickboxing and Muay thai do to get stronger and take shots without dying

What is one on one text book conditioning for fighting, I am weak af and can't take shots easily at all

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🧵 Assuming Jake Paul VS Mike Tyson is fixed...

Anonymous No. 198064

THEN why are bets allowed on this fight?

How can a fight be notoriously fixed with money matters behind? It's would be illegal, they would get sued.

So i believe it's not fixed... I want to believe.. it's not fixed.

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 198058

Weight classes.

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🧵 Unpopular opinions

Anonymous No. 197996

Training only once a week isn't a waste of time

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🗑️ 🧵 Psychopathic Geniuses

Anonymous No. 197988

A server for rare individuals who possess both a psychopathic personality and high intelligence.

Are you one of us?


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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 197945

Neck bridges
Good or dangerous?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 197940

>be me
>practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu twice a week for 2 years
>train with people who haven’t been there as long as me for the 2 days I was there this week
>They know the fucking technique better than me
>Rub salt in the wound by trying to lecture me how to do the techniques properly instead of getting a more experienced gym member
>Feel shame for my godawful Jiu-Jitsu

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🧵 /bxg/ boxing general

Anonymous No. 197775

boxing general

ITT we talk about boxing, not focusing on fights and events but talking about training, techniques, gym shit, injuries, our sparring and fights, ask for advice etc

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🧵 Pack it up Judo fags

Anonymous No. 197626

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🧵 Powerlifting is the ultimate Martial art

Anonymous No. 197583

Lmao if I can deadlift 500lb I can just pick you up and slam you on the fucking ground, all you're little bjj and wrestling bullshit doesn't mean jack shit XD

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🧵 Nürnberg

Anonymous No. 197482

Ich wäre gerne Boxer in Nürnberg

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 197415

What if UFC had heightclasses instead of weightclasses?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 197362

Is Judo the best single martial art in terms of self defense?

When it comes to street fights, almost everyone can agree that being on the ground is bad considering the possibility of things like glass being on the ground and someone else coming up and kicking you in the head. Therefore wouldn't the best martial art for street fights be one where the whole goal is to slam your opponent into the ground without falling yourself? Especially because while a person would expect punches and kicks from their opponent, something like a hip throw would likely catch them by surprise

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 197350

which board does footbag belong on? I'm just starting out. Decided to document my progress.
Anyone good, My record is 8 kicks with the help of the wall and 6 outside. I cant seem to stall the bags I have tho. What are your favorite footbasgs?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 197268

Before anyone here says anything about the potential match up between Merab and Suga Sean at UFC 306 just remember that Merab beat Yan (bantamweight goat) with ease while Suga won by a commonly disputed decision

Strikingfags: Your rainbow twink doesn't stand a chance against the Georgian Machine

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 197060

>Wrestlebros... I...

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 197031

I have 5 months of nothing starting today.
How can I become the best fighter possible with, say, $1400 USD a month in my pocket.
Mot of the fight camps seem to be in Thailand.
Do they have any good grappling camps there or outside?
I like grappling more, ESPECIALLY nogi

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🧵 /esg/ Eternal Skateboarding General

Anonymous No. 196937

Knee'd to know info edition
How to Change a Car Battery:
previous thread (nice get) >>191222

Basic brand info for beginners

Shoe reviews:

Submit a shoe review:

Just skate and have fun. You're never too old or fat to skate. Skateboarding is 90% mind 10% body.

Skatepark etiquette: Remember everyone there shares a common interest with you.

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🧵 /esg/ Eternal Skateboarding General

Anonymous No. 196922

No link to old thread edition

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 196917

Insecure 5'9" dude here. If you could only pick one martial art as a manlet for self-defense on da streetz (like a rando walks up and wants to beat the shit out of you) what would it be? The only gym near me offers either Muay Thai or BJJ

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🗑️ 🧵 Ust promotin my dick

Terrorfive 5 bae No. 196782

Im on tik tok
Follow me

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🧵 "Martial classes" problem in DnD

Anonymous No. 196773

In DnD, whenever I play, I absolutely hate when players who choose a martial class don't add flavour to their attacks. "I hit him with my sword 3 times", "I punch him twice" is the most you'll get out of them. I hate it even more when the DM does it or when when the DM doesn't allow accumulative damage in games if you target a specific area with enough strikes. I get that the dweebs at WoTC only put barely half the effort of making martials viable in high levels with the battlemaster fighter subclass, but do NONE of these guys have love for the "ART" part of martial arts? Theres so much flavour you can put, like if a player goes for an elbow to the face enough times there will be a cut above the eye that now gives the opponent a disadvantage on perception checks and attacks due to not being able to see. Or hell implement ANY sort of good ruleset for how grappling arts can be used in game to help break limbs, throw enemies to the ground or completely isolate/submit opponents. Or if the player makes a high enough dex check with a weapon once per the enemies turn, they can immediately parry and get a quick strike in.

Maybe this is the price I pay for being into martial arts and dweeb shit at the same time but holy shit is it ever annoying. Especially when no one seems to want it changed.