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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 987524

Why cant I do 3D at all?
I cant even pose nor understand poses

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 987469

What now biitches?

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mobile game.webm

🧵 2D Mesh Animation

Anonymous No. 987398

Is there a better software to do stuff like pic-related yet? Surely with all that AI talk, there's at least one software that automatically breaks up the parts, creates the meshes or at least rigs the assets.

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🗑️ 🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 987324

>People in /3/ threads on /v/ of all places display more skill at this than most of this board
Show the class that you've actually managed to accomplish something or attempt to explain why a board like /v/ is outdoing you

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 987279

Can someone who has worked with blender geometry nodes, give me a QRD on what the limitations and possibilities are.
I've literally never even had to touch 3d modeling software up until recently for game dev stuff.
How schizophrenic can you get with parametric designs? How crazy/precise can you make the logic chains? Can it be used for 3d printing/engineering projects as well?
I have yet to hear someone say it's shit because _____, other than for a seeming lack of problem solving skills. It kinda reminds me of when FM was first starting to get really popular in the sound design space and I know you can go off the deep end with sound design pretty fucking fast. I'm hoping parametric modelling is the same.

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🧵 Rate these running animations

Anonymous No. 987157

- Most well made
- Most realistic
- Most sexy

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🧵 Is there even any point learning 3d?

Anonymous No. 987145

Learning to 3d model has always been my creative end game as a graphic designer, but like everything other form of visual art, I feel like once I get good it won't matter because it'll all be automated by AI. This has already happened with my 2D illustrations, with people thinking it's AI (pic rel) even though I spent a day meticulously drawing it.

Should I try 3d modelling or have I just missed the boat at this point?

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🧵 Blender General:

Anonymous No. 987105

Blender General - Aren't all /3/ threads *really* about Blender tho edition

Previous: >>984313

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🧵 Jack's Low Rez Texture Garden

Anonymous No. 987098

Is anyone in possession of this mythical pack, courtesy of world4jack, and willing to share? The mega folder listed on his website is sadly empty :(

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🧵 Are there any 3D tutorial channels (You) can recommend?

Anonymous No. 987083

Watching tutorials can also be really comfy as background entertainment when working on projects

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 987061

recommend me a good UV mapping software freeware
i tried headus but i cant use the save even on hobby mode

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🧵 wtf

Anonymous No. 987027

Why do you need a phd to accomplish the simplest tasks imaginable in maya? I just want to paint the middle of this mesh with an asphalt material and the sides with a grass material. This couldn't be more simple in blender- you make a mix node and plug your grass into one input and your asphalt into another, then you plug an image texture into your alpha input, create a new image and paint your mask.

In maya the paint3d tool seems to do absolutely nothing unless you're painting on a cube primitive. Tutorials that may or may not help me accomplish this very simple task have 30 minutes of nonsense to skip through. why

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🧵 /Daz3D/ general - Kristen Stewart edition

Anonymous No. 986993

Previous: >>979755

Daz youtuber's and general guides:
Travis Davids (Marvelous designer)
Kelvin Jin

Suggested Blender Bridge:

Similar programs:
Vroid Anime Tool:

Hair Creation: (Being reworked?)

News: James Thornton, Leader of Tafi and Daz 3D, Named 2022 Utah CEO of the Year

Some anon created a cool morph. May require editing since it auto applies to any Gen8 female. Quinn -mega(.)nz/file/2qpGmDoD#YdTIb5G1dMRMnpPneyGGRpp5t5KUTC7glXwgu_daL_8
Fix in next post.

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 986972

been here for 10 minutes and already notice the blender hatred, what are recommended softwares for 3d modeling for someone with zero experience 3d modeling or creativity of any kind?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 986918

Questions that don't deserve their own threads

I wanted to ask a question that didn't deserve its own thread but I didn't see one active, so I'll start one

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🧵 Learning oldschool 3D style

Anonymous No. 986910

For context I work professionally as a commercial illustrator for editorials, packaging and advertising and I'm proficient in using the gradient mesh tool in illustrator among other things in order to create "quasi-3D" looking illustrations.

With this in mind, how easy would it be to learn this 90s CGI style like pic related? It's something I want to learn for myself because ive always been obsessed with that style and want to make art in that style.

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 986899

Always keep track of your topology, lads.

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🧵 blender or c4d?

Anonymous No. 986833

Was originally trying to learn blender but the user interface is really slow for me to use and even after getting the hang of it im just not enjoying making stuff with it. I would have been happy to buy C4D outright but since they've changed to subscription plans I'll be pirating it.

Which one should I invest my time learning? Is it beneficial to learn both?

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🧵 Stylized Characters

Anonymous No. 986779

I'm interested in the creation of simple, stylized characters like picrel. Modelling humanoids has always been my bane and I want to get good at it. Could some kind anon point me in the right direction resource/course-wise?

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Screen Shot 2016-....png

🧵 Maya mel / Studio Library

Anonymous No. 986759

I'm having an annoying issue with studio library, probably me using it wrongly. If I add a run animation to a character in a scene, so I don't have to animated it every time, it snaps back to where the root is, and aligning it so you can't tell afterwards is a problem.

So I wanted to make a Mel script to create a locator at the current position of the character, then constrain the root to that position so the character will end up in the same place, but I can't get this fucking Mel garbage to work. Even examples online just give me syntax errors.
Now I'm just trying to select the locator and set its translateY to 0, but how to I set the position of either a named object, or the selection?
spaceLocator -p 0 0 0 -name FuckYouMaya;
parentConstraint -skipRotate x -skipRotate z Character:RootX_M FuckYouMaya;
select -r FuckYouMayat_parentConstraint1 ;
select -r FuckYouMaya

SetAttr //what goes here?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 986739

Do any of You Do Stage Visuals?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 986705

> failed to save: No disk space

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 986633

When are they going to make a proper 3d modelling software?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 986630

I'm actually scared about AI, like is there any point learning to draw or model when computers are becoming capable or generating shit within seconds?
I really don't know if it's worth to keep learning