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🧵 Public service announcement

Anonymous No. 984114

VUE, PlantFactory, and PlantCatalog are now free for downloading and usage

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🧵 Movie script

Anonymous No. 984037

Hey /3/, I did something astronomically stupid: I wrote a feature length screenplay
Now some anons are goading me to make it into a movie
I have told them that this is many orders of magnitude more difficult than just writing the script, especially for something that's over two hours long and drenched in 4chan memes, yet they persist
You guys have real skills and know what you're talking about so maybe if you're the ones to say it there's a chance they'll actually listen
Can you help me convince them this is literally, unironically impossible?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983885

I have this .blend model
I've exported as fbx and sent it to a friend so that he remodel it in 3dsmax (that's what he's familiar with)
I've had a friend remodel the face
He then put the modeled head onto the body(you can see the seam in the screenshot)

Now I'm trying to use the original textures on the new face.
How can I do that? What do I search for on youtube, what type of tutorial? Is there an addon that simplifies this?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983877

I keep seeing you guys begging for jobs and having software wars but when was the last time you actually had fun with 3D artwork?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983858

I was saving up for MacBook Pro Max M3, but I heard it’s bad with Maya.
What’s a good laptop for serious 3D software in Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Blender for the long term?

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🧵 Animation

Anonymous No. 983753

Is blender even good for animating anything?
A real question since I love modeling in blender.
However the animation looks ass backwards.

How it should look like
1) Take a MKV or whatever
2) Drop into blender
3) it looks like a picture however animates on the timeline so you can precisely capture the key frames of animation.

Do other software do that?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983684

people are getting ridiculously good at these.
hats off to blender users.

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🧵 Plasticity General

Anonymous No. 983640

Post anything Plasticity related. Whether it be questions or your work, everything is welcome.

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983587

My chitubox pro sub just expired and I dont want to pay for it again.
Where can i get it at a 100% discount?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983586

Where the hell is autosmooth normals?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983543

Rate my babe. Also post your lowpoly babes!

You do model lowpoly babes, don't you anon?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983536

I need 25 experts on 'flesh animation', and some assorted artists for 'FX'.

I'd like 10 programmers, and one that's actually good. We'll do 'stickman-extremes' and adapt ML to produce neat novel rendering methodologies.

Basically, choreography is always screwy, but we need it to be 'adaptive to LLVM output vectors', and then maybe there'll be experiments for attention-retention-to-conversion-ratio. If you know what I mean, you can sign up as a 'partner'....

If you're the kind of party which entirely manages websites and communities for communication, You can sign On as much As you Like.

Basically, ain't gonna be disappearing genitals. And the 'storyline factor' you can actually achieve, instead of someone 'rapes you for storylines' and then feeds them back to you with the best parts stolen.

So if you have concepts, that's neat too. Like IDK. Maybe that's a customer already... I kinda thought, maybe, maybe, we have real artists somewhere, but the angel of choice never cared to have his own creative industry...
He just wanted to show me 'foreign ladies'.
But I never knew; they were already 'His'....

THE POINT IS; we'll make this stuff finally work! Like really work! You can finally have a proper interactive narrative, and tell it what to do, and it does it all fair and square; no 'uhgh we hadda break ur LLVM xprnc'..

None of the 'but now that you seen it, it's like blabla with god so gimme pennies'

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983526

it's so over bros

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983502

guys i'm never on this channel but i wanted to know something maybe some of you who play tarkov or arena breakout infinioty have heard about it
BSG the company that develops tarkov says the game arena breakout has stolen their assets including not only models but also sounds etc. you are experts in 3d modelling what do you guys say? i really wanted to hear from experts what is true or not here are two videos one says it is stolen the other says it is not stolen

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983432

Anyone has this?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983416

Why the fuck blender doesn't have a 2D rig?

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🧵 Autodesk introduces Project Bernini for generative AI 3D creation

Anonymous No. 983405

>Research Project Bernini is experimental generative AI from Autodesk that can quickly generate multiple functional 3D shapes from a variety of inputs. While Project Bernini is exciting and at the leading edge of generative AI, its models will become increasingly useful and compelling when trained on larger, higher-quality professional datasets.
Oh GOODIE. More AI slop to get investors excited.

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983360

I found this old ass video about a news story where a bear breaks into a house and plays the piano in Vail, Colorado. It looks fake as hell to me, but the comments and articles on other news sites are making me second guess myself. I could use some insight from /3/. The part at 0:55 gives it away in my eyes. Am I insane? Or did someone successfully push a fake story with 3DCG skills to a bunch of news outlets?

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🧵 Can /3/ model horses

Anonymous No. 983335

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983328

What's the best way to import a fully textured, rigged Blender human model into 3dsmax, is the pictured Connector any good?

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🧵 roughness baking

Anonymous No. 983229

how would i bake these shine so instead of it being dynamic it would be a static image texture that i could then scale down

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983192

What does /3/ think about the Metalheart aesthetic?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983167

Why should I use Zbrush instead of sculpting in Blender?

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🗑️ 🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 983143

How do I get into making lewd pictures for cash?