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Search Reference

Just inserting a post number and pressing enter redirects you to it.

Full search is currently implemented using Lnx and makes straightforward use of Tantivy's query language.

Essentially 'based redpilled' is interpreted as 'return posts with based and redpilled in the subject, comment or file name'.

To search for posts containing either based or redpilled, use 'based OR redpilled'.

To search for posts containing the substring "based and redpilled", use '"based and redpilled"' (not case sensitive).

To specify the fields to be matched, use 'comment:based'. Boolean fields are turned into 0 and 1.

Field name Type Description
subject Text Thread subject (only matches the OP)
comment Text Post body
op Boolean Whether a post is an OP or not
deleted Boolean Whether a post has been deleted or not
name Text Name field ('Anonymous' won't match anything)
tripcode Text Tripcode (only exact matching)
capcode Text Capcode (only exact matching)
country Text Poster country (only exact matching)
flag Text Poster flag (only exact matching)
email Text Poster email (only exact matching)
has_media Boolean Whether a post has media
media_deleted Boolean Whether a post's media was deleted
media_4chan_hash Text Image MD5 hash in url-encoded base 64 (only exact matching)
media_extension Text Media extension (without .) (only exact matching)
media_file_name Text Media file name
spoiler Boolean Whether a post's media was spoilered
sticky Boolean Whether a thread was stickied (just the OP)
since4pass Integer Year a poster acquired a 4chan pass