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Anonymous No. 982618

Deleting the default cube in Blender is bad practice.
You're supposed to drag it out of view.

Of course the total hack hiding under the moniker "Blender Guru" (or as I like to call him "The Doughnut Grifter") teaches you to erase it.
I hate him so much.

Anonymous No. 982621

I get satisfaction by raising it up a little, so its bottom is flush with the ground.

Anonymous No. 982622

>I just saved an empty startup file that has my UI and settings exactly how I like them
>normalfriends waste dozens of hours deleting the same fucking cube every new file
Truly subhuman.

Anonymous No. 982625

In a way you're supposed to use it.
Well that is if blenders main workflow of boxmodelling directly into the intended base topology and using multires with sculpting and use that to export LODs did work as intended.
Blender devs shill it from time to time omitting the fact that it's completely broken and there's no way to directly edit the multires data.

Anonymous No. 982683

I must admit I also like to do this

Anonymous No. 983099