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I made this low poly 3D model.

Any advice?

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It's... uh... something, alright. Did you build that in Roblox?

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I've never played those things. Are you saying that because of the primitive and 'blocky' appearance? My intention is to design quick and simple models to create retro looking games (ps1, n64).

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Cris, stop your Prueba 3D Juegos.

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sell it on steam for big buck$

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>Any advice?

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SOVL and checked

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he's cute

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Also looking good anon

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Evil Computer (Re....png

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Has anyone heard of Verzephobia? I rented a game called "Tail of the Sun" from either Blockbuster or Hollywood Video a long long time ago. The phobia I mention in the question wasn't exactly what I was suffering from because I felt more of a nightmarish & perplexed all rolled into one. Verzephobia is a fear of computer glitches and errors of the sort. The graphics in the game I rented gives such a feeling to me. I mean. I don't suffer from it anymore because I looked it up a few times on YouTube to get use to it. The .gif file provided by the OP is probably a level close to it. I think I developed this phobia from an experience in my past life. I was sitting in front of a television and it jolted on to static screen all of a sudden. Creepy stuff. I had an even more traumatic experience much much later but let's not get into that.

"Do not let torture think of you." - ???

My advice for your poly model make it look a bit more soft better shading & coloring a little more details such as flowers or patches of grass and thin clouds in the air. I'd definitely give it an A minus to begin with!

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Anonymous No. 982882

Thanks for sharing your story. I had never heard of that phobia, I'll do some research because it seems quite interesting.

And thanks for your advice. You're right, the setting and shading is very basic. Although this is because this is one of my first 3D tests and that is why I haven't spent much time polishing the stage, I have concentrated on the smiley.

Thank you so much. This is one of my first 3D models and that's why I love it, even though it is deformed and ugly.

PS: The image I share is another model I made.

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You fucking pansy.

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>Any advice?
you mean do we want any advice from you, right?
you obviously don't need any

Anonymous No. 982940

masterful work, impressive

Anonymous No. 983078

I don't know anything about 3D modeling techniques or recommended practices. I just noticed that using Three.js you can represent 3D objects by manipulating a data buffer and that's why I created a rudimentary tool for that purpose.

The intention of this thread is to obtain the opinion of specialized people who can point out the errors of this model and possible improvements.

Thanks! and...thanks?