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Anonymous No. 982978

He taught me Blender when no one else would.
Doughnuts, anvils, chairs, you name it.

Anonymous No. 982979

>He taught me Blender
I'm so sorry

Anonymous No. 982980

You're are just jealous because you yourself are a Maya user and have to pay just to use your software.

Anonymous No. 982982

We have other software, only you idiots believe in Blender and the awful coding from the main developers.

Anonymous No. 982983

Yeah bro I'm so jealous I have to pay for my maya and zbrush I torrented

Anonymous No. 982984

But that's theft and proves my point you cannot even afford your software because opening a new file is a $29.90 microtransaction

Anonymous No. 982986

A working software is going to cost money, just like a house. You can’t expect free government housing to work.

Anonymous No. 982987

>proves my point you cannot even afford your software
Sure? I never argued I could but go off lil bro

Anonymous No. 982989

Keep making NFTs in your stolen software

Anonymous No. 982990

I find it funny that you tried to argue with me but never managed to make a single point and then ended up just making up a fantasy about me. You're a funny fella, if a tad bit pathetic

Anonymous No. 982991

You didn't deny making NFTs

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Anonymous No. 982992

Why does /3/ hates this guy so much?
I have yet to see a better blender teacher than donut guy. Sure, his tutorial is basically a tour through blender rather than an in-depth course, but he EXPLAINS what he is doing, something most tutorials do not do.
In another thread an anon recommended another artist that had a course on hard materials, so i checked his video course. How was it?
>Click here....then here....
>Check this part....this too...
>This will help us later.
>Get these addons....and these too...
>And done, i'll see you guys on next section.
What the FUCK do you learn from this? That these settings are needed? Needed for WHAT? What do they DO? Why am i enabling/disabling them?

Most people SUCK at teaching, it's a rare skill and, like it or not, donut guy knows how to teach.

Anonymous No. 982993

Keep whimpering

Anonymous No. 982994

All the Blender hate here is just a meme, right? I assume everyone is being ironic

Anonymous No. 982996

I think so.
People that claim to hate blender never post their work, those that were encouraged to use maya or 3dmax find out the communities and resources to learn are very scarce and come complain here they were tricked.

Anonymous No. 983001

I remember that one video where he mispronounced something and said "joob", started lmaoing and saying "it sounds like a derogatory term for jews" and legit struggled to stop laughing and get back on track
Also i liked his interview podcast even though he didn't get a lot of varied profiles

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Anonymous No. 983016

cope & sneedthe

Anonymous No. 983052

Or maybe paid shills or actual shills that think that paying for an industry 'standard' software will compensate for their lack of talent. People I've known that work in the industry wouldn't mind using blender except that industry pipelines prevents them from doing so. The only people I've heard sperg about industry standards are amateurs or those with shitty portfolios.

Anonymous No. 983055

I remember when Blender was still not as mainstream and it was mostly his tutorials that are available. There was a certain point where a lot of clickbait tutorials started pouring in and at that point Andrew was not as relevant and since I'm not a beginner anymore I no longer kept up with his content. Compared to the FlippedNormals guys, Andrew is more of an intellectual beyond 3D unlike the other two who only really talk about their experience working in the industry. Andrew doesn't get a lot of respect because he's the beginner tutorial guy and that people only look to industry fags.

Anonymous No. 983086

>industry pipelines prevents them from doing so
You're the type of dude who says pros would use Gimp instead of Photoshop if it wasn't for the heckin' industry pipelinerinos

Anonymous No. 983087

>People I've known that work in the industry wouldn't mind using blender
They tell you that to make you happy, Andrew.

Anonymous No. 983088

I've downloaded that thing and it used to work until 4.0-unstable, then since it became stable, it just crashes at startup on my computer.

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Anonymous No. 983129

for me it's David Ward he taught me how to make characters, I still use the same techniques almost a decade later

Anonymous No. 983158


But I pirate all of that software and make money from it. I'm proud of stealing. I have zero qualms or regrets for being resourceful. You can shame me all you want but I still get paid using pirated software.

Anonymous No. 983160

>interrupts his tutorial to go on a nostalgic rant about how he misses the word fag
Yeah, I'm thinking based.

Anonymous No. 983162

I remember watching this guys tutorial as a person who has never touched blender before. Having to go through how-to-make a donut series sounds lame but this guy made it at least bearable.

He is charismatic and explains things instead of being quiet and saying “do this and this and that”

I’ve purchased a couple blender tutorials, and believe me- his tutorial is considered top-notch and among the best out there. People don’t realise how rare it is to have a tutorial that guides you through a 3d modelling software.

The industry fags should post their work here before trying to shit on the donut dude. I bet they can’t even make a fucking teacup and instead would rather waste their time bullying people on 4chan.

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Anonymous No. 983163

anon you naughty

Anonymous No. 983185

>The industry fags should post their work here
The work is under a NDA, something commie Blender comrades wouldn't understand

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Anonymous No. 983304

No, I use Paint. Also, retard point. kys.

Hmm yes Andrew definitely visits this shit board.

Anonymous No. 983306

grantt is better. i never even finished the donut he just seemed like an awful teacher, might as well follow a script

Anonymous No. 983307

Most NDA work aren't even solo projects. Someone could sperg that they're in the industry but all they do is some shitty support work on something and have absolutely no direction without some senior or lead to call them a retard for not understanding directions.

>bullying people on 4chan
No shit, if you expect something more from this board, you're kinda at fault here.

Anonymous No. 983357

my condolences, op!

Anonymous No. 983572

>my condolences, op!
thank u

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Anonymous No. 983580

Let me tell you, what ever you learn in Blender or from these fake artists who have no degree in college or qualify to enter in international business. I know for a fact that they aren't the people you claim. They are YouTubers who profit off people, just like rappers who say they were normal people, they were not.

P.S no im not waiting an entire hour to get normal looking water.

Anonymous No. 983597

Waiting an hour? You're just telling on yourself at that point. Your computer sucks dick as much as you do

Anonymous No. 983600

You’re the bad artist if you think VFX works out of the box. Everything in production is faking it make it. Animation? Some model running in the center. Fire? 2D video overlay, etc.

You don’t know anything about 3D or the work behind it. Just a brain dead blender lackey with no success.

Anonymous No. 983637

maybe learn how computers work

Anonymous No. 983657

this, poorfags gonna poor

Anonymous No. 983658

Blender and poverty go together, that's a law of nature

Anonymous No. 983659

Has if Blender could do better, Python code is only faster by the computer hardware and the rendering process of Blender lacks real processing capabilities. Let me remind you that Blender doesn’t use Graphics cards while normal software like Maya, houdini, Photoshop and others do.

>Completely ignores how expensive Maya is
Nice arrangement retard

Anonymous No. 983667

Taught you a useless skill when burger flipping makes you more attractive in the job market.

Anonymous No. 983669

Maya is not expensive, chud. If you can't afford a license then you should quit ThreeDeeCeeGee altogether. You're just a valueless parasite producing nothing of quality while hurting developers.

Anonymous No. 983673

$307 dollars for indie maya is not cheap. You absolutely don’t understand how money works either, i bet you’re those rich snoods who refused to pay anything and demand free stuff. That’s not how the real world works anon.

Anonymous No. 983675

>Let me remind you that Blender doesn’t use Graphics cards
EEVEE has pretty much always used GPU and Cycles has had GPU rendering for years at this point.
If you're at the point where you're bitching about fidelity and rendering speeds and you don't have a 3090 at minimum, you have no place bitching about blender. Maya's rendering times aren't any faster when both are rendering via GPU.

Anonymous No. 983677

EEVEE doesn't even have real Ambient Occlusion, only SSAO, which is the fake version of it. It's unusable for anything really. Let's not talk about the projected shadows that look like Minecraft maps. It doesn't matter how expensive your graphics card is, EEVEE is a joke and Cycles is too slow for animation. Enjoy your modern Blender.

Anonymous No. 983691

Cycles is only slow if you're using a 20 series card/equivalent or lower. You're making industrial level complaints about something that only occur when you lack industrial level tech. Also the rest of your post is completely irrelevant to the topic you complained about, which is rendering times, which tells me you realized I'm right and tried to move the goalposts. Sorry poorfag but your shitty argumentation is too obvious.

Anonymous No. 983693

Your parents pay $10 to $20 per month to let you run your video card, which effectively qualifies video cards as a subscription service that you also have to buy upfront. Just so you know.

Anonymous No. 983698

Even middle ground graphics cards can’t do enough in Blender. Shut up about your imaginary specs.

Anonymous No. 983700

>Your parents pay
I make in a month what you make in three years. The only reason I'm not charging you for replying to me and wasting my time is making fun of you makes for a fun break.

Anonymous No. 983703

You make a lot of money and you also want to charge me. What are you a bigot or something?

Anonymous No. 983784

>are you a bigot or something?
uhm... are you not?

Anonymous No. 983790

Wtf do you mean cycles is too slow for animation? What kind of animation with what hardware? I render my animations in cycles and I know people who create better animations than I do with cycles as well

Anonymous No. 983839

He is good for the donut and maybe a couple other things but its so much easier just looking up direct tutorials for what you actually want to do

Anonymous No. 983845

Ya sure very basic stuff but harder stuff like VFX, reflections and transparency on models can cause super slow rendering. Some might even crash when doing it.

Just look at their peertube and see basic results:

Anonymous No. 983868

>He is good for the donut
I don't think any of the other losers making blender tutorials are even capable of making doughnouths

Anonymous No. 983953

I see you don't actually use Blender. But I'm pretty sure only like 5 out of the 14 people on this board actually do anything productive ever. This place is a joke

Anonymous No. 983957

I know Blender flaws inside and out. Like how lightning is stupidity bad to add while Maya and others are a click away. Dumb rules to render in Blender just to test something. Blender can’t handle animation in games it doesn’t include the ability to add more than one animation. ETC.

It’s bad anon, Blender is bad.

Anonymous No. 983961

>Blender can’t handle animation in games it doesn’t include the ability to add more than one animation.
Maybe I don't understand what you mean, but I'm pretty sure you can blend multiple animations with the NLA editor.
And if you mean exporting multiple animations for a game engine, that works fine too, I think with GLB or FBX. Just push multiple animations to the NLA timeline and they will all get exported.

Anonymous No. 983965

That’s another problem, no key frame. Maya 2024 does offer it with higher quality and more depth. Blender is stupider as you are guessing about things. On top of that, people are dumb into believing glTF as an alternative animation file. Hello no it’s not, the original intent was copy and paste. Blender has no intention whatsoever to do anything correctly.

Anonymous No. 984034

Why is this board overrun with people like this? What do you even call this? ESL schizo?

Anonymous No. 984040

English is dead, ChatGPT failed at basic grammar that you Americans give it. The whole problem was you all along.

Anonymous No. 984095

Racism and bigotry will get you banned off the 3D board, you chud filth. Post your recessed chin from the side with wireframe on.