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๐Ÿงต roughness baking

Anonymous No. 983229

how would i bake these shine so instead of it being dynamic it would be a static image texture that i could then scale down

Anonymous No. 983230

You'd be baking the light, not the roughness.
Roughness defines how the material responds to the light, so it's always a dynamic property. What it sounds like you want to do is bake the reflections and the specular highlights etc into an image, and for that you need to bake the lighting.
Create a new image in the image editor, then open the shader editor, open an image texture node with the image you just made. Don't connect it to anything, just select it. Go into your render tab, set it up how you like, then scroll down to bake, choose combined, active camera, then hit bake.
The image you selected should now have the lighting baked into it. Save it and do whatever you want with it.
Oh and your object needs to be unwrapped btw.

Anonymous No. 983231

aah thank you!