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Why the fuck blender doesn't have a 2D rig?

Anonymous No. 983420

hi Cris, have you tried the coa tools?
you could ask thisd shit in your own personal thread too, retard.

Anonymous No. 983421

or in the blender thread.

Anonymous No. 983423

that shit crashes on blender 4.

last update was 4 years ago.

Anonymous No. 983425

github says updated 2 weeks ago, you could download an older version of blender to do this crap too.

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Anonymous No. 983444

Cris, all this shit is just poor man's Opentoonz, just download that, it is free too.

Anonymous No. 983487

>Why the fuck blender doesn't have a 2D rig?
because you get what you've paid for

Anonymous No. 983660

Can't you just make a 3D rig and not use one of the dimensions?

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Anonymous No. 983719

that is maya though

Anonymous No. 983741

didn't realize i post in the wrong thread

Anonymous No. 983759

But to use Blender you pay shit all!
Does it mean by using Blender we get, all shit?

Anonymous No. 984057

just dont animate on the z axis?