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๐Ÿงต Need help, will pay

Anonymous No. 985395

Can anyone help me by modeling a bay verse style head for my transformer? I have provided image references to what I would like the head to look like.

I would like the model to have crown-like elements to the head as well as a mask and a visor. I'm a 3d hobbyist and can pay 100 bucks for the model.

Thanks for your help.

Anonymous No. 985407

sure, let me post my contact information on 4chan of all places, that will be fun

Anonymous No. 985414

Sorry, im new to this but I'm sure there is a way to get this done discreetly, no?

Anonymous No. 985422

I don't get it. You modeled the body, but can't model the head?

Anonymous No. 985428

Nahh, nobody is doing that here for 100$ for you, that's at least 3-4 days of work, you can check turbosquid, cgtrader or whatever, I've seen models for 70 bucks there, if you have the pieces somebody could kitbash it for you for 100$.
I suppose he wants the full model.

Anonymous No. 985431

No, I modeled some and kitbashed some. I'm just bad with being creative with heads. Hard to explain I guess.

Anonymous No. 985432

No, just the head. The renders on the right side of the image are mine. Made with max and vray.

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Anonymous No. 985476

something like this?

Anonymous No. 985480

No, more like the image of the head second from the top in the pic I provided.

Anonymous No. 985517