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๐Ÿงต cris general.

Anonymous No. 985399

I honestly think I have right now a potentially good idea.

a power point game.

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Anonymous No. 985402

>mfw criss draws better than me

Anonymous No. 985403

>a power point game.
Stooping to the level of a literal child, eh?

Anonymous No. 985404


I mean, the money is on making your own personal niche, not fighting in a crowded market.

I like the concept of power point videogame, expresses my idea clearly.

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Anonymous No. 985448

who is this cris? I'm a newfag
here's a donut to prove it

the chair nerd No. 985454

Shut up Cris.

Anonymous No. 985456

It's a character some mentally ill anon keep hallucinating in every thread, attributing every other post to this figment of his imagination.

The 'Cris' character is loosely based on a particular unwell poster who did frequented this board in the past and may show up from time to time, whether or not this 'real Cris' poster actually is named 'Cris' or not has never been substantiated.

Anonymous No. 985457

was this 'real' cris any good, roflmao

Anonymous No. 985458

Post your donut or gtfo

the chair nerd No. 985462

You benchod.

Anonymous No. 985499

First chapter done.
I am so happy of finally having an idea where I'm making real serious progress.


Anonymous No. 985507

Its literal shit. Fuck you Cris.

Anonymous No. 985508

some people like the idea.

Anonymous No. 985512

>some people
Who? The voices in your head? Like wow, you've got text boxes, pictures, and transitions. Groundbreaking stuff. Do you want a blowjob with that, good sir?

Anonymous No. 985513

nah, some anons at /lit/ liked the idea of an interactive magazine.

Anonymous No. 985541

I'm surprised that you're not using RenPy
I'm also happy that you're keeping us updated with a devlog for a visual novel on this board dedicated to 3D.

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Anonymous No. 985596

I keep winning.

Anonymous No. 985598

>schizo neet
nah son, you're a failure at life, at least for now
>t. schizo ex-neet

Anonymous No. 985606

Post the donut

Anonymous No. 985607

Maybe you have bad taste

Anonymous No. 985608

Nobody knows your name, nobody cares about you, but everyone knows Cris. He clearly won.

Anonymous No. 985630


Anonymous No. 985631

We are 2 anon

Anonymous No. 985632

Filthy degenerated just post the donut
Or stfu

Anonymous No. 985660

>Nobody knows your name
here? why would I want that? I go by the old code, namefagging is for the most subhuman faggots

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Anonymous No. 985695

Starting work on the dungeon or map mode.
The goal is to have something like a board game, instead of going for the full effort of a 3D jrpg.
I can use static 2D drawings and not worry about animation and other autismo.

I already replaced AAA movie intro autismo with some cheap power point presentation.

Anonymous No. 985823

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