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What is this artstyle called? it's between anime and realism like the new final fantasy games and are there any resources/courses for this specific artstyle?

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Learn from Korean artists. They do this type of style

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Full body sculpting, it’s using the entire body in full detail with clothing included. Not something a noob or blender can create.

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it is technically called the final fantasy style but it's essentially stylized realism. it is basically 90% realistic and 10% stylized, just go by that you don't really need a guide

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That's a Korean style, in YouTube there's some tutorials on blender and brush but they are not in English.

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Any recommendations?
The thing is when i search for stylized realism all i get is for things like disney or fortnite style

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>The thing is when i search for stylized realism all i get is for things like disney or fortnite style

Literally just look at the models in the games you like and based yours off of them, you don't need a guide or tutorial to do it.

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This. You study for fine-arts type realism but then give your spawn very weeb proportions.

I don't hate that style but this here must be pretty much peak uncanny for such a mix.
Lesser or more realism from here and you gain appeal in either direction.
For me this sits pretty much at peak creepy where it's too real to be stylized anime and too anime to be a living person
so it reads like some psycho who has done a bunch of surgery to have a chin wide as a mans knuckle.

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They are lying to you, its sculpting and Blender can’t do it. Biggest scam the community ever told.

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>Blender can't do it
Just copy a workflow like this OP

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>Uses premade models
This is why Blender is always being mocked for it’s inability to handle anything.

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it's called Non-face scanned artstyle

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Good bait anon, anyways OP do not worry about pre-made models, base models are an industry standard

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It boils down to making eyes bigger,
Making Irises extra vibrant
Exaggerating eyelash count and/or thickness
Keeping facial features soft
Having lights dedicated to your corneas' specular components
And not saying 'ok that's good enough' when it comes to hair, because you'll actually need to sculpt this shit with care (using your chosen hair system, not literal sculpting). Get very familiar with how your hair modifiers work as they're going to need to be more potent

Other than that it's standard procedure
The model in your isn't 100% there, The later stages of the model need quite a bit of polish but it's nothing to snuff at assuming they did it all themselves.

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It's about giving an adult female the lips of an infant and a chin that is shaped like an icepick, for some reason people think that is hot when they've consumed too many chinese cartoons.

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It's called trying to do realism and failing miserably

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He started by having the primitive shapes blocked out, there's no pre-made models. I know you're baiting, but at the very least have some understanding of what you're gonna bait about.

I recommend you go through the donut tutorial, or take an introductory college course if you're really bent on using maya, it might help you with your trolling efforts.

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No it’s not, those copy cat models in games are NPCs and the main characters are original. Big difference between getting sued and not getting sued. You people aren’t even in the industry so shut up about how your imaginary workflow works.

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that looks god awful

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Okay buddy

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>that hair

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nothing in that render looks right

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It's called Semi-Realism or Semi-Realistic.

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Looks nice anon, not the same style but looks good.

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That art style is called the westoids worst nightmare.
Because it's full of attractive people.

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Go make me an iphone, you bug

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You will never be a woman

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this has all the flaws of a realtime ready asset with none of the perks

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