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evil blender be like: separator
evil 3ds max be like: 2ds min
evil autodesk maya be like: manualfloor aztec
evil blockbench be like: spherebed
evil softimage be like: hardidea
evil bryce 3d be like: bruna 2d
evil source filmmaker be like: derived filmdestroyer
evil freecad be like: paidcad
evil plasticity be like: inflexibility
evil cinema 4d be like: at-home 3d
evil zbrush be like: achisel
evil substance painter be like: immaterial paint stripper
evil autocad be like: manualcad
evil revit be like: unvit
evil miku miku dance be like: miku miku (but evil) sit
evil windows movie maker be like: walls movie demaker

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>manualfloor aztec
Thanks, I'm using this from now on. Toasting an ebin bread