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Anonymous No. 985667

rate my rockbruches (mudbox)

Anonymous No. 985675

man it's sad they stopped updating mudbox. i knew it was truly over when i watched some autodesk livestream about maya and the guy was using zbrush to sculpt details.

Anonymous No. 985735

are these for zbrush?

Anonymous No. 986610

Why are you still using chudbox?

Anonymous No. 986674

best software used to create cgi was from 2006-2013

Anonymous No. 986675

everything else is just technical bullshit that saves the artist 2 steps but cost thousands of dollars if you wanna upgrade your software

Anonymous No. 986693

I still have my old brush licence, and it works perfectly fine for sculpting.
Why do you need the new features?
Same thing with mudbox, still ompletely usable.

Anonymous No. 987274

Mudbox sucks, it can't even do symmetry properly there's always some isolated vertice it misses when sculpting over edges. Pirate Zbrush and save time

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Anonymous No. 987294

>Mudbox sucks


also, vector brushes makes everything easier if you know how to make them work

spent 5 minutes using the same vector brush btw

Anonymous No. 987295

zero sculpting

all vector brush

Anonymous No. 987299

it's a dead abandoned software. it was good in the 2000s, but today it's not. it lacks more than half the features zbrush has which make your work easier to produce.

Anonymous No. 987300

>it's a dead abandoned software

it was actually used to create thanos and other various cgi elements for marvel films

Anonymous No. 987301

I'm missing hard edges vs soft edges and definition in your models

Anonymous No. 987302

God I wish Mudbox shipped with PBR shaders

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Anonymous No. 987304

it was done in 5 minutes


its not about the software, its about the artist

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Anonymous No. 987312

is this what youre looking for

something HEAVILY edited to the point where it looks fake aka stylized

yeah, i can do that as well

Anonymous No. 987314

>new features
you can create hard surface easily in zbrush, has a gorillion brushes, shaders, tools and options. you do not need to software hop anymore just to create an armor plate for a character. it's like using a bicycle versus a motorbike.