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Chinese AI video.webm

๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ ๐Ÿงต VFX and video guys are now fucked.

Anonymous No. 985745

VFX guys will be replaced by Chinese AI.

cris was right.
cris won.

Anonymous No. 985746

We are completely fucked

Anonymous No. 985750

It looks like shit, Cris art is better

Anonymous No. 985766

It can helpful in certain situations but not as a whole. AI can help but it certainly can't do the same thing as what a person can do.

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Anonymous No. 986089

>Chimps wearing gold chains

Anonymous No. 986095

China won
Cris won
What's next?

Anonymous No. 986096

I feel the same when I watch Star wars and I need to take a shit

Anonymous No. 986106

These clips are half a second long because the rest of the generation is garbage. and even the half second doesn't look good. sorry rajesh

Anonymous No. 986109

Good, I can't wait for actually talanted artists to get laid off, band together and create cool shit instead of wasting their talent on marvelslop and a(i)ds

Anonymous No. 986110

this is unironically a good thing