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๐Ÿงต Is /3d/ modelling easier than illustration?

Anonymous No. 986048

I do illustrations like pic rel with the mesh tool in illustrator but it's extremely laborious and takes far too much time to flesh out one idea. I also hate illustrator's workflow, if you make one mistake you have to retrace your steps and it just chews up more time.

My illustration style may as well be 3d at this point but would it be easier in 3d? The mesh structure is practically the same, and lighting would be way easier.

Pic rel not my art I just dont want to dox myself by posting real art.

Anonymous No. 986070

A lot of things are probably a lot easier to do with 3D tools at that point.
Haven't touched illustrator in decades but back then doing 2D vector looking stuff in max was a lot easier past the very basics.
animation, sliding pivots having all the animation constraints ability to key and animate materials and UV's etc.

Using a 3D app for vector 2D back then gave you a lot of additional functionality and ease of use.
Can't speak to illustrator as it exist today as I haven't touched it since probably ~98.