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๐Ÿงต Was Lyme Disease Bioengineered?

Anonymous No. 16176820

Lyme disease was documented hundreds of years ago. But it wasn't deadly until recently. In the 50's Lyme disease was researched as a bioweapon during the Cold War. Gain-of-function research was conducted on it, but a lab leak made it propagate into what we know of it today.

Is there any truth to this?

Anonymous No. 16176829

>be bitten by some forest animal
>Expect lethal infection and hospital is required for antibiotics, antirabies
>Be bitten by a bug that has bitten these animals beforehand
>Expect nothing, must be bioengineered if something

Anonymous No. 16177139

A lot of diseases have been looked into as potential weapons

Anonymous No. 16177152

And a vast majority proved to be incredibly useless.