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๐Ÿงต Serge Lang Basic Mathematics

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Just to be clear to anyone considering this book who may be reading this board presently or in the future when the archive gets indexed; this book is a complete meme.

I like the idea of an introductory, proof flirting method of teaching elementary and highschool math that isn't purely plug and chug, but this book is not that.

The examples are horrendously formatted and many terms aren't defined or defined much later.

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Anonymous No. 16176831

Imagine being your average highschool american or person attempting to relearn mathematics and seeing this.

Literally no reason to have something as simple as this be so horribly formatted.

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The word exponent isn't used until 50 pages after the concept of exponents is introduced, the first use of the word is in the table of contents.

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Anonymous No. 16176845


Book is riddled with other examples similar to this. Does anyone know of similar books trying to do a similar thing lang does but actually competently?

Anonymous No. 16176881

I'm sorry, you have terminal brainletism

Anonymous No. 16176900


many of the solutions in the back have typos.

Anonymous No. 16176913

Never understood the point of these meme books. Read an analysis or set theory book.

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Anonymous No. 16176954

Idk anything bout numbermathics, I just remebered I have this

Anonymous No. 16176962

I would like it more if it had a full set of solutions. Using it for self-study is annoying without it.

Anonymous No. 16177115

have you read "Jeopardy's guide to Basic Mathematics"
It gives only the solutions but none of the questions.

Anonymous No. 16177119

where is this but legible?

Anonymous No. 16177325

Now I feel less autistic. I have my own such chart, which iI won't post due to it being incomprehensible to most

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Anonymous No. 16177354

Understanding Numbers in Elementary School Mathematics by Hung-Hsi Wu is the gold standard

Anonymous No. 16177401

Zoom in
Post it fag
I'd collect the stuff I read myself into a graph but it's half english half polish so probably not too interesting to most people

Anonymous No. 16177405

why do you have it

Anonymous No. 16177411

There are two women in this chart. What is this, some kind of kitchen?

Anonymous No. 16177437

The book is indeed a meme. I think if you're smart it's not that bad, but it's a very shallow survey for your usual retards. It won't prepare you for proof-based intro math classes like calculus or linear algebra.
AOPS is the correct recommendation in most cases.

Anonymous No. 16177495

How is the sci wiki for self study?

The main issue I've found is there isn't any progression in the subjects, but what about the choices of books?

Anonymous No. 16177591

use this instead

Anonymous No. 16177598

The book recommendations are really good. Definitely much better than any of the infographics that get posted here.
The main issue with the wiki is that it mainly reflects the interests of a few /sci/ posters, so there are very conspicuous omissions in the physics section,while the math one includes stuff like fractional calculus or nonstandard analysis which you never hear about outside of this board.

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Anonymous No. 16178064

It's just a diagram like that with books, topics, and projects I'm working on, formed as a dependency tree. I have topics like "Analysis" and list a bunch of books which comprise that so that so that future things can just "depend" on Analysis, rather than a specific book.

The books are in a spreadsheet, which is read into mathematica to perform the diagram, using a "transitive reduction" to limit redundant dependencies. The books are listed in abbreviations which makes it only really comprehensible to me.

Anonymous No. 16178375

Art of problem solving?

Anonymous No. 16178383

Euclids elements

Anonymous No. 16178412

What is the issue?

Cult of Passion No. 16178719

Just trying to let the whole board know that I'm coming out of the closet. I let a dude fuck my asshole and I really liked it. I'm tired of hiding.

Anonymous No. 16178826

It may be hard and frustrating to read but it contains most of highschool material and it will prepare you mentally for harder subjects such as analysis. This and book of proof is all you need to learn precalc.

Anonymous No. 16179100

>>Does anyone know of similar books trying to do a similar thing lang does but actually competently?
>Euclids elements
unironically this

Anonymous No. 16179392

>a point is that which has no part

Anonymous No. 16179626

Interesting mathematics education reform plan. Is he getting any traction?

Anonymous No. 16179644

>a point is that which has no part
pretty good definition of a point desu

Anonymous No. 16179769

English math sucks.
t. slavshitter

Anonymous No. 16179937

There are many good math books in english doe
t. pole

Anonymous No. 16181033

i hate textbook screenshot threads

Anonymous No. 16181055

Do they trigger nightmares of your rough days at school?

Anonymous No. 16182245

why does linear algebra immediately point to ODE?

Anonymous No. 16182285

Bike shedding like this is why I didn't post my own chart.

>Why come you does it dat way?

Anonymous No. 16182305

please post it :(
in exchange iโ€™ll post an unique calculus book that probably no one here ever came across and which is a gold nugget

Anonymous No. 16182344

my friend says you probably just failed your real analysis course and are bitter about seeing math done rigorously

Anonymous No. 16182358

Is your... "friend" in the room with us right now?

Anonymous No. 16182367

>retarded formatting, bad notation, horrible structure and bad pedagogy is "muh rigorous"

retard tranny faggot

Anonymous No. 16182491

It's also teaching proofs with simple concepts.

Anonymous No. 16182542

You don't need this jew shit. Read this instead .

Anonymous No. 16182559

Those meaningless pseudo-definitions are likely later additions to the book. They aren't actually used in anywhere.

Anonymous No. 16182581

You never read the book

Anonymous No. 16182594

Not all of it. But is what I said wrong? Nope.

Anonymous No. 16183491