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Refute him

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It's technology's effect on selection pressures which erodes a populations genetics which leads to ruin.
If humans are not adapted to complex civilization as Ted says, why is the solution not to adapt humans to the environment?

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Formulate an argument for him. His writings are just pedestrian schizo assertions. Really low tier compared to the shitposts we have achieved in our modern practice.

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The message is nothing without the proper messenger. He was not a good messenger. No matter how intelligent or prophetic his words were they were and will forever be thrown away because of his violent actions.

Some, like me, would argue that Ted was broken via MK-Ultra on purpose to make him insane and violent. This was to poison his well and neuter him as a future enemy of the state. The Powers That Be(jews) seek young high IQ children out like Ted and either co-opt them if they are pliable or in the case of Ted break them so they can't work against the system of power in place. The G.A.T.E.S. program is for this purpose. People like Ted who stand out and graduate high school at 13 are labeled for special attention. Not every G.A.T.E.S. kids get sent to MK-Ultra but all the top tier minds like Ted I'm sure do.

Ask yourself what are the statistical probabilities that a super kid genius who will later become the primary voice against the technocratic takeover would also get MK-Ultra'ed by the glowniggers as a teenager? Add into that his brief issues with gender post MK-Ultra, issues that went away once he unplugged from society and healed himself from the glownigger torture. It's all as plain as the nose on a kike's face if you care to look. Had Ted never turned to violence it would have taken time but an old man rambling in a cabin in the woods against Instagram would have blown up, he would have been HUGE. Instead he spent the last 20 years in a super max cell with every correspondence being read and cataloged by the FBI. Everyone who wrote to him marked for life as a thoughtcriminal to be monitored. Even threads like these they use to data mine for future thoughtcriminals and it's all thanks to the shading provided by his meaningless violence.

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He didn't kill because technology bad, he killed because he was angry and wanted to kill
There's nothing to refute because he barely believed what he wrote

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Teds 'argument' was nothing but a concoction of Elluls work and Ted's personal political beliefs that hardly held any nuance to it that went beyond 'lefty righty spectrum where one end bad'.

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If we actually did what he proposed, most of us would die and the rest would be conquered by a more technologically advanced civilization. He's right about the problem but not the solution. The only way out is through.

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>No matter how intelligent or prophetic his words were they were and will forever be thrown away because of his violent actions.
You're wrong, and the fact that we're here talking about him is proof. If he hadn't killed people you'd never have heard of him.

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Him writing his so called manifesto was just a surrogate activity and entirely futile. If he believed in his own words he would of known that his whole ideology would only be perverted by pro industrial-technological zoomers. He became merely another meme, not someone to be taken seriously.

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This is true.
Self-immolation is great marketing. If you self-immolate, I will read your manifesto.
He should just have self-immolated if he couldn't stand just sitting around, doing nothing, but also harming nothing.
The universe breaks ppl.

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He wasn't even the author of that manifesto, but very likely was the bomber.
His brother snitched him like damn.

That said he made a few good points but also missed the mark on others.
I wont be siting here debating this with a fed.

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Imagine adopting modern degeneracy like alphabetism, speech, thought, pen and paper and even comparatively high tech explosives and fusing mechanism.

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There's something a bit off about the Ted story.

"Between 1978 and 1995, Kaczynski murdered three individuals and injured 23 others in a nationwide mail bombing campaign against people he believed to be advancing modern technology and the destruction of the natural environment. He authored Industrial Society and Its Future, a 35,000-word manifesto and social critique opposing all forms of technology, rejecting leftism, and advocating for the abolition of industrial society"

Some of his victims make sense in context with his beliefs and his manifesto, like the timber lobbyist, even the bomb on the plane makes sense in terms of being a terror attack for the attention, but some targets were literal nobodies. Two were computer store owners. another was a Psychology professor. Like who gives a fuck? Some others of his targeted victims appear to have had worked in fields that had no relevance to what Ted was against. Just seems weird he would target those nobodies when there must have been so many other easy targets relevant to his cause and worthy of his attention.
Not saying he wasn't guilty of some of the bombings and he was clearly homicidal, but I smell something fishy about the story as a whole.

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>obviously fixable with neurotech
This is an insane and dangerous line of thinking.

Anonymous No. 16177237

>The message is nothing without the proper messenger.

Could you just stop?

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This guy should be beaten over the head with a lead pipe until his eyes pop out like a looney tunes

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Looks like hes a morning radio show host here

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Why? You'd rather let the slow process of evolution and nature selection that's tied to the environment control our progress.

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I'd rather not give the government direct access to my brain to change as they see fit.

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Then do it yourself. Alter your kids not to be the faggots who spam cuck porn on /gif/. Offer to help white families not to be liberal in thinking. Cry all you want about evil government but if it's an advantage then they will use it. If not this one the next one after the cycle repeats.

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>Then do it yourself.
Yeah, just invent and build my own neurotech from the ground up. Sure thing. You know that every component in your computer and phone have backdoors in them mandated by the government, right? Why would it be any different for components related to neurotech? If you're not printing your own custom processing units on your own homemade dies your device and and will be compromised by the powers that be. So why would I ever risk attaching anything like that directly to my brain or the brain of anyone I care about?

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Eugenics via genetic engineering in a free market.
Parets will buy genetic therapies from companies to improve their kid's traits. Companies now have a direct incentive to make better genetic therapies.
Only good therapies will be made due to the natural selection of a free market removing bad ones.

Good luck convincing the socialist majority to adopt either a free market or eugenics.

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