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Anonymous No. 16177308

She wants to cancel prominent physicists like Feynman and get academics convicted for sexual harassment without evidence all the while never contributing anything remotely significant compared to the giants she criticizes.

Anonymous No. 16177319

Okay okay, I subscribed to her onlyfans. You can stop advertising her now.

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Anonymous No. 16177340

what's their problem

Anonymous No. 16177346

We need to make sure trash like her, or whatever are the pronouns of that thing, get the punishment they deserve.

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Anonymous No. 16177381

Ewww, she does the hairy thing.
You are sick in the head.

Burger hyperinflation No. 16177388

Is not complicated

Anonymous No. 16177391

I want to smooch her

Anonymous No. 16177404

Is it possible to counter cancel those female chuds?

Anonymous No. 16177408

She left academia into industry cause she's fucking incompetent. She said so herself the her most cited paper has less citations than Ed Witten's rants about a black hole being in the solar system lol

Anonymous No. 16177415

Smooching fat pigs aren't really my thing but no kink shaming you be you

Anonymous No. 16177421

kek, just checked, 151 citations. that looks very low for astrofaggots. I thought astrophysics PhDs all have fuck ton of citations because they collude with each other and put everyone names on the papers they publish. even I had ~300 citations after finishing my MSc lol. no wonder she's trying to ride the out of fashion metoo movement. the grift is strong.

Anonymous No. 16177429

Hairy armpits are based

Anonymous No. 16177435

Seems to have worked as she amassed a following of 150k+ subs on YouTube which is quite a lot for a physics channel that make low effort hour long incoherent rants

Anonymous No. 16177473

She's not fat, she's fine and eminently kissable.

Anonymous No. 16177477

the youtube algorithm likes her for sure.

Anonymous No. 16177502

>the youtube algorithm
pretty sure one of the DEI connoisseur at jewtube can just click a single button and all of her content will be promoted.

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Anonymous No. 16177517

Just ignore them and keep playing bongos

Anonymous No. 16177532

Based take

Anonymous No. 16177546

based bongoist

Anonymous No. 16177569

Treat girls' buttcheeks like Feynman treated bongos