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🧵 New Parent Science

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I just found out I'm going to be a father.

Please provide for me all the data on vaccines, clamping, and other pitfalls of the modern era for optimizing health against profit driven hospitals.

I am looking to try and just get the 1985-1994 vaccine schedule for the kid (inactivated, no mRNA shit) so they don't have any trouble in my state going to school or other programs by requirement.
Wife and I got those shots and we turned out fine. Its 18 doses by age 6 (and starting at 2 months) but it seems spread out and tepid compared to the 80 they have going on now that starts at fucking birth.

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The schedule in question

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Too bad all of the relevant information I could dump on you is on screenshots throughout my other phone. I'll bump with these two reading recommendations I've been given, and now give you:
>Jane Healy - Your Child's Growing Mind: Brain Development and Learning From Birth to Adolescence
>Healy - Endangered Minds: Why Children Dont Think And What We Can Do About It

Download for free on lib.gen / anna's archive, all that, see if it interests you.
Make sure to read to your children often and just generally speak to them like you would any other person (minus the cussing and colloquialisms), even when they're babies and understand nothing. Helps to stimulate them early, properly.

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Instruments and different languages can be taught really early on. The potential kids have of learning those things is really absurd. Some works on dentistry show that diets with harder food and no industrialized, sugary slop can help teeth development. I'd have to read more on it, but a quick search will show you a lot of braces bullshit can be avoided with a proper diet, alongside some breathing habits related to tongue position. Lastly from the basics, no cellphones and focus on the posture, so they don't get comfortable with slouching. Not sure about early teaching of programming languages, because I suspect both that and even regular computer leisure could be problematic. The social media accessibility is a slippery slope.

Above all, I listed things that will vastly help your child in the future, but make sure not to treat their life as a mere investment for their own sake. Remember to let them rest well, play well, have fun.

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>Wife and I got those shots and we turned out fine.
Bad assumption

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Just get it all. Trust me when you’re a parent you stop worry about paranoid fantasies and just try to get through the day

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I can wait for an info dump.

Not a paranoid fantasy when I've legit lost trust in the medical complex's disregard for people for profit. I had 4 family members get vaccine injured during COVID. One from myocarditis, one from an instant heart attack after the 1st jab, and 1 who got thrombosis

yeah no cell phones. We have our old gameboys for when they get a little older for limited distractions but nothing as hypnotic and eye straining as 3+ hours on a phone starring.

I mean it worked for me and everyone else alive back before Pharma got unchained in 1995. Now the profit driven motive is so insane it is hard to assess what is science and what is just shilling anymore.


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>muh profits = bad
spoken like a true redditard
They don't need "profit" to justify evil you fucking retard
Evil predates profit

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i don't see a problem in giving the kid an ancient airgapped thinkpad or smth with like jumpstart, kid pix, zoo tycoon, etc. when they're at an appropriate age. the isos are all available on the internet archive for free by now, i'm sure.

programming will come when they're ready -- my older sister taught me with her myspace page. not sure what the analogue for these kids is going to be tho

believe it or not, in my (albeit limited n) experience, kids tend to be pretty receptive to educational software from the late '90s-early '00s. the issue is more with what the schools provide -- 1:1 device policies are killing these kids' brains.

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This wasn't the case prior to Reagan removing all liability and pharma manufacturers literally having no reason not to just create infinite subsidized vaccines for infinite profit.

Prior to 1985 vaccines were only the 5 jabs specifically for regional fatal diseases because that was necessary by their purview back then, not by profit..

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Get them all - if you're still paranoid about the schedule, just get some of the injections staggered. I talked to our pediatrician early on and just came up with an adjusted schedule where there was at least two weeks between injections. It meant more appointments, but it's a little extra peace of mind for me. I've got two kids and they're doing fine at 6 and 8 - no indications of autism or other developmental issues.

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Delayed is kind of the compromise I'm trying to work out right now. I don't want them to have any more than 1 jab in a visit and like you did, 2 weeks to space out.

Did your wife do the tdap shot while pregnant at 3rd trimester? I'm scared of that but our doc is pushing it hard.

How is their immune systems? How often did they get sick?

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Wife got Tdap around... maybe 30 weeks I think? The kids are mostly fine. Youngest got a lot of ear infections when she was 3-4, oldest brought a lot of bugs back from daycare before Covid shut shit down, but I don't think it was much more or less than what's normal at that age.

The only real scare we had was the oldest was about two weeks premature and got a bit jaundiced after we took them home. We readmitted with a high bilirubin count but they responded to phototreatment and we went home with one of those biliblankets for a week.

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If it's a son pls inject him as much testestorone as possible during puberty

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>killing natural test production
>making him dependent on exogenous test for the rest of his life
Hell no.

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what does tf2 medic have to do with this

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first 18 months from conception are the most important for brain development, I think. Make sure the mother has access to healthy fats. Grass fed meat and goat milk for both, maybe?

later, make sure the child has stuff to manipulate with its hands. Correlation with math skills later on.

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I'm already on that. I even plan on giving my wife NMN while she is breastfeeding as recent studies show a 30% increase in cognitive development speed across the board from it being perfectly converted to the baby through milk.
He is holding a jab, one of my main concerns.

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L’intesa were the most enthusiastic receivers of the COVID vaccine, why would the Jews poison their own cattle?

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Libtards were the most enthusiastic receivers of the COVID vaccine, why would the Jews poison their own cattle?

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> /sci/ supplement freak father
> braindead, supple mother who takes whatever her husband feeds her

did the kid ever stand a chance at being anything more than a retard?