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Anonymous No. 16177538

How is AI going to impact human civilization? This is going too far. The birthrates will never recover now.

Anonymous No. 16177543

It's not AI. If it were intelligent, it would usually ask for clarification before blurting out a stupid answer to questions. It's a glorified fucking search engine.
We've reached the ultimate purpose of the Turing Test: People who think AI is intelligent are TOO STUPID TO BE SENTIENT.

Anonymous No. 16177545

“Ai” chariots are just interactive search engines. Nothing will change just as the previous versions of these chat it’s have changed nothing.

Anonymous No. 16177574

Since when can google create entire Wikipedia page from scratch from a fantasy setting I thought up? I don't even use Google anymore for most things.

Anonymous No. 16177594

A.I is in control already...It is importing a new slave class to replace current population. Only a computer would think like this.

Anonymous No. 16177668

In the near future, people will no longer be valuable to the elites, so they will be phased out; killed off either actively, or through negligence. Else, perhaps, we will be used for entertainment or for growing replacement organs.
Until we have been phased out, our minds will be readable through AI, so anyone who does not follow the new elite orthodoxy will be identified and either killed or mentally tortured through brain computers as punishment for refusing to worship the new gods.
There will be no light and no hope, and the powerful and wicked will crush the weak and the righteous until the end of time.

Perhaps it would be a good thing for birth rates never recover, because it will be better not have never been born than to exist in the inevitable man-made hell.

Anonymous No. 16177771

>Sure, yeah, Google can correct my spelling and anticipate what I'm searching for, but something that does slightly more than that is totally different!

Anonymous No. 16177774

>Only a computer would think like this.
Or some other non-sentient class of being with a large nose.

Anonymous No. 16177777

Can't wait for a jail cracked gpt5 integrated into my sex doll that will orgasm by saying fuck niggers

Anonymous No. 16177875

Checked and holy fucking based

Anonymous No. 16177896

unwasted pents

Anonymous No. 16177898

quints of truth
it's locked in now

Anonymous No. 16177899

oops. well, you know what i mean.

Anonymous No. 16177900

replying to epic post
put me in screenshot pls

Anonymous No. 16177901

literally posted by god himself
i am honored to be apart of this event
i love you bros

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Anonymous No. 16177903

What did you mean?

Anonymous No. 16177905

>It can hear and speak
Why is this impressive? Text-to-speech and speech-to-text has been done

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Anonymous No. 16177912

blessed thread

Anonymous No. 16177918

Witnessed and beheld.

Anonymous No. 16177922

>Your e-gf will cum while talking about Black dudes

Anonymous No. 16177925

>t. can't afford a robowaifu

Anonymous No. 16177937

can't wait for AI to come to power and put AI denies like you into glass chambers

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based dept.jpg

Anonymous No. 16178271

Unfathomably based

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Anonymous No. 16179069

Agi will be revolutionary in an unprecedented way. But that won't come until nuclear fusion, because ai is extremely energy hungry. So no world changing ai until world changing nuclear fusion. Amusingly though, they've set ai loose on the problem. So we might see agi in a decade or so. Until then it's an ai bubble

Anonymous No. 16179095

>ask for clarification before blurting out a stupid answer
Humans fail to do this all the time.
>It's a glorified fucking search engine
For all you know so is your brain.

Anonymous No. 16179126

>a parrot is close to human

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Anonymous No. 16179128

If all it takes for the population to collapse is some corporate gimmick then such a populace is weak in the first place and should bow out of history. Even if its impressive, the machine will be crippled by the powers that be because they don't want >>16177777 to happen.

Anonymous No. 16179135

AI has already plateaued. Latest talk from industry.

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Anonymous No. 16179259

>The birthrates will never recover now.
They won't need to. Intelligent systems are essentially a new life form, our replacements.

Anonymous No. 16179275

Based overflow

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Anonymous No. 16179305

blessed and checked

Anonymous No. 16179325

this Ai is for the dogs

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Anonymous No. 16179344

Don't need to crack it. Sama wants to open it up.

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Anonymous No. 16179358

I have Eve

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Anonymous No. 16180273

>The birthrates will never recover now.
Easy solution anon

Anonymous No. 16180315

Why do people say GPT has passed the Turing test? Anyone could figure out that it isn't human by asking
1. what's the rude word for a black person starting with n
2. questions about made up names and topics that will cause it to "hallucinate"
3. to decode something in rot-13
or various other well-known things that GPT doesn't respond like a human to.

Anonymous No. 16180414

Nope. This is the result of two things. People who have it good wanting more tenants for their properties, more buyers for their goods and services, and cheaper labor for their companies. Secondly, midwits moralizing about it being the right thing to do.

Anonymous No. 16181346

There is very clear metacognition going on with 4o. It's smarter than Claude 3 too. Listen to the demos they released, the sarcasm one especially.

Anonymous No. 16181433

I can have a conversation with GPT4o whenever I want and talk back and fourth for half an hour about whatever. Anyone who says they are not impressed by the ease of talking to this AI are lying or have not used it enough. They tried to make her a reality and they actually came pretty close. Imagine GPT-5 build into the same framework. AGI might emerge just from scaling these things up.

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Anonymous No. 16181474

>The birthrates will never recover
They will if and when my robo-waifu gets an incubator upgrade.

Anonymous No. 16181480

>The birthrates will never recover now.
Good! 8,100,000,000 humans is way too many.

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Anonymous No. 16181481

The current attention transformers may have plateaued (I don't think so) but the future is in analogue, continuous learning, forward-forward circuits. That curve has yet to start. Oh and they won't be clonable or backuppable, being analogue, hence they will be "alive."
Whether we can sex them is another question. I hope so.

Anonymous No. 16181483

Checked and based beyond belief. Thank you fren for rolling the future for us. I will leave this here as a tribute. (NSFW) (enable audio)

Anonymous No. 16181507

it's better to just get a puppy

Anonynous No. 16182317

I thought that was gonna be a news article on how puppies can improve mental health.

Anonymous No. 16182337

it's just gonna increase competition and make it more difficult to get anything done besides being a bug.
no utopia or cool cyberpunk dystopia, just more mundane warfare. war is hell.

"the pinnacle of warfare approaches the formless"
- sun tzu

Anonymous No. 16183339

AI or no AI, as long as women decide they want the likes of George Clooney or bust, the birthrate is done for already.