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If ocean acidification is such a terrible problem then why didn't all marine life cease to exist 20 million years ago when oceanic pH was 6?

Anonymous No. 16228068

Oh look, yet another "posting figures but not their source" thread.

OP is a faggot

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>If ocean acidification is such a terrible problem then why didn't all marine life cease to exist 20 million years ago when oceanic pH was 6?

The ocean acidification during the Miocene epoch is thought to have occurred at a much slower rate than what we are observing today.
Marine life can adapt to gradual changes in pH levels, but the current rate of acidification is rapid, leaving less time for organisms to adapt.

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additionally, this anon is right OP:
>posting figures but not their source

Anonymous No. 16228698

>event that caused mass extinctions for both marine and terrestrial animals over the course of 500k years
>wHy dIdN'T iT aLL LiFe CeAsE tO eXiST

Dumb fuck

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>Marine life can't adjust to varying pH levels, evolution is fake.
this is what environmentalists actually believe

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Life evolved in slightly acidic oceans, the creates that currently inhabit the oceans can tolerate alkaline conditions, but they'd be better off with a pH around 6

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Its like Somalians in Minnesota, they'd be better off in the ancestral habitat in Africa, but they can survive in Minnesota

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There wasn't even a mass extinction recorded back then. Ocean pH apparently doesn't make much of a difference, the animals in the ocean just live with the slightly varying conditions.

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this, if ocean ph counted for anything there would have been a massive die off of marine life both 40 million years ago and 10 million years ago, but no evidence of that exists

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CO2 & Coral R....png

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Ocean acidification is exclusively happening in areas where humans are directly dumping nitrogenous wastes into rivers which then flow out to sea.

Anonymous No. 16233840

Wait, they want me to believe ocean pH was fucking 6 20kya? Nope. Find a new career path. You're no good at science.

Anonymous No. 16233843

Also why does this chart show "normal" ocean pH BELOW 8? OP did you make this in MS Paint?

Anonymous No. 16233847

Wait that says million. And it's calling the end of the glaciation the onset. This chart just gets worse the more I look at it.

Anonymous No. 16233954

>uhhhm if X is bad then why didn't bad things happen when X happened millions of years ago??
>ignores the fact that this change in pH took place over millions of years with the pH changing negligibly from year-to-year
Every fucking time with you retards. You REALLY cannot comprehend the simple idea of "gradual change over hundreds of thousands or millions of years is fine because it gives life time to adapt, sudden change within the span of centuries does not give life time to adapt."

Anonymous No. 16233960

>I can't read graphs
It is not calling the end of the glaciation the onset. 0 on the X axis is the present day.

Anonymous No. 16234001

Ah, I see. I overlooked that because typically pale blue in such charts is used to denote ice ages. What a bizarre graph.

Anonymous No. 16235028

The period in pale blue on the chart is noted for being the most recent period with over 0.1% atmospheric concentration of CO2.
There were no mass extinctions during that era, according to the fossil record life on Earth was thriving at that time. Primates did especially well during that era

Anonymous No. 16235080

Because we need to ban civilization.

Anonymous No. 16235089

No, envrionmentalists are, because they want to steal everybody's stuff because they are all communists of some flavor.

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>Marine life can adapt to gradual changes in pH levels
Some marine life will already have adaptations which allows it to survive. Thus there is zero problem.

You will never be justified it taking away peoples rights, scum of the earth.

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>mass extinctions
Not my problem statist fuckwit. Feel free to keep sea urchins as pets.

Anonymous No. 16235102

Environmentalists assert that we must enslave humanity to the government in order to preserve the environment exactly as it is, in spite of change being natural. Oh and in spite of objective morality, because they are statist vermin.

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Take your NMDA blocker pills, schizo

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Keeping a pet thats so delicious is challenging. Thats why I have pet ferrets.

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>blue means cold

Anonymous No. 16238143

a change between pH of 8 and 6 isn't all that meaningful, both are pretty much neutral.

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t. midwit pseud

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I run a bunch of marine aquarium tanks and the smaller ones have fairly substantial pH swings because I don't have time to monitor them all on daily basis.
The creatures in those tanks never seem to notice, their behavior never changes regardless how much the pH moves around.

Anonymous No. 16239847

had the same experience in my marine tank, had it all the way up to 8.5 once and its been as low as 7.5. nothing in there ever seems to care

Anonymous No. 16240127

The ocean doesn't just have one single pH level throughout the whole system, pH varies regionally and in any location it varies substantially. Tiny fluctuations don't make a difference.

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Excessively high pH is a lot worse than something like 7.5. You can go all the way down to neutral pH and even below that and none of the creatures will notice the difference. The plants actually prefer pH on the low side, they'll grow fastest at about a pH of 6

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>having rights

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>The plants actually prefer pH on the low side, they'll grow fastest at about a pH of 6
I have enough problems with excess algae growth due to nitrates already, guess I should focus on keeping pH at 8.2. Thinking about getting a sump tank and growing seaweed in there to help remove nitrates

Anonymous No. 16241667

>Primates did especially well during that era
more evidence that enhancing atmospheric CO2 content will benefit humanity

Anonymous No. 16242358

the plants would be for sure

Anonymous No. 16242363

Who cares. The people too dumb to understand any of the linguistic connotation are helpless just as much.

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