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>Elephants address one another with individually specific name-like calls
You are going to make jokes about pronouns, argumentum ad elephantidae, obvious-but-unspoken-problems and obese women aren't you?

Anonymous No. 16228241

>We used machine learning to demonstrate that the receiver of a call could be predicted from the call’s acoustic structure, regardless of how similar the call was to the receiver’s vocalizations. Moreover, elephants differentially responded to playbacks of calls originally addressed to them relative to calls addressed to a different individual. Our findings offer evidence for individual addressing of conspecifics in elephants.
Probably going to make a joke about spurious correlations first.

Anonymous No. 16228299

When you listen to elephant calls moved into the human hearing range it's pretty obvious it's likely some kind of speech.

Anonymous No. 16228427

The moon is 365000 km away from us. If you stacked every elephant of every species from every continent, on top of each other, all the elephants would die.

Anonymous No. 16228466

> Hi. I'm Sam Elephantman and today I'm going to demonstrate ElephantGPT, the world's first AI elephant translator.
Sam Elephantman extends the microphone towards the elephant in the room.
> * Elephant Noises *
A robotic voice fiils the auditorium
> Peanuts
* Spurious round of applause *