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🧵 Finally some truth!

Anonymous No. 16228502

Finally I read a scientific article with some truth. Humanity isn’t doomed. You pop sci fags are just brainwashed with cult of science personalities that don’t ever create anything. Just yap their mouth.

Anonymous No. 16228504

good for you, nobody cares

Anonymous No. 16228509

How do I unsubscribe from this blog?

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Anonymous No. 16228515

At what point does this field of science become delusional?? You cannot travel back in time to prove the big bang. I will never be able to travel the universe to see a black hole.

Come back to earth faggots. There’s nothing out there all the action is happening here.

Anonymous No. 16228589

>Humanity isn’t doomed.
Explain how you thought cosmology said that humanity was doomed