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๐Ÿงต what are the scientific implications of deism being our reality?

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deists invented science

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That rock you peed on at some level knows you peed on it and when you peed on it and how you peed on it. What did the rock think? Ask God? How? Consciousnessmaxxxing for many lifetimes.
Does this make any sense coming from a mortal bozo like me? You can only suppose.

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The USB stick carries data humans understand. The world around it, even the ground and electrical ground, is on the GodNet

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God you're so fucking retarded

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I think you got lost >>>/lit/

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Good video, but nobody will watch it because its not an embed.

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All you know is something preceded or resulted in the universe

You don't know if its a "being", you don't know if its uncaused, beginning-less, timeless, spaceless. If it can be any of those, why can't the universe be? Yeah it's enormously powerful, but that doesnt give your life meaning.

Also deism would be the biggest pill. Yeah the universe is created by an all powerful intelligence, and you still live and die in an unconscionably short flash in the timecale of the universe, and there's no afterlife. Things could be a paradise but instead you get the same mediocrity as there being no god at all lmao

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science is an attempt to uncover the laws that govern our universe, ignoring the issue of who made those laws and why is failure to see the whole picture