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Anonymous No. 196152

>this kills the grappler

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Anonymous No. 196218

>this kills the striker
Stupid thread

Anonymous No. 196528

Grappling looks way cooler than a stupid head kick

Anonymous No. 196565

Grappling looks stupid and gay that's why everyone in the world hated it and didn't take it seriously compared to boxing until ufc 1

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Anonymous No. 196566

>*Feints you*

Anonymous No. 196569

Wrestling was WAY more popular as a spectator sport in the West until all matches turned into works.

Anonymous No. 196573

> Wrestling was so naturally popular they had no choice but to turn it into a dramatic fake show that made it less successful because of reasons!

Holy cope

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Anonymous No. 196574

No it's not. Matter of fact I think striking is so fucking gay and feminine.
>back up and jab
When wrestling you are the danger putting yourself into the danger which is why Dricus Du Plessis is the champ

Anonymous No. 196912

>Enemy taunts back

Anonymous No. 197015

yeah but wrestling someone makes u win

Anonymous No. 197025

I got 4 years of Muay Thai experience and 1 amateur fight. My only grappling experience is 2 weeks of training take down defense with my friend who does BJJ,(He is brown belt)
I plan to compete in an amateur MMA tournament. Do I have a chance of winning my fight?
I've seen the striking level of the guys who compete there and its absolute dogshit.

Anonymous No. 197033

Cage size usually heavily favors grappling at the amateur level. If it's a ring, it'll depend a lot on how reset heavy your referee is. All that said, if you're not in an area known for its competitive wrestling, you'll probably be fine.

Anonymous No. 197138

The grappling to pro wrestling pipeline was simply guys wanting to keep the money coming in without fucking their bodies up so bad without realizing faggots would overtake the sport (""sport"")

Anonymous No. 197177

Real matches took very long and the performers were constantly injured, so they decided to start working the matches to make it easier for themselves and make the matches more exciting to watch, which brought in more money.
From there it quickly snowballed into the absurdity that is today's pro wrestling

Anonymous No. 197930

The whole point of MMA it's being good at both

Anonymous No. 198288

>shane carwin: 12 first round KOs in a row
>couldn't touch jds for 3 rounds
>jds gets rag dolled by cain for 9 rounds