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Anonymous No. 196220

What the fuck is her problem?

Anonymous No. 196223

she's a big jerk!

Anonymous No. 196224

Woah dont say that man

Anonymous No. 196227

OD on cope mostly

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Anonymous No. 196299

She was used to being the "best". Turns out, she wasn't the best, at all. Being dethroned has different effects on people.

Anonymous No. 197139

>run out of mma
>worked into a shoot by pro wrestling
Does she just become a personality from here or does she give something like boxing a try until she gets annihilated?

Anonymous No. 197146

What was her best fighting art?

Anonymous No. 197148

Surrounded herself with ass kissers instead of good coaches. Her coach tried to convince her she’s a great kick boxer despite the fact that she could barely throw a punch and had basically zero defense.

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mew182 rousey pro....png

Anonymous No. 197149

I always liked her, even outside of MMA. She was really into Pokemon as a teenager and even moderated a forum for it. I remember in one interview she confused the interviewer by talking about Pokemon Stadium and how annoying it was when Lance's Dragonair would use Wrap. She was right, Wrap is annoying as fuck.

Pic related is her profile from the forums. Kinda funny looking at it now.

Anonymous No. 197160

What the fuck am I reading

Anonymous No. 197166

A teenage girl in the mid-2000s being quirky and random. It's endearing looking back.

Anonymous No. 197171

>gender: shemale

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Anonymous No. 197202

oh no

Anonymous No. 197213

fucking kek

Anonymous No. 197215

two gross looking bodies right there

Anonymous No. 197351

Easily Judo, placed Bronze at the 2008 Olympics.

Anonymous No. 197353

damn calling herself a shemale?
I bet she had odd taste in porn.

Anonymous No. 197358

>entire identity tied to winning thanks to her mom
>probably has undiagnosed mental illness

Here's what Rhadi Ferguson said about her:
>When you hear Ronda Rousey talk about beating Cain Velasquez and all that stuff and lining up against heavyweights, understand that I'm telling you that I don't believe it can happen. But in her mind, she believes that s---. That's not any marketing. She believes it. I believe that all elite athletes or everybody who exists at the right of the bell curve in some form or capacity in terms of expertise, they're a little bit off in some form or fashion. Ronda Rousey is that good because she does not believe that anybody is ever supposed to beat her.
>I remember after the Olympics Ronda's mom called me because Ronda was coming in town in Florida and she had a tournament down there. She wanted her to stay by my home and take her to the weigh ins and take her to the tournament, etc. We had a training session where we were rolling around on the mat with just newaza. I was a black belt at the time in jiu-jitsu. Ronda began to cry. I said, 'What are you crying about? ' She said, 'I can't do anything.' I said, 'Ronda, I'm 100kg male.' She said, 'Yeah, but I don't feel like you're supposed to beat me.'
>I had known her for a while, but it got to the point where I got a little upset because I was like, 'Well, hell, what is she saying about me? Is she disrespecting me and my expertise?' And no, she's not. She does not believe that she's supposed to lose.

Anonymous No. 197361

But I am biased she was the first thing I JO too.

Anonymous No. 197410

>She does not believe that she's supposed to lose.
Unironically based mindset.

Anonymous No. 197473

God I want to kiss her ugly face

Anonymous No. 197502

>entire identity tied to winning thanks to her mom
>probably has undiagnosed mental illness
This exactly.
Absolutely based post, this is what I wanted to say but you articulated it better than I could've.

Based mindset for high achievement at the bleeding edge of hyper-competitive extreme performance, not based mindset for longterm health and happiness. Up to you to decide which you want more.

Anonymous No. 197504

she is just not very pretty at all