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Anonymous No. 196316

Hey guys,

Started doing judo a couple of months ago, I know the throws from doing traditional ju jitsu but I'm struggling with the timing and kuzushi. How do I practice that? In particular kuzushi. Thanks

Anonymous No. 196318

Check out this post and the replies to it >>191136
and either reply there or the new judo thread if you want to catch the attention of the people who most often talk about judo on this board >>196170

Anonymous No. 196332

martial arts is a discipline that takes decades to master, you're just inexperienced to perform in a very proeficient way

even the biggest retard can learn how to jab and cross but hardly ever they'll aply easily in fight

just keep training and don't worry to much, keep improving the things that you can spot and understand and if you don't understand something yet just keep working on other things until you realize where you're failing

Anonymous No. 196454

Same as learning proper punches.
Practice that throw with a buddy dozens of times until you can do it blindfolded.
My dojo has a part of the class dedicated to practicing throws.

Anonymous No. 196457

Randori randori and then more randori

Anonymous No. 197579

I tried a judo club who is doing no randori… does it make sense to train there?
I’m coming from striking and in my experience you need to spar to learn properly. Does this applies to grappling as well?

Anonymous No. 197588

No randori ever or no randori for complete beginners who don't know how to fall safely yet?
>you need to spar to learn properly. Does this applies to grappling as well?
Absolutely. This is a foundational premise of judo.

Anonymous No. 197608

Either way it seems like a bad club. I did light randori my first day

Anonymous No. 197728

No even the higher belts don’t do randori

Anonymous No. 197730

Is there a colored-belts-only class where they might do randori or is it literally zero randori ever for anyone? The latter would be extremely bizarre. I'd ask the instructor about the lack of randori (and presumably shiai) just to make sure it's not some kind of misunderstanding because those are integral parts of the judo educational system and it would be very, very weird to teach judo without them.

Anonymous No. 197732

Its a hobbyist class (hard to translate into English). They are mostly middle aged and it seems it’s more a social meeting with some Sport aspects. 1/3 of the training is playing soccer…

I would love to learn judo… but not on this way. So back to kickboxing for me.

Anonymous No. 197926


I've been doing BJJ for like 18 months as well but the judo rule set is annoying as fuck, like the rule about not standing up during newaza. For example I stood up originally to pass someones guard and got told to get down again, its probably making my technique better in the long run but it was really difficult in the beginning because I'm used to standing when passing guard. I've started to implement some judo in to my BJJ, so its a nice cross over.