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🧵 /esg/ Eternal Skateboarding General

Anonymous No. 196922

No link to old thread edition

Anonymous No. 196923

I quit skating and turned my attention to eating and getting neetbucks so I can retire in the Philippines, skateboarding isn't gonna take me anywhere or do anything for me

Anonymous No. 196930

this thread fucking sucks and the first post set the tone to be all about losers who think skateboarding owes them anything and that they dont owe skateboarding for being a gift in itself

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Anonymous No. 196935

New deck should come in today, probably won't set it up until the weekend when I can get a good full session in.

Anonymous No. 196944

What deck did u get

Anonymous No. 196945

I'll post a pic when it's in.
Toy Machine Characters 2 deck, 8" wide 14" WB and I think like 31.6" length. Should have a pretty "full" shape I think, round or square. As has been mentioned in the last couple threads, it's been difficult the last several years to know what to expect with TM deck shapes because they kept changing wood shops.

Anonymous No. 196949

tony hawk is a faggot
chad muska is a wigger
rodney mullen is a fucking retard

Anonymous No. 196956

May is a very blessed month for skating, what a time to be alive. Soon it will be hot as balls.

Anonymous No. 196962

Using this thread because the other OP is making fun of my knee and he can't change a car battery nor land a heelflip.

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Anonymous No. 196966

I fear it is too late for me (Texas is already in swamp mode).
New board is in, it's not the shape I was hoping to find - More tapered & more concave than I was looking for.
Incoming small autism dump comparing the new board to the older deck I'm trying to replicate.

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Anonymous No. 196967

I feel like it's been awhile since I've had a deck with an orange top ply.

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Anonymous No. 196968

Here's the old deck. You can kind of see how square the nose and tail are, very "full" shape.

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Anonymous No. 196969

The new board is still on the mellow side of concave, but the older one was even more flat, the tail and nose were noticeably flat as well and didn't seem to have any sort of bowl to them.

Mentioned before but the reason I don't just buy the same exact deck again (though I may try now) is because every online shop including TM's own website either have the measurements wrong, or I got a misprint because the deck I like doesn't match up with how they describe it online.
Excuse my brainworms, done rambling. May end up trying an FA or Hockey deck later in the summer, not sure how I'd like the concave but I know they have that square shape I'm looking for.

Anonymous No. 196970

Very gay and cringe graphic but I hope it skates good for you.

Anonymous No. 196971

Got it specifically because I'm doing the shape hunt and based on the description on their site thought this was the most likely winner. I'm pretty "meh" on the graphic as well.
I'll still skate it and I'm sure it'll be fine, I'm just being a sperg.

Anonymous No. 196972

Bro this is why you go to the skateshop cause you can see and stand on the decks before you buy

Anonymous No. 196982

Dummy it's basically a free hobby and stress relief. You're ngmi without that outlet.

Anonymous No. 196984

I went through the same autism a while back. Over time just skating it flattens it.
Not sure I recommend this:

Anonymous No. 196989

texas homie where u at

Anonymous No. 196994

I'm a little south of San Marcos.

Anonymous No. 196997

Let me remind you of watching raw skate footy videos while listening to your own music like you picked the song for a skate video.

Anonymous No. 197000

I've been editing skate videos to my favorite songs in my head for over a decade

Anonymous No. 197005

does anyone else like Landyahts? I ordered some dinghys

Anonymous No. 197008

damn in out in houston. San Marcos and Austin have nice skateparks

Anonymous No. 197010

i bought a dinghy complete during the pandemic when the quality control was down the tubes
>bubbled griptape around the mounting bolts (due to turning the bolts instead of the nuts)
>landyachtz logo/cutout on griptape misaligned
>both pivots malformed the same way (due to poor molding/casting)
>truck mounted crooked (on 1/4 riser, (i realigned it tho))
>screw/drill marking in inner wall of 1 mounting hole of baseplate
not sure if i would buy another

Anonymous No. 197027

Anonymous No. 197032

Haha wtf I'm closer to land nollie BS tailslide than I ever was to landing FS tailslide
Also fuck BS crooks, they took so long to get but feel like shit when you do have them on lock
Hope you're taking advantage of the great weather and bank holidays :)

Anonymous No. 197051

What great weather? What bank holidays?

Anonymous No. 197052

>Haha wtf I'm closer to land nollie BS tailslide than I ever was to landing FS tailslide
well nollie bs tails is a way easier trick than a fs tail, a fs tail is a very unforgiving trick. you have to be very precise in order to lock in while with nollie bs tail you are assisted heavily by the 180 motion that locks you perfectly into it

Anonymous No. 197055

>94 degrees outside
hahah oof

Anonymous No. 197063

popping nollie into a tailslide you can just rotate straight into it. It removes the part where you have to pop and then rotate to avoid hitting your tail on the side on the way in. Its basically cheating, but nollie backside actually looks okay whereas nollie frontside is super ugly in my opinion.

Anonymous No. 197065

>great weather
>BS crooks feel like shit
what am I reading

Anonymous No. 197079

Can people tell that I'm going for the easy tailslide?

I'm sorry that you have to work on May 8th and on Holy Sunday and that you don't have perfect skating weather

They feel smooth but no more than bs noseslides. I could have spent that time better. I guess they look cool though

Anonymous No. 197090

never seen or met anyone with one these. gotta be some faggot cali meme

>Can people tell that I'm going for the easy tailslide?
can you not tell when someone nollies instead of ollies? if anyone ask just insist you didn't nollie into it, dont give in, argue till death, refuse to do it again, say your tired and need to go home to feed your parakeet. when you go back and they ask you again tell them you lost it and cant get it back, when they tell you to try it nollie you tell them nah thatd be gay.

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nollie back tail ....webm

Anonymous No. 197093

>Can people tell that I'm going for the easy tailslide?
Maybe, but like I said I think nollie backside looks better than nollie frontside. Especially if you can hold them. They're also a really sick trick on hubbas. You are still getting into that stylish back tail position. Keep doing them if they feel good. I was doing nollie back tails before I learned regular back tails. Doing them that way helped me get used to the feeling of getting into that position

Anonymous No. 197096

>Can people tell that I'm going for the easy tailslide?
yes, Nelly. but i LOVE when you do them baby

Anonymous No. 197100

I'd say the same board is your best bet. Toy Machine isn't a company I'd put 100% faith in their dimensions, and every site just takes their info, or it's due to PS Stix measuring length funny idk what measurement you found off. Is the PS Stix etching on top?

Anonymous No. 197102

Yeah my last 3 boards have been TM and I think they're all PS Stix.
The length was off, the wheelbase was off, and on their site the title lists the concave as "mellow", but the description underneath says "medium". It's definitely very mellow.
Even this new board is listed as 31.63" length but it comes in a little under 31.5".

I'll either try the same exact deck or just get an FA next time, but I know FA doesn't have mellow concave.

Anonymous No. 197106

Anonymous No. 197110

i cant believe sl*p posters are real people. they are far worse than any redditor or troon ive come across on any board here

Anonymous No. 197112

penny for your toughts?

Anonymous No. 197113

like the ultra portability
dislike the deck shape, especially the narrow tail taper

Anonymous No. 197114

rent free

Anonymous No. 197117

I know there are outsider musicians? are outsider skaters a thing? cause that vid is amazing in context

Anonymous No. 197118

Found the slaptranny.

Anonymous No. 197150

Every time I've tried to go on the slap I just get bored instantly. Granted, I'm too young to remember real message boards and forums or whatever so I didn't grow up participating in that kinda thing on other websites. Only 4chan (25 y/o)

Anonymous No. 197152

rent free

you also probably dont give that much of a fuck about skateboarding and/or are too new to really talk about it. slap is for skatenerds/core skaters, thats why you got retards in here shitting on it all the time

Anonymous No. 197153

Slap is literally just tranny's and leftist faggots now

Anonymous No. 197156

cope and seethe retard, its obvious you've never been there.

Anonymous No. 197157

Absolute faggot. I used it back in the day and quit when the new mods turned it gay. You probably think how it is now is how it's always been nu faggot

Anonymous No. 197158

lol sure man. thats why you contribute such great discussion here right, cause slap turned gay and you cant ever stop thinking about it or trannies

Anonymous No. 197162

I'm not even the guy that made the first post about or called you a slaptranny, I'm just a knower because I've seen it with my own eyes faggot

Have fun in your faggot club

Anonymous No. 197165

why are you so mad. if you dont want to have actual discussions about skateboarding you have this place or r/newskaters. I come here to shitpost and I go to slap to actually talk skating and see actual skaters opinions. every single thread someone unprompted posts
>slap is gay and for trannies
and its just like why? why bring it up if you hate it so much? its just pure rent free seething and coping and its not even true, theres a wide range of people on there, but you wouldnt know that, would you.

Anonymous No. 197170

You are the one that is mad that people rightfully say slap is tranny's and fags, fag

Your the one defending a place that is worse than reddit, you are the one who is mad

Anonymous No. 197172

cause its simply not true lol. you care more about trannies and fags then you do skateboarding. once again my original comment stands
>rent free

Anonymous No. 197173

Slap is filled with faggots and snowflakes. They literally have a sticky dedicated as a safe space for queer skaters.

Absolutely rope yourself. I've seen them bitch about and try to "cancel" so many pros because of some meanie homophobic remark or equal fucking gay shit.
They are exactly the community we DO NOT WANT in skateboarding.

Anonymous No. 197176

what is slap?

Anonymous No. 197179

skating has never been more fun as i feel more at home in my body day by day. haven't skated this much in years and i feel so floaty and present and free.

previously i had a feeling of latency and feeling outside of myself while skating and it affected my confidence from being in that disassociative state. now that my confidence has improved through transition, it's translating to my skating and it's been such a joy to experience.

estrogen is magic ^_^

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Anonymous No. 197183

This guy is the real life Big Black

Anonymous No. 197189

rent free
>They literally have a sticky dedicated as a safe space for queer skaters.

>I've seen them bitch about and try to "cancel" so many pros because of some meanie homophobic remark or equal fucking gay shit.
dont care pros should keep their opinions to themselves and they wouldnt get canceled. real easy not to be a dickhead

>They are exactly the community we DO NOT WANT in skateboarding.
who is "we"? you and the 50 other people who post in these generals? you think you represent the vast majority of skaters? your probably like 35 and live in some shit hole flyover state and your local probably has shitty metal ramps from the 90s

one of the last few remaining old school forums and its for skateboarding. if you want quality discussion with actual skateboarders go there.

Anonymous No. 197190

I cant find any footage of this kid skating that isnt from 5+ years ago and he can hardly 50-50 a curb. i bet he crooooses on a landyachts

Anonymous No. 197192

It's not rent free when you announce yourself. You're not renting anything. You're knocking on the door begging to be let it. Not sure why your unwashed ass is still in here anyways if you like slap that much.

Anonymous No. 197193

it is rent free. you simply dont go to slap if you dont like it. you simply dont think about gay and trans people if you dont like them. but you do and you cant get it out of your head to the point you have to announce it. its really pathetic.

>Not sure why your unwashed ass is still in here anyways if you like slap that much.
like i said earlier retard im just here to shitpost and call people names.

Anonymous No. 197194

No I don't. You announced yourself. Got called out. Now you're mad for some reason trying to damage control.

Anonymous No. 197195

In the video clip from that pic he falls while just cruising down the street

Anonymous No. 197196

What's the best video part dropped so far this year?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197199

>You announced yourself. Got called out.
lol are you trying to gaslight me right now, ive been calmly replying to you this whole time while you rage and seethe over a different website and gay people existing. youre pathetic

kek ofc

nothings really stood out too much for me so far. servolds part was pretty good too long with filler tho. shame his shoe looks like dogshit

Anonymous No. 197200

i hope we abandon back linking of threads so ones like this one can be forgotten

i ollied on perfectly flat ground but my wheel went into a hole and my caught today it was great

i think im gonna start filtering the word slap and other such combinations

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Anonymous No. 197201

i mean look at this fucking thing. who let this man design a shoe

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197203

why is there green on the bottom???

Anonymous No. 197204

and my foot got caught today, it was great
also got hassled by some dude to kickflip, attempted it, failed and he stepped on the board and wobbled a bit

im probably not core slap material anyways

Anonymous No. 197207

Is there a name for flat ground pump carving on your back wheels? I've always done it that way. It's much faster and easier than keeping four wheels on the floor

Anonymous No. 197208

What's your username faggot

Anonymous No. 197209

like tic tac-ing? its pretty fun yeah

Anonymous No. 197210

Yea those are called skidomos, hit a blant flip after

Anonymous No. 197212

try keeping four wheels on transition when turning to carve which is neat too

Anonymous No. 197214

why are zoomers so upset?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197217

Based millennials for the win

Anonymous No. 197219

Stop malding.

Anonymous No. 197220

You sure are eager to defend faggots, Anon.
>real easy to not be a dickhead
Not by 2024 standards.

You should kill yourself.

Anonymous No. 197221

>ive been calmly replying
kek no you haven't

Anonymous No. 197222

kek all these angry faggots who cant ollie mad they cant hang with the big boys. you guys can rage about gay people and seethe about slap all you want, youre the reason these threads are so shit

some dude the other day asked to try my board while in gucci slides and asked me to teach him how to ollie and I asked him "in the slides bro?" and he was like "yeah is that a problem?" he wobbled and tried to push. then he let me try to skate in his slides and I did a pop shuv first try, he wanted to take a vid of me for the gram and I denied but I wish I did I would have loved to send it to my homies. I tried a slappy crook in em too but that shit was not happening.

Anonymous No. 197225

>I did a pop shuv first try,
holy shit dude badass, are you sponsored?

Anonymous No. 197226

should I make a sponsor me tape for gucci? all tricks done in the slides, maybe theyd put me on flow

Anonymous No. 197227

This nigger really said "the big boys" lol

Anonymous No. 197228

I'm about to take some kratom down the hatch and up my asshole

Anonymous No. 197229

Since this thread is off the rails, lets talk some drugs. How many grams do you take a day? I'm thinking I need to cut back a bit. I'm up to 6g a day now

Anonymous No. 197230

for me it is Marshall Manuel Deep Fried Part

Anonymous No. 197231

>neon green = tech

Anonymous No. 197232

when I was doing kratom I was doing 50 grams in 5 - 6 days, know people who have done way more, know people who were so down bad they stole the shit from headshops. the people who do the extracts are the most extreme tho. boogie headshop I used to work at had kratom seltzers and cold teas which had 75mg extract in em. a half a selzter would actually give me a slight nod for like 5 - 10 minutes at its peak. the burps were awful tho.

that shit made me so nauseous tho, way more nauseous than actual opiates ever made me. I puked multiple times almost every time. when you puke so hard that shit comes out your nose just uggghhhh awful awful

Anonymous No. 197234

>That reply
>Followed up by that story
Gay niggas from outer slap

Anonymous No. 197235

I take like 2-3 grams twice a day, nothing to heavy, mix it with my gabapentin, I was gonna get a benzo this month but I failed the drug test for THC, it was 28 days since I last smoked

I used to be off all the drugs now I consider this sober

Best drugs ever are 4-FA, clonazolam, and DCK

Anonymous No. 197236

hey man were done talking about slap we're back to talking about skateboarding. here are some of the current ongoing discussions:
>best part of the year so far?
>these shoes are fucking ugly?
>what tricks have you done in flip flops?
>what happened the last time someone came up to you while you were skating and asked to try your board?
>how much kratom can you shove up your ass?

try to keep up, ok lil bro?

Anonymous No. 197238

You were pukeing cause you did too much. I've only got sick like 3 times cause I dosed too high or re dosed too soon. If you go above like 4 grams with no tolerance your gonna get sick

Anonymous No. 197239

Has anyone else done real black tar heroin? I got a 3 grams from different vendors once and it is such a top tier drug. The best heroin was hard and rock like, pure black, the worse kind was soft and messy and brown

Anonymous No. 197241

i mean i had a tolerance I was just chasing the dragon

only ever done powder. black tar always seemed disgusting to me id never smoke anything off of foil thats nasty plus dont your fingers get sticky and black from handling it, I liked putting shit up my nose.

Anonymous No. 197244

>best part of the year so far?
Nothing has stood out this year.
>these shoes are fucking ugly?
Who gives a fuck this the fashion channel?
>what tricks have you done in flip flops?
You mean Gucci slides my homie g gangster nigger?
>what happened the last time someone came up to you while you were skating and asked to try your board?
They were a kook retard and I gave them a go and made suggestions for their next board because I am used to dealing with kook retards thanks to /esg/
>how much kratom can you shove up your ass?
0. As stated I am not a gay degenerate nigger from slap.

Anonymous No. 197245

wait people don't actually stuff kratom in their ass, right?

Anonymous No. 197246

Smoking opiates is bussin, hits you quick. If you would smoke opium tar is even better. Safer too to smoke it, I smoked fent for a bit you have to smoke it, tiny puffs build your way up, or you od

Anonymous No. 197247


Anonymous No. 197248

Either yes or it's discord trannies trying to meme anons into ruining their lives

Anonymous No. 197251

i see your capable of actually discussing skateboarding. Im sorry for everything I said

i would try smoking opium. I got out the dope game right around the time fent started coming around 2016ish

>Either yes or it's discord trannies trying to meme anons into ruining their lives

Anonymous No. 197252

Car battery status?

Anonymous No. 197254

>Car battery status?
successfully shoved up your ass I believe. thats the correct way to change it right?

Anonymous No. 197255

The meth head tranny is an interesting development to /esg/

Anonymous No. 197256

>best part of the year so far?
Decenzo off the top of my head.
>tricks in flip flops
I hate flip flops, I don't think I've ever skated in them
>last time someone tried my board
Earlier this week actuallly
I don't know wtf this is. I just smoke weed, ya'll niggas need to stop with the fent and opiate shit.

Anonymous No. 197257

Are you even PD if you never even hit the meth

Meth psychosis is crazier than DMT I'll go on joe Rogan and talk about the spiritualness off meth psychosis

Anonymous No. 197261

I only smoke and take kratom. I didn't realize everyone was going to extend it to heroin and hard shit. Its really quite a mild drug and is legal in most states.

Anonymous No. 197269

what i haven't even posted in this thread yet

Anonymous No. 197282

Nobody asked about your deranged homosexual fantasies. This isn't the right board for that.

Anonymous No. 197299

I just wanted to kickflip on command, do one over a deck, and 360 flip so I can say that I'm a skateboarder, I don't think I'll ever be able to though

Anonymous No. 197301

No money to go to skate hall
Everything is covered in sand and dust from winter
Boards front cracked a little but it should still last for a long time
Shoes almost worn out

Anonymous No. 197304

Skate hall?

Anonymous No. 197305

Never give up anon. I believe in you. Skateboarding takes time. You just need to work at it and you will inevitably get there.

Anonymous No. 197308

Finland is still melting
Now we have dust bowl going and every place is full of sand and pebbles

Anonymous No. 197316

Is Finland cool? What are the bitches like

Anonymous No. 197329

ive fucked more brake rotors then you ever will. ill shove 9 dipsicks up your ass AT THE SAME TIME

Anonymous No. 197333

man this thread is trash

You got this, if flatground is getting you down try transition like the skating (not like the shitposters in this thread)

Anonymous No. 197334



Image not available



Anonymous No. 197338

I'm too tired to watch it, but there's a new episode of the Japanese TV ninja skateboarding game and it looks real fun. Has subtitles too.

Anonymous No. 197345

findland bro /ourguy/ has many insights

Anonymous No. 197346

His comments have been turned off on all his recent uploads. I think he's succumbing to some of his schizo delusions

Anonymous No. 197355

confess your worst poser sins
>went to a new park
>didn't like the layout
>sit in my car and watch gifted hater park review videos for an hour and leave
i wish i was joking

Anonymous No. 197370

I dont like my locals layout either and i drive right by it when i see a bunch of people.

Anonymous No. 197382

>skating for way longer than I'd like to admit
>grip job still comes out like shit

Anonymous No. 197386

>practice kickflips for a week trying to cure my rocket flips
>somehow they get fucking worse and even less consistent
Fuck kickflips. Pop shuvs are my new best friend.

Drives me crazy, I land 360 flips and frontside flips with better consistency and style than a normal damn kickflip.

Anonymous No. 197392

Why not just go to a street spot or something? If I have the itch there is nothing that will stop me from skating at least a little bit
I set up boards more often than I would like just because I break boards more often than I would like. My grip jobs have gotten super clean as a result

My worst poser sins are mostly from when I was a kid just starting to skate. I would take pictures of my self just flinging my board around to make it look like I was doing a trick and put them on MySpace lol

🗑️ Anonymous No. 197393

i use to care about being cool guyed until i realized skaters are mostly dorks

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197398

>yo bro they just built a new skatepark in the town over lets go check it out

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197399

wrong pic lol but terry do be looking like a shredder there

Anonymous No. 197401

>I break boards more often than I would like. My grip jobs have gotten super clean as a result
This used to be me because I'm 240. Switched to Powell flight decks and haven't looked back.

Anonymous No. 197403

If they put a quarter pipe on one end, bank on the other, it'd be solid.

Anonymous No. 197404

I'd skate the shit out of this park.

Anonymous No. 197405

It's built to my skill level lol

Anonymous No. 197408

who is the Kenny G of street skating?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197409

pic rel

Anonymous No. 197428

any good deals on decks rn or am I skating another element this summer

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197430

Coincidentally, I stopped by the local shop today. The newest run of Baker boards are at 85 dollars...
Enough is enough

Anonymous No. 197433

You can get ATM boards anywhere from the $31 -> $65 dollar range, and they're made by BBS:

I used to skate ATM boards all the time, had the same one back to back because they've always been affordable but really good boards even back when they were made by Clutch (maybe Clutch had slightly higher standards back then). Now they're made by BBS which should be even better.
Their shape may have changed over the years but when I used to ride them they had medium concave and a nice round shape, pretty big nose and good sized tail (not stubby).

Anonymous No. 197434

303 does a 3 for 99 deal.
you can probably find cheaper if you shop around though

Anonymous No. 197435

>25% off site wide at Union skate shop with code MOMMY
>20% off decks at Old Skull skate with code DECK

>Yes. They still have 50% their sale section

>Still surprised that this sale is still going on at my local board shop, but they do online as well,

2 minutes on the slap sale gear thread theres probably more I didnt post

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197436

I am jealous. A new park was built near me. Dacades in the making, millions of dollars wasted again. Idk who the fuck the audience is, scooter kids I guess? The creators have build these monstrosities all over my city. They need to be stopped.

Anonymous No. 197437

jesus christ it looks like a young crews first DIY build where there was no actual planning involved. this cant be in america right? we have actual skate park companies owned and crewed by skaters here so I havent seen anything fucky like this in a minute. the only thing that comes close is the alexis sablone designed park in jersey and the 9th and poplar diy in philly thats being done by mostly bmxers.

Anonymous No. 197438

In Australia. These retards have made over 800 parks worldwide according to their site.. they did one near where I used to live which was even worse.

Anonymous No. 197441

wow so it is skater owned and operated, or at least it was at one point. theres some real questionable design choices going on there, a whole lot of what the fuck why. it looks like theyre more into making it some kind of like artsy modern aesthetic but are failing at even that. a comparable company in america would be evergreen skateparks.

Anonymous No. 197443

Yeh I did some researching, mostly Aus but a couple parks in China/Dubai. Created in early 00s so they're from an era of different skate parks and clearly out of touch now. I actually saw a few parks I didn't know were theirs that are notoriously poorly designed.

Anonymous No. 197450

Just buy Generator blanks for $30. I posted the link to them in a past thread. I'd much rather skate them than some chinese element shit

Anonymous No. 197453

or ps stix blanks if you prefer those.

Anonymous No. 197455

Is this in Australia? SHit looks unskatable. I guess you can skate the hip and the edge of the quarter and maybe play a game of skate in the middle of it...

Anonymous No. 197467

>orenji pinku! PINKU! WAAAAAAAAAAA!
lol good fun

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197486

hello. im new to skateboarding. the release from falling and destroying ur wrists is like nothing else. hopefully ill break my arm or something soon. anyway, is gou miyagi still cool or am i hipster for thinking his style of skating is badass?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197501

he's ok. his most recent part was pretty silly. not his best work. thoughalbiet desu, he's getting old and had a bad knee injury. he even works the graveyard shift to support his family so realistically it was nice to just see him goofing around.

Anonymous No. 197503

every decade or so a new guy will come along who does weirdo kook shit but does it in a unique way with a cool style. Gou Miyagi is one of those, so is Matt Tomasello. They usually come parallel to another guy who comes along to do kook shit but in an awful retarded way see Richie Jackson and Andy Anderson for examples.

Anonymous No. 197506

Over two weeks from last time I had good session
Now I spend around 8h innawoods doing heavy work
Now I have to skate tired or sacrifice night sleep

Anonymous No. 197518

i love all four of those skaters, is there something wrong with me or was i just born this way and doomed forever to be autistic

Image not available


download (1).jpg

Anonymous No. 197520

Just scored some temazepam from the doctor, I might get high enough to leave the house n skate, probably not tho. I think I'm gonna buy these vans, they look gangser

Anonymous No. 197522

>is there something wrong with me
>was i just born this way and doomed forever to be autistic
also yes

Anonymous No. 197529

Disgusting vermin
Same. Richie should be our guy, his own show on NetworkA was riddled with /b/ humour

Anonymous No. 197532

honestly wanna try woven fabric as an alternative grip
wondering how pro gaff tape would work

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197534

Anyone else go through a Welcome phase?

Anonymous No. 197535

>Richie should be our guy
makes sense considering hes for people who dont skate/dont know shit about skating. literally the type of shit your normie coworke thinks is cool and tries to show you

>riddled with /b/ humour
go back

Anonymous No. 197540

yeah in the early 10s welcome was cool and the only ones doing neat little shapes with sick (for the time) graphics for a min

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197541

>early 10s
god I wish I could go back. Such a kino era. Here's a shitty screenshot of the deck at Burnside.

Anonymous No. 197543

I actually like it, but its so small if theres like more than 2 other people Im out.

Anonymous No. 197549

I think that shit is wack, but whatever makes you want to skate is good for you. Just make sure you go skate
Just go skate bro
No, I missed the shaped board resurgence, but I did skate a Polar P9 last year. I'd be willing to try one again

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197553

Bro I never had skate friends since middle school I was the party crowd I miss my niggas

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197554

Name my band

Anonymous No. 197559

piss drunx latinx

Image not available


Chad Muska.jpg

Anonymous No. 197563

>piss drunx latinx

Anonymous No. 197582

You don't like him because he is too popular? Very contrarian. /b/ was the board everyone used back then newfag.
The park it replaced was one of my favourite spots, old and shit but always was empty. So hopefully this won't be crowded but I think thats unlikely. Will drive by this weekend but not sure I'll skate it.

Anonymous No. 197584

my local park is alright obstacle wise, but it flows like a toilet bowl and its always packed as fuck. You have to wait your turn for everything and the flow is just everywhere. Theres another park that only ever got half finished, but I havnt tried to go on a weekday. First time I tried it was on a weekend with some soccer game and it was packed of kids on bikes and scooters.

Anonymous No. 197585

This is next to playing fields, popular walking track and dense housing. The scooter kids are inevitable. Hopefully they're dragged away from another park nearby.

Anonymous No. 197587

I just have a grind rail and do flat ground and the rail tricks. Im off work tomorrow and its going to rain of course, but Im always looking for street spots anymore. I havnt yet found where I want to set up a slappy curb, but I found like a 15 stair rail which I might try to board slide one day. I kind of give up on the skate park because I dont really want to share unless it has a good flow. I miss the old indoor park i used to be able to go to that got taken down. it was wide with banks and quarter pipes on each side so the flow was straight forward and allowed for multiple skaters at the same time doing their own shit.

Anonymous No. 197592

Nice, I've been thinking of building myself some stuff. I'm always looking for a slappy spot. Actually trying to find one with potential to build and ditch shit there too. Not much luck so far.
>15 stair rail
Fuck yeah.

Anonymous No. 197597

>You don't like him because he is too popular?
illiterate esl guy faux mask wearing retard.

Anonymous No. 197601

you genuine retard

Anonymous No. 197602

i will back trace you for deh lulz. once im firihn my lazer you will know what its like to be raped by 9000 penises etc etc I am boxxy you see

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197604

>trying to relearn heelflips (snapped my ankle)
>little kid comes up to me and tries to give me tips
>can’t even Ollie properly
>land if in front of him
>”how did you do that?”
>start landing them consistently
>he leaves the park

Anonymous No. 197611

Based heelflipgod I love you so much. You're the only non faggot itt.

Anonymous No. 197633

i stop skating in like 2011 up until 2018 and im glad i did, my local skate scene was aids during that time i heard. we didnt even have a proper park until 2017 so i didnt miss much anyways but i know the supreme vid Cherry did irrefutable damage in the early 10s. skinny jeans, fake steez and caution hands were a plague

Anonymous No. 197641

lol you gotta try better than that lil bro

Anonymous No. 197644

judge not your brother for the spec in his eye with a beam in your own

Anonymous No. 197668

For me it's
Bob Burnquist
Eric Koston
Daewon Song

Anonymous No. 197669

GH is unirioncally yoked now, you guys think he's scared of getting pulled up on?

Anonymous No. 197670

being brollic isnt gonna save you from getting jumped but looking pretty nice no homo

Anonymous No. 197673

well it's certainly better than being dyel defense wise, wouldnt be surprised if he trains boxing or some other kind of fighting since he watches ufc

Anonymous No. 197712

I am 6'3 and bigger than him, also did some training and I am scared of getting pulled up on, so yes. Violence sucks.

Anonymous No. 197716

>I am 6'3 and bigger than him
Too big to skate. There's no pros that size for a reason.

Anonymous No. 197718

knee guy is 6'3 :(

Anonymous No. 197721

wtf bros why do cupsoles make every trick twice as hard

Anonymous No. 197724

Complete beginner here bros, how do I get into skating? Like how to learn how to do it, how to choose and get your first skateboard etc
Please help an anon out

Anonymous No. 197725

just get a cheap 8 inch width complete and skate around and when you can do that start learning how to ollie.

Anonymous No. 197727

wear a damn helmet and don't rush

Anonymous No. 197736

>I am scared of getting pulled up on
why? you talk a lot of shit?

Anonymous No. 197737

get a board that looks cool to you

Anonymous No. 197750

Well there is Brian Anders.. wait nevermind
Nah just don't like to relax

Anonymous No. 197751

NTA but my local park is located right next to a basketball court where locals like to play niggerball and also a couple school campuses within walking distance. There have been two fatal shootings in the last few years within a block of the skatepark.
Every time some piece of shit truck or SUV on chrome wheels drives down with their bass blasting I'm ready to duck if needed.

Anonymous No. 197752

>I'm ready to duck if needed

What an awful way to live.

Anonymous No. 197758

US is in rapid decline.

Anonymous No. 197760

No, he needs to start with 7.5" so he can experience what skateboarding was like in the early 00s.

Anonymous No. 197761

48mm wheels
Randoms hardware
Big poofy Circa shoes

Anonymous No. 197763

Tips for learning nollies/nollie flips?

This shit feels so weird but I really want to get them crispy

Anonymous No. 197767

Im the guy still debating my next board being a 8 or 7.75.

just ride switch all day.

Anonymous No. 197772

sorry about that anon :\
around here the homeless drug addicts have been more aggressive than usual, skating street means you have to keep your head on a swivel

Anonymous No. 197776

Yeah I had a gun pulled on me one of the last times I went street skating in Austin a few years ago. Middle of the day on the weekend and some drunk Mexican walked up to me as soon as I parked for the spot and just pulled a gun.

Anonymous No. 197780

"niggerball" is crazy, you people are insane

Anonymous No. 197781

What >>197767 said basically. Spend more time cruising and carving switch, more time popping over small gaps nollie, just get more familiar in that stance and eventually nollie will feel as easy as fakie.

Anonymous No. 197782

I also recommend trying to learn switch ollies popping off the tail because popping off the nose is easier for me. And pushing in switch position is key as fuck for that leg strength.

Anonymous No. 197786

Rolling over into year two of quitting skating. This shit seems more gay and pointless as time goes on. All you need is Ollie noseslide n your good. I don't know why I was so obsessed with skateboarding, I think it was just something to attach my personality to. Now I'm in my 30s, I don't care about being cool or "sick tricks" lol imagine. I don't feel like playing with toys I just wanna chill, in this moment I am euphoric

Anonymous No. 197788

You sound like an insecure faggot

Anonymous No. 197791


Anonymous No. 197792

when I was a kid I couldnt do any flip tricks and thought they were all flashy, but I picked up skateboarding again in my 30s because initially I wanted to join a fighting gym til I realized how expensive they are. Randomly I noticed my skateboard and learned a kickflip in 7 days and enjoyed the work out. Ironically though, I am super antisocial about skateboarding and initially with wanting to join a fighting gym I was hoping to find some friends.

Anonymous No. 197793

Go find a knitting thread or whatever hobby it is that you do now.
>I just wanna chill
How much do you weigh?

Anonymous No. 197802

i genuinely love skating because it's fun but i totally feel you on not giving a fuck about being cool anymore. my only desire for progression comes from simply wanting to have more fun when i skate, i really want to get better at transition skating cause it looks like a blast. but nothing is more gay and lame than being in your 30s and being SUPER tapped into skate industry bullshit and keeping up with "trends" i still watch vids for inspiration and to get stoked on skating but everything else is dumb

Anonymous No. 197803

Buy like 7 grams of cocaine and go hang out at bars you'll make friends that way

Pushing up to 200 I think

Anonymous No. 197805

the important thing is to sweat your shirt

Anonymous No. 197806

i honestly hate skating by myself now, only my friends make me want to learn new stuff after i see them do tricks i might be able to do so i like skating with them, i wish i still had that same passion for skating i had when i was a kid. i'd skate in rain, sleet, snow, heat waves, alone or with crowd and with the most fucked up board and didnt give a shit now everything has to be justttt right or i wont bother kek

Anonymous No. 197808

I absolutely hate seeing people at my local skatepark. There is no reaction and everyone's just doing their thing.

Anonymous No. 197826

Once you mature you'll realise how dumb his mind state is.

Anonymous No. 197828

Anonymous No. 197829

His podcast with Tony was such good viewing

Anonymous No. 197830


Anonymous No. 197832

It's not even that the individual obstacles are bad (bar that ledge), just that the layout is insane. You have all of that transition and none of it lines up into a miniramp back-n-forth. I could see one person doing a sick line across everything in one run.

Anonymous No. 197835

If you're not sure you'll stick it out; buy a complete. Just get the deck size right and work with what you have. I'm 6ft with size 11.5UK shoes, so an 8.5" suits me. Pad up too. Imo the most important for early days are wrist guards as the odds are you'll instinctively try to catch yourself when you slip out, but wear the full set because god knows how you'll react to bad falls.

Then you need to find a flat area and learn how to push, steer, stop and throw down (running start). Get decent at that, so much so that you won't panic if you suddenly have to stop your board and it becomes second nature to run out without hurting yourself. Learn to go fast.
Then go to your local park. Look at where the lines are first, don't steal anyone's turn, but don't be shy about taking your own too. Start riding up and down ramps, both flat banks and transition. Get used to riding fakie/backwards, shifting your weight and feet around, etc. Learn kickturns. Then how to drop in. Just have fun riding ramps in every sort of direction you can.

Do all that before thinking about tricks at all and you'll have a great time.

Image not available


Giant Distributio....jpg

Anonymous No. 197841

7.5 element logo deck
wheels barely bigger diameter than the axle
Independent stage 8
Shortys Silverados
Black magic

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197848


Anonymous No. 197849

>11.5UK shoes
>11.5UK is like 12.5US

Anonymous No. 197879
pretty sick

Anonymous No. 197882


Doing something because you need to attach your personality to something "cool" is stupid. If skating doesn't feel like making music or drawing or progressing on your running you should indeed just quit. I'm sorry for you and for all the people who just give up on learning things and finding ways to express themselves because they are broken by adulthood. You sound like someone whose idea of a fulfilled life doesn't go further than owning a refrigerator and a TV. I turned 32 a few weeks ago and I'm taking more pleasure than ever in skateboarding. I genuinely enjoy using my mind and body to navigate spaces and give myself new challenges. I hope you find a good therapist or something in your life to keep having curiosity and motivation.

Anonymous No. 197885

It is very hard for me to not drag on my on damn near everything. I'm also around 87kg give or take. Landing any sort of flatground is a nightmare, but going up a board size makes the shit too heavy. I mean I have a fucking 10.5" Heroin board and my feet STILL hand over the edge.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197886

I've told this in a previous thread but:

>wearing my black Zero hoodie at the local
>talking tricks with some fellow 30-seomthing who's just getting started
>zoom zoom is giving his tips
>"Ah man, have you seen that film Toy Story yeah?"
>Yeah, why?
>"Bruv that's the shirt the evil kid is wearing in it"
>Nah man, this is Zero.
>"It ain't man, it's Toy Story. You're like that evil kid"
>It's from Zero. Jamie Thomas? Chris Cole? Wasted Youth?
>"It's Toy Story man. You should watch it. It's well good."

And then recently
>skating with one of my friends. Proper hesher, in their early 20s but knows skating well
>tell them CKY are playing in November, can't wait
>"Who's CKY?"

Anonymous No. 197887

Second story is plausible. First one definitely did not happen.

Anonymous No. 197888

Share your skate video wishes. Me I want a new Milton part or a Creature full length video. I love creature so much. They're the coolest.

Anonymous No. 197889

Your heels aren't supposed to be on the board at all whenever you pop a trick, this isn't snowboarding. There's a couple of big guys at my local who throw shit that I'm years away from even approaching, kickflip lipslides or bigspin heelflips. I'm over 80kgs myself and wear US size 11 shoes and never even imagined that I could cop out from acknowledging my need to progress in my skating by saying dumb shit like "I'm too heavy and my feet are too long"

Anonymous No. 197898

i cant imagine how long you spent making up this bull shit in your head

Anonymous No. 197906

I want the Sci Fi video. I ran into them filming in my city last year. Rolled up to a spot and GH and Ryan Lay were there with a filmer

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197908


Anonymous No. 197912

Also, new Polar video coming soon

Anonymous No. 197918


Anonymous No. 197932


Anonymous No. 197935

Jamie did get that skull logo off of Sid from Toy Story, to be fair.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197963

I've had two sessions so far this week, and learned one new trick during each - front tailslides and front lipslides.
Decently happy with that, need to work on consistency especially with the tailslides.
Also landed a frontside nosegrind for the first time but it was really sketchy and I was already able to nose manual that same box so I'm less excited about that one, still cool to start getting those down though.

I'm trying to find ways to increase my skate volume so I can keep the pace going.

Anonymous No. 197984

based shredder

Anonymous No. 198009

i push mongo when switch

Anonymous No. 198010

anyone use this jessup/nike recycled griptape? my local shop gave it to me for free with a new deck... seems fine but seeing if there is anyone with some anecdotes. this is it:

Anonymous No. 198011

haven't tried it desu. also nice to hear they gave you free grip. the one local in my area charges 10 dollars a sheet for regular jessup now.

Anonymous No. 198013

>10 dollars a sheet for regular jessup

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198014

i know...
i don't like going there very much :\

Anonymous No. 198017

>front tailslides
This trick has eluded me for a long time. I've landed a few and I try to work on them every time I skate, but I can't get them consistently
>I was already able to nose manual that same box so I'm less excited about that one
This was the reverse for me. I relearned nose grinds recently, and that helped me finally understand how to nose manny. Both fun tricks

Anonymous No. 198018

>10 dollars a sheet
name and shame

Anonymous No. 198025

Based. Me too.
Jessup is 4chan's griptape.

Anonymous No. 198033

Jessup classic is one of, if not my favorite overall griptape.
Right now I'm on Jessup "Ultra", and it's actually too grippy for my tastes. It's like MOB but less coarse, but still very grippy.
Haven't tried their recycled grip but I'd imagine it to be similar if not mostly identical to their classic formula.

I had Pig griptape a little while back and had the opposite problem to the Jessup Ultra - The Pig grip felt too slick after the first few sessions. That may have been compounded by the fact that I was on fairly worn out shoes at the same time though.
Going to try Pig again, I may also try Alveer at some point. Otherwise will stick to Jessup classic because I know that works well for me.

Anonymous No. 198039

Have you tried black magic? I'd buy it just because the name sounds cool.

Anonymous No. 198050

My shop started using pepper and I like it. Its like a nice in-between mob and jessup. I was previously an always mob guy

Anonymous No. 198056

how does it cut? i fucked up my last sheet of mob and had to scrap it, deff a skill issue but jessup has always been easier to grip

Anonymous No. 198057

When I was a kid/teen we used to constantly have jessup vs mob arguments and battles. It was almost gang culture.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198061

about to go kooky with griptape

Anonymous No. 198069

I've never had an issue with it, but I've never really had issues with mob either in that regard

Anonymous No. 198089

I used to ride Black Magic all the time, I honestly forgot about them - Very good and I'd say lands somewhere between classic Jessup and MOB.
I kind of avoid Shortys (Black Magic) these days for entirely superficial reasons.

Anonymous No. 198104

jessup doesn't have the same lifespan as mob ime. which for me is fine because i don't like that feeling of having your feet glued to the board that you get from fresh grip

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198106

on a mission

Anonymous No. 198113

godspeed, anon

Anonymous No. 198117

Yeah Mob is the least stretchy and easiest to get a crease.

I obsess over every part but I really don't care about grip, I don't think about it after it's on. The only stuff I really didn't like was the 100 ft. colored Jessup roll off Amazon, it's weird and not like regular grip. My favorite was Grizzly but I couldn't promise I could tell the difference and I'm not paying extra for it.

Anonymous No. 198132

I use Sunday griptape. I don't dislike it. But it's a good excuse to post this.

Anonymous No. 198140

I tried a couple sheets of colored Jessup grip and couldn't notice a difference between that and their normal black original.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198141

Is there a website/page for sets and gaps in the UK? I know there's one for parks and some cities have spot pages but I live in suburbia so don't want to have to travel into the city for a session that could be a bust in 10 minutes. Asked locals and shops/parks and all I get is mumbles and mentions of the 1 or 2 sets everyone already knows about.

Those kids are too fucking good for 16k views.
Skating's so fucking dead right now but at least it's fun.

Anonymous No. 198144

Getting too angry about smallest shit and throwing the board around and breaking it

Anonymous No. 198164

There's a heatwave currently...
I'm waiting until it's dark to skate some curbs, you guys are invited

Anonymous No. 198165

I can't slappy no matter how many times I try. I keep the front foot light and try to jam it on with the back foot, but I just suck at it.

Anonymous No. 198166

I suspect those rolls on Amazon aren't the normal skate griptape, it seems more coarse, brittle (a big piece chipped off the nose), and has white backing paper instead of brown.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198167

It's ok anon once you get the hang of it you'll never forget how to do them!
It's kind of hard to explain through text
Imagine you're doing a powerslide at the last split second before you go onto the curb.
You don't really need to jam up there with much force. Go at the curb at an arc and almost delicately shift your weight to get on.

In the beginning it helps to wind up your shoulder and then "unwind" so you can get used to getting your weight on the curb with your momentum.

Anonymous No. 198169

Thanks bros, I'll get a board this week and break a few bones trying to stay on it, will report back after I had some time with it

Anonymous No. 198186

>Skating's so fucking dead right now
this is a great thing, way less kooks at the skatepark

Anonymous No. 198190

I ate absolute shit few days ago and sprained my ankle really bad. I'm walking on crutches, what are some fun tricks to do on crutches. I can't pop my board, I'm not allowed to put any weight on my ankle :(

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198191

update, i skated it yesterday and holy shit is it grippy, but not in the like super fine sandpapery way. board was sticking to my feet on some high ledge 50-50s which was nice but kickflips were very weird to land... new board too so idk. looks weird too (pic related)

Anonymous No. 198193

Holy shit I fucking hate that dusty look. Gimme black grip tape pls.

Anonymous No. 198195

I don't know how to prove it to you, but the Zero story 100% happened. He somehow thought I didn't even know what Toy Story was.
He did, but this little shit wouldn't even know that. Zero aren't really a well known brand in the UK but distribution here is shit.

It's the landing where my toes drag. It's a bad habit in general, but it's easier to catch a trick with the middle of your foot and sometimes you heel depending.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198213

i dont feel so good skatebros,,,

Anonymous No. 198216

Hey look it's the annoying faggot

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198230

Still just as many skids, and all the oldheads came back with kids to try and milk the olympic gravy train.

The difference between old metal ramp parks and "olympic grade concrete facilities" is night and day so I can't complain, and it's nice that women can take skating seriously now without "too much" shit flinging, but I haven't seen any local jams/contests this year so far for people over 18.
With post-pandemic corrections in demand and cost of living rises, I'm guessing the industry can't compete with the sport body, a literal arm of the government made up of washed up oldheads.

Seems to have fucked over a lot of people that should have been noticed by now, and I've seen a lot of decently progressed people just mentally drop out and I don't really blame them (although people quit all the time and there's probably more than one reason why they quit)

In a way, it's nice that there are fewer kooks my age these days but they snaked wayyy less than some of these "prodigies", good lord.

Anonymous No. 198246

>what are some fun tricks to do on crutches
try sitting your ass down

Anonymous No. 198247

i dont think skateboarding is worth taking serious. everyone should just have fun. pros get paid fuck all to kill them self just for GH to review their part and call it whack lmao if i were to invest in making a hobby into a career i would do mountain biking or snowboarding. anything other than skating kek

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198248

new grip, cut up two sheets into 1.5in squares and only used half of them. it looks as dumb as it is loud but i like it

Anonymous No. 198251

So you're telling me you got one yellow and one red sheet of grip, cut them into 100 little squares and put them on 1 by 1 to make a McDonald's racing skateboard?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198253

Well when you put it that way. ...Yes

Anonymous No. 198254

Are you not embarrassed or is your board just gonna stay at home anyways?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198255


Anonymous No. 198257

I already stick out so no I didnt really consider something like embarrassment :)

Anonymous No. 198259

>I already stick out

Could I ask what makes you stick out?

Anonymous No. 198263

His big butt

Anonymous No. 198279

Fuck, I want a burger now.

Also I've seen dumber grip jobs. It's weird to me how it's trendy again to basically just grip half your board and leave random sections bare.

Anonymous No. 198283

i think it looks cool man idk why everyone is hating. having cool grip jobs gets all the skater girls approaching you

Anonymous No. 198299

I don't do many flip tricks or grinds, but I have a really distinct hesh style. Lots of people notice me at the skatepark.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198301

That image triggered me

Anonymous No. 198302

any gf havers itt?
usually when i take a girl to a skatepark it’s so we can skate together or because she wants to try it, but someone asked me to take her to a park just so she could watch me try some tricks, I was kinda worried she might get bored so I didn’t stay for long, luckily it was almost empty so she wasn’t in anybody’s way sitting on one of the ledges

Anonymous No. 198311

No way I'd take mine to the skatepark. I go surfing and leave her on the beach which isn't too bad because she can't talk to me.

Anonymous No. 198312

Here's a true story:
>wearing Helas hoodie
>get asked multiple times if I liked the show The Umbrella Academy
>get infrequent intrusive thoughts that plebs everywhere are clocking my hoodie as netflix slop merch.
It doesn't stop me wearing it, but it is annoying.

Anonymous No. 198313

In my experience non-skater gfs are better to take to the park, you warn them in advance that they'll get bored and they bring a book and a beer and leave you alone and afterwards they'll say "sure I saw you do that trick thingy of course it looked cool you sure are sweaty haha". A skater gf will constantly ask for advice, get frustrated, get impatient after the first half hour, then resent you for having more fun.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198324

that show was originally made by the lead singer of MCR so it's not actually that bad.

Normies have probably forgotten about it by now anyway.

Anonymous No. 198325

>lead singer of MCR
Meh, faggot child diddler. Good music though.

Anonymous No. 198326

Nah fuck the gays and their woke marxist cancel culture racist bullshit. Get the fuck out of skateboarding you fucking cry-bullies. Everyone hates you and your authoritarian shit. FOAD

Anonymous No. 198327

>lead singer of MCR
They were pop music faggotry then and are pop music faggotry now

Anonymous No. 198329

>Meh, faggot child diddler. Good music though
This is how I feel about the lostprophets song shinobi vs. dragon ninja

Anonymous No. 198331

>it's not actually that bad.
speak for yourself, faggot, I would hate for some cunt to try and spark a conversation using MCR, or anything affiliated, as a starting point.

Anonymous No. 198343

Holy kino

Anonymous No. 198353

Pretty good, he fits well with the classic Zero style. That opening scene was awesome.
I wonder if we're ever going to see another full part from Chris Cole or Jamie Thomas... about a year ago they were on the Nine Club and both of them said they were working on new parts. For Jamie it'd be his last full length, and for Chris Cole it'd be his first full length part in 11+ years since Cold War. I'm honestly really disappointed Cole's lack of footage for such a long time, and that he never put out anything under Plan-B, kind of feels like he quite literally did just treat them as "Plan-B" and never provided for them while they gave him a vacation home away from Zero for several years.

For as much as that guy loves skating I just expected to see more, but he's now spent half his career pretty silent.

Anonymous No. 198355

>he's now spent half his career pretty silent
So talented too. Tre at Wallenburg was insane at the time.

Anonymous No. 198356

It's not like he ever stopped skating either, just filming and apparently street skating. He still did a lot of one-off short videos for Berrics over the years, and he's still been on trips doing demos for his sponsors.
Dunno I guess it's better than him just going AWOL but Cole was an absolute legend/God when I was getting into skating, and it's weird how he seemed to just allow himself to fade out while he was still within his prime years.

Image not available


skater girl.gif

Anonymous No. 198364

Choose your olympic skater waifu.

Anonymous No. 198366

damn that was really sick, love how fasts he hits everything. pros dont hit rails like this anymore

Anonymous No. 198367

cause its all about the instagramz clips now, not full parts. chris cole is pretty active on ig with like 3k+ posts so i wouldnt say he stayed silent

Anonymous No. 198368

Yeah that's fucking gay though.
It's just a bit funny because if you'd told me 10 years ago where Decenzo would be, and where Cole would be, I'd think you must have the roles swapped.

Anonymous No. 198370

well, now that's a good skate video

Anonymous No. 198371

cole pretty much went on plan b to be a contest skater so he gave them exactly what they wanted. idk if you will see another serious part from him, he seems more interested in running his wood shop and being a dad. jaimie on the other hand... i don't think he has it in him to give it up

Anonymous No. 198372

decenzo really must be the textbook example of how much wack sponsors hold someone back.

Anonymous No. 198373

>cause its all about the instagramz clips now
I'm a boomer (33), so I never transitioned to Instagram or tiktokx and feel like I'm missing out on a lot of skateboarding media. I only watch thrasher's youtube and whatever youtube throws into my algorithm.

Anonymous No. 198375

Eh, yes and no. For the most part anything worth watching on Instagram will get reposted on Youtube, typically on Thrasher either in Gary's news segment or some other video part.
If you're not already subscribed I would recommend checking out FreeSkateMag and Pocket Skate Mag on Youtube, both kind of similar to Thrashwer where they just put out parts periodically.

Anonymous No. 198380

>>198375 anon is right, also quater snacks top ten will post anything worth seeing every week. youre not missing much on ig, just gimmicky bullshit, ads and influencers. sometimes the algo will show me a sick clip from a random that went viral but it's rare

Anonymous No. 198383

>quater snacks
I actually do catch this every week on youtube.

Anonymous No. 198400

>watch thrasher's youtube
Thrasher is approaching Braille tier. Actually Braille is maybe more legit since they are not just a channel for corporations to buy credibility.

Anonymous No. 198426

Shut up Aaron I'm still not watching your channel.

Anonymous No. 198436

6/10 bait

Anonymous No. 198442

>Nah fuck the gays and their woke marxist cancel culture racist bullshit.
you are not only cooked your brain is well done