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Anonymous No. 197031

I have 5 months of nothing starting today.
How can I become the best fighter possible with, say, $1400 USD a month in my pocket.
Mot of the fight camps seem to be in Thailand.
Do they have any good grappling camps there or outside?
I like grappling more, ESPECIALLY nogi

Anonymous No. 197458

What experience do you have already and what are your stats?

Anonymous No. 197459

If I had $1400 a month to spend in Thailand I'd just be slamming high quality ladyboys all day but that's me

Pretty sure as a foreigner training there is a meme and they purposely teach you wrong as a joke

If you want to git gud at nogi grappling really fast go to Greg souders place and tell him exactly that
I want to git gud as fast as I can

Anonymous No. 197460

>Greg souders
If I lived in the US I'd go to california to train at 10th planet HQ

Anonymous No. 197463

What country you in bro?

Anonymous No. 197464

I'm in Australia, so Asia is my best bet probably

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Anonymous No. 197466

If I were you I'd just head on over to Thailand. You'll be close enough to other countries and have enough exposure to all different types of gyms and people to train with. I think it should still be cheap enough to get by but I am not to sure.

Anonymous No. 197469

try bali

Anonymous No. 197480

Why do you need to go to Thailand

Just go to a regular gym in your country

Anonymous No. 197496

>I'd go to california to train at 10th planet HQ
You said you wanted to get good

Anonymous No. 197497

It's cheap but yeah. Thailand is fine but overrated. Yes your conditioning and toughness will be good but you can do that anywhere. It's getting much better but the grappling is noticeably weaker and that muay thai style is definitely flawed in the head movement.