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Anonymous No. 197060

>Wrestlebros... I...

Anonymous No. 197062

Bjj in the streets

That's BJJ stance not a wrestling stance

Anonymous No. 197064

Now you know what setups are for

Anonymous No. 197068

Boxing seems to be the safest thing to do

Anonymous No. 197071

What about spinning safekick?

Anonymous No. 197072

>can’t do any stand up
>dive for a double with zero technique way to far way
>get kicked in the face
Such is life for jiujitsu bros

Anonymous No. 197080

That was quite possibly the worst attempt at a double leg that I've seen
Not even that
It's a "trust me bro I've seen it in the UFC" stance

Anonymous No. 197081

It's textbook gracie jiujitsu whether he learned it officially or not

Stand in a bladed sideways stance and then bum rush tackle at the legs from way outside

Anonymous No. 197092

>shoots from a body length away
shootings retarded anyway, snatch singles

Anonymous No. 197174

You can shit on BJJ all you want but that can't stop it being the most popular and effective martial art

Anonymous No. 197175

I don't know what textbook you get your jiu jitsu from, but I'm willing to wager than any coach that saw you shoot like that would promptly call you a retard

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prove it using an example from this century

Anonymous No. 197197

It's the cornerstone of MMA

Anonymous No. 197216

not really, it's pretty irrelevant actually
most pro MMA fighters are a purple belt or below because it isn't worth spending much time on

Anonymous No. 197218

It's also worth noting though that many of today's purple belts would absolutely shit over the black belts of yore, the sport is in a completely different place now

Anonymous No. 197243

I see it every day

you know about that paradox or whatever where if we sent a drone with a bunch of frozen embryos to the nearest habitable planet we'd end up landing actual humans on the destination planet before they ever arrive there; because even if it took 50,000 years to develop near light speed technology that still wouldn't be a big enough head start

and that's what I see in jiujitsu, I see people who started in the 90s or 00s and are black belts now showing inferior skills to people that started in 2015 or later because their head start isn't enough to defeat the evolution
the joe rogan era of jiujitsu is a joke compared to today

Anonymous No. 197250

True, he was supposed to scrape his knee along the ground if he was a real wrestler lmao

Anonymous No. 197258

That actually drives me nuts when I see people in bjj do it like that and worse yet I see it getting taught that way

Why are you dropping to your knee?
I dunno, thats how wrestlers do it
Ok WHY are wrestlers doing that?
I dunno
Because the wrestling posture is low with the legs really far back, so they drop to their knees to get under there
Now look at the nigga standing in front of you, he's practically completely upright so just grab his fucking legs! You don't need a deep penetration step, like boy just put your hands out and grab em!

Anonymous No. 197259

You don't get to purple belt by not doing BJJ.

Anonymous No. 197260

Kinda but not really, these days you can get a black belt in bjj by having a strong left hook

A lot of these mma places have grappling classes and just hand out belts for being an mma grappler

Anonymous No. 197262

Esoteric cope.

Anonymous No. 197263

Is this a meme now or are you the same tard from judo general who doesn’t know what esoteric means?

Anonymous No. 197265

DC reveived a brown belt on his first day of BJJ
Chael didn't even earn one, he just started wearing one knowing nobody would be able to take it from him

You get that rag just from having any generic grappling ability

Anonymous No. 197266

What is it about BJJ that causes so much seethe?

Anonymous No. 197273

>Chael didn't even earn one, he just started wearing one knowing nobody would be able to take it from him
You're mixing Chael up with Ben Askren.

Anonymous No. 197277

>Esoteric judo nerds STILL suffering PTSD from being redpilled on their stupid pyjama dancing

Anonymous No. 197284

In that case they both did it
Chael just started saying he's a black belt on his own though

Anonymous No. 197286

You don’t even train

Anonymous No. 197336

Chael walked it back though once he actually started training BJJ.

Anonymous No. 197337

>judo sucks wrestling just werks bro
>op is literally wrestling not working

Anonymous No. 197341

Yeah osoto ouchi gayi would have worked 1000 times better! Look he's even wearing a heavy jacket!

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zesty black man m....webm

Anonymous No. 197343

>weakest judoka vs strongest wrestler

Anonymous No. 197354

The undeserved hype
Because laymen will talk about how Supreme it is because they hear celebrities talking about it

Anonymous No. 197356

>The undeserved hype
Every MMA fighter uses it.

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You're not allowed to choke people in sambo.

Anonymous No. 197364

You can choke in combat sambo.

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Anonymous No. 197395

I feel like people talk about bjj and don't really understand what bjj is

Anonymous No. 197442

It's popular

🗑️ Anonymous No. 197509

Just remember that nobody outside this board thinks the same.

Anonymous No. 197512

Just remember that nobody outside this board shares this idea.

Anonymous No. 197539

BJJ nuthuggers think BJJ has no flaws when it has strengths and weaknesses like every other martial art.

Anonymous No. 197561

Mostly weaknesses though

Anonymous No. 197703

Muay Thai?!

Anonymous No. 197774

boxing is better