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๐Ÿงต Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 197350

which board does footbag belong on? I'm just starting out. Decided to document my progress.
Anyone good, My record is 8 kicks with the help of the wall and 6 outside. I cant seem to stall the bags I have tho. What are your favorite footbasgs?

Anonymous No. 197451

today i got 10 kicks

Anonymous No. 197542

today i got 13 kicks.

Anonymous No. 197756

yesterday i only got 9

Anonymous No. 197850

today was rainy but i kicked indoors a bit. might do more tonight

Anonymous No. 197881

raining again today :(

Anonymous No. 198151

Been regularly doing footbag since february this year, my record is 68 kicks for now. Other than that I learned to stall and ATW on both legs semi-consistently.
Sadly my balance is trash, so for now i have a hard time combing kicks, stalls and all that into cool routines like pros do, but I'm working on it.
Honestly finding other footbag enthusiasts here is so cool, don't give up dude, we can make it!