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Anonymous No. 197362

Is Judo the best single martial art in terms of self defense?

When it comes to street fights, almost everyone can agree that being on the ground is bad considering the possibility of things like glass being on the ground and someone else coming up and kicking you in the head. Therefore wouldn't the best martial art for street fights be one where the whole goal is to slam your opponent into the ground without falling yourself? Especially because while a person would expect punches and kicks from their opponent, something like a hip throw would likely catch them by surprise

Anonymous No. 197380

>Hang on let me just establish gri-
>*Gets punched in the face*
>Hey stahhp!
>*Gets headbutted*
>Finally, I have my collar and sleeve grip
>*Gets punched again*
>Attempts throw but it doesn't work because he hasn't mastered judo every day for 20 years
>*Gets kicked in the head*

Judo takes years to become even slightly proficient at, strikes change the whole game and someone can punch you in the head 3 times before you even get one grip

Boxing is the best martial art for self defence, as well as being heavier and stronger than your opponent

Most top judo players even say "we don't care about self defence bro this is for fun and socialising activity" I've seen it myself

Anonymous No. 197383

Tl;dr, sounds retarded though

Anonymous No. 197407

That dude sounds like he's about to ejaculate the whole time

Anonymous No. 197411

Judo ostrich cope

Anonymous No. 197413

That guy is a pencil necked dweeb with braces and sounds like some sort of mmo nerd parody. It's funny he thinks he's an authority on fighting lmfao

Anonymous No. 197417

I enjoy his channel because it lets me see interesting fights I probably wouldn’t be able to find on my own, but I have to watch them on mute because I can’t stand listening to him talk.
How is it a cope? The boxer got his ass choked out. The “oh I’d just punch you in the face grapple no work on me” line is a cope.

Anonymous No. 197429

The idea that even average boxers have lighting fast hands and can knock you out instantly if you get close it's a 80s myth?

Anonymous No. 197431

>I have to watch them on mute
lol I do this too

I try not to hate on the guy because he's not doing anything /wrong/ but he has really bad amateurish takes for someone with a channel breaking down fights
like even in this one hEs CrOsSiNg HiS fEeT!!!

you can do that, there's nothing wrong with doing that. The "ankle lock" is a bullshit white belt pain compliance trick that some guy once upon a time had his hooks too low and tapped out then told everyone it's a hard and fast rule to never do that

Anonymous No. 197432

Superheavyweight yes

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Anonymous No. 197448

>the best martial art for self defense is the one who forgots about half of your body
it's not bad but you're overestimating it.

Anonymous No. 197472

To be real there's a lot of times for example in jeans where knees and kicks aren't nearly that effective

Anonymous No. 197477

MMA is better.

Anonymous No. 197479

There's all these "zomg kickboxer beat boxer!!" But the opposite has also happened. Shannon Briggs kfto a kickboxer using only his hands. can really focus on developing fast and powerful punches when you only focus on your hands

I'll put my money on a boxer with 1 year experience over a grappler. Especially on the street

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Anonymous No. 197485

>boxer with 1 year experience over a grappler
Depends on skill/experience level.
If the grappler was also doing grappling for a year then I agree.
The problem with grappling is that it has very high skill floor (i.e a lot of skill is needed to utilize it effectively)
However I'd also argue that given sufficient time, grappling becomes more effective than striking at the same experience level
Not sure if my ramblings make any sense, so please refer to the picture, hopefully that's better

Anonymous No. 197487

It’s the best grappling style for self defense.
> stands upright
> goal is to take down the opening without getting down too
> if on the ground, work fast to improve positing and go for a hold or a submission

Ad some boxing to enter the clinch safely and you have a solid system

Anonymous No. 197488

>I’ll put my money on the bet that consistently loses when tested
lol, has modern ufc where everyone knows how to both strike and grapple made everyone forget about what mma was like 20 years again?

Anonymous No. 197499

UFC isn't canon on /xs/.

Anonymous No. 197500

All the legit styles are pretty good on their own even. It just depends on the situation

Anonymous No. 197530

UFC was full of ex professional athletes. I'm talking mr hobbyist.

Anonymous No. 197536

>nuh uh doesnt count because it doesn’t align with my worldview
Your opinion is based on fee fees not evidence

There’s also a lot of mma outside of the ufc btw

Anonymous No. 198181

the single most important factor to winning an actual fight is cardio since 99% of people are going to be completely gassed after 30 seconds. if you can keep going for longer than that you've won regardless of style

Anonymous No. 198194

Muay Thai.

I never really did Muay Thai specifically but after training in a whole bunch of different martial arts for many years I find that front kicks, clinches, knees and foot sweeps just end up being the safest and most effective techniques to pull off when you don't have padded mats and a ref to pause the first.

Round kicks don't control a fight, punches can break hands, elbows are hard to get the right distance for and grips are unreliable because clothing changes.

Anonymous No. 198205

No, that's boxing.
Sorry for the cancer music, but I couldn't find the original.

Anonymous No. 198215

Karate is best
I don't mean gay japanese or American karate, I mean the rough and tumble Okinawan kind