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Anonymous No. 197415

What if UFC had heightclasses instead of weightclasses?

Anonymous No. 197416

I've always said this should be the cade, every 4 inches is a new class and you can keep the same division spread

Anonymous No. 197418

All combat sports should be open competition with no classes of any kind.

Anonymous No. 197419

But what about manlets?

Anonymous No. 197423

Well not for nothing but why do they think they have a right to be professionals in a sport if they're not athletically gifted enough
Other sports don't have a professional manlet division

If you want to play basketball or football or some shit, be a big person or get so good that you can be 5'6" and still keep up
Sports fans want to see the best of the best, not the jr.s

Anonymous No. 197425

If manlets can become top division mainstays in sumo, they can manage in any other sport. Go and tell Midorifuji he shouldn't be allowed to fight the big boys.

Anonymous No. 197426

Height and reach are a huge factor when it comes to striking, being shorter allows for better grappling.

But yeah, Suga Sean is basically on PED's being that fucking tall in his weight class. Nobody can get close.

Anonymous No. 197427

I get your point but I wouldn't want to miss out on Demetrious or Cejudo

Anonymous No. 197476

now who are you going to put on your undercard

Anonymous No. 197484

I think it would promote bloatmaxxing too much, fatties are boring to watch

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Anonymous No. 198059

Reach matters more.
The question is how much does weight matter?
I would make a chart, but idk how to.

Anonymous No. 198072

Are O'malley's shoulders uneven or is it just me? Has he always been like that?

Anonymous No. 198084

they're narrow and uneven

Anonymous No. 198148

I guess you could look at the old ufcs, like the first 10, when everything was absolute, and see what the weight advantage to win ratio was like. But the data is so old its hard to compare to modern day.

Anonymous No. 198185

Oh well, I guess someone will have to run an open-weight MMA tournament for a few years and see what happens.

Anonymous No. 198198

So thankful i have wide shoulders

Anonymous No. 198199

Dc is only shorter because he has no neck which is an advantage in all combat sports. Look at his waste line and shoulder height he is 6’2 proportions with no neck and a short round head. Put omalleys neck and head and he’s 6-2

Anonymous No. 198202

No. I could use modern heavyweight fights.
Brock lesnar had a 45 lb advantage on randy.
igor vovchanchyn vs paul varelans showed even a 123 lb weight advantage isn't an absolute win.

Anonymous No. 198286

That is the beauty of combat sports though. Because in team sports weight classes are impractical we have a place to put athletic midgets.

Anonymous No. 198292

They can compete. Manlets have gotten way too cocky lately. They're like women who thinks they can actually fight a grown man. All thanks to this UFC bullshit.