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๐Ÿงต /bxg/ boxing general

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boxing general

ITT we talk about boxing, not focusing on fights and events but talking about training, techniques, gym shit, injuries, our sparring and fights, ask for advice etc

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Hurr fist go boom boom and then brain damage

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how long would it take to get brain damage from amateur boxing and training?
sometimes I get hit pretty well and see the small tv static white dots, it's a rare occurrence tho, but in general from sparring and getting punched
anyway aside from brain damage/cte you can get rekt in other ways just training as an amateur, I know a couple guys from my gym that fucked their shoulder and needed surgery, I myself got a detached retina from an unlucky punch that landed entirely on my eye passing through the helmet, and got some light injury to my shoulder that lasted a week where I couldn't wipe my ass with it, or threw a hook that landed with my thumb bone on the elbow of the opponent and got swollen as fuck for 3 weeks, it happened again today but much less intense itll get good in a few days, and just the other day I got a similar unlucky punch in the other eye but it also hit the rest of the face so not as much energy went into the eye luckily, but I still got a very faint light flash in my eye like when my retina detached, just that it is almost imperceptible while the other time it was very visible.

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Go do a style that excludes head strikes or something if you're that worried. Truth is you probably get it from the get go, but the damage is accumulated. Hopefully you learn good head movement before it matters.

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a detached retina is brain damage, don't push your luck my dude

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I've boxed for 3 years and now I re started 1.5 months ago, i dont want to do other shit just want to know how this brain damage stuff works

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Getting hit in the head is bad
Only you can decide how much is worth it
For me it was learning the basics and having one amateur fight

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Well then, you know what you have to do. Get really good at avoidance, blocking, and counter striking. Make it your mission to master head movement & punishing anyone who goes hunting for it.

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>just started sparring again
>significantly larger than anyone at my gym
>coach always tells me to keep the power down because of the weight class difference
>always do, sparring is practice, don't want anyone to get hurt
>didn't really mind, have a good jab so I can keep most people away
>fight a guy I haven't seen before
>"keep the power down, but he can fight!"
>lol okay, jab time
>slips my jab and hits me somewhere in the chest
>entire body locks up, chest becomes stone
>still standing, but I cannot stop myself from making this 'HHHHHHHHHHHH' sound
>feels like my lungs got paralyzed on an exhale and I can't adjust the rate of air leaving my body
>coach stops the spar, gives me time to breathe
>chest finally unlocks can breath normally again
>coach starts the spar again
>he hits me in the exact same way
>lungs don't work
>proceed to get my shit beat in
>next guy bigger than the last, still significantly lighter than me
>proceed to get my shit beat in by this guy as well
>both these people are throwing their heart out
>I'm over here pulling my right to prevent hurting anyone
>only 20 seconds left in the last round does my coach tell me to up my power
>as soon as he says this the guy is tripping over himself to get out of my range
I have been hit in the body so much I essentially disregarded any body damage, even the heaviest hitters didn't really hurt that bad. That fucking hit to the chest didn't even hurt, it just disabled my fuckin organs. Guy said he intended it to be a liver punch, but it didn't hurt, so that can't be it. I have no idea where he hit me or how that worked, but he obviously knew what he was doing because he did it twice in a row.
Fuckin sucks, is it over for me bros?

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once he started beating you you should've started to fight properly and stop pulling your punches, sound like a liver shot but usually those hurt so idk.
why would it be over, it's good that you found some guys that pose a challenge to you, if you're always fighting guys that are weaker than you you'll never learn shit

how tall are you? what's your weight?

Anonymous No. 198261

6'4", 280, so it's pretty rare I ever see someone at the gym near my size.
I agree that if you never fight anyone better, you can't learn. Essentially everyone I've sparred is better than me mechanically, so I really enjoy seeing some of the moves people pull. I've gotten the privilege of sparring some professionals in the past, and I've learned a lot each time I get a chance. Unfortunately, I find my sparring to be mostly pulling punches because I outweigh everyone so much. I've landed a straight on someone when I intended no power behind it and it nearly knocked him out with a helmet on. It feels bad when we're supposed to be working with each other. I'm big enough that with good form, any punch is dangerous.
The reason I ask "Is it over?" is because I feel like I'm at a crossroads. Stop pulling punches so much, and potentially hurt my sparring partners at the gym, or sacrifice my own growth and brain health and just roll with it. I can't gauge whether the punches people are throwing are just matching the weight of my jab or if they are just throwing this hard because I'm in a higher weight class. I can take it, as much as anyone else like taking a punch, but it is frustrating to not be able to dish anything back until I get the go ahead.

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just go technical and then if they start going hard go hard in return, they will either give you more respect or keep pushing in which case you're in for a nice slugging
talk about it with your coach too

I'm 5"7' 170lbs, I usually spar guys my own size or bigger, like 6" 180/187lbs, atm I just re started after a long time off, I used to be in the amateur fighting team at my gym years ago before stopping, I noticed that my coach makes me work with the top guys from my course bc all the others aren't good enough, and in the end only one was hars for me, the others I didnt dominate, but I was better, which annoys me bc I feel I didn't do well enough against them.
but the really tough guys are in the other course, where the fighting team is.
months ago I went for a couple lessons, and I noticed that even if I was a lard that hadn't worked out for a year, when I sparred some randos in the gym I still had enough technique to bust them up because they were just "casuals" that didn't take it that seriously, some guys may have been going to the gym for 1 or more years but just treat it as fitness, while others have been going for just 6 months and they're much better, like the guy I said that gave me problems in sparring

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I appreciate the advice.