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๐Ÿงต Why do you guys animate?

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Tbh I used to do it a lot when I was younger, but I been losing hope, and wondered why you guys do in the first place?

I always worried that my work would end up as porn.

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I've always been fascinated by the bio-mechanics of acrobatics and stuff like that and bringing the characters I create to life by animating them always had it's appeal. I loved watching Hong Kong action movies growing up and making even short animations of dynamic action movement is what kept me hooked.

I was always working on some project that never got anywhere but I had these 10 second or so clips of characters performing various actions that taught me a lot.
Once Unity rolled out I could slip into making realtime animation where I could not only see my characters brought to life I could move them around and perform
actions as them in realtime, it's very addictive and rewarding as extending and improving a animation system like that isn't this one off-thing but something that gain synergy with a whole library of animation that you can add to over time.

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Because animation is capable of an unique type of expression, impossible to replicate in any other medium. There is a contrast between animation and reality, that creates a fundamental distance to the viewer. This streamlines our spectrum of perception and can be used as a huge tool to deliver emotion and point way more effective. You can create emotional organic scenes, which would feel totally off and uncanny with a normal camera.

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there is no problem with animating porn or even making it.
You are learning how things bend and how things should look or move. There is no shame with raising your craft.

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Think Op is more concerned about developing a one-handed workflow. Working on erotic stuff can be fun but has a bit of a stigma in that you can't really show off what you're doing to friends and family etc.

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Yeah exactly what I mean, like I can't go up to Disney and show them my work, and even then, I would be worried about being caught red-handed, making that sort of stuff and get blacklisted by the animation industry.

I just wonder if you guys have a job in animation, and how did it take you to get it/what did you do to get it?

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>how did it take you to get it/what did you do to get it
fuck my english, how long did it take you to get it//Making it?

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11 years, but i wasted a lot of time doing things that ended up being entirely useless

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Cuz I like to

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Robo Dance.webm

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I was always really interested in how movies and stuff were made as a kid, and 3d seemed like a neat way to do the whole process myself. So I just started making shitty 3d animations when I was like 13-14 and would show them to my friends who would do the "Wow, that's cool. Anyway, wanna go play Halo?". I mean to me it would be really cool, but I understand that bringing them to my computer and showing the animation playing in the program wouldn't have been too interesting (didn't know what rendering was at the time).
I never really made them for anyone though, it was just for myself. The process of creation is what I enjoyed.
Webm was something I made around that time, though it was in a 3d class (so I at least knew what rendering was by then). I think this was like the first project though. Can't remember what the main idea was supposed to be, I think it was just "make an animation that lasts x amount of time".

Nowadays I get commissioned for animations and stuff, but I still think I'm doing it for myself. Considering that I won't consider a project done unless I'm happy with it. Even if that means doing extra work for free.
So yeah, like the other anon said.
>Cuz I like to

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I really love that animation. Got any recent work you're comfortable with sharing?

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>Got any recent work you're comfortable with sharing?
I've been working on 2 projects concurrently that I've been posting in the /wip/ thread.
One is some buildings ( >>980025 ) for this animation ( >>982489 ). Which is kind of a sequel to >>979941
And the other is a pair of animations for someone that I'm just wrapping up today. I've posted those as well, but the thread is dead. It was a Mustang on the Hollywood hill overlooking the city, and another driving on the highway during a storm.
Since I'm linking a bunch of threads, here's one more >>975589

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futo gaming.png

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I animate so that I can see my video games bitches ride big fat dicks.

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I have a story to tell

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Pretty sure we have an innate desire to see pictures move. isnt there cave paintings that were drawn in such a way to indicate movement? it's in our blood. dont know why but it is

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thats why you get artfriends to share your shit with anon.
You weren't sharing porn with your friends back then?