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🧵 /sfg/ - Spaceflight General

Anonymous No. 16226142

Jesus Christ Edition

previous >>16224409

Anonymous No. 16226146
ift4 g-force mapped

Anonymous No. 16226153

Fuck off

Anonymous No. 16226156

fuck urf

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Anonymous No. 16226157

>the chinese will own the moon by the end of the decade
how do we stop them bros?

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Anonymous No. 16226173

moon edition?
moon edition

Anonymous No. 16226179

Its a funny, slightly space related OP and its 'spaceflight' so Ill let it slide

Anonymous No. 16226184

Vaya Space is claiming that their HDPE/LOX proonted-grain hybrid engines top out over 350s ISP. If true ([X] doubt) that'd be enough for RTLS.

Anonymous No. 16226185

hopefully it will stop this from becoming /emg/

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Anonymous No. 16226193

>if true

Anonymous No. 16226199

Based cult rejector

Anonymous No. 16226202

literally who?

Anonymous No. 16226206

Anyone got the good questions from the elon Q & A? Only thing I know is new tiles are ablative under the surface

Anonymous No. 16226208

Here's a whole thread

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Anonymous No. 16226224

>Spaceflight General
I like rockets

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Anonymous No. 16226230

digits observed

Anonymous No. 16226232


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Anonymous No. 16226240

Tapering rockets are kino

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Anonymous No. 16226247


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Anonymous No. 16226264

Good man
we don't

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Sarship flyby.jpg

Anonymous No. 16226269

Why do we let the black knight park in orbit and do nothing about it

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Anonymous No. 16226275

Dorsal chuds will never understand

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4ASS SRBee.png

Anonymous No. 16226279

Starship MSR is now officially a contender. JPL in sambles.

Some small startup. I found them completely by accident when I was searching for more details on vortex flow hybrid rockets.

Anonymous No. 16226284

I don't like them, they look like skyscrapers which implies they're about to shake to pieces under thrust.

Anonymous No. 16226287

>Musk has famously missed schedule predictions
Why doesn't he highlight the fact that Boeing/Lockheed/etc have all missed deadlines in the past for all their projects?

Whats with the singular gaslight?

Anonymous No. 16226289

It's not a Berger piece so it's the usual Farts Technica EDS.

Anonymous No. 16226290

a couple reasons
1.) no one but the PLA has real ASAT
2.) black knight is fake and gay

Anonymous No. 16226291

Clark is new and hasnt really pushed anti-Musk in the past. But it seems like some of the language is sneaking in

Anonymous No. 16226299

Ars Technica more like Arse Technica

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Anonymous No. 16226303

How the mighty has fallen...

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images (2).jpg

Anonymous No. 16226304

>Lockheed missed deadlines for all their projects
Musk worship is a mental illness

Anonymous No. 16226305

its unclear if the article is talking about actual schedule deadlines missed or musk just speculating out loud about futurism. I'm confused because the latter he is famous for, the former not so much

Anonymous No. 16226308

This has to be old news but I recently heard that blue origin claimed spacex is infringing their patents for ISS missions and wanted to suspend operations, can anyone spoonfeed me what the fuck that was about? That's even more insane than claiming a patent on barge landings or halting work on HLS

Anonymous No. 16226309

Speculating out loud has consequences when you get contracts to develop on those speculations. Crew Dragon was 5 years late based on that metric. Standard for a space contract, but not untrue for someone to point out

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Anonymous No. 16226310

>I-i-it's not over bros

Anonymous No. 16226312

Yeah but it says missed schedule predictions

Ok take this for example. Elon just said on stream he thinks starship will go to mars in 3 years. Is that a schedule? Is that a deadline? I don't see how it can be, there's no mission, there's no contract. Then everyone does backflips when 2027 rolls around and starship isn't on mars, when no customer or investor was waiting for it.

I get egg on his face for missing contract deadlines. It's a contract. But I think nasa is intelligent enough to realize his candid speculation doesn't mean shit and if they want something by a certain date they put it in writing. Beyond that I dont know what consequences you speak of

Anonymous No. 16226321

Speculation itself is more ambiguous. Sure, with that "Mars by 2027" crap he didn't really set a hard deadline, but it wouldn't be unfair to point out that he's known for exaggerating the company's speed of production either since statements like that can factor into who ends up getting the contract. That's why more well established contractors like Lockheed Martin make conservative/realistic estimates and follow through on them consistently.
Take the Crew Dragon example I provided. SpaceX got that contract in 2014 partially because Musk claimed in 2011 that they'd be ready for crewed flights within 3 years (sound familiar?). Not only was the project then given an initial deadline of 2017, but his first revision also said it would be ready by 2018. It wasn't ready until 2020. This isn't to say that SpaceX shouldn't get the next contract, you just also can't really hold it against someone to point out this pattern

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Anonymous No. 16226326

All I know is that bald loser and his chode shaped rockets will never even sniff lunar orbit

Anonymous No. 16226327

It's ironic because Elon's predictions have been pretty accurate for the last two Starship launches.

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Anonymous No. 16226329

How am I supposed to believe starship is going to mars when they didnt make this happen?

Anonymous No. 16226333

Why do you want to stop them? If I was a mutt id rather to see a chinese flag on the moon over LGBT and BLM ones

Anonymous No. 16226339

fuck off vatnik

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Anonymous No. 16226342

I'm doing my part!

Anonymous No. 16226344

fuck off chang

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Anonymous No. 16226348

>trips of truth
but also

Anonymous No. 16226358

at least change your posts and be a bit more original if you're gonna samefag

Anonymous No. 16226359

>you just also can't really hold it against someone to point out this pattern.
This is a pattern in space and not just elon.
He's singled out for being uniquely famous for it. The way I imagine it works is nasa looks at your cards, they estimate what they think you can execute, then set an unrealistic deadline to make you move quicker. They also do this internally with themselves. The first crew flight was supposed to be 2015 and both spacex and boing were on the hook for that and they told nasa they could do it. I don't know why boing and bezos aren't more "famous" than elon especially because boing got to the finish line just other day years later, there's the whole SLS saga. Bezos rockets are no where to be seen, but at least they delivered those engines years late. And there's hundreds of stories I don't know about because I follow spaceflight with the corner of my eye. Everything artemis is late. It might just be easier to count the miracles that were on time

Anonymous No. 16226367

>This is a pattern in space and not just elon.
Yep. Thats my point about singling out Musk when its basically the standard. The so called "Elon time" is just a meme that seemed to attribute to Elon mainly due to his popularity but its just a standard delay in spaceflight industry that all major space companies suffers from.

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Anonymous No. 16226369


Anonymous No. 16226371

It's because he does similar things with Tesla so people just assume he's lying.

Anonymous No. 16226375

How many tanker flights to the depot does starship need to go to mars?

Anonymous No. 16226377

However many it takes to fill up one Starship, so I think four.

Anonymous No. 16226383

its 8-15 to fill moonship though. I mean I've heard so many damned numbers I shouldn't be posting them, but I've never heard 4

Anonymous No. 16226385

We dont know the capacity of the mars starship
we dont know the capacity of the tanker starship
we dont know about orbital refueling depots

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Anonymous No. 16226387

thats my boy

Anonymous No. 16226389

IIRC Moonship needs more tankers because it can't aerobrake on arrival.

Anonymous No. 16226393

It will also have to takeoff from the Moon

Anonymous No. 16226401

like you

Anonymous No. 16226423

pretty sure there's an American (German) flag on the moon for 50 years

Anonymous No. 16226426

>when I was searching for more details on vortex flow hybrid rockets
why are you researching obscure rocket engine types??

Anonymous No. 16226436

what is aerobraking like on mars? Is the really thin atmosphere enough? better than earth?

Anonymous No. 16226441

Yes the thin atmosphere is enough but it doesn't brake quite as much as on Earth so the landing burn has to be longer

Anonymous No. 16226443

now that raptor reliability, heatshiled durability, and long term cryogenic fuel storage issues have been all but solves, how many months before they send a Starship for Mars?

Anonymous No. 16226456

>long term cryogenic fuel storage
Literally, unironically, and in all other ways a solved problem.

Anonymous No. 16226459

>chinese astronauts get stranded on the moon
>president harris bans the newly nationalized spacex from sending a rescue starship
what do?

Anonymous No. 16226480

Go back to /pol/, you piece of shit.

Anonymous No. 16226484


Anonymous No. 16226522

>nasa's orion has heatshield problem
>it takes years to fix it

>starship has heatshield problems
>uhh lets just swap it in few days, also do all other modifications which may take a month in total

Anonymous No. 16226525

>/sfg/ is such woke infested thread
Thank you for telling me about this place from that SpaceX thread on /pol/.

Anonymous No. 16226533

The Changstronauts will use solar radiation to cook rice into a coffin, pickle themselves for preservation, encase themselves in the rice coffin, then apply ancient accupuncture to their pressurized suits to provide thrust back to erf.

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uncle sam chink.jpg

Anonymous No. 16226534

>how do we stop them bros?

B00T No. 16226535

Now on to you...

Why you let HIM in?

Anonymous No. 16226536

Thread about heatshield tiles

Anonymous No. 16226552

>will replace all the heat tiles with one that is double as strong for the next flight
>ablative protection underneath will act as secondary heatshield layer will be added as well
>next flight in about a month, will attempt tower catch
>Starship florida launch in 2025

Anonymous No. 16226565

That's stupid, how are they going to replace the ablative shield after every flight if it's under the main tiles?

Anonymous No. 16226568

Its an extra protection if the heatshield tile falls off

Anonymous No. 16226572

Basically solved for everything except hydrogen.
People say cryogenic propellant has never been stored in orbit but they forget not all cryogenic props are made equal.

Anonymous No. 16226573

This was killed by JPL

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orbital repair mc....jpg

Anonymous No. 16226579

Anonymous No. 16226581

i.e. its not supposed to ablate away during normal operations, just a backup

Anonymous No. 16226582

Elon PROMISED Halcon heavy launches to Mars every launch window on his own dime. Btw dude had 44 billion sloshing around and chose to buy a social media platform isntead of reserving 1/200th of it to do a mars mission..

Anonymous No. 16226589

spacex isn't bottlenecked by cash it's bottlenecked by engineering hours

Anonymous No. 16226590

There goes another 10 tons capacity. What are we at now? 30 tons to LEO? 20?

Anonymous No. 16226591

It wasn't taking crew so I don't care.

Anonymous No. 16226596

buy more engineers then?

Anonymous No. 16226604

That would probably make iteration slower

Anonymous No. 16226609

all you have to do is develop propulsive landing which they were already doing, and hire flight controllers to hang around observing the flght for 2 years.

Anonymous No. 16226611

Grow up, promises mean nothing.

Anonymous No. 16226613

He got overtly threatened by a senator.

Anonymous No. 16226616


Anonymous No. 16226620

You think that would be public record? Did you even read the link you originally replied to? I have my guesses either way

Anonymous No. 16226621

Shelby if previous incidents are anything to go by.

Anonymous No. 16226625

yeah that was my guess actually

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RUPC (Reusable Ul....jpg

Anonymous No. 16226638

Anonymous No. 16226650

What do you think about Perun's video on Starship?

Anonymous No. 16226661

Reasonably well researched and fair. Pretty sure he's a space nerd as well as military.

Anonymous No. 16226663

his nasal voice is annoying so I haven't watched it yet

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226668

It was good. I was so satisfied when he busted out the BryceTech graph.
>"But the potential for geopolitical competition beyond Earth's orbit is very much a topic unto itself. And one we will look at in the next episode of this series."

Anonymous No. 16226671

You got anymore spicy internal nasa politicing rumors?
I'd like to get a sense of the factions at play.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226672

Anonymous No. 16226700

Wish we had a pic of the ship just before soft landing. Though it will happen sooner or later.
Given Elon's answer, I guess they don't have one either.

Anonymous No. 16226705

Starship was 6 km off on the splashdown so I doubt whoever they sent out to watch the landing could see it.

Anonymous No. 16226708

I saw somewhere its a silicone felt. I guess it replaces the white fabric they have under the tiles now?

Anonymous No. 16226715

that would make a lot of sense if it was possible
maybe not that bad of a mass penalty then

Anonymous No. 16226719

pretty good though, i dont find the sarcasm as grating as others here

Anonymous No. 16226720

Go to Mars

Anonymous No. 16226725

you will never be a woman and ukraine will never win, Perun.

🗑️ Anonymous No. 16226734

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out nigger

Anonymous No. 16226743

Is that why /chug/trannies like yourself constantly have to cry “russia is winning” at every oppertunity like some deranged mantra?

Doesn’t really sound like confidence to anyone outside looking in, seems more like you’re trying to convince yourself than anyone else.
Also clap clap for the vatnig bringing up ukraine when the topic was starship.

Go back please

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Anonymous No. 16226747

Anonymous No. 16226751

The Saturn V was a thing of beauty. You guys ever see Apollo 11 - the doc made entirely from real footage? They had one of the best launch sequences ive ever seen. great sound track over it too. 'In the Shadow of the Moon" did well too.

Anonymous No. 16226752

>2 more weeks to Kiev!

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226755

Anonymous No. 16226757

dilate shills.

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Anonymous No. 16226764

We love luna!

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226765

What do you guys think is going to happen to all the 'astronomers' complaining about starlink light pollution when there are 2 or 3 other constellations by china and companies that may or may not be run by unpopular billionaires?
Will they continue to complain about what is now obviously the status quo? give up the fight? keep complaining but only about spacex?

Anonymous No. 16226772

terrestrial astronomy for deep space objects will die, all powerful telescopes will have to be in space

Anonymous No. 16226783

I can't find it now but I remember a video that was a single tracking shot of the saturn V launch with radio chatter played in the back.
It captured the stressfullness of being in charge of those men's safety while they sit inside a giant experimental machine in a way that videos with jump cuts just don't. Even knowing the ending it makes you realize that those men talking don't.

Anonymous No. 16226795

it was something else man, amazing times. What you're talking about remind of Gene Krantz book.

Anonymous No. 16226806

>keep complaining but only about spacex
This one. Activists only care about things when they think they have the power to influence others' behavior.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226807


Image not available


drone dropping.jpg

Anonymous No. 16226808

>all powerful telescopes will have to be in space
or suffer the consequences

Anonymous No. 16226809


Anonymous No. 16226810

Good luck bro, I sure hope you have a few tens of billions of dollars for the spectrum allocation in the US alone

This probably hinges on SpaceX getting OFDM approved by the FCC to muscle in on other spectrum it didn't pay for exclusivity on. That precedent will be huge.

Anonymous No. 16226817

I don't think you realize how influential they can be. The Dark Skies initiative has been going on for longer than you've probably been alive. The only problem is, we're looking at a tragedy of the commons situation and nobody has a financial incentive to go dark for science.

Astronomers will have to start taking into account existing constellation tracks while planning observations. It's done right now for wildly different reasons (astronomers track asteroid occultations of stars) they just need to adapt this to use data from an object tracking database. Some stars may become permanently unobservable if they require long exposures, but convolution may help.

Anonymous No. 16226819

I think the point is to compete with starlinks laser-to-laser backhaul which spacex is starting to offer as a module to satellite manufacturers, not a direct competitor with starlink in general
though it seems they want to do this through radio instead of lasers so might need spectrum still
perhaps they can put the starlink lasers on these and then use the radio to communicate with legacy satellites that don't have the laserlinks yet and in that way give better communications and coverage to current satellties
basically be a intermediate link between starlink and the customer satellite

>SAN FRANCISCO – Assured Space Access announced a strategic partnership with Phantom Space to establish Phantom Cloud, a data-backhaul service for satellites.
>Under the agreement, Chandler, Arizona-based Assured Space will design and build radio frequency communications payloads for the 66-satellite Phantom Cloud constellation. The partners also will work together to design, develop, launch and operate the new constellation.
>“We want to be complementary to what Starlink is doing,” Cantrell said. “We want to focus more on the machine rather than the human-to-human market. That’s a perfect place for a relatively small constellation of satellites.”

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226824

Have you even seen a rocket launch in person?

Anonymous No. 16226826


Anonymous No. 16226828

I've seen amateur rockets launch in person

Anonymous No. 16226829

i launched an Estes polystyrene Space Shuttle once. it used to glide back down in a long slow spiral. pretty cool

Image not available


wvb jvn.jpg

Anonymous No. 16226832

every 4th of July :^)

Anonymous No. 16226835

I've launched model rockets (don't laugh).

Anonymous No. 16226838

model rockets are no laughing matter

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226839

Very true

Anonymous No. 16226842

Simple. We build more space telescopes. A commercial company could fill the demand, and starship will enable cheap high mass space telescopes which could be mass manufactured using cheaper materials to cut costs. You could put up a dozen or so Hubble+ class telescopes and customers rent time on them for observations.

I'm surprised no one has thought about doing this yet. If only I had got an engineering degree instead of wasting time on a cyber security degree I will never use I might have done it myself.

Anonymous No. 16226847

that must have been painful, I've seen what those motors do to my launchpad.

Anonymous No. 16226849

Bandwidth issues could easily be solved with laser comm, utilizing starlink for data transfer instead of radio and DSN like James Webb. Why haven't I thought about this sooner? Muskman is literally enabling a new era of space telescopes with his autism.

Anonymous No. 16226872

that seems foolish

Anonymous No. 16226873

Did they even bother sending anyone out?

Anonymous No. 16226876

They did for super heavy, presumably they would for starship too.

Anonymous No. 16226877

presumably there was a private plane flying there during reentry, there might be footage

Anonymous No. 16226881

god. remember when it was f9 v1.0 vs antares for iss resupply. imagine if antares had won out.

Anonymous No. 16226886

musk has a magnetic effect where after hearing him talk about mars for any length of time I become prepared to kill rape and die for the mission. He is like Hitler in that respect.

Anonymous No. 16226891

>Phantom Cloud
Pffffft it just hit me what this is about, at least to my conspiracy minded brain. Starlink is off-limits for military use (except where it isn't) but they are absolutely lusting over the capability.

In comes an intermediary, who in essence are going to be Starlink resellers: oops, how did that military traffic get in there?

Anonymous No. 16226894

no reason

Anonymous No. 16226895

there is starshield so something what you describe is kind of pointless

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226897


Anonymous No. 16226902

Starshield is US exclusive

Anonymous No. 16226903

I think other countries would just launch their equivalent.

Anonymous No. 16226905

you mean some adversial countries would use phantom cloud as some kind of backdoor to use starlink for the military? seems kind of far fetched and easy to stop when its found out

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226909
>Looking Ahead To The Next Starship Flight ALREADY | Starbase Update

Anonymous No. 16226912

Its just not not possible to build a super heavy lift vehicle for 50 million a piece a reusable one at that.
We've all seen the SLS - the pinnacle of rocket technology with the most advance rocket boosters and engines optimized to the very physical limits of expendability.
We know it will cost upward of 2 billion dollars per flight. We know: we have to accept it. That is the price to pay for such power and capability.
And that is for a simple traditional system that focuses on cost effectiveness by utilizing as much as possible readily available parts.
We also know the Space Shuttles, of which only few were built and operated over a period of thirty years
simply because they were so advanced and so expensive the United States of America couldn't afford to build more.
These, despite being reusable, costed upward of 1.5 billion dollars per flight.
Lets be real, lets be honest: space is hard and rockets are not cheap.
Comical statements that "it will cost 50 million" simply have no basis in reality so let us leave them outside of it.

Anonymous No. 16226913


Anonymous No. 16226916

It's been a long time since I've seen this pasta.

Anonymous No. 16226920

I'd have a lot more launches to watch though

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226922

Anonymous No. 16226925


Anonymous No. 16226931

this is what spacefag5 sincerely believes

Anonymous No. 16226935

A reminder that spaceguy5 works at Marshall and SLS is their baby, Starship is a direct threat to his employment.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226939


Anonymous No. 16226942

look at that bad ass flap giving absolutely no fucks.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226943
>Starship Flight 4 // 4k Slow Mo & Clean Audio

Anonymous No. 16226952

Does the ships having an ablative udnecoating mean a columbia style loss of vehicle is impossible? and how much would that weigh? Musk ahs said previously that ablative was too heavy to use.

Anonymous No. 16226953

Wait so Ship 29 survived reentry with the crappy old heatshield?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16226954

Anonymous No. 16226956


Anonymous No. 16226957

Presumably the ablative coating will be thin as it won't need to survive a full reentry.

Anonymous No. 16226961

If SpaceX can get the chance of loss of crew to 1 in 270 for Starship, does this mean they can fly people on it?

Anonymous No. 16226962


Anonymous No. 16226963

Legally yes although I think they'd want to get it way lower than that.

Anonymous No. 16226965

Would you ride a roller coaster where 1 in 270 riders end up dead?

Anonymous No. 16226973

>what is joining the military

Anonymous No. 16226979

>the chinese will own the moon by the end of the decade
just a hunch, but I believe there's plenty enough room on the moon for multiple countries to host outposts there

Anonymous No. 16226981

but if the tile comes off during launch then it would need to survive the whole entry

Anonymous No. 16226984

If the possibility is there that j go to space? Sure

Anonymous No. 16226985

I saw STS-131 and a Titan 4b go up

Anonymous No. 16226986

does it do a loop de loop?

Anonymous No. 16226989

the risk-reward calculus is different

Anonymous No. 16226997

Ya but like all real estate, some bits are highly desirable, while a lot is kinda useless. I sure hope China tries to assert sovereignty over Shackelton crater. The US' spaceflight budget would literally go to the moon.

Image not available


Starship Flight 4....webm

Anonymous No. 16226999


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227000

ramping up payload related engineering I guess

Image not available


space votes.jpg

Anonymous No. 16227001

>The US' spaceflight budget would literally go to the moon.

Anonymous No. 16227002


Anonymous No. 16227007

I thought it was just me

Anonymous No. 16227009

Speaking of space sovereignty, since the outerspace treaty bans country from making territorial claims, would all space colonies be independent? Would be an easy way to get around the outerspace treaty.

Anonymous No. 16227013

Ah but have you considered sacry moon commies?

Anonymous No. 16227014

you can just ignore the treaty

Anonymous No. 16227015

I can see them from my backyard, although I'm not close enough to hear them

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227017

Anonymous No. 16227018

>outer space treaty
The US and China are going to tear that thing in half and wipe their asses with it. If one or the other is way behind in Moon/Mars bases, they might do some kvetching about it, but that's about it. No one else is in a position to enforce the treaty.

Anonymous No. 16227021

The US if anything has doubled down on it with the artemis accords.

Anonymous No. 16227023

imagine leaving this planet... and then choosing to come back

Anonymous No. 16227024

this video is highly amusing and mildly unnerving to me and I do not understand why

Anonymous No. 16227025

those can and will be changed when it is beneficial or ignored entirely (i.e. USA would just retract from the agreement)

Anonymous No. 16227027

we should have a capital punishment method that consists of putting someone under a rocket as it launches
i volunteer

Anonymous No. 16227028

>just build your own globe spanning satellite megaconstellation
>it's only been done once in all of human history, but it can't be that hard
sure, guatemala will get right on that

Image not available


starliner jumpscare.webm

Anonymous No. 16227029
more starliner content, you love to see it!

Anonymous No. 16227032

did the estronaut post his Elon interview yet? I didn't see it

Anonymous No. 16227033

After all those countries signed it I think it would be taken as something of a betrayal for the one pushing it to suddenly back out the moment it's convenient.
You'd never get people to work with the US in space again.

Anonymous No. 16227034

no, still waiting for approval from jannies

Anonymous No. 16227035

I do this every day

Anonymous No. 16227037

lol, USA would just say the situation has changed, if USA is the dominant leader in space then do other countries even have a choice?
you could also have de-facto territories but no actual de-jure claims, an "international" moon base controlled by the US

Anonymous No. 16227039

I feel like pitching immediately might not be great for the ground infrastructure.

Anonymous No. 16227043

>do other countries even have a choice?
Yes, they can side with china if they're pissed off enough.
>you could also have de-facto territories but no actual de-jure claims
This is basically what I said before, officially independent colonies that have strong ties to their host nations (I.e being able to vote in their source countries elections etc)

Anonymous No. 16227049

I saw a couple shuttles, falcon 9, and falcon heavy
Hoping to see florida starship in the next year or 2

Anonymous No. 16227051

The Artemis Accords declare everyone outside them (i.e. China) to be fair game. The US Constitution still allows the creation of privateers and the US has not joined any anti piracy treaties. We will see American space pirates in a mix of surplus military hardware, eBay special SpaceX ships, and stolen enemy craft raiding everything even vaguely Chimese above the Karman Line.

Anonymous No. 16227052

>space will finally abolish the government

Anonymous No. 16227055

>The Artemis Accords declare everyone outside them (i.e. China) to be fair game.
lol no they don't

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227057
>WOW!! SpaceX Makes History AGAIN With Starship's Successful 4th Flight - SpaceX Weekly #118

Anonymous No. 16227058

>Yes, they can side with china if they're pissed off enough.
>just give up 99.99% of your capability

Image not available


Screenshot 2024-0....png

Anonymous No. 16227059

Starliner confirmed for piss pig.

Anonymous No. 16227060

there is no way spacex will ever dominate china. china could have launch parity with spacex if they were actually building their megaconstellation right now.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227064


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227067


Anonymous No. 16227068

Presumably in this scenario if USA feels the need to shred the artemis accords then chinese capabilities have grown have grown substantially.

Anonymous No. 16227072


Anonymous No. 16227073

It's not a smart move to bet the US will be ahead from now till the end of time. Especially if that bet involves pissing off your allies.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227074


Anonymous No. 16227083

pontificate the aroma

Anonymous No. 16227084

>It's not a smart move to bet the US will be ahead from now till the end of time.
This just comes down to: Do you bet against Starship?
If there is Starship, then the US will be the foundation of humanity's presence in space. Everything else will either be at the discretion of SpaceX or so insignificant as to be wholly irrelevant. The Chinese will be the Sentinelese of the 31st century.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227088

Anonymous No. 16227090

>there is no way spacex will ever dominate china.
This anon has been in a coma for the past ten years.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227092

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227096
>Raptor Diagram #9 | 10th June, 2024 | "The era of easy raptor tracking is over."

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227101


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227104


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227105

>Updates since last diagram:
> R155 Seen scrapped at Hawthorne
> R269, R319, R368, R390 and R398 Installed on S30
> R378 Installed on S30 and then later removed
> R321, R327, R328, R330, R334, R346 and R352 Spotted at McGr

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227111

i was at ift-1, both the scrub and the launch. a very good time for sure

Anonymous No. 16227115

Reminder that von Braun was an observant and outspoken Christian, especially when he was doing his best work
>God Touches the Heart of a Scientist through Gideons’ Bible Ministry

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227119

>NASA found the piss module

Anonymous No. 16227122

Where the fuck is Raptor 3

Anonymous No. 16227126

current christians don't even think space is real

Anonymous No. 16227128

probably years away

Anonymous No. 16227130

Thats complete nonsense logic, you don't have to bet against starship, what you have to do it bet against anyone ever matching or exceeding starship forever.
I wouldn't make such a bet.

Anonymous No. 16227134

nice but starlink is launching cell service in few months, so its not "have to wait for starlink" that he's trying to gaslight

Anonymous No. 16227137

Elon Musk is a scam artist

Anonymous No. 16227139

How long will it take them to do that?
Where will SpaceX be by that time?
The answer to the first is "Too long."
The answer to the second is "Too far."

Anonymous No. 16227142

musk says 1 month to next flight so see you in august-september

Anonymous No. 16227143

I am reminded that truman thought the same thing about the soviets getting the bomb.
That bet didn't work out so good.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227144


Anonymous No. 16227147

pure bs, russian side also recycles water from urine.

Anonymous No. 16227152

That would have been perfectly true if they had done anything.
Thankfully, as we've all seen, SpaceX is not the type to just sit around.

Anonymous No. 16227153

That's because in von Braun's day there was still enough wiggle room to genuinely believe; his belief in souls was essentially rooted in conservation laws. Nowadays the Big Bang is about the only cope they have left.

Anonymous No. 16227156

how much would a liter of piss cost on mars?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227157

>God created the stars and the heavens
Its on the first page of The Bible

Anonymous No. 16227158

Hell you don't even have to make an analogy to someone else. Elon scoffed at BYD back in the 2000s and now they sell more BEVs than tesla and musk is begging the US for tariffs or else tesla will go bankrupt.
Believing your opponent is perpetually incompetent is a sure fire way to get blind sighted.

Anonymous No. 16227161

stop responding to off-topic posts

Anonymous No. 16227164

inutile question

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227167

Wasn't she in The Fast and the Furious?

🗑️ Anonymous No. 16227168

how the fuck is this spaceflight you double nigger

Anonymous No. 16227178

why do you guys lie about the quantum leap in technology that is required to make starship work?

Anonymous No. 16227183

This is actual footage of god making the Solar System

Anonymous No. 16227189

I called my grandma last Wednesday, and during out weekly talk, she told me about the Chinks doing a lunar regolith sample return. She was a bit worried/confused about that since she thinks that souls of the dead go to the Moon.

Anonymous No. 16227193

How loud was to boom?

Anonymous No. 16227198

You should try to convince her that they're trying to practice necromancy.

Anonymous No. 16227199

>there will be girls on mars
>some will play video games
>They will pee
Martian Chad's will be drinking gamer girl piss

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227203


china cant even build its cities without them turning into dust because of tofu buildings in 2-3 years. The are going to conquer jack and shit as any space module done by them is a complete death trap for everybody that has to use it

fuck off pajeet

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227206

is mighty puccia beating the snail yet zizter?

Anonymous No. 16227208

>nothing happening today

Anonymous No. 16227218

maybe youre high

Anonymous No. 16227239

moving the goalposts. trannykraine will not win.

Anonymous No. 16227253

Why are you so invested in the
Is non-spaceflight related topic?

Anonymous No. 16227258

what launch was this?

Anonymous No. 16227261


Anonymous No. 16227262

why would your "degree" matter at all? All engineering disciplines are only concerned with your ability to do the work. You actually believe the pissant experience you'd had gotten with a "degree" compares to the real world ability you can cultivate on your own to DO THE WORK? Dumb.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227269

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227272

/pol/tards and muskrats get out jfc

Anonymous No. 16227276

happens after every starship test. sticky didn't help. Not even sure if it's /pol/ just gen-pop /sci/ losers. The kind that make 50 million vax threads.

Anonymous No. 16227279

yeah and they think they're lights painted on the firmament. The truth is religious people have rotted just like progressives have.

Anonymous No. 16227282

dont let the flat earthers poison the well. i think its part of their campaign of bullshit.

Anonymous No. 16227284

I don't like Musk much but the last starship flight was a huge milestone. When you stop basing your personality around loving or hating a billionaire you can just see things for what they are

Anonymous No. 16227286

This could all be right but he directly ignored or missed the point of what elon said. He said the tiles were stronger, not more heat resistant. He said they would be backed with an ablative material. And that's not talked about at all.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227289

Why hasn't aerogel been used in heatshields? This picture is old as shit

Anonymous No. 16227292

doesn't it have a relatively low melting point

Anonymous No. 16227293

fuck off to your subreddit

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227296

??????? I never said anything bad about starship or elon. Is this a bot?

Anonymous No. 16227297

I dont know how people get like this

Like ask me what I think of jeff bezos and I will scoff and roll my eyes every time. But I'm not going to call the man dumb and incompetent, I'm not going to say he "failed upward", and I'm not going to blueball myself that amazon is about to implode any day now. Holy shit the delusion that would take is wild

Anonymous No. 16227298

>backed with an ablative material

Anonymous No. 16227299

ah yes I guess you're right. But if they could make it take only 300 C more it could be viable

Anonymous No. 16227301

>muskrats get out
>It happens after every starship test
are you ok?

Anonymous No. 16227303


Anonymous No. 16227307

wish Bezos would launch a damn rocket already. I want to be enthusiastic about more than just Spacex

Anonymous No. 16227308

I was clearly talking about /pol/tards dumb fuck. Like >>16227157
God you are seriously pathetic.

Anonymous No. 16227309

Probably a very complicated answer that no one knows, but from what I understand from a scott manley video the other day on the topic of capsules that probably shouldn't be applied to this example, ablative materials have superior thermal protection for their weight, the problem is they are ablative. But if you cover an ablative material without a non ablative one, it doesn't ablate. So you get the mass savings. In the event starship loses a few tiles, the ablative heat shield will protect the hull and it's just a small area of underlayment that needs to be replaced.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227310

just ctrl + f all their standard phrases and sluts it's obviously /pol/

Anonymous No. 16227311

I don't know the material science too well but I think it's mainly because it would require far more mass (and thus volume) of aerogel to survive reentry than is practical. You can only remove so much heat with so much mass of ablator, and aerogel is far too low density.

Anonymous No. 16227313

There's an anon here who got butthurt and wants to argue about elon, he is from /pol/ and puts anti-/pol/ rhetoric in his posts as camouflage. I can't prove it with certainty but I don't really give a fuck that much either

Anonymous No. 16227316

>setting heat shielding back by 40 years
>no recovery
I don't give a fuck about elon and spacex has been an overall success but the starship cope is beyond standard delusion

Anonymous No. 16227319

>muh science
Astronomy has literally never been useful and never will be. It is by far the least useful scientific field ever devised, on account of it being the study of things which are too far away to ever be commercially relevant.

Do you know how all the famous astronomers used to make money? They worked as ASTROLOGERS. That's all their science has ever been able to produce, selling useless fortunes to idiots.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227322

Not space flight shut the fuck up retards

Anonymous No. 16227323

they will probably make good stack progress in just over a month, they'll see the tower is almost done and fuck off with a tower catch at stage zero

Anonymous No. 16227324

>setting heat shielding back by 40 years
What do you mean by this

Anonymous No. 16227327

oh look, he's baiting again

Anonymous No. 16227328

yeah if it takes like 3 months to build the tower then it would make sense to try land it even if there is risk of damage
but I think 3 months might be a bit optimistic and even then if you have 1 month cadence you would lose launches

Anonymous No. 16227329

If it goes to space, yes. Are you trying to tell me with a straight face that you would pass up a chance to ride even the Space Shuttle, with it's 1 in 67 fatal accident rate? You would have to be a miserable faggot to pass up that opportunity.

Anonymous No. 16227330

ignore the retard please, don't even pseudo reply
just ignore

Anonymous No. 16227331

>Where is everybody? Why is it so dark?
>Why are you welding the hatch?

Anonymous No. 16227336

Anonymous No. 16227338

top kek

Anonymous No. 16227339

Starship flight 4 achieved all of it's goals. It's not bad because it didn't meet your arbitrary goals.

Image not available


Space lifeboat la....jpg

Anonymous No. 16227341

Image not available


Space lifeboat as....jpg

Anonymous No. 16227343


Anonymous No. 16227346

for me, it's MOOSE

Image not available


Space lifeboat as....jpg

Anonymous No. 16227348


Image not available


Space lifeboat as....jpg

Anonymous No. 16227350

this is a waverider lifeboat, lots of crossrange capability

Anonymous No. 16227354

i just agree with musk.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227364

Anonymous No. 16227370

John 3:16

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227372

Don't be obtuse

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227374

>almost one year ago
>still haven't heard any follow up
why was this memory holed?

Image not available


RLV VentureStar x....jpg

Anonymous No. 16227376

>not the final design with a cuck can for cargo so there's enough fuel carried internally to reach LEO

Image not available


Atlas Cutaway.jpg

Anonymous No. 16227379

Anonymous No. 16227380

This is the only archetype of spaceplane that isn't retarded

Anonymous No. 16227381

Elon wants to keep the mars muffins to himself to fuel his torso growth.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227382

Anonymous No. 16227385

Anybody have a cut off all the Starship reveals from elons gaming stream?

Anonymous No. 16227386

there's no muffins on mars, that's just a conspiracy theory

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227388

Anonymous No. 16227389

it was a 5h stream, some of it was at the beginning but then at somewhere like 3-4h there was quite a bit talk again
I haven't seen a cut (a lot of the stuff was the general stuff he talks about every time)

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227391

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227392

>not space flight
lamiaceous vegetation

Anonymous No. 16227394

gotcha thanks

Anonymous No. 16227399

i am imdian please help me

Image not available


jaxa jizz space.jpg

Anonymous No. 16227400

Slippery Elon, the Stainless Steel Muskrat

Anonymous No. 16227401

>Why was this memory holed?
Elon didn't find it

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227409

The future is bright bro

Anonymous No. 16227410

Actual jesus analog vs some dickhead

Anonymous No. 16227412

but the main points
>all tiles getting removed and replaced with tiles that are twice as strong (toughness wise I think, not how well they insulate heat)
>a new extra ablative layer will be added behind the heat shield tiles
>next flight in one month
>50% to succeed in tower catch, if a problem is detected before landing then the booster suicides into the water
>mars in 3 years
>earth-to-earth technically possible after starship landing is demonstrated, probably not commercially viable though
>launch from Florida by the end of next year

Anonymous No. 16227414

6km is not very far

Anonymous No. 16227417

fuck off.

Anonymous No. 16227418

Earth 2 Earth starship "military anywhere in 30 min" is obviously not reusable, right?
After your orbiter lands in shitholewithoil, Iraqistan, how are you going to get it back to a tower?

Anonymous No. 16227419

Sorry meant to reply to >>16227322

Anonymous No. 16227421

Who cares in those cases. Uncle Sam pays premium.

Anonymous No. 16227422

True Christians recognise space flight as necessary to spreading God's creation to distant barren lands

Anonymous No. 16227423

just refuel it with half a million dollars wirth of methane and liquid oxygen (should be easy enough to extort from the locals) and you can hop it back to the nearest aircraft carrier waiting in the mediterranean to be shipped home to the US of A

Anonymous No. 16227427

you're not going to fly it to the front lines anon. Realistically it will fly from the states to bases in Europe or Guam

Anonymous No. 16227428

Rocket Cargo is an airdropped pallet from orbit, not Starship landing

Image not available


By Gemini to Mars 1.jpg

Anonymous No. 16227429

>methane and liquid oxygen (should be easy enough to extort from the locals)
do you really think bongo bongo land has big lox and lng facilities and tankers to supply the hundreds of tons needed?

Anonymous No. 16227430

bongo bongo is just a front. They're keeping the good stuff from us

Anonymous No. 16227432

I really don't see a use case for this. what do you need taken from mainland US to a base in "less" time than a cargo jet? remember too that it needs to be packed up and loaded, and if it isn't starting right next to one of the few starship launch facilities you're still need to fly it on a cargo jet just to get to starship.

Anonymous No. 16227434

If building supply bases next to KSC and Vandy is necessary to make e2e militarily useful it will be done.

Anonymous No. 16227435

just use a jet plane of you are just restocking something

Manned E2E missiles open up new military operations

Anonymous No. 16227436

>ASDS being weighted for 100 tons was real in my mind

Anonymous No. 16227438

Anywhere in 90 minutes while not giving a fuck about your adversaries dense air defense network.

Anonymous No. 16227440

maybe some elite soldiers on short notice. Logistics wise loading the rocket should be no more intensive then loading a plane no?
The army will probably use it at least a bit just because it's cool and they have money to waste. It could also be a form of subsidy for spacex and could make China shit themselves becasue everytime one side gets a new capability there's a lot of cope to go around.

Anonymous No. 16227443

But Starships are easy to hit with air defense.
They slowly drop with terminal velocity at the end.

Anonymous No. 16227444

starship is not immune to air defenses

Anonymous No. 16227446

Ballistic arc is extremely easy to shoot down what are you saying

Anonymous No. 16227449

Starship never enters the atmosphere, it drops cargo pods that do.

Anonymous No. 16227450

cargo pods are not immune to air defenses

Anonymous No. 16227452

orbit is not a ballistic arc

Anonymous No. 16227453

yes it is

Anonymous No. 16227455

I repeat, Elon Musk is a scam artist

Anonymous No. 16227456

the shit landing on the ground is.

Anonymous No. 16227457

good work, binliner

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227466

here's my attempt at making sense of all that. raptor 2 production in its first year was forced - they were cranking them out at max speed without worrying about reliability. after that first year, they slowed down dramatically production started to take the shape of a more normal learning curve. after a couple of years riding the curve they're now churning out about .75 raptors per day.

Anonymous No. 16227474

raptor 398 was seen in hawthorne in October 2023

Anonymous No. 16227475

>they're now churning out about .75 raptors per day
that's one starship every 52 days if they're fully expended

Anonymous No. 16227477

ok? if something's in hawthorne then that means there's no reason to believe that it's finished hardware

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227478


Anonymous No. 16227479

E2E resupply is not militarily useful anon. C5s can carry more than any rocket ever made and air travel is safer and cheaper than re-entry. The only somewhat coherent argument in favor of E2E I've ever heard is AA risk mitigation, but if VC and Taliban SAMs can derail US logistics then Chinese and Russian ASAT can obviously do the same thing
>Manned E2E missiles
>t. duct taping infantry to ICBMs
Finally some high quality bait

Anonymous No. 16227480

I guess, but assuming that the install date is the manufacturing date going to be pretty misleading IMO

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227484

>duct taping infantry to ICBMs
Where do you think sfg comes from?

Anonymous No. 16227488

enslave them to manufacture the fuels. easy.

Anonymous No. 16227489

assuming that all raptors are manufactured with the intention of eventually being installed on a rocket i'm not sure how it makes a difference. i was just going with the earliest dates they'd been spotted in boca chica or macgregor anyway.

Anonymous No. 16227490

why is that nigger sweaty as fuck?

Anonymous No. 16227495

>C5s can carry more than any rocket ever made
>max cargo weight: 127 tonnes

Anonymous No. 16227499

They probably just fished him out of the ocean. Thats Gordo Cooper isn't it? Mercury flight then

Image not available


jfk retard.jpg

Anonymous No. 16227501

>orbit is not a ballistic arc

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227502
>I do wonder if that was the last we've seen of Virgin Galactic. I would be shocked if the Delta-class spaceship ever flies. The company has $867M of cash but racks up $500M (!) in losses a year. They can no longer tap capital markets to get to Delta b/c the business model fundamentally doesn't work, and it's not even really close. A semi-operational $SPCE pulled in $7M in revenue in 2023. If they do get to Delta, Virgin would also need to work through its 600-ticket backlog of deeply unprofitable/ under-priced tickets before selling its $600K tickets (which will also likely have limited demand). It just sucks b/c a lot of to-the-moon retail investors lost 99% of value on this stock. Also frustrating b/c there are plenty of other solid space investment plays

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227504

touche anon kek

Anonymous No. 16227507

how can you possibly be spending that much money when your assets consist of 1 carrier plane and 1 rocketplane?

Anonymous No. 16227511

>That's why more well established contractors like Lockheed Martin make conservative/realistic estimates and follow through on them consistently.
>In 2014, ULA began development of Vulcan Centaur to replace its entire rocket fleet starting in 2019, but development encountered multiple delays.[33][67][68][69][70][71][72][73] The first Vulcan Centaur certification flight launched on 8 January 2024. [74]

>Take the Crew Dragon example I provided. SpaceX got that contract in 2014 partially because Musk claimed in 2011 that they'd be ready for crewed flights within 3 years (sound familiar?). Not only was the project then given an initial deadline of 2017, but his first revision also said it would be ready by 2018. It wasn't ready until 2020.
Wasn't there a "well established contractor" that got a Commercial Crew contract as well? Could you remind us how well they met their deadlines?

Anonymous No. 16227512


Anonymous No. 16227514

how much damage gets incurred on every flight?

Anonymous No. 16227525

what an idiot. why did the dude go in the ocean?

Anonymous No. 16227528

Their current carrier ship is over twenty years old and apparently had to go through one bitch of a refurbishment process before their recent round of flights because the carbon composite in its airframe was decaying or de-laminating or something. I bet there are a bunch of other horrible design choices like that lurking in the program.

Anonymous No. 16227531

those early astros had a pretty interesting sense of humor

Anonymous No. 16227536

>/k/ no longer grasps why ballistic missiles are easier to intercept than boost glide hypersonics or FOBS

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227538

Hypothetically speaking, would underground basis on Venus completely sealed off from the surface be cooler and devoid of the crushing pressure issues that everything below the permanent cloud deck faces?

Anonymous No. 16227540

you're in the wrong place. /k/ can only have Elon giga seethe threads

Anonymous No. 16227541

You fly a starship over the target area and 100 special operations troops jump at 135,000 feet

Anonymous No. 16227542

yeah but if you're going to live in a tin can why not put the can in space and not bother with Venusian bullshit?

Anonymous No. 16227545

>Implying C5s don't regularly carry oversized loads that put Saturn V and Starship to shame
While you're googling more cope responses try searching "Operation Iraqi Freedom 176 tons"

Anonymous No. 16227549

I was just thinking, if Venus is basically one big hot sea of CO2 and sulfuric acid below cloud level then maybe something similar to the concept of undersea bases could apply. Since the pressure on the surface (which resembles somewhat of an ocean floor) is comparable to what you might fight deep underwater. Only with the temperature difference.

Anonymous No. 16227553

It's just hundreds of times more effort when you could just build a rotating habitat in space

Image not available


maxresdefault (5).jpg

Anonymous No. 16227556

god damn this guy is funnier than the N1 troll

Anonymous No. 16227559

A C-5 has never lifted 176 tons.

Anonymous No. 16227560

What a waste, this could have gone to refill the pisslocks.

Anonymous No. 16227562

Yes, but it is still a fun thought experiment. Some writer might find a use for it.

Anonymous No. 16227563

I mean if you dig deep enough, eventually the ground will be room temperature

Anonymous No. 16227566

really? why does it do that, is the core of venus not hot like earth's?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227569
Different versions of Starlink launched recently

Anonymous No. 16227570

prove it.

Anonymous No. 16227571

Think about how deep you have to dig on earth to start noticing the core is hot

Anonymous No. 16227573

>alien warship firing a burst from their plasma cannon in low earth orbit

Anonymous No. 16227575

earth's crust is the average temperature of earth's surface over the course of a year. how hot is venus's surface on average over the course of a year?

Anonymous No. 16227576

Unknown, though the most recent resurfacing event (which is always catastrophic on Venus given how the planet fissures open due to the incomplete cracking of the crust from excess heat preventing conventional Earthlike plate tectonics) seems rather recent. We don't know if there will be another one or if the core has cooled down sufficiently. The mantle-crust structure seems also a bit different than on Earth. The rock on Venus seems somewhat brittle at least on the surface.

Anonymous No. 16227578

use two of them

Anonymous No. 16227582

i've avocated for sending starship to mars as soon as possible. 3 years is fine. spacex needs to get data asap especially since they're likely to win the lander contract for the commercial MSR mission.

Anonymous No. 16227584

Yeah I'm retarded disregard. It would be a gradient between the surface temperature and core temperature.

Anonymous No. 16227589

If they win commercial MSR that is ultimate W, but i'm not certain they will since Starship physically can't fulfill the contract. Doesn't have enough delta v to return from Mars even if fully fuelled on Mars. Not to mention the heat shield would melt from the return temperatures.
That is to say, despite the sucessful IFT4 theyare basically at the same stage of development in their MSR plans as Boeing - all just stuff on paper which could be done one day. And the Boeing proposal requires no creation of a massive fuel plant on Mars.

Anonymous No. 16227590

Business idea for a new Minecraft mod.

Anonymous No. 16227591

E2E Starship makes no sense because there's virtually no cargo that warrants that kind of expense. Nothing that NEEDS to be delivered that fast, for that much money, from such a limited number of origins and destinations. Grunts least of all.

Anonymous No. 16227593

i read that the mission will be split into 3 awards, one for getting the mission there, one for getting the sample, and one for return

Anonymous No. 16227594

stick a return vehicle in starship. it has the payload capacity to spare. starship doesn't *have* to come back from mars sample return

Anonymous No. 16227597

With starship's mass capability they could deploy a simple sample return mechanism that wouldn't require the rube goldberg machine developed by JPL, and as other anons said I don't think the contract is for all mission hardware.

Anonymous No. 16227598

>>maybe some elite soldiers on short notice
This is just Halo fanfic. Grunts can take airplanes and helicopters. There are enough of the "super duper elite" guys that they can be stationed around the world within a short flight of anywhere they might be needed.

Anonymous No. 16227599

if you want costs and schedules to get out of control again that sounds like the best possible way to do it

Anonymous No. 16227614

well that's true.
Using the starship to do the landing for the msr rocket would simplify the msr rocket, but that simplicity would be offset by having to get the msr rocket from the starship payload area to the surface, and if you are any of the oldspace companies building the actual msr rocket you would much rather buy vulcan and land under a skycrane

Anonymous No. 16227618

If a Starship launch costs $X million and it takes Y launches to fuel a Mars bound Starship with Z tons of payload capacity then the price of anything non-perishable from Earth on Mars should be around X * Y / Z million USD/ton or 1000 * X * Y / Z USD/kg

With X = 1, Y = 10 and Z = 250, that's $40/kg.
With X = 50, Y = 20 and Z = 50, it's $20,000/kg.

Unless the numbers look a lot like the first set there won't be anyone on Mars at all, so probably $50/kg - $200/kg until the ice mines are functional.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227620

oh god he's not kidding

Anonymous No. 16227625

No clue if that's true or not but E2E for military supplies is still retarded

Anonymous No. 16227627

fedoraniggers will stay on earth

Anonymous No. 16227628

>Doesn't have enough delta v to return from Mars even if fully fuelled on Mars


why do you guys never talk about this

Anonymous No. 16227630

>ok guys, you have to work together or the tax payer gets fucked

yeah no

Anonymous No. 16227637

they're weak and brittle, too
it makes TPS tiles look like diamond, the hardest metal

Anonymous No. 16227642

the ablative shit is non-reusable, but only expended as an emergency measure

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227644


Anonymous No. 16227645

the idea is to create propellant manufacturing infrastructure and a permanent base, not boots on mars
if a return journey is absolutely necessary then you can just send tanker starships, which I guess might make sense at first but you would still have to create semi-permanent habitation

Anonymous No. 16227647

Sure Elon, it's fungus and there are no muffins on mars.

Anonymous No. 16227648

I can see the halo and stink lines without trying now

Anonymous No. 16227652

fractional orbital special forces teams

Anonymous No. 16227653

Musk's intention was never to build infrastructure for a boots + flag + leave mission, but to actually put mass and infrastructure on Mars. A combination of vehicles and methods could be used for the former without having to refuel a starship and return to Earth. And honestly at this point we should focus on trial and error of robotic development of a human settlement than the wasted prestige missions of having humans piss in the dirt and leave.

Anonymous No. 16227666

Anonymous No. 16227672

not spaceflight

Anonymous No. 16227675

actually it is under article II section 5 of the /sfg/ constitution

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227677

>diamond, the hardest metal

Anonymous No. 16227680

newfags are a diamond dozen in /sfg/

Anonymous No. 16227683

i'll give this vatnig a pity (you)
when are is your favourite shithole going to conquer all of ukraine within a week like they said they'd do?
russia has moved the goalposts so often in this war i've lost count lmao.

Anonymous No. 16227684

Soon as demonstrations of refueling/landing is confirmed. And if SpaceX has enough excess capacity/older Starships to throwaway, they should.

Anonymous No. 16227688

/sfg/ is a doggy dog thread

Anonymous No. 16227692

i've got zero taller ants for doubles advocates here

Anonymous No. 16227695

Name a harder metal then. Only real drawback of diamond is the weight. It’s like 15 times as dense per gram or something.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227696

Another high-energy bullseye

Image not available


venturestar mcdon....jpg

Anonymous No. 16227698

everything heavier than helium is a metal

Image not available


first stage recov....jpg

Anonymous No. 16227701

>The S-IC lifted itself and everything above it to Mach 8
holy shit

Anonymous No. 16227702

wait a second, aint that second one the vehicle that got shilled as the 'this is th vehicle that will land humans on mars' by media publications like 5 years ago?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227707

Anonymous No. 16227709


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227712

naw. i guess it looks kinda close.

Anonymous No. 16227714

Metal is the kind of lattice.

Anonymous No. 16227717

reminder that 2028 was the original date for artemis 3 and the program is perfectly on schedule

Anonymous No. 16227718

I was confused but then I remembered it.
He will never live that down.

Image not available


space claymore b.jpg

Anonymous No. 16227719

I am a metal based life form

Image not available


otrag 1.jpg

Anonymous No. 16227721

Anonymous No. 16227724

There is no reason why this wouldn't've worked.

Anonymous No. 16227725

the CIA fears this

Anonymous No. 16227729

Me when I haven’t unlocked the bigger engines and fuel tanks in KSP

Anonymous No. 16227730

Because it's not true. Martian surface to Earth aerocapture and propulsive landing is around 6 km/s delta-V, that's basically exactly what Starship is designed to have with 100t payload.
The bigger issues would be actually doing the fuelling on Mars, reentry at interplanetary speeds etc.

Anonymous No. 16227732

Too based for this world.

Image not available


Screenshot 2024-0....png

Anonymous No. 16227733

Anonymous No. 16227734

The DOOM of rocketry

Anonymous No. 16227736

I want to be contrarian and love Orion (the capsule) but that $1 billion/unit price tag is insane
That figure doesn’t even include the service module. I don’t think it includes the launch escape system tower, either

Anonymous No. 16227737

Does she read Houseki no Kuni?

Image not available


Gemini Program mmu.jpg

Anonymous No. 16227741

Image not available


xdownloader g9HnN....webm

Anonymous No. 16227744

It's finally over.

Anonymous No. 16227746

PressureFedAstronaut actually has a good video on otrag since he has been a long time otrag shill. Fair play to him, he debunked his own pet project. In shirt the dry mass is too high and the engine performance too low so the rocket would have to be ridiculously big.

Anonymous No. 16227747

It never even started

Anonymous No. 16227748

I'm not sure which is more damning, the price tag or the fact that we contracted out the service module to the Europeans.

Delta flights starting in 2026!

Anonymous No. 16227751

I expect the same if not more amount of leaks and delays as shartliner

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227752


Anonymous No. 16227761


Anonymous No. 16227762

For me it’s the 1 year delay to swap a battery out.

Anonymous No. 16227764

Literally how does the adjoining ground systems (concrete, the tower foundation, tank farm, electrical / analog hookups, etc.) survive this shit? This is so much energy. Does spraying water (?) really suck a lot of that energy out?

Anonymous No. 16227767

The trick is they don't

None of those things are directly exposed to rocket exhaust. If you look at a photo from the air, the tower is actually a giant deflection surface that parts the exhaust before it hits the tank farm. Everything else is covered in steel plating thick enough to survive for the few seconds they are exposed. The water is to absorb the sound waves, not the heat of the blast

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227769

It's awful, but I couldn't resist putting these two together.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227771

it's easy to think the present situation is normal because we live in it. But sometimes I remember how incredible it is that some guy who is a genuine Mars sperg has raised from the earth the most powerful rocket company in history. Where there was no reusable rocket he forced one to exist. Where there was no market for said rocket he forced one to exist. Where there was no market for Mars colonization he will force one to exist. The rational economy bent to the sheer will of a man and an idea. All hail Musk.

Anonymous No. 16227778

We are GOING

Anonymous No. 16227779


Anonymous No. 16227780


Anonymous No. 16227783

It's pretty cool that he plans to get buried on mars.
It's kind of like having a whole planet as a mausoleum/barrow, except you don't need anything inside it since the accomplishment is outside.
Mars is already a tomb in a way, so it's fitting.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227785
>Landing of an STS-6 SRB

Anonymous No. 16227786

Religious wars will be fought on mars between the local catholic diocese and the cult of musk.

Anonymous No. 16227797

Because it isn't true but even if it was it wouldn't matter. Starship is going to be so numerous and cheap that by the time they're launching people there will be propellent depots going to the surface or orbit or they'll already be there.

Anonymous No. 16227804

>so the rocket would have to be ridiculously big.
And? I like ridiculously big rockets.

Anonymous No. 16227810

When you really think about it, learning to live on one shitty irradiated rock opens up all of them. Learning what breaks, figuring out the minimum viable product of modern civilization, enabling human life from an utterly hostile environment. Mars is the first bullet point on a cubic function that continues into eternity. Mars, the solar system, other stars, the galaxy, beyond, until the end. An unfathomable number of human lives which will only exist because of that first step. That would make absolutely nothing more important than said first step.
Nothing would be more important.
There's the groundwork for a non faith or state based religion which begets serious fanaticism which would be entirely justified from a rational standpoint.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227811

You know what grinds my gears? Disposable small-lift rockets.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227814

>I still technically live

Anonymous No. 16227816

If any part of the rocket isnt reused the its disposable ergo Astra can get bent

Anonymous No. 16227819

If I was charismatic I'd move to Boca Chica and build a cathedral to preach this

Anonymous No. 16227822


Anonymous No. 16227837

Where is this from?

Anonymous No. 16227839

Like a hot stage ring?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227842


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227847

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227851

chances of starship in a month?

Anonymous No. 16227852

14 days

Anonymous No. 16227853

BYD isn't for sale in the USA

Anonymous No. 16227859

Human rating has nothing to do with that

Image not available


Screenshot 2024-0....png

Anonymous No. 16227861

Anonymous No. 16227863

Hey guys, I'm posting pt1 of 5 of my new 1hr long Starbase tour video in 3 weeks, follow by pt2 4 weeks after, and so on. You can watch one week early by subscribing to my Patreon

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227865

Anonymous No. 16227867

SpaceX should carry Sulfur Dioxide on board so when they decommission them they slowly blot out the sun over the course of decades

Anonymous No. 16227868

Clear interviewing Elon when?

Anonymous No. 16227873

Is that slowed down?

Anonymous No. 16227875

Hi newfag

Anonymous No. 16227884

I miss the webm guy that made high definition webms

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227895
>10 candidates, including 8 space pilots and 2 payload specialists, have been selected for China's 4th batch of astronauts, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) announced on Tuesday. Of the two payload specialists, one is from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the other is from the Macao Special Administrative Region, said the CMSA, adding this is the first time it has selected payload specialists in Hong Kong and Macao.
>Important news from CMSEO is that Group 2, 3 and 4 astronauts are starting to take geology classes (地质课程) and work their way toward field geology training (野外实习). They will also actively participate in the development of lunar landing environment simulators.

Anonymous No. 16227897

I genuinely think he's some kind of failsafe dropped in by whoever is managing this show. They don't want to toss miracles around willy-nilly, but they're willing to nudge us away from extinction with a single autist who genuinely loves humanity and has a hypercompetence for project management.

Anonymous No. 16227904

lol why was my post deleted
I like Dr. Phil, he's cool, but he has completely missed the point here
FOBS is a type of ballistic arc, it's just hugging the atmosphere and actively deorbiting instead of the absolutely zero maneuvers required traditional ballistic arc

Anonymous No. 16227911

Fuck off /k/ike, go back to your glowing shithole

Anonymous No. 16227916

Interesting thread up about that

Anonymous No. 16227920

I was thinking about linking it but I decided that /sfg/ was too full of absolute faggots right now to bother and it would just make it worse

Anonymous No. 16227922


Anonymous No. 16227926

>china is going to land astronauts on the moon before nasa
yeah it doesnt look like it at this rate

Anonymous No. 16227935

/k/ is pozzed, dont link pls

Anonymous No. 16227941

/k/ is based

Anonymous No. 16227945

fuck off tranny commie

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227946


Anonymous No. 16227948

YWNBAW, anon

Anonymous No. 16227952

/k/ has been constantly shit up (worse than it was before) by /pol/ tourists like >>16227945 and >>16227911 since the start of Vlad's Big Adventure. I figured it can't get much worse and we might as well have some cross board discussion about spaceflight

Anonymous No. 16227955

I just call them "pidor" or tell them that they will never be women and that seems to shut them up generally

Anonymous No. 16227956

Go back

Anonymous No. 16227957

cross-board tourists ranked:
1. /vt/
2. /jp/
3. /a/
4. wherever it is the furries live
5. /g/
6 (tie). /pol/ and /k/

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227959


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227961

true and real

Anonymous No. 16227963


Anonymous No. 16227964

big if true

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16227966

where does /m/ fit in on this scale

Anonymous No. 16227971

Why is she such a bitch, bros?

Anonymous No. 16227977

Japan and Korea hate each other.

Anonymous No. 16227980

Clearbros are based so whatever
jp is stupid
a is also cancer but I acknowledge the oldguard and their ways so the tourists get a pass
swap k and this

Anonymous No. 16227981

/jp/ in this scenario refers to the Cirnoposter - t. The Cirnoposter
she's legally not anime

Anonymous No. 16227983

Well then sure but then doesnt that mean that /a/ tourists have no oldfag protectorate? That would drop them to 5 imo, fairly certain these /a/ tourists are the same faggots who did the flap plap thing during IFT-4. Even the other tourists told them to shut up with that I remember

Anonymous No. 16227987

people can have more than one interest, you know

Anonymous No. 16227988

What if you post in all these places, but also have been here since 2018?

Anonymous No. 16227991

you should stop posting on /pol/ and probably also /g/

Anonymous No. 16227993

Not a tourist so tier list is different. Still cancer

Anonymous No. 16227996

Whats wrong with /g/ posters? Are they a containment board or something or is it like cryptotards, Im not caught up I only use /sci/ and /sfg/ specifically.

Anonymous No. 16227998

I appreciate you left /that/ board off this list so he doesn't get any attention.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228001

they used to be kind of funny but then the joke got out and they got swamped by phoneposters and then cryptobros and AI-fags
do not mention that which shall not be named
is he still over there?

Anonymous No. 16228003

He is. I just checked. Also, the EDS spammer is literally posting on /sci/, /k/, /g/, and /pol/ right now. He's also probably posting /there/ but I didn't click on the thread.

Anonymous No. 16228005

I'm so old that I remember a time when moot was so fucking lazy he refused to get new jannies/mods for /g/ and it literally was just spammed with endless cute and funny for a whole fucking year. It had zero threads about technology. This was before he implemented captchas, but still, Jesus.

Anonymous No. 16228006

I didn't see him on /k/, it was just a chink shill

Anonymous No. 16228007

/biz/ was created as a containment board to get crypto off of /g/. What killed /g/ was corporate shilling.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228009

wtf aerogel is like glass?? I always thought it was a soft squishy gel

Anonymous No. 16228010

It's the same guy. As soon as he mentions solar rooftops, he outs himself because no one else brings that up.

Anonymous No. 16228016

/biz/ was super chill and full of good stuff until the last run. Now it's 90% poojeets shitting everywhere. Thankfully they killed the board with their gay email verification shit

Anonymous No. 16228017

They rescinded that, the board is back to full steam

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228023
Vast still hiring, get your jobs while you can.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228024

In red is what I believe to be the livable space demo container they have and in blue is what I believe to be a fag flag shirt...

Anonymous No. 16228025

Fairly certain it is. On the bright side, literally nobody else in the crowd is repping that shit so I think thats just the HR lady.

Anonymous No. 16228042


Anonymous No. 16228046

no, those are proposals for SSTO Shuttle replacement
left to right you have bids from Locksneed (X-33/Venture Star), McDD (basically larger DC-X) and Northrop (basically shuttle with internal tank)
Congress picked one and then cancelled the project entirely

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228055

What was going through his mind?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228070

Holy fuck. Look at the ripples in the metal.

Anonymous No. 16228077

Multiple. Last flight of Delta IV out of Vandy was a treat, but my heart
belongs to Falcon. Wen FH out of SLC-6?

Anonymous No. 16228078

I'm the clear at IFT-2 guy

Anonymous No. 16228079

maybe they need to spray some water there too

Anonymous No. 16228081

why does hullo get so mad about spaceX

Anonymous No. 16228082

>the heat shield would melt from the return temperatures.
Just circularize and de-orbit from there, not everything needs to be a direct return

Anonymous No. 16228085

I'm ready to turn on scott manley at the drop of a hat, but I really don't think this was a shade post on starlink. He's probably excited to report on anything space related that can affect the average person and his only point is you can use it now. I can't seriously entertain that he's like GOD FUCKING TMOBILE FUCKING STARLINK FUCKING ELON FUCKING WAITING FUCK. That's just not a realistic read

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228093
> Ars Live: How Profitable Is Starlink?

berger talking with analyst about starlink profitability in 10h

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228096

Anonymous No. 16228100

>“After completing a series of tests and carefully considering our options, we have made the decision that we will transition Hubble to operate using only one of its three remaining gyros,” Mark Clampin, director of NASA’s astrophysics division, said on the call.

Anonymous No. 16228102

> That gives NASA confidence that Hubble, launched in 1990, can continue to operate for perhaps another decade. Crouse said there was at least a70% chance that at least one of the remaining two gyros should still be working in the mid-2030s. Other Hubble systems, including its instruments, are also working well. “We do not see Hubble as being on its last legs,” he concluded.
>Switching to the single-gyro mode, though, has drawbacks, primarily because Hubble cannot shift from one target to another as quickly or precisely as before. Crouse said that while Hubble can perform observations an average of 85 orbits per week in normal operations, that will be reduced to 74 orbits a week in single-gyro mode, a 12% loss of observing time.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228104


many such cases

Anonymous No. 16228113

I was one of the earliest ones to start using the Elon Derangement Syndrome terminology and I'm glad it's caught on.

Anonymous No. 16228122


Anonymous No. 16228123

LOL... at least 5 years.

Anonymous No. 16228127

Why does the pacific north west have such a different climate from the atlantic north east. But the latitudes are similar.

Anonymous No. 16228131

Prevailing winds and ocean currents.

Anonymous No. 16228132


Anonymous No. 16228144

humiliation ritual

Anonymous No. 16228148

Found the soulless automaton

Anonymous No. 16228153

>flat earth
it's just organized shills trying to discredit all the truth being told on /pol/

Anonymous No. 16228178

Why does he look like an Asian dictator?

Anonymous No. 16228183

It wasn't that long ago most Christians accepted modern cosmology other than a few fundamentalists.
now days most have turned a hard 180 and have gone back to an ancient and barbaric view of the cosmos.
I wonder whether or not China have any "flat earth" or "le space is fake" crackpots, I am leaning toward no they do not.
what makes us different from them? perhaps they are behind it all and influencing all the anti science rhetoric in the west.
I know tiktok which is their creation has mostly ruined an entire generation of zoomers.

Anonymous No. 16228187

anon btfo

Anonymous No. 16228194

Quite a bit of difference whether you openly distrust the elite and highest leadership in the US vs. China. If you say space is fake or the earth is flat might as well call for the ouster of Xi directly.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228196

Cirno has a long history on /sci/ because of math.

Anonymous No. 16228205

>China will land people on the moon before SpaceX or NASA
Grim indeed. Congress will not care of course even when China builds bases on the Moon and declares land on the Moon their property.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228215
>The company plans to develop two Delta-class spaceships and begin flying them in 2026. These vehicles are designed to be more easily reusable and carry six instead of four passengers. This timeline seems highly ambitious given that, at this point, the company is only developing tooling for the vehicles and won't begin major parts fabrication until later this year.
>However, by 2027, to support the commercial operations of two Delta ships, Colglazier said the company is planning a "targeted maintenance plan" for Eve to support three spaceflights a week and 125 flights a year.
>Nominally, Virgin Galactic anticipates that this cadence will allow the company to fly 750 astronauts a year at a price of $600,000 per seat, raising $450 million annually. At its current expenditures, this would allow Virgin Galactic to just about break even. (That is, after it flies out its existing manifest of 600 customers who previously bought tickets at price points of $250,000 and $450,000).

they aren't going to make it

Anonymous No. 16228226

What was his plan again? I almost feel like the plan was just to have fun spending money, but he he's had to make it seem more important after those guys died

Image not available


JPL Track, Pasade....jpg

Anonymous No. 16228227

>The initial designs in 1963 for the Voyager missions were grandiose: two landers weighing a total of twenty five tons, which would cost $4 billion

Anonymous No. 16228232

600k per seat for a suborbital flight!!??
holy moly.

Anonymous No. 16228234

where would the voyagers land though?

Image not available


kayser nordic.jpg

Anonymous No. 16228246

They changed the name from Mars Voyager to Viking, which sadly would upset homos these days

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228249

Anonymous No. 16228262

ship look like something out of Flash Gordon from that angle. Just needs a long needle nose to skewer Ming the Merciless.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228263

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228266

More pics and details
Test was last week, guess they were waiting for a quieter news cycle

Anonymous No. 16228268

It would look completely ridiculous to someone from the 1990s if you could show them.
Turns out 1950s sci fi was accurate after all.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228270

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228273

>KENT, Washington, June 11, 2024 — Today Stoke Space announced that it has successfully completed the first hotfire test for its new full-flow, staged-combustion (FFSC) rocket engine. The engine will power the first stage of Nova, the company’s fully reusable medium lift launch vehicle. Reaching this technical milestone represents a major leap forward for Stoke, as the company is on track to deliver the most robust, fully, and rapidly reusable medium lift rocket in the world.

I wonder why Eager is so skeptical of them? They seem to be progressing quite rapidly

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228275

>Notably, Stoke’s team designed and manufactured this first stage engine in just 18 months. The achievement follows Stoke’s successful vertical takeoff and vertical landing (VTVL) developmental test flight of its reusable second stage in September 2023.

Anonymous No. 16228278

Hes a retard I always say hes annoying here whenever brought up

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228279

>NOVA : our fully reusable rocket.

>Fully reusable stage 2
>Actively (regeneratively) cooled metallic re-entry heat shield with integrated modular LH2/LOX rocket engine is robust, resilient to damage, and operates with passive failure modes. Designed for minimal refurbishment between flights, unlocking rapid turnaround: Refit, Refuel, Refly.
>--Direct access to GTO, TLI, and other high-energy orbits
>--Return from orbit to launch site – precision, powered vertical landing
>--Downmass capability

>Fully reusable stage 1
>--7x LNG/LOX engines
>--Return to launch site (RTLS) or downrange landing

Anonymous No. 16228281

we went from were so back to its over.

Anonymous No. 16228283

Meanwhile at the Archimedes test stand...

Anonymous No. 16228286

lol yeah exactly. the whole plan to refuel i orbit, assemble the craft then boost to the moon is what von braun first planned for apollo. now they're going to do it. next they'll make a giant rotating ring station powered zee nooclear reactor on zee top

Anonymous No. 16228287

The aerospike-heatshield forces their rocket to have SOVL instead of being a straight tube

Those are some cool colors. Fuel-rich?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228288

I just found out the Epsilon Eridani system has an official name which is "Ran"
who the fuck gave it that shit name? WTF my day is unironically ruined

Anonymous No. 16228290

>WTF my day is unironically ruined
And I suppose it "ran" just fine before that?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228294

Anonymous No. 16228301

Do we have an atmosphere -> fuel machine designed and built yet?

Anonymous No. 16228303

a bunch of retarded high school kids from rural Washington came up with that name and the International Astronomical Union was like "fuck it we'll allow it"

Anonymous No. 16228304

You dont need one to test land a cargo starship

Anonymous No. 16228305

You might as well refill it and test mars to earth

Anonymous No. 16228306

A working FFSC engine is a really good start
Aerospike and fully reusable medium lift is still a reason to be skeptical, this is a recipe for negative mass margins

Anonymous No. 16228310

It might makes sense for the people that will live there. Like, you live in the epsilon eridani system, but you look up and see the ran. Basking in the ranlight. Actually yeah nevermind that sucks

Anonymous No. 16228312

Terraform Industries is making progress but it looks like you need calcium which isn't great

Anonymous No. 16228313

Validating fuel transfer will be very easy considering it doesn't risk Starships and can be done without any time constraints in orbit. The only two things preventing Starship from going to Mars at the time being are:
>being able to precisely land the booster on the tower arms consistently
>being able to land upright on Mars
The heatshield has proven it is much stronger than it looks and they will fix those gaps in the canards for all future flights

Anonymous No. 16228316

refill it with what?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228317

Tbh idk what these roggs are, but it's white. In my mind it's some sort of calcite or salt deposit

Anonymous No. 16228318

true, spacex tried fully reusable medium lift and abandoned it. Even BO aint doing that. If thetrailblazing leader skips a technology it may be a sign that it doesnt work

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228321

Due to extensive research done by the University of Pittsburgh, diamond has been confirmed as the hardest metal known to man. The research is as follows:

Pocket-protected scientists built a wall made of iron and crashed a diamond car into it at 400 miles per hour, and the car was unharmed. They then built a wall out of diamond and crashed a car made of iron moving at 400 miles an hour into the wall, and the wall came out fine. They then crashed a diamond car made of 400 miles per hour into a wall, and there were no survivors. They crashed 400 miles per hour into a diamond travelling at iron car. Western New York was powerless for hours. They rammed a wall made of metal into 400 miles an hour made of diamond, and the resulting explosion shifted earths orbit 400 million miles away from the sun, saving the earth from a meteor the size of a small Washington suburb that was hurtling towards mid-western Prussia at 400 billion miles an hour. They shot a diamond made of iron at a car moving at 400 walls per hour, and as a result caused over 10000 wayward planes to lose track of their bearings, and make a fatal crash with over 10000 buildings in downtown New York. They spun 400 miles at diamond into iron per wall. The results were inconclusive. Finally, they placed 400 diamonds per hour in front of a car made of wall travelling at miles per iron, and the result proved with out a doubt that diamonds were the hardest metal of all time, if not just the hardest metal known to man.

Anonymous No. 16228322

How come everyone is suddenly able to make a FFSC engine these days? Wasn't it supposed to be super hard?

Anonymous No. 16228323

Holy newfag! thats a muffin.

Anonymous No. 16228325

the russians did it decades ago. its not that hard, just no point in doing it when you can do something simpler. It's like how making a fully liquid first stage is not that hard but up until SpaceX it was most common to use solid boosters

Anonymous No. 16228326

>Even BO aint doing that.
Ain't new glenn a medium rocket in reusable mode?

Anonymous No. 16228327

They don't have the funding yet to start making a super-heavy class of rockets. It is why so many of these companies are going for micro-rockets. If and when people start hiring Nova flights, they will start working on bigger Novas I am sure

Anonymous No. 16228329

the second stage is not reusable

Anonymous No. 16228330

They're making a reusable second stage for it though.

Anonymous No. 16228331


Anonymous No. 16228333

It's in falcon heavy territory, and it's certainly a heavy rocket by size.
I see why they do it, but they need a vc miracle to make it through to making a bigger rocket. They will probably be launching individual smallsats with that rocket, it will be a tech demo but almost certainly not a profitable one

Anonymous No. 16228335

I am sure the name will change one day in the distant future zero chance they keep some boring name like "ran" for such a significant star system
a name like "ran" is more fit for some insignificant moon or asteroid that nobody cares about

Anonymous No. 16228339

>Wasn't it supposed to be super hard?
Blanket statements like this don't work in spaceflight because of the small sample size (US, USSR)

Anonymous No. 16228341

Then you shouldn't say that they ain't doing it then.

Anonymous No. 16228345

Yeah but that means you can't get home until you have functional ISRU. Too many unconfirmed variables to risk a human life. Depending on how Starship works out though you could just send one packed with fuel to the surface. Or one with calcium. That's probably how they'll do it. One Starship entirely water, one Starship entirely nitrogen, etc

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228346

>Carcinization is real

Anonymous No. 16228349

a reusable second stage might or might not happen there are no concrete plans for it

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228350


Anonymous No. 16228351

When are any of these flying to orbit?

Anonymous No. 16228352

Proper question is which are real and which are just investor baits/scam?

Image not available


shuttle devil.jpg

Anonymous No. 16228353


Anonymous No. 16228354

Patents say otherwise.

Anonymous No. 16228359

patents mean nothing

Anonymous No. 16228360


Anonymous No. 16228362

Real science is done on papers. SpaceX isn't doing anything.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228365

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228366


Anonymous No. 16228367

There is no Easter bunny, there is no tooth fairy, and there are no habitable exoplanets. Aliens are not real. Interstellar travel will never be possible. Faster than light travel and teleportation is not possible. Mars will not be colonized. Venus will not be terraformed. The sun cannot be harvested. We will never return to the moon. Resources will be exhausted within the century. You will die on this Earth, which will in turn perish as well.

Anonymous No. 16228368

Landscape has actually launched rockets to orbit so they're probably real.
Same with orienspace although they've only done one launch.
Galatic energy were the guys who launched a rocket from a ship outside shanghai recently, they've actually launched a quite a few rockets, probably the most legit on the list.
Space pioneer has made one successful launch so far.
i-Space has launched but half their launches fail, hyperbola 3 might be a scam.
Deep blue hasn't launched anything yet, nebula might be a scam.
CAS space is state owned so take that as you will, only launched the solid lijian 1 so far.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228369

New Tory kino dropped

Anonymous No. 16228371

I wonder how draggy that skirt overhang is

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228373

Not possible when the mp4's posted by sources are compressed to shit.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228377

why is the lunar lander depicted as all white, isn't this dishonest??
thought it would still be built from the same stainless steel as they are using now

Anonymous No. 16228380

It might not be. Since the lunar starship doesn't reenter they might make it out traditional materials to save on weight.
Or maybe it's just paint.

Anonymous No. 16228381

It'll probably be painted white to help with temp control

Anonymous No. 16228385

It's just paint. The pathfinder was painted white too


Anonymous No. 16228389

Peter Beck is btfo so fucking hard.
Hope Rocketlab dies soon

Anonymous No. 16228390

Anyway, we will reach Alpha Centurai before 2060, screenshot this

Anonymous No. 16228394

Anon we'd need to go 10% the speed of light and leave tomorrow, there's just no way that happens

Anonymous No. 16228395

With tiny probes, maybe. But humanity needs to first maximize and get the most possible use out of a lunar base and or colony. Going to Mars without first training on Luna is a fool's errand.

Anonymous No. 16228402

Those are rookie numbers

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Anonymous No. 16228405

Dare to dream

Anonymous No. 16228410

Holy shit

Anonymous No. 16228411

We could get pictures though within the next few years, I hear they're launching a telescope named after Toliman with the specific task of trying to image the Alpha Centauri system.

Anonymous No. 16228412

I'd be happy with a Minecraft texture tier image in my lifetime

Anonymous No. 16228413

>Alpha Centurai
you will never have planets

Anonymous No. 16228417

If we lined up a space telescope around 500-1000 AU away with Sol and Rigil Kentaurus, we could theoretically get images of the planets within their system with a resolution as high as 1K pixels thanks to gravitational lensing.

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crumb mush pop sci.jpg

Anonymous No. 16228420

>a resolution as high as 1K pixels thanks to gravitational lensing

Anonymous No. 16228424

Getting a HD image of Alpha Centurai's planets is a lot easier than reaching it. Still requires scientific instruments to get farther than Voyager but still doable within our lifetimes imo

Anonymous No. 16228425

>Trolling outside /b
God Almighty I hate you """people"""

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ouatila copeville.jpg

Anonymous No. 16228428

Gravitational lens imaging is a pipe dream

Anonymous No. 16228429

>No va
Won't go. Should have learned the marketing lesson from Chevy.

Anonymous No. 16228432

don't believe the WEF lies, Alpha Centurai has several terrestrial worlds we just haven't spotted them yet.

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Anonymous No. 16228433

Crush your own skull with a rock

Anonymous No. 16228434

This idea was discussed by scientists way back in 1936 and 1979 you monkey fuck. The sentence says "theoretical" for a reason. The most recent mention I can find of it was some years ago in an obscure NASA article.

Anonymous No. 16228437

>gravitational lens imaging is a pipe dream
So was fully reusable rockets the price of a pair of F-16s. Fuck off

Anonymous No. 16228438

Haven’t we already done it with galaxies that happen to line up?
Not easy to set up a space telescope designed to do it, but it’s not like it’s a warp drive or something.

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Lunar Module inte....jpg

Anonymous No. 16228441

no one is putting a telescope halfway to the Oort cloud to look at one and only one target. quantum optics combined with a network of very large space telescopes will make the idea quaint

Anonymous No. 16228442

The future of rocket propulsion can be plainly seen

Anonymous No. 16228444

When did wikipedia editors start allowing fictional substances in these articles?

Anonymous No. 16228445

He's just a contrarian dark skin who saw someone else get good (you)s by posting that previously and thought he could do the same but has no grasp of what's real or plausible so he just shits out the phrase like a young girl who just learned the word "gaslighting"

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xdownloader rDjmo....webm

Anonymous No. 16228446

Total bird death.

Anonymous No. 16228448


Anonymous No. 16228450

starship's fine and all i guess but high-energy launches just hit different, you know?

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Anonymous No. 16228451

Anonymous No. 16228452

>one and only one target
We aren't doing science anymore here, we're looking at our next sun. That's worth some dedicated hardware

Anonymous No. 16228454

That's quite shit

Anonymous No. 16228458

You know I used to think that too, but they really are so different when it comes to ISRU/ radiation/ day-night cycle, ect that I think lessons learned on the moon might not be all that useful on mars outside of a few basic things

Anonymous No. 16228459

Is white paint better than mirror finish for reflecting heat?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228470

Oh my God

Anonymous No. 16228471

The skirt is there to cover an even more draggy payload adapter

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228472


Anonymous No. 16228473

starship is romanian now?

Anonymous No. 16228482

I didn’t realize *all* the spacecraft were gay. Starliner sure, the signs were always there, but most of these come as a surprise.

Anonymous No. 16228488

its a good question. The apollo CSM was shiny bare metal and required a slow rotation for passive thermal control. The LM had to able to sit in direct sunlight without being able to move and was wrapped in reflective foil. The EVA suits were covered in an outer layer of bright white beta cloth which has a reflectance of about 90%.

The shuttle was bright white on the upper surfaces, and the ISS is also almost complete white, much of it betacloth or something similar.

it probably depends a lot on required functionality white material and coating can be used.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228491


Anonymous No. 16228494

>the only black ones are the ones that blew up
classic japan

Anonymous No. 16228497

Still the best shuttle

Anonymous No. 16228501

>They are painting it
Why? He said they wouldn't have to cmon

Anonymous No. 16228505

Where did he say that?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228506


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228508


Anonymous No. 16228510

humanity will pay for it's sins one day

Anonymous No. 16228514

The only ones who are straight are Titan and Redstone. The shuttles are all bi because they've had women inside them.

Anonymous No. 16228517

it's true

Anonymous No. 16228526

Elon has gone through the gambit of ideas from having zero coatings on SS (not even tiles) to having tiles, to having tiles plus some other thermal layer and now it's going to be an actual coating under the TPS

The idea was to keep things unpainted because stainless shouldn't need much protection from the elements or even heat

Anonymous No. 16228530

We're talking about the lunar lander, not normal starship.

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Anonymous No. 16228534


Anonymous No. 16228537

shut up retard, the calcium is necessary to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which isn't necessary on Mars because you can just stick a compressor outside for that

Anonymous No. 16228540


Anonymous No. 16228543

you're so mean

Anonymous No. 16228546

this is garbo but I like it

Anonymous No. 16228549

I'm pretty sure it's just a fan render

Anonymous No. 16228550

what do literally any of these pride flags mean
if you had put literally fifteen seconds into understanding the physics and chemistry involved you wouldn't be having such tremendous skill issues

Anonymous No. 16228551

they all love cock btw

Anonymous No. 16228552

Okay, how do we get a shitload of calcium on Mars? The bones of all Asia would be a good start, but stripping and transport will be logistical issues.
The flags mean they are crazy.

Anonymous No. 16228558

mental illness

Anonymous No. 16228559

calcium is unnecessary on Mars, but it will be very useful for permanently storing and using carbon dioxide on Venus

Anonymous No. 16228580

Starbase Pad B Construction: Super Crane Logistics! by SpaceX nigga

>Construction of the Second Starship Launch Pad at Starbase is well underway. With the amazing successes of Flight 4 in the books, its time to do some extremely heavy lifting! Due to the increased mass of the Integration Tower sections for Pad B at Starbase, the LR11350 used to construct the Starbase Pad A and KSC Pad 39A towers does not have the capability of performing the job. Specifically, the final 2 or 3 section are too heavy for the crane configuration needed for those heights.
>This time around, an even larger crane will be needed due the pre-installed GSE plumbing , hydraulic equipment and integrated staircases.
>As of June 10th, components for a Sarens CC 8800-1 have begun arriving at the Launch Complex. This crane features a 1600 ton lifting capacity, a significant increase from the 1350 ton capacity of the LR11350.
>Instead of using a split "Powerboom" configuration, this crane uses a single "Boom Booster" which helps provide additional stability while slewing and crawling with extremely heavy suspended loads.
>It will be interesting to see how the presence of this crane will affect launch operations for the rest of the year. Especially after its extended to the configuration needed for the upper sections of the tower. Back in 2021 when Pad A was being constructed, the LR11350 was moved away from the launch site prior to SN15's suborbital test flight. As you can imagine, the contractor/owner of this expensive super cranes probably did not want it on site while there was a risk of a massive Starship exploding on the landing pad.
>As most of you know, SpaceX will likely be attempting the first RTLS Chopstick landing with Superheavy on their next test flight - and every launch thereafter.


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228583

>If the contractor is willing to accept the risk, the cc 8800 can lay down in the position where the LR11000 is typically stowed for launch operations. By the time flight 5 comes around it should still be in a configuration that allows it to lay in that spot. But if so, that means the LR11000 will have to be relocated instead.
>Once the 8800 is in its extended configuration, its unknown whether there will be enough space to lay it down in a position where it will be protected behind the integration tower. If, not it would have to be partially disassembled and moved to the Sanchez site every 6 to 8 weeks.
>With that said, if SpaceX decides to take a long 4-6 month break after Flight 5 it will probably be for this reason. In my opinion, this company has some of the greatest project managers on the planet. For now we will just have to wait and see how they handle the logistics of this operation.
>This is an extremely exciting time at Starbase! I will continue to provide updates regarding interesting changes to the launch infrastructure along the way!


Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228587


Anonymous No. 16228594

gateway to massachusetts. subtle nod to how elon realizes that the only path forward for spacex is adopting the commonwealth fusion tokamak.

Anonymous No. 16228597

are we sure children born on mars won't be retarded?

Anonymous No. 16228601

That is a risk we have to take

Anonymous No. 16228602

next stage

Anonymous No. 16228603

you can never be sure but they're taking basic risk-mitigation steps like not allowing you to go over there

Anonymous No. 16228605

Great thread OP!

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228606

>After 14 hot fires on stubby engines, a full length Miranda engine is up next! Thanks to the co-located manufacturing and test facilities at our Rocket Ranch, we can test and iterate rapidly to accelerate development for our MLV engines and structures.

Anonymous No. 16228607

someone make a thread that isn't a faggot edition

Anonymous No. 16228608

Thank you, no problem :)

Anonymous No. 16228610

why can't I go there?\

Anonymous No. 16228613

NEW THREAD (not gay)





Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228625

Starship should be an inkling girl.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 16228630

wrong squid de geso

Anonymous No. 16228674

Children born here are retarded and that doesn't stop them

Anonymous No. 16228683

antimatter is not a fictional substance

Anonymous No. 16228725

Yes Artemis 1, was sick AF. Florida people are way to scam happy