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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982577

You DO use it, right?

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šŸ—‘ļø šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982571

Hi! I'm trying to learn Blender and here is my first animation. Do I have chances of making it?

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šŸ§µ 3D memes that deserve to die

Anonymous No. 982565

>short films - make a real fucking film
>robots as they're too lazy to animate people
>12 fps Spider-Verse nausea
>it's 2D anime... but 3D!
>ugly Pixar blob people

What else?

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šŸ§µ I finally figured out what fucked my rigs but now the rig wont move the mesh

Anonymous No. 982491

spend days looking for the reason the rig kept getting fucked and deformed, went trough all bones and realized for some reason blender put 50% strength of all the mesh on both breast bones........ removed them and now it works as intended with automatic weights

but now when i try to move the character the mesh doesnt move at all even with the right weights on, help?

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šŸ§µ /wip/ - Works In Progress

Anonymous No. 982476

/wip/ - Works In Progress - "You know you guys can make this thread yourselves, right?" Edition

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>980444

List of free resources: (embed) (embed)
/3/ Discord:

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šŸ—‘ļø šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982422

Hello, I've made my first animation in Blender. Do I have a chance of making it?

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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982416

Iā€™m new to sculpting. What tips should I know to help me better understand and visualize the things I want to make?

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šŸ§µ precision gears in blender

Anonymous No. 982356
this guy looks like chudjak,
also are mechanical /CAD mods in blender worth it? assuming most of us aren't going to buy solidworks

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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982263

Is learning blender a waste of time if I'm serious about learning animation?
I just want to animate anime girls with bouncy boobies fighting with weapons and magic like RWBY.
I've seen people say that Maya is better for animation than blender but I've not seen people actually explain what makes it better specifically. Is it the UI or something? I only have experience in Blender and cinema 4d. I prefer animating in blender over C4D. Right now I'm not doing shit professionally but I don't want to waste time learning Blender if I'm just going to have to learn Maya later. I'm not getting any younger over here.

I've taken a 3d animation and modeling course at college just for an art minor. I plan on taking animation again but learning Maya instead of cinema 4d. Would it be better to just fuck around in blender making meme shit until this fall or should I just dive into Maya?

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Immagine WhatsApp....jpg

šŸ§µ Casual Cover for my new Album

dadorgkh No. 982242

a casual image that i will use for my new album

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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982233

Need help, I'm relatively new to charactermodeling in blender and ambitiously chose to go for an anime-ish style. I edited the normals to make the lighting more presentable, but to my knowledge you cant edit the normals for individual shapekeys, which sucks because facedeformation messes with the light.
Is there a quick and easy work around for this or do I have to redo my shapekeys manually, but better?
It's supposed to be a game asset at the end of the day.

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šŸ§µ @BeanBeanis

Anonymous No. 982176

Did anyone know what happens to @BeanBeanis
All platform had been deleted

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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982165

Is lowpoly handpainted still a thing? Is blizzard still hiring tons of artists for WoW assets? What do you guys think of my ancient tome?

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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982142

hello, need a bit of help
I'm planning to make an irl coin and for that I'm planning to 3d print a prototype for making a mold out of. Probably will use the light sensitive resin. Anyway
I need to know if I should make my model the same size as the final print or make it bigger. The size of final print is diameter 27.3 thickness 1.78
I only realized how small it is when my low qality ref pics were around 100x bigger than the basic cylinder
tldr: if I want to print something small, should the 3d model be the irl size or bigger

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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982133

Could AI make rigging obsolete? I'm tweaking right now and obsessed with this idea of creating an alternative animation system that doesn't require rigging. Basically you would just have your sculped or retopo'd character, click a button, and IK/FK handles for animation would appear. But instead of bones and weight painting, which are essentially just constraints, the animation is purely done by deforming the mesh. kind of like fluid animations or blend shapes on steroids. the AI would then automatically constrain the deformation like weight painting would on a rigged character. I understand that this would result in worse performance than rig based animation and also cause problems with UV mapping, but just try to think of the benefits and how things could be 10 years from now. Pic related, my first attempt.

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šŸ§µ 2 questions, thank you

Anonymous No. 982063

Hello 3DCG, i'd appreciate some help learning about 3D, specifically animation. i don't know much yet, but i'm trying to learn and i had 2 questions. thank you

there was this app I remember which converted footage into 3D rendered environments. i'm not looking for quality or anything professional, i just want to quickly convert images into these low poly, weird 3D like pic rel

pic came from this video:
check it out, it has that distorted, low quality, low polygon look i'm trying to recreate. and if i'm not mistaken they used that app. any recommendations are welcome

i'd also like to know which programs experts here recommend to beginners getting into 3D, specifically animation. i read the sticky and it seems to be more oriented towards modeling. so as a beginner looking primarily to composite scenes, import low poly models, some light character animation & do some basic camera work, which program would you recommend? maybe some underground, lesser known, older programs that you see people rarely mention? i'm open to anything, i played around with Bryce 3D and it's pretty incredible

thank you!

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it's too ove....jpg

šŸ—‘ļø šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982013

babe, wake up!
it's almost time for your daily demoralization thread.
>Luma AI
>Just type and create 4 shitty low poly assets!
How long until it's 4 employees?

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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 982000*1cppw2r*_up*MQ..&gclid=Cj0KCQjwir2xBhC_ARIsAMTXk874QLYeYufoHdsY0sTX5tjDkamOEqxCFzgyQBmTHgVpM81jORkuoWgaAlLuEALw_wcB

Have any of you learned using this series and would you say it's worth the 15 bucks or am I better off just learning on various youtube videos?

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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 981946

>I have purposely taught them wrong
>as a joke

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Screenshot 2024-0....png

šŸ§µ CLO 3D / Marvelous Designer

Anonymous No. 981880

Creating garment assets for game environments.

Seems it's a bit niche?

Pivoting from a Rhino + SolidWorks / Blender (to render) background.

What should I know?
Do you have tutorial/ resource recommendations?
**yes i have checked the intro guide**

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šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 981764

I bought a 4090 to do 3D but apparently physics simulations use processor exclusively. What the hell man...

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šŸ—‘ļø šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 981736

hey guys. just made my first 3d model. let me know what you guys think of it :)

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chain reveal.webm

šŸ§µ Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 981610

I made product renderings for a client and it went great but now the client is asking for an animation like vid related.

I tried the (newly updated) particle simulation in C4D to try to create a body of liquid and also tried xParticles but both runs like shit on my M1 MacBook. I tried my best to optimize the simulations following multiple tutorials online but I cant get semirealistic results.

Now that I am thinking about it I might be vastly overcomplicating things since I basically just need to raise the product from a plane that somewhat sticks to the object.

Does anyone have an idea for a method I could use to achieve the effect in a much simpler way? I must be missing something.

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šŸ§µ Self Promotion Thread

Anonymous No. 981605

We have this over in /ic. I'd like to see anons portfolios and works. Post your socials.