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Thread for Judo (other jacketed wrestling styles welcome)

>Discussion starter
When and why did you first start Judo? How's it going so far?

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2024


>Video Resources

Previous thread: >>180500

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Is this proper judo?

Anonymous No. 187785

>last thread on page 5
>new thread already

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Koji Komuro vs Bi....webm

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Koji Komuro vs Bi....webm

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Chinese wrestling....webm

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I actually like the scoring in this sport, full score can only be achieved if you stay on your feet, lower score for going to the ground with them

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What is this move called

Anonymous No. 187806

スピニングスロー (supiningusurō)

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>Big nigga instead gets thrown
This is actually extremely impressive.

Anonymous No. 187851

shame that dealt no damage to that bjj faggot, but I hope he at least knows that it would have been deadly had he dropped him

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sasae tsurikomi ashi is a TE WAZA and im tired of pretending otherwise

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Does anyone knows on any Gi deals recently? I need one for a friend that isn't really that serious about judo and mostly does it for the cardio. Sub 50 dollars but not awfully bad. Buying used is not an option since none of my friends are selling theirs and my there is nothing in my local kikebook marketplace.

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Try Woldorf. I bought a cheap kurtka from them for $45 when I was doing sambo. It wasn't comp legal, but it was fine for training and held up alright.

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speaking of sasae,

which direction do i pull them in to throw? outward and up? outward and down? or just outward and straight?

Anonymous No. 187958

Absolutely based. That could easily solve the problem the leg grab ban was trying to solve.

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Why isn't judo big in action/martial arts movies? Any other kinos with lots of judo throws?

Anonymous No. 187964

Bourne series has a few fight scenes that has Judo in it.

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It's a lot easier to fake a kick or a punch than a throw. Keanu can't throw for shit and they barely managed to disguise it for John Wick.

>Any other kinos with lots of judo throws?

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NTA but its one of the throws i hit most often.
i pull back and maybe slightly down with the lapel, up and around with the sleeve. Most of the pulling comes from the body axis rotation though.

Anonymous No. 187986

Right, thanks anon.
If you're willing to expand yourself towards videogames, the MGS series has some judo

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>friend invites me to open weight no-gi tourney
Good idea or no?

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Do i have to yell the name of the attack when i do it?

Anonymous No. 188001

Are you a shonen protagonist?

Anonymous No. 188012

No i'm the edgy villain who will side with the good guys after beating them.

Anonymous No. 188021

Are you a Pokémon?

Anonymous No. 188026

Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?

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>go to class after six months of no training
>be yellow belt
>other yellow belt is there
>make drill where we switch up between low intensity uchikomi with movement and high intensity
>by the time it's his turn it's high intensity and I collapse on the floor from exhaution, 1 hour and 30 minutes into training
>other guy literally keeps picking me up and throwing me
This has to be easily the biggest embarrassment I have felt in my entire life. Share your cardio routines or something.. even though I have gained a massive amount of strength than before(I lifted most days), I still got fucking pounded.

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Sprints for distance
Normal running for distance
Suicides (A thing I like with this is sprinting to one point and just running back, not sprinting back and then sprinting again.)

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>When and why did you first start Judo? How's it going so far?
Started as a kid
Dropped out at orange belt
Started going against last year after about 15 years or so.
Doing pretty good.

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Imo you got two types of running in the sprinting category, you should do suicide sprints but run backwards after you reach the designated spot, regular sprinting why not do S sprinting instead to change directions occasionally? Hitting all sorts of movement patterns there.

Do monkey/bear crawls as well. Your core strength might not be as efficient as your general strength.

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It's in 3 days and I have never done any BJJ, not to mention no-gi.

Anonymous No. 188178

Is it no gi judo? or no gi bjj?

Anonymous No. 188181

Go check it out, maybe have your friend work with you a little bit these next three days to get you up to speed on the rules and how to adapt what you know to no-gi BJJ. Approach it with the mindset of it being a fun novelty where you might learn something and you should have a good time.

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So something i recognised in my local gym... its a hobbyist gym btw

90% of the wrestling look like alpha males
90% of the judo and BJJ classes are weak geeky looking people and women

I thought this was a meme but it looks to be true
lmao why is this?

Anonymous No. 188189

Wrestling operates on the premise that both competitors are very athletic and you are essentially forced to get into good shape in order to participate meaningfully. Judo (and its derivative BJJ) is designed to work for pretty much everyone; being in very good shape helps but you can still participate if you're old or a woman or whatever.

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how many adults beginners have you seen in judo??

Anonymous No. 188194

A lot. I don't think there's anywhere for adult beginners to wrestle around here, only options are judo and BJJ.

Anonymous No. 188200

Judo Dojo I go to is mostly old men.
Some of them competed at some point.
One of them has been practicing Judo since the 1960's.

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>its a hobbyist gym btw
so a mcdojo then? opinion discarded

Anonymous No. 188269

A few of the stronger guys go to competitions

regardless, it's just an observation I made. No need for seething.

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most BJJ gyms i've visited are a mix of fit young adults and burly middle-aged dudes. of course wrestlers are still at a whole another level, but definitely wouldn't call them geeky.

on the contrary, all the judo camps i've been to have had lots of little kids, teenagers and a surprising amount of old, graying, pot bellied men with glasses that will still throw your ass through the mats even if it sounds like they're on the verge of dying the entire time you're doing randori with them

that's at least been my experience. lots of teens and old guys, not a whole lot of young adults.

Anonymous No. 188443

BJJ is full of fat, hairy gay dudes or lanklets
Judo is full of oriental incels and femcels who all seems to be going to medical school

I and maybe like two or three other white dudes are the only outliers

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>Yeah, I do Sasae and De Ashi, how could you tell?

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Sasae, my beloved

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Anonymous No. 188538

not my problem
t. ashi waza pro

Anonymous No. 188556

>have to help white belts with sasae and sweeps
>my leg ends up looking like this

Anonymous No. 188649

I see, thanks again. You might be right about that, but I have trained abs as well. Today I didn't suck as much.

Anonymous No. 188657

>all the cool guys in my dojo have KuSakura gis made from 100% cotton, custom embroidered and tailored
>im still ragging around in my 9-year-old blue fuji gi that I had to resew the right sleeve back on after i tore it open in practice

Anonymous No. 188658

Do you really have a blue gi as your only gi?

Anonymous No. 188659

No, it's just my favorite

Anonymous No. 188660

Fancy gis with flamboyant designs are for attention whores and bjj faggots. A plain gi with a lot of wear shows character.

Anonymous No. 188703

>$193+ for a JACKET
that's some premium merch on god

Anonymous No. 188739

I'm new to comps. Do I have to go to the ground if I get a wazari or can I just stand up and wait for the referee to say stop?

Anonymous No. 188742

You can but that’s retarded

Anonymous No. 188748


Anonymous No. 188749

You could, but you're missing a training opportunity and you'll embarrass your coach and your school. This might be the judo equivalent of BJJ fags using the butt-scoot to avoid standing.

Anonymous No. 188757

You’re already at an advantage, just pin them. Even if you can’t they’re going to use a lot more energy trying to escape then you will keeping hold of them.

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>You could, but you're missing a training opportunity and you'll embarrass your coach and your school

If I saw one of my students actively avoid ground work by just standing there, in Shiai, looking down at their opponent I'd promote them to 10th dan on the spot. Couldn't be more based.

Anonymous No. 188767

>I really want to cuck my students out of learning half the art
I’m glad I never had to train with you

Anonymous No. 188775

>garbage wazari-tier throw is worth a promotion
( y o u )

Anonymous No. 188791

bjj buffoonery

Anonymous No. 188792

I hold no rank in BJJ and have only ever taken a couple classes when I felt like it. On the other hand, I have a shodan in judo. Learn2newaza you faggot.

Anonymous No. 188794

>and have only ever taken a couple classes when I felt like it

Anonymous No. 188796

Why is he throwing him like this? Is this good judo?

Anonymous No. 188798

New to Judo. I have an extensive Muay Thai background and did a tiny bit of BJJ. How different are Muay Thai sweeps and dumps from Judo throws? Things like Sasae and Ude nage in Judo look really similar to forward dumps from a clinch.

Anonymous No. 188801

technique different, principles the same. all balance and timing. thats 99% of judo in practice

Anonymous No. 188821

The range is slightly further because you can get a very secure grip on someone’s wrist with a sleeve, and you shouldn’t really be kicking peoples legs out (most people will hate you if you do that).

Anonymous No. 188842

Those are niggers, anon.

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>In order to promote Judo, Hirano would fight all black belts in the city where he taught Judo. In November 1954, in Mannheim, Germany, Hirano scored all ippons in 34 minutes against 54 black belt opponents (1-3 dan).

>Traditional nage-waza (throwing techniques) were taught in the following sequence: kumu (gripping), tsukuru (the entry and proper fitting of your body into position taken just before the movement required for completion of your throwing technique), kakeru (completing), and nageru (throwing).

>Hirano revolutionized the order to tsukuru, kumu, kakeru and nageru. This is the current European style Judo. This is a proven method to defeat bigger opponents, as demonstrated by Hirano's stunning success. Wilhelm Ruska (Holland) 192 cm, 115 kg, was his most accomplished student. Ruska was the world heavyweight champion in 1967 and 1971 and runner up in 1969 (open weight). Wilhelm was the dual gold medallist in heavy and open weight class at the 1972 Munich Olympics.


How the fuck do you fit into a throw without actually having that kuzushi from grips?

Anonymous No. 188896

Sambo has something similar

Anonymous No. 188917

I mean, TE WAZA are basically techniques where you use mainly your hands/arms.
From your pic it seems the technique involves *pulling* the opponent towards you diagonally while tripping his leg, thus it is obviously a TE WAZA. What else would it be if not a TE WAZA?

Anonymous No. 188918

>Yeah, I do Muay Thai where I kick the shin, how could you tell?

Anonymous No. 188919

Although you could also say the reason it is considered an Ashi Waza is that the technique *depends* on the use of feet to prevent the opponent from regaining balance.
Sasae (support) tsurikomi (pulling) ashi (foot), thus "the foot/leg that supports the throw".

Anonymous No. 188923

Does ukemi really prevent/break your falls? If you try to use ukemi outside the dojo/mats, will it hurt less? Will you still get injured?

Anonymous No. 188926


Anonymous No. 188928

>If you try to use ukemi outside the dojo/mats, will it hurt less?
Yes. Ukemi is the single most useful physical skill you train in judo.
>Will you still get injured?
Less so than if you fell wrong. Depending on the severity of the fall, the surface, etc. you may or may not get injured.

Anonymous No. 188929

Thank you.

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Here's a better question, what was Kimura's fixation on Osoto?
>In May of 1935 Kimura fought Kenichiro Osawa at the 5th dan division championship. Kimura attacked with an Ouchigari to Osotogari combination. Osawa countered Kimura with such force that Kimura suffered a concussion.
>In his second match at the 5th dan championship he fought Kenshiro Abe. Abe was so skillful that Kimura felt as if he was fighting a shadow. Every throw he tried (Osoto, Seoi) had no effect at all.
>Kimura was extremely disappointed with his four losses in 1935. He considered quitting the sport, but through the advice and encouragement of his best friends Funeyama and Kai he began training with a new found determination. All through the nights he practiced against a tree to perfect his special Osotogari. After six months his waza was so sharp that a daily randori at Kodokan would result in 10 people with concussions. It was not unusual for his opponents to request “no osotogari” before practice.
>During the 20 minute practice Abe was thrown many times with Seoinage, Osotogari, and Ouchigari.
>In October 1935 Kimura won his first major title, the All-Japan Collegiate Championships. He won the tournament with Deashi Harai, Ude-garami, Osoto-otoshi, Osoto-gari, Ude-garami, and Kuzure-Kamishiho-gatame.
>His six wins were with Osotogari (three times), Ude-garami, Kuzure-Kamishiho-Gatame, and Ippon Seoinage.
>Kimura defeated his first two opponents here with Osotogari.
>Tashiro tried his kanibasami many times but with no effect. Kimura attacked with a powerful osotogari which injured Tashiro’s right shoulder.
>At the 1939 All Japan Championships Kimura won with Osoto-gari, Osoto-otoshi, Osoto-makikomi, and Tsuri-komi goshi. In the Semifinal round he defeated Ochi 5th dan with Osoto-otoshi.

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Anonymous No. 188937

>>In the final match he fought Tokizane 5th dan. Kimura told Tokizane before the match that he was going to throw him with Osoto-gari.
>Kimura circumvented the defenses with a Osoto-gari to Osoto-otoshi combination.
>Kimura defeated his first three opponents with Ushirogoshi, Osotogari, and Osotootoshi.
>In the previous two matches Kimura had won by wazaris with Osotogari.
>Kimuras first 5 attempts of Osotogari were unsuccessful. Finally on the sixth try Kimura broke Hiroseis defences with a Osotogari to osotootoshi combination.
>Takahiko Ishikawa 5th dan was Kimura’s final round opponent. In the two previous meetings Kimura had won with Osotogari and Tsurikomi goshi for ippons.
>In the preliminary round Kimura defeated Toshiro Daigo, 5th dan (All Japan Champion 1951, 1954, current 9th dan, 179cm, 5’11”; 90kg, 198lbs) with Osoto-gari to Kuzure-kamishiho-gatame.
>During the fight, Kimura threw Gracie repeatedly with ippon-seoinage (one arm shoulder throw), osotogari (major outer reap), and haraigoshi (sweeping hip/loin).
>Kimura then took Gracie down with an osotogari followed by kuzure-kamishiho-gatame.
>Kimura threw Santana with Seoinage, Hanegoshi, Osotogari; then, he applied Ude-garami, and won the match.

Seriously, he was took that Bruce Lee quote too literal.

Anonymous No. 188941


Anonymous No. 188952

I like his way of thinking
>Okay, time for Osoto
>Alright, that didn't work, let's try Osoto
>Fuck, okay didn't work, I KNOW! Osoto!
>Okay, one more time, annnd OSOTO
>Nailed it

Anonymous No. 188967

Because the way he executed Osoto was lethal.

Kimura didn't do the way we learn it where in you step out to Uki's side, pull him to you and sweep in a motion that brings Uki's back and down. Instead, he did Osoto that involved literally blocking the knee.


He would enter going sideways, pulling Uki's head down to their balancing leg. Now, he would either sweep like in Gari or plant like in Otosohi.) The reason why this works so well is because Uki can't escape it the same way they can for the Osoto we do.

Uki can't bump forward and try to replant his foot because the power is just too intensive. He can't try to step back because then they would be right back into conventional osoto otoshi area. Worst of all, if Uki doesn't capitulate and fall, their knee is in such a horrible and compromising position they have no choice but to go down or else their risk snapping their knee. Masahiko's Osoto isn't even a unique or incredibly intricate technique, it's literally just the way Osoto used to be taught and still is across most of the Budo world.

Anonymous No. 188982


Anonymous No. 189005

Exactly how dangerous is Kimura style osoto for the knees? This is the one thing stopping me from practicing it. I don't want to be accidentally tearing people's ACLs.

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Anonymous No. 189013

Pretty dangerous

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Anonymous No. 189027

literally me with sasae

Anonymous No. 189032

What are your favorite combos and setups with sasae?

Anonymous No. 189037

I like to go from Sasae into Sasae, and from that I go into Sasae. I like to do Sasae sometimes from my Sasae, if my Sasae gets countered I usually go for Sasae. On occasion, I like to try to into standing Kata Guruma from Sasae.

Anonymous No. 189045

What about kata guruma INTO sasae

Anonymous No. 189058

I tried this and I made mustard gas by accident

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Anonymous No. 189088

Anyone else just pay for the mats and training partners? Holy shit is my gym's instruction shitty. I'm objectively the most skilled judoka in my gym (not hard to be) and 90% of my game is from fucking youtube.
>30 min warmups
>Stupid solo ashi waza drills
>Uchikomis but everyone is doing the same throw
>Anything goes depending on the instructor's mood
>2 rounds of randori if you're lucky
>"good players listen to their sensei!!!"
Shut the fuck up. I'd listen if you actually taught worthwhile shit.

Anonymous No. 189090

My gym has a pretty good sensei(s).

To be honest, the 30-minute aerobic warmups have to die. Outside of ukemi for like 10 minutes, every one should be warming up to their own degree.

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rather serious cat.png

Anonymous No. 189092

ironically osoto-gari to sasae is my favorite. when you get the rotation right, it feels amazing to launch uke over your blocking foot.

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Anonymous No. 189106

I've been hitting this obscure ass counter as of late. Started doing it intuitively, looked it up and found out it was called hane-goshi-gaeshi. Super sweet throw, surprised I've never heard of it up until now.

Anonymous No. 189108

I've had this problem. That moment when the dojo starts feeling too... dogmatic? And it feels like you're not actually being taught or developing your own style but just blindly following your class. That's when I decided to look into other styles like Sambo and wrestling, just to try something fresh and different.

Anonymous No. 189110

>why I use the thigh abductors/adductor machines in the gym
Don't care if insecure chicken legged wusses call it a 'girl' exercise, thats where most of your power for sweeps like this comes from. Get in there & start flappin dem thighs my fellow judokas. There are body weight ways to beef them up too.

Anonymous No. 189118

> I'm objectively the most skilled judoka in my gym
Start your own school then retard

Anonymous No. 189123

>There are body weight ways to beef them up too
such as?

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Anonymous No. 189164


Anonymous No. 189270

aren't squats and deadlifts enough for this?

Anonymous No. 189391


I have a competition in like two weeks, I want to develop and UNSTOPPABLE Osoto Gari within that time. I've been practicing non-stop my Uchi Komi. I've got my technique pretty much to a T, now I just want to OP the shit out of it.

How much mass and strength can I put into my hamstrings with just Nordic curls and resistance band leg curls?

Anonymous No. 189400

How safe is judo? I'm 32 and I've never done any martial arts outside of the ones my parents forced me to as a kid. I ended up getting interested in it because of my love for sumo, but I really don't want to participate in any sport that poses any reasonable risk of long-lasting damage to my body. I don't even squat at the gym.

Anonymous No. 189403

Have you tried not being a pussy?

Anonymous No. 189405

No and I refuse to.

Anonymous No. 189406

Then this isn’t the sport for you

Anonymous No. 189412

i tried judo twice, the first time we were doing some ground work and this black belt did something to me when i was lying on the floor and my arm got caught between one of his/my limbs and basically forced the opposite way. luckily i lift weights i think thats the only reason it didnt snap in half. was a bit sore afterwards

the second time they had us doing forward and back rolls. Idk the last time you did a forward or back roll but for me it must have been when i was like 6 lmao. so i was not graceful at all. trying to roll backwards i basically injured my neck and it ruined the rest of the session for me.

I think after you start becoming confident in the movements you will be at less of a risk. i think as a new white belt you are most accident prone. if you do it, try to go to a beginners/fundamental class. its what i will do if i ever try it again. Theres something about it that just makes me want to do it, despite the possibility for injury. Also you can end up dead or paralysed if theres an accident.I mean, people are throwing you around upside down. maybe even landing awkwardly on you.

Anonymous No. 189422

You have to have a lack of self preservation for it. If you're too timid or defensive, you'll probably end up doing more damage to yourself and others.

Anonymous No. 189423

Practice your ukemi next time and you won’t end up injured. Did they not instruct you how to roll at all? Shoulder to opposite hip, not straight down on your fucking neck.

Anonymous No. 189425

>lack of self preservation
The word you’re looking for is courage.

Anonymous No. 189430

I would say this, but I would call it's more confidence. Confident in your falls, confident in your body's ability to absorb damage and keep going, confidence in throwing and controlling opponents.

Both words work, but it's seriously just a lack of self preservation or selflessness. Just throwing yourself at the other guy knowing that if they throw you, you'll be able to land gracefully no matter what. But, in order to get to that point you have to actually fall and get hurt.

Anonymous No. 189432

I feel like it's courage when it amounts to something. Like, all pro sports are injury factories, but at least those people are trying to achieve something substantial. Risking your health for a hobby sounds psychotic to me. You're not proving anything to anyone by doing that, especially if you also just happen to not really give a fuck about safety because that's what life taught you or w.e.. Though I definitely wouldn't criticize anyone for enjoying the sport of their choosing either.

Anonymous No. 189434

>Risking your health for a hobby sounds psychotic to me
What board do you think you’re on?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 189442

Anonymous No. 189445

I’m glad I minored in Japanese like a true weeb in college just so I can use it to Kek at this meme.

Anonymous No. 189447

>I don't even squat at the gym.
What? Why? If you're paranoid about injury you should be fortifying your body.

Anonymous No. 189450

>You're not proving anything to anyone by doing that

Why do I have to prove something? Can't I just do it?

Anonymous No. 189458

No, doing things you like just for the sake of it is for fucking NORMIES


Image not available


Mainoumi vs Konis....webm

Anonymous No. 189511

>because of my love for sumo
>but I really don't want to participate in any sport that poses any reasonable risk of long-lasting damage to my body
Sumo has some of the highest injury rates around.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 189528

That's exactly what makes me so aware of the dangers of it.
Anyway, thanks for the genuine replies, everyone. I think I'll pass on Judo then.

Anonymous No. 189531


Anonymous No. 189551

I've been doing Judo a while on and off
I know a few throws
I'm tall as fuck, but also strong
My legs are normal size, my arms are about an inch longer than average
What throws would be good for me to focus on?

I've been focusing on Seoi Nage, but it's painfully obvious that's not suited to my height.
I seem to have a pretty lethal o-soto gari, but that's the easiest throw so

Anonymous No. 189553

I just wrestled with someone 10kg heavier than me. He was up against a wall
>He had old man strength, couldn't even trip him, he would wrap his ankle around mine to limit my movement
>Nothing was working, it's incredibly hard to do anything to someone resisting being taken down
>Go for a "high crotch" (learnt from:
>It works!
>Grab leg and put it closer to armpit then drive forward, he falls to the floor

Wow, this makes me realise how gimped and overcomplicated judo is as a grappling art

Wrestling just works.

Anonymous No. 189554

Fighting is the most primal thing an organism is designed to do. If you can't fight to some extent , idk how you can feel happy with yourself. You can be rich, whatever, but the need for physical domination and being a warrior is within every man. Most guys cope with that through bibeogaymes. But for certain few that won't cut it, injuries or not

Anonymous No. 189555

Yeah they didn't instruct us how to do either roll. So yeah, I tried doing a backwards roll straight across my fucking neck lmfao.

When I asked them how to improve my rolling technique and that I struggled with it, they said "just practice"

Anonymous No. 189562

>Fighting is the most primal thing an organism is designed to do
Source: concussed brain of some unhugged bozo who can't enjoy a hobby without turning it into a pseudo-ideology complete with a pack of bro-sci justifications.

Anonymous No. 189564

T. Oversocialised beta funko pop collector who uses up all his testosterone on porn and bing bing wahoo

Anonymous No. 189565

>do something against somebody that they were expecting
>doesn't work
>do something against somebody that they weren't expecting
wow anon is a genius

now try to high crotch a wrestler who's 10kg heavier during a wrestling meet

Anonymous No. 189571

Sounds like a retarded school if they’re not teaching you how to do ukemi before having you do it. If you go back to judo go to a different club. “Just practice” is pointless advice unless they’re expecting you to reinvent the wheel.

Anonymous No. 189577

Buzzword for "not a sperg".

>funko pop collector who uses up all his testosterone on porn and bing bing wahoo
Yes, yes, everyone who isn't exactly like you is a stereotypical onion redditor. Yet another shining testament to the quality of your life principles.

Anonymous No. 189579

Why are you even here if you don’t like fighting? I can only presume you’re a coward coping about how much better you are for not trying. Don’t worry though I’m sure those grapes really are sour.

Anonymous No. 189581

>Why are you even here if you don’t like fighting?
I'm not that anon, you piss clown.

Anonymous No. 189582

>piss clown
Go back to tumblr, faggot

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Anonymous No. 189584

leg grabs are fucking illegal you're going to prison anon

Anonymous No. 189585

>He thinks he's too educated and evolved for violence

Sounds like beta funko pop cope to me

Anonymous No. 189614

It's not too bad. The few significant injuries I've seen in years of practice were a dislocated knee and a head cut. Apart from that, most minor injuries I've seen were leg and shoulder related. And long time damage like CTE and stuff? Seems safe in that aspect to me, striking is much more dangerous when it comes to that. I've seen people in their 60s and 70s still practicing after several decades of judo and they were perfectly lucid. Anyways, you're not gonna get hurt for taking a couple judo classes so you might as well try it.
I've done both and sumo is definitely more brutal. Much more prone to receiving accidental headbutts and shoulder strikes than in judo, and getting slammed as well.

Anonymous No. 189698

This. Idk what's the average lifespan of professional judokas but there's plenty of GOATs who, unlike sumo wrestlers, lived well into their 90s despite grueling training. Definitely can't say the sport is absolutely safe but if you work out, stretch, approach ukemi as the single most important aspect of judo, don't go for the shit you're not ready for, and don't randori with shitheads, you'll most likely be perfectly fine.
It's one of the safest non-meme combat sports out there.

Image not available


Silva Morales vs ....webm

Anonymous No. 189717

Anonymous No. 190313

uchi mata as counter is underrated

Anonymous No. 190363

The sutemi-waza techniques seem to be great for opponents against a wall.

Anonymous No. 190388

But Judo Doesnt work its only works if your the same size or bigger now you can hum some bullshit but you cant offer proof otherwise

Anonymous No. 190393

>but you can’t prove otherwise
Are you sure about that?
13 minutes in, Watch sensei Seth get rag dolled by shorter and lighter judoka.

Anonymous No. 190395

its only useful on people who dont do judo

Anonymous No. 190396

>judo only works on people who don’t do judo
Then how does anyone win tournaments? Also “people who don’t do judo” is most of the human population including other martial artists. What point are you even trying to make?

Anonymous No. 190397

once you took it to the ground someone who did bjj would take over after

Anonymous No. 190398

bjj literally comes from judo. this is embarrassing.

Anonymous No. 190399

>people who train ground fighting more than stand up are better at ground fighting than people who train more stand up than ground fighting
Somebody call MENSA, this guys 200IQ

Anonymous No. 190400

Not to shit on you, it's a valid concern for most people, but I don't have what it takes to practice a full contact martial art. Maybe look for a gym with minimal or light sparring, but if you are always going to be paranoid about injuries, you are better off doing something else.

Anonymous No. 190408

so why would anyone bother traininig judo

Anonymous No. 190409

To get better at stand up grappling.

Anonymous No. 190410

ill just do bjj and wrestling

Anonymous No. 190411

nice joke anon

Anonymous No. 190416

Fuck off to >>189557

Anonymous No. 190420

You don’t train either of those

Image not available


Shinya Aoki vs Al....webm

Anonymous No. 190516

Image not available



Anonymous No. 190641

Redpill me on the Yasuhiro Yamashita choke

Anonymous No. 190644

Is that legal?

Anonymous No. 190774

Guys, where can I watch actual naked wrestling/judo videos instead of the fake shit you see on porn sites?

Anonymous No. 190783

Combat Jujutsu world championship

Some fantastic throws and ne waza throughout this video. Not a big fan of the point fighting rules with the striking but some of the guys are really going for it with the fists anyway.

Anonymous No. 190790

I lost the first competition I went to. Best cope?

Anonymous No. 190800

Competition is a tool for studying judo. What'd you learn?

Anonymous No. 190802

To pull my opponents closer, especially in osoto
To get a close as possible before tensing up to throw

Anonymous No. 190805

that bracket organizers are some of most retarded people on earth

Anonymous No. 190822

He didn’t actually do the choke like that, it was just a regular okuri eri jime

Image not available



Anonymous No. 190866

What is the more powerful grip? An inside double lapel or outside double lapel?

Anonymous No. 190882

grip the balls

Image not available


yyy_judo How to m....webm

Anonymous No. 190904

Anonymous No. 190920

How did you lose?

Anonymous No. 190921

I got thrown. By a black belt, as a white belt.

Anonymous No. 190936

Inside has more leverage outside will have to struggle.

Anonymous No. 190941

Inside, objectively.

Anonymous No. 191132

pairing black belts with white belts is just retarded. some competitions are divided between white to orange and green to black. this should always be the case.

Anonymous No. 191133

When I was a white belt I was encouraged to compete in the white belt bracket as well as the open, all-ranks bracket precisely because getting dunked on by a black or brown belt you've never trained with before is a chance to see something new.

Image not available


shohei ono.jpg

Anonymous No. 191136

>trained judo for 2 years so far
>still get my ass kicked in every competition
>senseis say I'm "not creating enough kuzushi"
>wtf does this mean
>I do everything I think I'm supposed to (pull sleeve, punch down lapel, yank them really hard)
>nobody can really explain it to me explicitly

Shit's demoralizing as fuck anons. What can I do to actually get better? Give me a crash course in Creating Kuzushi for Dummies please.

Anonymous No. 191137

sounds like a rather half-assed way to critique your comp performance if that's all the feedback your coach can give you

poor kuzushi would imply you're at least attempting throws, but they're failing because your opponent is not sufficiently off-balanced?

have you reviewed footage of your competition matches with your coach? what do your opponents throw you with, or how did they counter you? most importantly: are you winning the grip fight?

kuzushi isn't just the traditional pull-look-at-watch we do in uchi-komi, that part of off-balancing is already created by your throwing action. it's also what you do before executing your throw:
>get your grips and deny your opponent good grips
>move them around, yank their head down, push, pull
>off-balance with ashi-waza: sasae, hiza guruma, kouchi, de ashi
>execute throw when they are off-balance

Image not available



Anonymous No. 191139

>I do everything I think I'm supposed to (pull sleeve, punch down lapel, yank them really hard)
Think about why you're doing these things and consider if it's having the desired result; if not, explore why. You can do any or all of those and create zero kuzushi if done at the wrong moment; you have to time it correctly in accordance with your opponents movements.

The basic premise of a judo throw is that
>your opponent moves and you move with him (tai-sabaki),
>you help him move a bit further than he wanted to so he's off-balance (kuzushi),
>you trip him with some part of your body (tsukuri),
>and you help him along his journey to the floor (kake).
If you're just arbitrarily yanking on your opponent's gi without considering his movements you're not going to create kuzushi (someone who is uncommonly strong could overpower their opponent to create kuzushi but that's clearly not you).

>What can I do to actually get better? Give me a crash course in Creating Kuzushi for Dummies please.
Read Kodokan Judo by Jigoro Kano if you haven't already.

Anonymous No. 191247

>the judo sucks thread is getting more traction than /judo/
its over

Anonymous No. 191252

>bait gets more posts than constructive conversation
Are you new to the internet?

Anonymous No. 191287

Thanks Anon. I do think I'm just arbitrarily yanking and trying to force moves instead of reading my opponent more. I think that part of my problem is that I have a hard time reading my opponent's weak balance direction in the moment and only realize it afterwards. For example, here is Shintaro Higashi's ouchi gari system:

In a nutshell, it is:
>do ouchi gari on opponent if they're squared up
>do diagonal ouchi gari if opponent is standing naturally
>do osoto gari on the other leg if they retreat and lift the leg you're doing ouchi to
>do uchi mata if they push back into you
This covers almost every situation yet I still can't recognize these situations in the moment. My guess is that I need to drill these until they become muscle memory. The problem is my dojo just wants us to do randori randori randori but I honestly feel like I'd get better if I did positional drills for each of these 4 situations for example. But the senseis either have move of the week drills covering stuff I don't care about or they want us to randori and they tell me to stop the drills I'm practicing if I do try.

>Kodokan Judo by Jigoro Kano
Thanks, I'll get it.

Image not available


Daria Bilodid Jud....webm

Anonymous No. 191319

Anonymous No. 191330

need me a judo gf bros

Anonymous No. 191362

you never want to be on the outside

Anonymous No. 191483

>In order to promote Judo, Hirano would fight all black belts in the city where he taught Judo. In November 1954, in Mannheim, Germany, Hirano scored all ippons in 34 minutes against 54 black belt opponents (1-3 dan).

>Traditional nage-waza (throwing techniques) were taught in the following sequence: kumu (gripping), tsukuru (the entry and proper fitting of your body into position taken just before the movement required for completion of your throwing technique), kakeru (completing), and nageru (throwing).

>Hirano revolutionized the order to tsukuru, kumu, kakeru and nageru. This is the current European style Judo. This is a proven method to defeat bigger opponents, as demonstrated by Hirano's stunning success. Wilhelm Ruska (Holland) 192 cm, 115 kg, was his most accomplished student. Ruska was the world heavyweight champion in 1967 and 1971 and runner up in 1969 (open weight). Wilhelm was the dual gold medallist in heavy and open weight class at the 1972 Munich Olympics.


Re asking this since it was sort of answered, how the fuck do you fit into a throw without actually having that kuzushi from grips?

Anonymous No. 191515

If I had to speculate it would entail keeping your arms relaxed but grip firm while doing the footwork and body movement (tai-sabaki) and only changing up your grip when it's time to throw; basically, moving your hands after your feet in order to set the trap before pushing or pulling uke into it.

Anonymous No. 191518

I'm thinking of picking up Judo and so far I've found 2 places that seem good.

One is physicaly larger and has more students, but only offers classes 2x per week. The other one felt a bit cramped and has a few pillars inside the mats that made me pretty uncomfortable to throw and get thrown around, but they offer classes 3x per week.

On a technical level they seemed more or less equal, with the pillar dojo maybe being a bit ahead. Are pillars huge safety hazards for judo on a practical everyday manner? During randori each pair could get a 3ish meters square they can stand in to try avoiding the pillars, but it still felt awkward having to practice while keeping them in mind during my trial class. Other place wouod be "safer" to train in, but only offers 2 weekly classes.

Do you guys have any experience with dojos that have obstacles like that and how much of an issue they end up being? They are padded to shoulder height, but still look like they would be nasty to hit during a throw.

Anonymous No. 191520

>Are pillars huge safety hazards for judo on a practical everyday manner

They can definitely be of concern, the Kodokan specifically mentions how the tatami should be kept free of obstacles. It's understandable if they are at the ends of the mat and are needed to support the building, but if you have a concrete pillar in the middle of the mat it's an issue. Even if they are padded, they're just an annoyance to move around. But hey, could be more dynamic.

How is the 3x a week class more 'ahead'? Do they teach better or have better instructors? Is the other class like a circuit trainer?

Image not available


Yanagimori family.jpg

Anonymous No. 191555

The place feels a bit better for reasons unrelated to the number of classes. They have a competiti team that's a bit larger, the chief instructor has a bit more medals and the place come from a better "lineage" as it runs in the family of one of my country's first 9th degrees, pic related father.

Their place also doesn't have quite as many students, so the instructors pay closer attention to what you're doing.

Anonymous No. 191602

Then go with them, if you don't mind the pillars.

Anonymous No. 191607

Eh, I'll probably do that. If I end up cracking my head open I'll just take that as the sweet release of oblivion.

Anonymous No. 191665

Advice serving as uke for white belts? I'm a yellow belt and I've been thrown plenty of times by higher belts, no problems at all. But everytime I have to uke for a white belt I literally lose years of life and some neurons. I hate saying this since I'm not that different from a white belt really, and I know im bitching a bit, but it gets hairy when you are paired with an asshole for throwing practice, but you cannot deny being an uke without making an escene.

Anonymous No. 191666

Just talk, you sperg.
>hey man, try to do thing more easily ok?
>you can hurt your partners like that
>do it like this instead
Noobs won't know how to do things unless you teach them.

Anonymous No. 191667


Image not available



Anonymous No. 191675

A few weeks into my tiny twice weekly rural judo club
They haven't asked for dues even though there's talk about how the club is struggling
First time I showed up it was essentially a private lesson by two brown and one black belts, I was wearing black sweat pants and a 10+ year old white gi jacket from when I was six inches shorter
Get given free books, including ones by Kano Shihan himself
Spend all day every day outside of class autistically thinking about judo

This is every sports manga shit ever wtf.

Green belt manlet who also does jui jitsu was my first ever randouri partner, he went maximum muscle on me and clutched both arms so I couldn't ukemi slap
Threw that try hard faggot a few times anyway because he was so rigid and didn't have an answer to basic defensive/offensive movement brown belt senpai taught me
Now I want to build my grip arms and traps because it's freaky what experienced grapplers can do

Anonymous No. 191681

There's a surprising number of new and experienced guys, but everyone else is so inconsistent, I don't want my club I just joined to die, if those guys don't show up consistently they deserve to get thrown around by this 6'1 weight lifting white belt, even the emphasis on smooth footwork and bending my knees gave me so much offensive/defense it was ridiculous

Image not available



Anonymous No. 191682

Drill your breakfalls at home every day, ideally more than once per day. You should know how to fall well enough as a yellow belt already that you shouldn't need a higher belt gently guiding you to the ground in order to take a fall. This is the single most important physical skill in judo. Also what >>191666 said (checked btw).

Image not available



Anonymous No. 191790


What's your favorite forward and favorite backward throw?

For me, it's Osoto Gari and Koshi Guruma.

Anonymous No. 191809

A few, but they don't last long. They just go to BJJ instead.

Anonymous No. 191826

In theory, harai-goshi, but I need to work on it. For the runner-up I'd actually say tai-otoshi. I *want* sode-tsurikomi-goshi to be my best forward throw however, I think it suits me well.

O-soto-gari or ko-uchi (mainly for movement purposes).

Anonymous No. 191836

My younger brother used to do this when we did Judo. He was a naturally big and strong dude, great grips and he had a really solid tomoe/ yoko tomoe nage, to the point where he started yelling the name of the technique as he went for it.

Absolutely humiliating to get hit by, but funny as fuck to watch. I think he got a lot of people with it just because they were so focused on sparring and didn't expect to hear anyone but the sensei/ref yelling out random Japanese. He'd grip, yell "Toooomoe Nage!" like he was fucking charging it up, and people's faces would go blank like they were trying to figure out what he'd call them, and then they'd go flying through the air.

Anonymous No. 191902

Osoto Gari and Tomoe Nage

Anonymous No. 191925

Tomoe players give me the ick

Anonymous No. 191928

>the ick
Go back

Anonymous No. 192057

Sorry I just have a bad history with tomoe nage. People (especially more advanced players) do it to me a lot and always heel me in the groin.

So I call for Total Tomoe Death

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192059

How do I not get Ura Nage'd or suplexed when trying to do Koshi Guruma?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192351

Redpill me on Kosoto Gari and its sticky foot variant. I've managed to hit the sticky Kosoto a couple of times from a lapel + collar grip. It certainly seems like one of the more accessible Ashi Waza. Wondering what are some good setups for this throw.

Anonymous No. 192599

>by Jigoro Kano
Not actually by him

Anonymous No. 192691

Is it bad that I hate Judo tournaments?

I've gone to two and did okay, but honest to God, I can not stand them.

The signing up, the weighing in, the keeping at a weight, the stressing about training intensity, the stressing about the day before and making sure you feel good, the drive out there because 90% of them are in some po dunk town in the middle of the woods, the FUCKING 7-hour average wait time before your match (seriously this shit is what kills it for me, the incredibly long wait before a match). Finally, when you actually get onto the mat with the guy you're going against, it usually lasts for about 20 to 30 seconds and one guy either gets something or somebody just gets injured.

The whole culture of competition Judo just makes me sick and I find no enjoyment from it whatsoever.

If you enjoy comp. Judo, more power to you and have fun, but I just can't get into it and much prefer the martial art itself and practicing it as much as I can for my own benefit.

Anyways, that's my blogpost.

Anonymous No. 192696

I feel you anon, I think everyone should compete at least once since it’s a different level than just randori but I really don’t enjoy all the bullshitt hat comes with comps either. I don’t compete often anymore and when I do it’s only because it’s somewhere nearby I don’t have to travel to. I much prefer seminars if I’m going to pay for an event.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192763

>instructors tell me not to jump into my moves
>watch them during randori
>they also jump into throws

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192766

just do as i say dont do as i do

Anonymous No. 192773

I'm actually the complete opposite to you. I love competition, even though I've competed at four competitions and haven't been able to win a fight (though there was a big gap between the first and last two).

I loved the experience of monomania, training intensely in the run up to competition, of watching friends compete, even (in retrospect) the highs and lows of emotions during your own fights. I loved the feeling of having my whole life devoted to Judo for a few weeks.

The only complaint would be, similar to you, about how long the events take and how poorly the bracketing is handled. Finishing and then waiting all day because your friends are in a different weight class/are women, is tedious.

Anonymous No. 192969

Looking to start Judo pretty soon, but I have a major concern - not worried about bodily injuries as I know that sort of thing is expected in full contact martial arts. But how common are head/brain injuries, even if they are light? I’m talking concussions or any significant bumps to the head.
Anyone have any experience of this, or know how common head injuries are in Judo?
t. Physicist, need my brain for work

Anonymous No. 192970

Not very since teaching people to fall and keep their head tucked is priority one. Hell, a lot of Rugby and Football players take up Judo just to learn how to fall better.

Still, if someone bombs you in Randori and you're tired or have bad break falls, you'll feel it.

Anonymous No. 192972

I’ve been doing judo ten years, I had one bad bump to my head at one of my first tournaments. Enough to ring my bell, not enough to cause a concussion. My lesson learned from that is to practice ukemi and always be ready for it.

How much you are at risk of head injury is directly proportional to how prepared you are for falling and whether you not you do risky shit like trying to cartwheel out of throws before you have the agility to actually pull it off. Even then, American Olympic silver medalist Jason morris nearly broke his neck trying to do that so I generally reccommend new students don’t take the risk.

Anonymous No. 192973

Olympians are hilarious, using the crown of their heads as a pivot point after being thrown.

Anonymous No. 193012

The kind of guys who get to that level are the kind of guys willing to do literally anything to win, including risking paralysis I guess.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193221

Anonymous No. 193223

Not sure of context, but Nakano is a great coach. We should add his youtube channel to OP.

Anonymous No. 193238

Rewrite your question in Japanese.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193240


Anonymous No. 193245

>You WILL learn Ukemi
how do i actualy gitgud at this? i did it on accident yesterday but i'd like to be able to breakfall on reaction.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193250

>this is a women's judo champ in eastern Europe
What absolute unit, imagine the grappling.

Anonymous No. 193252


>When and why did you first start Judo? How's it going so far?

I started Judo because I'm doing BJJ and traditional ju jitsu and wanted to make my takedowns better and to make my japanese ju jitsu more practical

Its going okay, I just have a bad habit of taking everything to the ground when my throws fail and going for the rear naked choke. I'm struggling with the newaza though because I'm used to the BJJ rule set and being penalized for standing up to escape closed guard is really annoying.

Anonymous No. 193254

Why is ducking under illegal?

Anonymous No. 193255


Its the same bullshit in BJJ, complete lardasses lying on you to squash the life out of you because they basically have no technique. Pisses me off. Is her technical skill actually worthy of a black belt??

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193256

>is her technical skill actually worthy of a black belt??
You tell me

Anonymous No. 193258

Get some instruction if you can because it helps to have someone spot and correct your form and it's easier to do the breakfall correctly if someone is throwing you in a helpful way. Absent that, do the drills in >>191682 and build up from there--once you get the hang of it sitting, squatting, and then standing you can start jumping into it or testing out harder surfaces and figuring out how to apply it to stairs and so forth. Judoka with instructors who get thrown regularly still do these drills and they help a lot, but you'll learn a lot faster with a better foundation if you go to judo class on top of it.

Anonymous No. 193259

Every member of the IJF is literally senile and has no consistent reason for why they do anything

Anonymous No. 193264


A 5min video of two black belts without a single decent throw and one of the women basically just throwing themselves on top of the other for a choke. Is this really the state of modern women's judo?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193271

Shes got multiple medals too

Anonymous No. 193307


I stand by my original comment, she's just a lardass white belt who can't throw and just dives on them to win. She'd be better doing BJJ.

Anonymous No. 193318

Are you a duck?

Anonymous No. 193332

N-no. Haha.
(fuck he knows)

Anonymous No. 193355

>married to an unibrow shitskin
>olimpic medalist
How can you be so fat while training judo??

Anonymous No. 193367

She was raised in Azerbaijan IIRC so she might be a mutt herself

But whats your take on the technique?

Image not available


classical tomoe n....webm

Anonymous No. 193403

Women's heavyweight isn't really representative of women's judo. Not many women naturally weigh that much, so it's exclusively bloatlordesses and roid monsters.

Anonymous No. 193464

Meh the french threw random attacks and she just capitalized on that the first time and the second they just fall both like sacks of shit.

Anonymous No. 193530

Is this really a Ashi Guruma? Looks more like Tai Otoshi

Anonymous No. 193731

Today I found out that in feudal Japan, Samurais would practice Jiu-Jitsu on dead bodies and the wounded after battles.

Anonymous No. 193732

I know it’s well documented that they used dead bodies or criminals convicted to death to teach young samurai to cut through human flesh, so I guess it’s not a stretch that they might use corpses to practices breaking limbs with their bare hands also

Anonymous No. 193834

They also practiced sex.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193875

Isi it true Judoka throw a fit if you wear a blue gi when you're a beginner?
I want to compete too but I heard it's an unwritten to always have a white gi on hand at tournaments

Anonymous No. 193877

it is probably in your interest to get a white gi before a blue gi. The reason is if you’re competing in the beginner division of a tournament they may let you get away with wearing just a white gi with a blue belt or sash when it’s your turn to fight in blue. They will not generally make the same accommodation if you only have a blue gi.

Anonymous No. 193879

I should add that you should just get both anyways. Once you’re an intermediate there are no excuses at tournaments you need to bring both gis with you

Anonymous No. 193893

>t I heard it's an unwritten to always have a white gi on hand at tournaments
It's usually a written rule to have both. Blue came about specifically to differentiate opponents for scoring purposes, like how wrestlers will wear red or green anklets. White is the baseline traditional color, which is why it's sometimes acceptable at the novice level to not have a blue gi on hand at tournaments. If you have a blue gi it's assumed that it's at least your second gi (being a competition-specific style and not the all-purpose white gi pretty much everyone gets as their first gi) and you should wear the appropriate color for the match.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 194030

I'm about 96% sure this is a te waza and 100% if you tell me otherwise you're wrong

Anonymous No. 194043

Tai/tani otoshi
Lefties rise up
Break their posture so they can't get their hips under yours

Anonymous No. 194058

Most of the fit white guys who're interested in judo are also rich enough to go to a proper gym

Anonymous No. 194065

Need that clip of abe doing that insane kubi nage on that blonde lady

Anonymous No. 194066

*Koshi guruma

Im bad at the names

Anonymous No. 194145

>I-I totally could've killed you in the streetz
kek with each passing day Judo gets closer to other bullshido arts like aikido and kung fu

Image not available



Anonymous No. 194152

meanwhile, bjj:

Anonymous No. 194170

>tries this during live rolling
>gets smashed
meanwhile, the IJF discusses which technique they'll ban next for being too effective

Image not available



Anonymous No. 194171

meanwhile, bjj:

Anonymous No. 194407

My dojo is shutting down, any tips on working on Judo at home?

Image not available


Uta Abe Judo Kosh....webm

Anonymous No. 194417


Anonymous No. 194429

Yet she would drop you on your head

Anonymous No. 194430

I tried two judo sessions then realized it was cope bullshit

Anonymous No. 194436

Very nice, one of my favorite throws.
Where do you find these edits? Yours is better than the YouTube Short the IJF has up:

Anonymous No. 194437

>being penalized for standing up to escape closed guard
judo retards, explain yourselves

Anonymous No. 194443

How'd you come to that conclusion?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 194466

go to your local pub and pick fights
start with the patrons that look the weakest or drunkest, maybe both
this should be the equivalent to a white belt uke
as you get better, you can take on progressively harder opponents
make sure you drill your ukemi beforehand unless you have mats at home you can bring to the bar each night
most bouncers know a little bit of wrestling or judo, as do cops. you want to be careful with the latter, as they may use IJF illegal techniques like shooting you with a gun, so be careful
good luck!

Image not available


Diyora Keldiyorov....webm

Anonymous No. 194561

IJF instagram. They must have multiple editors.

Image not available


International SAM....webm

Anonymous No. 194564

Lots of home workouts were posted during the pandemic.

Shuai jiao exercises might look like silly kung fu forms at first, but they work great in my experience.

Image not available


AJVAZ Srdan (BIH)....webm

Anonymous No. 194565

Image not available


judo failed drop ....webm

Anonymous No. 194884

Image not available


judo ippon front ....webm

Anonymous No. 194885

Anonymous No. 194940

Git gud. If you’re getting hit with sacrifice throws a lot your posture is probably bad. Stand the fuck up. Bending over is over bjj nerds.

Anonymous No. 194958

No, it's just people who tend to do it over compensate the foot placement and just buckle that shit into my inner pelvis and dick. Actually having straighter posture makes it worse.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 195186

Judobros... We are so back

Anonymous No. 195189

Lazy fucking writers

Anonymous No. 195190

yeah, cops aren't going to be welcome in my gym
I won't have it on my conscience when they misuse what I show them

Anonymous No. 195192

I'm 99.9% certain this is a fake screenshot.
>so back
It was never over.

Anonymous No. 195197

>believe in the ecological approach
>will never rank up because don't know the names of any moves or the wrong way they expect you to demonstrate them

Anonymous No. 195199

>the wrong way they expect you to demonstrate them
too real

Anonymous No. 195201

Don't rank up, it's funnier to be a Prestiged White Belt.
>always hanging out in the back of the line during bows, never have to recite the words
>everyone new just assumes you're some skrub
>everyone who's graduated to greater belts have a difficult time taking you on
>always wearing le pristine white belt
>become a character of undying will and passion for the art of Judo all while staying at 'beginner stage'
>it's also just funny

I see no issue.

Anonymous No. 195202

It’s an issue if you want to compete

Anonymous No. 195203

That's okay, just throw yourself in some fringe weight class and you'll probably end up going against a 3rd Dan black belt from Azerbaijan automatically

Anonymous No. 195204

>fringe weight class
we prefer "Upper-Middleweight Senior Novice Cadet"

Anonymous No. 195207

I did a competition at heavyweight and funny enough was only 2lbs over the cutoff for middle weight
the green belt I beat in the finals was salty as hell
I was a blue belt in blowjob jiujitsu at the time

Now I'm a brown belt in that but I look at the judo class and all the exercises and drilling they do and just kinda think the 15-20 minutes at the end they spend playing looks fun but fuck all that other donk they're doing

It's pretty lame and gay this sport is tied to a humiliation ritual
Imagine "sorry you're not allowed to play basketball unless you show the panel of experts the 97 official dribbling techniques"

Anonymous No. 195210

>this sport
The sport is a method of studying judo, not the end goal of studying judo. If you're not learning the fundamentals well enough to teach judo you don't get a teacher's belt; feel free to compete in open belt divisions, however.

Anonymous No. 195211

>jap autism is le bad
Then learn judo from slavs who don't give a shit and call 20 moves by the same name.

Anonymous No. 195212

How do you know it's the wrong way if you've never done it before?

Anonymous No. 195214

>this is the classical way the move is taught
>ok and this is how you'll actually do it
Out of all the judo quotes you're likely to hear that one is at the top

That's fine, lots of the moves are a distinction without a difference
Collar choke with thumbs up, with thumbs down, one up one down. Who [clap] gives [clap] a [clap] fuck [clap]
These are not different techniques, the orientation of your hands changes literally nothing about the application

Anonymous No. 195216

>ok and this is how you'll actually do it
>Out of all the judo quotes you're likely to hear that one is at the top
What I've encountered more often is instructors showing situational variations for a throw. There's almost never one way "how you'll actually do it" but a number of specialized deviations averaged around the baseline fundamentals. At more than one school I've seen a teaching format where the classical technique is taught, demonstrated, and practiced before the students get to work in with the black belts and learn how each black belt does it differently.
>These are not different techniques
They are different techniques for deploying similar tactics. Being able to concisely describe these is valuable when you are teaching students of variable physiologies. The Japanese terms are not only concise standardized descriptors but allow for international training with Japanese as the judo lingua franca--no matter the instructor's mother tongue, you understand what he means by "kata guruma."

Anonymous No. 195224

Go [clap] back [clap]

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Anonymous No. 195227

>Who [clap] gives [clap] a [clap] fuck [clap]

Anonymous No. 195236

This is exactly where the ecological approach fits in,
When you have 2 moving bodies there is an infinite amount of variance, You can ask 5 different blackbelts how to do an uchimata and all 5 of them will give you a different answer and will be able to make a convincing argument as to why the other 4 are wrong
And the worst offense about it is you might find a way that is working for you and then have some old man standing off to the side say no, stop doing the way that's working because that's wrong your Foot placement is turned 15° too much, your hand is 2 inches too high on the collar, And your thigh placement is too shallow relative to his knee
So stop doing it the wrong way even though it's working and start doing it the correct way, and if this way isn't working for you it's not because the other way was better it's because you are doing it wrong.
Ok and white belt, even though grappling has changed a lot in 30 years since the last time you did randori and youre 6 inches shorter than me I guess you're right

But as for the chokes now, I picked those for a reason as my example
Because when you demonstrate them uke is laying on his back and you are mounted on top of him
Funny enough you don't even need to take a collar grip to finish that "cross collar" choke, you can just rest your knuckles on the floor don't grab anything and simply do the wrist action and he will choke
So the grip you take is observably irrelevant to the technique since it doesn't even require a grip, so that's why I think it's strange the grip is how they've chosen to define the technique when it doesn't even need one
I think there are a lot of judo moves like that where they aren't actually distinct and they are basically the same move with personal preference on how to perform

Anonymous No. 195241

While I agree with most of this post none of it supports the notion that an instructor's rank should be granted to someone who refuses to learn the technical vocabulary to describe the fundamentals he can't perform.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 195243

Sometimes I visit my friend and we go hiking. I'm thinking of offering to teach him some basic judo whenever I'm in town. We don't have mats, so we'd be training outside. Should I just get a couple of grass-and-dirt colored BJJ gi jackets? If so, who sells ones that are nice enough to be worth buying but not so pricey as to mind an accelerated rate of stains, abrasions, and tears?

Anonymous No. 195244

Anon, are you gay?

Anonymous No. 195245

No, otherwise I'd tell him to take his shirt off instead of offering him an extra layer.

Anonymous No. 195248

Official instructors need to get their lingo straight themselves though "you need to break kuzushi" makes no sense and I hear it all the time
They say Kuzushi like its the japanese word for balance, its not. It already means unbalance, you don't break his unbalance
They just parrot words all the time
So better yet instead of misusing grorious nihongo, just say "fuck with his balance"

Anyway neither here nor there, I think black belt level competitions should be open to anybody. Like hey I want to come do judo and I already have a decade if grappling experience so just put me in the advanced division ok?
No, you didn't learn the Japanese words so you can't play with us
What ever happened to batsugun anyway? Why can't you just rank up by winning anymore

Anonymous No. 195251

I used to say sanabul when they were $45 but now that they're $70 they aren't a good deal for what you get anymore, but there nobody cheaper that would even be worth getting

Alternatively just get black? That won't stain either and you'll have more brands to choose from

Anonymous No. 195275

>Official instructors need to get their lingo straight themselves though
Agreed, but I don't agree that the solution isn't to drop the educational standards.
>I think black belt level competitions should be open to anybody
There are open belt divisions for this. Competitive black belts want to work with each other and not waste time and energy on competition day with people who don't have a well-rounded understanding of judo.
>What ever happened to batsugun anyway? Why can't you just rank up by winning anymore
You can level up before 1st dan that way and after 1st dan that way but you're not likely to get that first black belt without learning the basic international curriculum you'll be expected to be able to teach.

Anonymous No. 195316


Anonymous No. 195320

>but I don't agree that the solution isn't to drop the educational standards.
meant to write
>but I don't agree that the solution is to drop the educational standards.
>but the solution isn't to drop the educational standards.
but kind of combined them.

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Anonymous No. 195378

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Anonymous No. 195433

My hot gym trainer told me that she knows a good judo coach while pushing her tits into my back while teaching me to do splits. I blurted out that I actually wanted to try judo and ended up signing up.

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@elcanhaciyev__ b....webm

Anonymous No. 195592

Anonymous No. 195974

what is your excuse for not training?

Anonymous No. 195976

I dont want to spend the hour doing calisthenics and army crawls up and down the mat and unsafe shit like neck bridges
Genuinely a waste of my time

Anonymous No. 195978

>unsafe shit like neck bridges
If you can't do a neck bridge safely you're not in good grappling shape and need remedial attention. The instructor wouldn't need to take time to assess and correct the baseline fitness level if people would show up to class in shape.

Anonymous No. 196026

>instructor wouldn't need to take time to assess and correct the baseline fitness level if people would show up to class in shape.
The overweight judo instructor with multiple surgical replacements and no formal education in exercise physiology you mean?

The neck bridge, like the dead lift, has no benefit that cannot be achieved through other less risky exercises

Anonymous No. 196035

I how is judo for submission grappling? the gym I go to now isn't great for the stand up aspect.

Anonymous No. 196040

if your gym is a judo gym and they don't have great stand-up, i doubt they will have worthwhile ground grappling either

Anonymous No. 196043

my gym is a mma gym so all of the stand up they teach is basic wrestling and Mauy Thai sweep.
I am thinking about going to judo I just don't like gi grappling.

Anonymous No. 196044

>I just don't like gi grappling
well, you're probably not gonna like judo, then.

Anonymous No. 196063

Tips on fighting RvL? This is my RvR system:
>obtain inside-bicep grip on opponents dominant side with left hand, push into armpit as necessary
>get behind the neck grip with right hand
>clamp them down, force static position
>osoto (ono variant) or uchi mata
I do this with with fairly high success rate but the moment my opponent is a lefty this doesn't work as well. How do I translate this style to RvL?

Anonymous No. 196082

Learn left handed techniques and come in on their left. Seriously, if you can get down even just two left sided throws like Osoto or Tai you'll be leagues above many of your opponents for the simple fact that many people don't anticipate an ambidextrous player.

Anonymous No. 196083

I can do Kata Guruma from both sides, maybe I'll add Osoto, but it'll take a long time to develop. What about gripping? I'm uncomfortable with 50/50 grips hence why I use my RvR gripping (inside bicep, collar) as it really shuts down their offense.
What about RvL? The only one I know is when we both have each other's lapel with our dominant hand and just fishing for the sleeve grip in the typical Kenka yotsu fashion.

Anonymous No. 196088

Use the same bicep grip technique you use conventionally. Just mirror your techniques. I like to shoot for an under hook with my left arm and over hook with my right, to perform a left-sided Osoto or tai Otoshi I'll just throw my right under and my left over.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 196097

luv sasae simple as

Anonymous No. 196105

It's definitely in my top five, where exactly in the top five depends on the day.

Anonymous No. 196108

She was in the wrong
Don't put your hands on someone else's kid

Anonymous No. 196175

bump limit

new thread

Anonymous No. 196266

I don't like sasae, always feel like I'm falling back. Much perfer Tai.

Anonymous No. 197807

>tfw no pig nose korean black belt gf
why live

Anonymous No. 198044

Is that technically sasae since he's blocking the wrong ankle?