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Thread for Judo (other jacketed wrestling styles welcome)

>Discussion starter
What are your favorite non-dominant side moves and why?

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2024


>Video Resources

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Uta Abe sode to u....webm

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Hifumi Abe World ....webm

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Hifumi Abe's....webm

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Nikolic Milica vs....webm

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Anonymous No. 196180

I will be her uke and only me! All you suckers stay away
MY pelvis alone is hers to break!!!

Anonymous No. 196198

Went for my first wrestling class and was paired with a female. When practicing drills (for example, pushing/ pulling each other, escaping from positions, turning her over on the floor) how hard should I go?

I feel like if I go 100% she won't be able to escape from anything and won't take me down. I let her "work" a few times by relaxing a bit and letting her get a headlock in etc

Is this good etiquette and I should do the same for guys? Or am I cheating them out of learning properly?

Anonymous No. 196204

>When practicing drills (for example, pushing/ pulling each other, escaping from positions, turning her over on the floor) how hard should I go?
Enough to make the techniques work. If they are drilling something and doing it poorly, don't just let them get it, but don't resist with your full weight/strength. Getting someone to step with a collar tie is no big deal, but landing on someone with a double could end in a rib injury for the smaller person.
>Is this good etiquette and I should do the same for guys?
There's a right way to go about it. When I train with smaller/weaker people, I just try to focus on being technical and less on weight/strength. This applies to defense too — I will try to counter something if I catch a mistake, but I'm not going to use my full strength. This makes it productive for both training partners.

The point of any of this is to avoid injuring someone smaller than you, so just be mindful.

Anonymous No. 196206

Okay, thank you. I'll keep that in mind. She was heavier and had a few years experience but I still wasn't sure about going all out or giving about 70-80%. I didn't want to "insult her"

Also didn't know where I could "grab her". Like what's the etiquette there. Was trying to keep it civil but grabbed her breast and stomach at one point trying to turn her over. I didn't want her to think I was some pervert. But I didn't apologize either as didn't want to make it more awkward. Just ignore it and carry on right?

Anonymous No. 196207

Butt drag her, get right up in there like you're getting fitted for a ring size

Anonymous No. 196219

I typically scale my strength to match that of my practice partner, sometimes even less if the technical gap is big enough to warrant it, and rarely will I try to muscle my way through someone mogging me with technique in practice. It's a waste of access to live training partners if you just ragdoll them as if they were inanimate grappling dummies.

>Also didn't know where I could "grab her".
One of the things I like about grappling in the gi is not having to worry about this so much.
>But I didn't apologize either as didn't want to make it more awkward. Just ignore it and carry on right?
That's been my approach. I wish the classes were gender segregated but I understand why they're not. I had to wrestle a hot chick at a home meet in high school and it was awkward as hell for the half minute it took to win and walk off the mat, as well as for the anticipatory hour or so after weigh-ins leading up to the match.

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Anonymous No. 196265

Execute the most humiliating guard pass technique you can do on someone.

The Mating Press into slam

Anonymous No. 196270

this fucking shit right here is the problem. Giving instructions on the so called "double under guard pass"
aka, just throw his fucking legs to the side

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Anonymous No. 196278

often feels like that to me when i'm too far away

ideally you would want to close the distance and turn to look the direction you're throwing, i always emphasize this during my uchi-komis

my favorite setup is osoto gari to sasae, you can get chest to chest, turn, block the leg and throw them over.

shintano nakaro has some good pointers

Anonymous No. 196308

Your diagnosable autism is causing you to miss out on the benefits of a best-of-both-worlds approach to instruction.

Anonymous No. 196317

>both arms go under
>double under

Anonymous No. 196324

Why do so many people on here make this big flame war between conventional Wrestling and Judo? I believe Wrestling grips and techniques are great to use in Judo and Judo throws are excellent in Wrestling. It seems like the two borrow from each other a lot anyways.

Anonymous No. 196325

Judo is some esoteric high risk low reward mostly played as a game. Rules make it ineffective.
Wrestling just works. Basic movements all animals replicate.

Anonymous No. 196339

That's not the problem, the problem is making a video explaining it
Just look at it, that's literally how you do the move. There's nothing to explain
Scoop his legs and squish him

Anonymous No. 196341

I went from wrestling in school to judo in and after college and I really like both.

Judo isn't that esoteric, it's just wrestling with a jacket. The wrestling rulesets aren't perfect for self-defense either.

Anonymous No. 196348

Exactly. Judo's basically wrestling with handles that you can grab while wrestling (folkstyle, greco, freestyle) is what you can practice on mats in a competitive manner. But I sure as shit won't do certain moves on concrete/pavement. Greco-Roman would be the only one since their takedowns and throws are all upper body.

Anonymous No. 196357

You could literally be a wrestler, play judo, and win by tackling and getting a submission. The ippon is just an alternative win condition.

Anonymous No. 196359

Regular modern wrestling doesn't have submissions and judo submissions grant an ippon score.

Anonymous No. 196360

Imagine, if you will, a new student who, like most of us, has more regular access to YouTube than to practice partners and mats. What exactly is wrong with giving this person ideas for what they're getting into instead of forcing them to constantly reinvent the wheel with their limited mat time? Cataloging techniques, even (perhaps especially) basic ones, is perfectly fine, if not desirable. There's no downside to extra study and reflection.

Anonymous No. 196361

because then I'll get bothered by all these blue belts sayin "oh wait so do I I lift it here and, do I grab somewhere else or keep the grip? uhmm, and wait, I saw once you put your knee behind their back? and like, how far to I push his knees?"
did his legs move to the side? yes? then you did it right, stop asking stupid fucking irrelevant questions about details that don't matter

Anonymous No. 196362

Techniques that solve the problem versus inept retards at practice do not always work against competent resisting opponents and it's worth asking someone which details matter if you're trying to get in good repetitions of the best practice instead of wasting mat time building training scars.

Anonymous No. 196373

I wrestled in high school and took judo in college. If there's anything that wrestling gave me, is that the scrambles and pins really helped my newaza game. And of course judo has pins too.

Anonymous No. 196374

Do you know what judo needs? A return to its martial roots again. It's too much of a sport. Pre-WW2 judo actually had stuff like atemi-waza (striking), extensive joint-locks on the neck, spine, and legs, and other stuff that's been neglected. Of course they should be practiced as safely as possible but for too long, judo's hard edged application has been overlooked.

Anonymous No. 196381

Aren't there still dojos that teach jiujitsu?

Anonymous No. 196382

It's more like a few loud autists who irrationally hate judo and/or anything that involves a jacket.

Anonymous No. 196385

hating the jacket is completely rational
the jacket means you've decided to strictly go in the direction of a niche sport and have abandoned the martial aspect completely

Anonymous No. 196387

Less overlooked and more banned.
Check the book Kodokan Judo by Jigoro Kano for the real shit.

Anonymous No. 196388

People do in fact wear jackets in the world. In some areas you're more likely to encounter someone with a stiff jacket than without one. I can lapel choke a guy wearing a leather bomber just as well as a gi.

Anonymous No. 196391

If he's in a jacket your hands are probably cold and fumbly too
Plus our modern garments unlike the 19th century Japanese man dresses stretch and are cut differently, it won't respond the same way the gay, I mean gi does

Maybe you'll get lucky and find the optimal conditions where a guy in a business suit tries to mug you but you got nothing for the naked crackhead who's much more likely to give you an issue

Anonymous No. 196392

No gi is definitely more practical, but a black belt in gi only is going to be fine irl

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Anonymous No. 196393

>gi is gay
>btw I'm worried about naked crackheads attacking me

Anonymous No. 196395

that's right
if you use a gi then a naked gay will get his gay all over you and you can't stop him, but with grappling skills you could take him out

I don't make the distinction by saying "gi and nogi" I make the distinction of gi and grappling because gi is not grappling, it's just learning to manipulate clothes. Grappling is actually about controlling a persons body, not controlling the garment a person is wearing. Important distinction

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Anonymous No. 196396

I'd argue that having the jacket is MORE martial. Grappling arts which were meant for or descended from the battlefield all use some kind of clothing or jacket.

>jiujitsu and judo
Uses a gi.

>mongolian bokh
Uses jacket.

Uses jacket.

Uses kurtka.

>but the superior ubermensch white man doesn't use jackets
Medieval European wrestling used by knights uses jacket grips. You often see clothing grips in German Ringen for example. There's also Irish collar-and-elbow wrestling and Cornish wrestling which all use jackets.

Anonymous No. 196397

the gi was never even used on the battle field. All that fake karate history of "this is funeral clothing the samurai would wear into battle to show they were ready to die" is bologna
it was civilian clothes from day 1 made specifically for the sport of judo. It's fine as a piece of sports equipment, but it's ass for fighting

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Anonymous No. 196399

>the gi was never even used on the battle field
Never said it was, but that doesn't magically make it martially invalid. Stuff like the bokh jacket and the kurtka were directly meant to be analogues to armor/military uniforms. Does a lapel grip stop being a lapel grip if it's on a plate carrier strap instead of a lapel?

Anonymous No. 196400

>Grappling is actually about controlling a persons body, not controlling the garment a person is wearing.
Every person is wearing a garment. It's called skin. Checkmate "gi is not grappling" autist.

Anonymous No. 196403

see that's just silly, so you've both lost your rifle, your side arm, AND your knife?

skin is an organ my friend

Anonymous No. 196410

Judo was originally intended to get the opponent in position for you to take out your knife and gut him

Anonymous No. 196411

>see that's just silly, so you've both lost your rifle, your side arm, AND your knife?
Grappling comprised the vast majority (72.6%) of US Army hand-to-hand encounters from 2004-2008 in the War on Terror:

Anonymous No. 196412

sure when they were arresting civilians lol, oops I mean "terrorists"

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Anonymous No. 196415

>sure [irrelevant political commentary]
The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program uses judo and says to grab the clothing (in this specific case for osoto-gari). The gi is a robust piece of training clothing that allows one to practice such techniques without constantly destroying garments; it was derived from period Japanese clothing for this purpose and makes more sense in a civilian setting than the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform. Wrestling will be relevant for as long as men fight and jacket wrestling will be relevant for as long as men wear clothes (I will concede the latter case doesn't apply to your mother's bedroom).

Anonymous No. 196416

Men don't wear jackets most of the time in most of the world

Don't need the mental gymnastics to try and justify its validity. Your gi techniques work in specific circumstances, my grappling works in all of them

Anonymous No. 196419

>high risk low reward

Anonymous No. 196420

>anything with a jacket is a sport and not martial
>what about all the martial arts that were used on the battlefield that are trained with jackets
>uhhhhhhh those don't count because...they just don't okay?

Anonymous No. 196422

>my grappling works in all of them
If you don't know how to defend against gi-specific techniques you're in for a rough time. The correct answer is to train both gi and no-gi techniques instead of being autistically narrow-minded.

Anonymous No. 196424

Nah, I'd win

There's not really anything to defend as far as a fight goes. If someone grabs your clothes that's a gift because they're not managing your hands

Anonymous No. 196428

To be fair, a naked crackhead gets the front kick to the chest/knee

Anonymous No. 196429

That's what Judo idiots don't understand. You grab clothes and you're getting headbutted/punched

Anonymous No. 196438

That applies to literally every grappling art.

>reach for an underhook
>get punched
>reach for a collar tie
>get headbutted

Anonymous No. 196439

you're my favorite retard

Anonymous No. 196440

Who is your favourite judoka?

Mine: Me

Anonymous No. 196441

I dated a Japanese judo world level champ
She didn't break my spine, she was your typical submissive Japanese girl in bed

Anonymous No. 196461

I think you should get into model trains. It’s better suited for autistics like yourself

Anonymous No. 196464

I'm hiding this thread.

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Anonymous No. 196469

>If someone grabs your clothes that's a gift because they're not managing your hands

Anonymous No. 196488

Perfect, he has chosen to put himself into elbowing range

Anonymous No. 196491

It's only a distraction. Your elbows cannot defeat a well-placed pipebomb.

Anonymous No. 196534

>he has chosen to put himself into elbowing range
Nice "grappling" you got there.

Anonymous No. 196552

Did the throw score waza-ari because uke landed on her side instead of her back?

Anonymous No. 196578

Perfect, he has chosen to put himself into headbutt into the nose break range

Anonymous No. 196580

What's the best way to increase my gas tank?

Anonymous No. 196585

Ok ok ok
Someone please help me
What is the judo defense against a spear tackle?
I mean a judoka your size or maybe a little bigger just sprinting towards you and flinging his entire being towards you like a C spear to the guts?
What do?

Anonymous No. 196586

Tawara gaeshi

Anonymous No. 196609

Okay what if he bear hugs you instead of going under your arms

Anonymous No. 196682

Nothing. That's why it's banned from the rules, it solves judo

Anonymous No. 196688

>letting yourself get bear hugged
You deserve to get thrown for having your arms down at your side

Anonymous No. 196691

Weird how Judo existed for over 100 years with legal leg attacks but somehow was not dominated by spear tackles even though it “solves judo”.

You realize bjj fags only do blast doubles all day because they’re bad at every other element of standup grappling, right?

Anonymous No. 196698

You have to do some esoteric grip bs in judo. That's why in wrestling bear hug from behind is the most dominant position.

Anonymous No. 196706

and how you can't grip inside the sleeves just can't ok?

the reason is it shuts down grappling. Your hands are controlled and there's no good way to get them back

Anonymous No. 196708

There is not requirement to grip fight if you want to just run in and grab someone so long as you immediately attack from that position. It doesn’t happen because believe it or not that “esoteric” (I really doubt you even know what that word means) gripping prevents you from being able to do that.

>gripping inside the sleeves
Do you want broken fingers? Do you even train
>there’s no good way to get your hand back
Lmfao, Nevermind you answered my question.

Anonymous No. 196709

Because getting grips that way doesn't work when someone is punching you in the face. Only grappling within the close clinch works

Anonymous No. 196710

>so long as you immediately attack from that position.

And now you understand why it's esoteric

Anonymous No. 196711

What do you think the word esoteric means?

Anonymous No. 196713

>"stalling" doesn't exist in wrestling and other combat sports
I refuse to believe you have any objective other than (You) farming.

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Anonymous No. 196721

Unless you've been initiated into the elitemost upper echelons of grappling occultism you cannot hope to understand the esoteric technique of grabbing onto a coarse sleeve instead of a sweaty wrist; however, learning these techniques weakens your root chakra and leaves you vulnerable to demonic sodomization and weakens your effectiveness as a whole. Hugging it out like a bro always works, but you'd have to be some kind of nerdy faggot to want to use esoteric sleeve trickery to gain wrist control and force another man to hold hands. (((They))) want you to wear your weeb costume to hide your scrotum from Sol and trick you into kabbalistic grip fighting patterns, but real Men wrestle in the nude. Any so-called man who refuses to wrestle me in the nude is an esoteric homosexual weeb and I absolutely REFUSE to participate in jewish sleeve games. The Man with the sunbathed scrotum defeats the jew-do esoterist and you cannot prove me wrong.

Anonymous No. 196723


Anonymous No. 196726

>Do you want broken fingers?
This is just some bullshit people make up because they don't know the real answer
Making a pocket grip at the top of the sleeve then twisting it to lock it in is way more hazardous to your fingers than gripping inside the sleeve
The only reason you can't grip inside is the grip is too strong
That's why you can't hang on to the belt
That's why you can't wrap arms around the body
That's why you can't wrap the lapel around things

All grip bans are to nerf the most powerful options

Anonymous No. 196732

>That's why you can't hang on to the belt
>That's why you can't wrap arms around the body
You can do both these things so long as you immediately attack.
>That's why you can't wrap the lapel around things
You can do this in newaza, you aren’t allowed to do it while standing because it’s dangerous

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Uta Abe Judo Anat....webm

Anonymous No. 196761

Anonymous No. 196777

uta abe my beloved

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Anonymous No. 196801

i train for she

Anonymous No. 196803

It's funny how triggered judokas get when the sport is rightly pointed out as full of stupid esoteric rules to make it le watchable and fun big ippon throw!
You can teach someone basic wrestling moves and they will work. Or you can practice ippon ouchi sayonara under contrived rules and spam the same 3 judo "omg it works in the street guiz!!!" GIFs again and again

Or you can accept it's too convuluted when compared to wrestling

Anonymous No. 196804

>intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

E.g it works in a judo competition but irl is not practical

>synonyms: abstruse, obscure, arcane, recherché, rarefied, recondite, abstract, difficult, hard, puzzling, perplexing, enigmatic, inscrutable, cryptic, Delphic, complex, complicated, involved, over/above one's head, incomprehensible, opaque, unfathomable, impenetrable, mysterious, occult, little known, hidden, secret, private, mystic, magical, cabbalistic, involuted

Half of these apply to judo

Anonymous No. 196806

>ippon ouchi sayonara
Holy shit you’re the same guy from the last thread still crying about judo being worse than wrestling despite not training either of them. Get a life lol.
>it’s esoteric because it has rules that are publicly available but I didn’t read
Go back to Duolingo for awhile before you try to post on an English speaking board.

Anonymous No. 196807

e s o t e r i c

Anonymous No. 196815

Seething judo dweebs lmao

Post skinny wrists/hands so I may laugh

Anonymous No. 196816

I can’t, my wrist covered in the esoteric mystery of my gi sleeve

Anonymous No. 196818

Kek, its the same "Ackchyually" nigger who was arguing that Fedor Emelianenko wasn't a judoka and then that sambo is wrestling but judo isn't.

Anonymous No. 196826

Sol Invictus sunburn your scrotum

Anonymous No. 196840

what the fuck do you think you even know about fried potato?

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Ganryujima 7 Omig....webm

Anonymous No. 196852

>You grab clothes and you're getting headbutted/punch-ACK

Anonymous No. 196868

Most of the men in my day-to-day life are fully clothed so my judo grips are practical. I went from wrestling to judo and had no trouble figuring it out; similarly, I had no trouble figuring out how to apply judo techniques to no-gi grappling. Have you been screened for mental retardation? Also,
which might explain the sort of poster who can't figure out how to grab onto a man's clothes without trying to undress him.

Anonymous No. 196873

You’re arguing with someone who in the other thread admits he doesn’t train judo and only “learned” wrestling through YouTube, yet feels compelled to talk about both incessantly. He’s legitimately mentally ill.

Anonymous No. 196893

How do I not get my head smashed into the floor on a drop kata guruma? It's even faster than a drop seoi so I can't react in time to sprawl or whatever.

Anonymous No. 196899

Post wrists

Anonymous No. 196900

Tuck your chin and breakfall like you would any other throw. I’ve not had this issue with kata guruma so maybe it’s the way your partner is throwing you.
See >>196816

Anonymous No. 196905

Now post how many male MMA champs have a judo background
Should be just as easy

Anonymous No. 196906

I don’t know all of them but there is this little known guy who did really well for himself in early mma

Anonymous No. 196911

>Posts sambo fighter

Every time

Anonymous No. 196926

Fedor is an initiate master in the occultic art of gi grappling and there’s nothing you can do to change it

Anonymous No. 196928


Anonymous No. 196929

judo: >:(
judo (communist): :O

Anonymous No. 196931



Anonymous No. 196932

[spoiler]know judo?[/spoiler]

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Anonymous No. 196933


Anonymous No. 196934

Almost all of them to some extent. BJJ is just rebranded judo and the UFC was tailored as a marketing tool to make it popular.

>heh, if judo's so great name every judoka

Anonymous No. 196936


Image not available


judo Confusion gu....webm

Anonymous No. 196958

Image not available



Anonymous No. 196961

I will have this everyday to support uta-chan so she can do her best at the Olympics

Anonymous No. 196974

> Jan Blachowicz

>Originally studied judo at the age of 9

Lmfao. Are you really going to call this guy a judo fighter?really? Is this how desperate esoteric judo nerds are?

Sad rofl

Anonymous No. 196981

>started at 9
>still trains under a 6th dan olympic judoka
Please apply some basic literacy to your shitposts.

Anonymous No. 197002

Literally everyone in this thread is making fun of you because of your improper use of the word esoteric and yet you’re still doing it. Is it autism?
I’d put money on him being ESL

Anonymous No. 197026

Theyre trying to desperately turn it into a joke because it hit them so hard. They now realise the word esoteric applies 100% to judo perfectly.

Anonymous No. 197030

>can't refute anything
>chooses to die on the hill of the word esoteric

Anonymous No. 197161

fweindly weminder



Anonymous No. 197167

>fweindly weminder
You deserve it. If I find you on the mats I'm going to knee you in the balls on purpose for every throw in an effort to make sure you don't reproduce.

Anonymous No. 197169

You will never be Mongolian. You have no steppe, you have no ancestral warlord bloodline, you have no wrestling clothes that make you look like a pirate.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197191

Yagura nage is Japanese and originally came from sumo.

Anonymous No. 197211

No, i won't.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197271

thingken of abe

Anonymous No. 197278

Is it easier to become the best judoist or jiu jitsuist?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197289

>modify a throw/do a variation that works for me and fits into my judo game
>"no that's not how you're supposed to do it!!!!"
Why is Judo like this?

Anonymous No. 197290

Now you understand why it's esoteric

Anonymous No. 197292

We have to define the metric of best first. If assuming a dominant track record in official competitions, then Judo is much more difficult. It's much more popular worldwide which means the talent pool runs very deep, not to mention it being in the Olympics means only one (1) person per country in their category gets to compete at the highest level.
I love BJJ as much as the next guy but put a BJJ practitioner in any Grand Slam and they're getting thrown within a matter of seconds. A journeyman judoka on the other hand will hold his ground better in the BJJ setting.

Anonymous No. 197293

What's your belt rank? If it's a kyu rank you have your answer. Typically instructors wants you to get the basics locked in and fully understood before you start doing goofy shit. You should talk to your instructor after class about your throw variation and why you like it and see what he says.

>it sure is an esoteric mystery why my instructor tells me to do the throw we're practicing instead of a different throw that I like better

Anonymous No. 197294

I only recently jumped to green belt from white despite doing Judo and actively competing for almost 2 years. Which is retarded if you think about it because getting to this rank means you have to demonstrate Tai Otoshi (the throw in question) in a kata setting, which I did alongside other throws in the gokyo.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197295

real niggas do what they wanna do
bitch niggas do what their coach says they can

Anonymous No. 197297

You’re not half as good as you think you are yet. You’re still a beginner. Listen to your coach.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197298

>green belt
A brown belt is like an associate's degree in judo; a black belt is like a bachelor's degree. Anything before that doesn't really mean much of anything.
>getting to this rank means you have to demonstrate Tai Otoshi (the throw in question) in a kata setting
Just because you can demonstrate the throw in a kata setting doesn't mean you understand it well. The guy in pic related passed the pistol qualifications for his rank but I doubt anyone accuses him of understanding pistol shooting fundamentals well enough to teach them.
>only recently jumped to green belt from white despite doing Judo and actively competing for almost 2 years
What has your training and competing looked like for the past two years? If you'd been putting in roughly the same level of work as a high school athlete without taking any significant breaks I'd expect you to have gotten your green belt at least half a year earlier unless there's something wrong with you or your approach to training. If you're just weekend warriorring it and showing up at local tournaments once or twice a year a green belt in two years is solid progress.
>Tai Otoshi (the throw in question)
What are you doing differently, and why?

Anonymous No. 197310

I'll try to find a balance. The thing is my Judo improved drastically, like something clicked once I started doing things on my own. My set of throws were never taught at all (ex. tenri grip uchi mata). Maybe I just have a shitty coach desu. Probably my own bias speaking, but I just cannot get over the fact that once I switched to my own game, my results have gotten way way better.
I get where you're coming from. But I'm just operating under the pretext that to get better at X variation of throw, I have to do that specific variation, provided I know the basics at least.
>Offside sleeve-grip tai otoshi
This is the specific variation. The reason I chose this is because I want something in my back pocket should my opponent grab my power hand. My clubmates do everything they can to deny my collar grip since all my game is based on this.
I want to do the specific variation to tie-in with my Judo system. If I were in a position to execute Tai-Otoshi, I would rather just do my main throws of Uchi Mata or Ashi Guruma.
I train 3x a week, which leads me to my other argument that because I don't train 6x a week like a varsity athlete, I must do all that I can to train the specific variation that works for me personally. Theres this brown belt in my club who is a god at tai otoshi, but when I ask him to do my specific variation, he can't do it any better than I can. The main point here is specificity training. Why master X before trying Y when you can do Y from the get-go? This is the same with uchi mata where I've been taught the traditional version of pulling them up and loading them on my hips vs the actual competition variant of pushing their head down that I had to learn from scratch.
My goal is just to get as good at winning as possible, so there may be conflicts of interest here at play. I do appreciate the wake up call l though.

Anonymous No. 197313

>I train 3x a week
>My goal is just to get as good at winning as possible, so there may be conflicts of interest here at play.
You seem to be in kind of a weird spot where you want to have a hard focus on competitive sport judo while training like someone who casually practices judo in a setting where it's taught as a complete pedagogical system with competition as a training tool rather than a primary focus. Your instructor is likely operating under the assumption that your long term goal is to learn judo as a whole, which requires building a wide and deep foundation in the fundamentals, rather than to cultivate a handful of niche tricks for winning your next literally-who-belt competition. You should talk to your instructor about what you're doing and why: he might have a reason why it's not as good as improving your traditional tai-otoshi, he might tell you when in class to work on one versus the other, and he might help you refine your preferred variant if he agrees that it's something that will actually serve your goals in the medium to long term.

Anonymous No. 197314

>The main point here is specificity training. Why master X before trying Y when you can do Y from the get-go?
Judo education produces judo instructors and judo instructors need to understand the baseline from which the specialized variants deviate. The baseline variant is also often "cleaner" in terms of teaching underlying principles.

Anonymous No. 197315

I understand. Problem here is that sometimes these principles get conflated and passed down because it's just the way it is. Case in point, uchi mata. The "traditional" way is taught by pulling uke up to their toes and loading them up on your hip, reaping the far leg. However, when you watch a video of Mifune demonstrating it, it looks completely different: elbow up high and tori pulls uke downward, reaping the near leg. Interestingly enough this uchi mata that mifune does is exactly like how uchi mata specialists do it in competition today. The "traditional" uchi mata was actuall a training tool developed by japanese judokas to a) not hit your partner in the balls b) aim for the far leg so when uke circles to dodge, it hits their near leg, thus completing the throw.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197347


What are the most powerful throws to use on someone? Just something you really don't want to be on the receiving end of

Hane Goshi seems like a pretty harsh one

Anonymous No. 197348

If you throw a clean textbook standing kata guruma with intent that would probably hit the hardest.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197352

Anonymous No. 197365

Agreed. I will say also there are some deceptively rough throws. Maki Komi goshi is one that doesn’t look bad but is hard to break fall as uke

Anonymous No. 197366

All wrapping throws suck as uke.

Anonymous No. 197371


Anonymous No. 197379

Why doesn't that count as a let attack

Anonymous No. 197384

It does, classic kata guruma isn’t something you can do in competition anymore

Anonymous No. 197400


Anonymous No. 197412

You made a whole thread for a question you could've just asked in here? And now, you're posting that thread in here? What are we doing man?

Anonymous No. 197422

wtf that sucks

Anonymous No. 197424

We all do
Agreed, but there are a lot of modern variants that don’t involve grabbing the leg.

Anonymous No. 197483

Any German judokas here?

How common using to use a big part of your training for playing football or basketball as a warm up?

I went to two judo and one jiu jitsu clubs and all where doing about 30min out of 90 minutes a football or basketball game as a warm
Up… can somebody explain why ?

Anonymous No. 197498

>30 to 90 minutes of football or basketball
Sounds tiring, purpose of a warm up is to really elevate body temperature, slow-start muscle contracts and increase heart rate so it doesn't spike during actual practice and cause blood pressure issues (supposedly). Half an hour is pretty gratuitous, an hour and a half is ridiculous.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197511

the guy that kept shilling koshi guruma a few threads back has psyopped me into going for it out of intuition now
not that i'm complaining, it's a pretty sick ass throw and compliments my judo quite well
thank u koshi gurumanon

Anonymous No. 197514

Servus, we do like 5-10 min of soccer. I guess its about the idea of "how can we get the people to run for somĂźe time for endurance without telling them to run?"

Anonymous No. 197552

Based, koshi guruma is one of my favorites. If you aim the hand that goes behind uke's head towards their armpit instead of perfectly perpendicular to their neck it's a bit gentler on his neck and also sets you up for a strong kesa gatame if you follow him to the mat.

Anonymous No. 197573

That would be ok as a warm up. But in all three clubs it took about 1/3 of the whole training time.
Then there was a lot of talking what to do today, then a few partnerdrills and then training ends with stretching.
No sparring or randori

I don’t think i would learn much there..
It’s a shame I realy like judo

Anonymous No. 197576

i imagine that's better at preventing uke's head from slipping out too

Anonymous No. 197593

Sounds like a mcdojo

Anonymous No. 197595

Unfortunately… I liked the people there.
But I don’t think I would learn much

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197598

Ura nage

Anonymous No. 197599

intended for

Anonymous No. 197603

Half an hour of practice is better than zero hours of practice and you can supplement with drills at home.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197605

What's up with all these niggas practicing in hoodies? Feel like I'm fighting the Innocentz from Manhunt.

Anonymous No. 197606


This is a 10 year-old pasta and I hate you for reposting it

Anonymous No. 197607

Apparently, Osoto and Harai Goshi

>Three different but mainstream judo throwing techniques were used for this study. Likewise, biomechanical similarities and differences were found for each. Judo throws can be viewed as collisions between two bodies, therefore, impulse characteristics of uke's body were considered representative of collision magnitude or, in this case, throwing power. The osoto-gari and harai-goshi throws created the largest impulse onto uke's body, therefore both throws can be considered “power throws ”and likely well-suited for large and powerful individuals. The seoi-nage, on the other hand, created the smallest impulse and force onto uke. This throw was unique in that it maintained a large forward momentum on uke's body even after body contact. This indicated that this particular throw does not require size and strength from tori for better collision but rather shorter stature, speed, and skill to fit-in underneath the body of uke and roll them over their shoulder without compromising forward momentum.

Anonymous No. 197609


Many white guys take their shirts off when they fight, so that's probably why

Anonymous No. 197610


Was this the 90s? The dry ice is a nice touch

Anonymous No. 197612

I was being genuine. How am i supposed to know the etiquette when im new to the sport

Anonymous No. 197613

What's your experience with injuries in judo?
I've been training BJJ for 5 years and have learned some basics from judoka training partners and coaches, but I'm moving to a gym that actually has judo class and I'm curious.
I'd love to learn more judo but I'm just a hobbyist and don't want to add much more risk than is already present in my BJJ training.

Anonymous No. 197620

I've accidentally knocked the wind out of a couple people with osoto-gari so I can see that.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197622

I haven't hurt myself yet but breakfalls have saved me from significant injury outside of the dojo on several occasions.

Anonymous No. 197624

Broken fingers are common, I’ve seen two people break their arm in the exact same way in competition (ie. Reaching for the ground during a throw. Practice your fucking ukemi), but the worse injury I personally suffered was a fractured rib and bruised lung. Shit never really has been the same since then as far as my wind goes.

Anonymous No. 197625

it's like you're getting sent to the shadow realm

Image not available


Ganryujima 7 - Wa....webm

Anonymous No. 197676

>Was this the 90s?

Anonymous No. 197683

>2017 was 12 years ago

Image not available


Ganryujima 9 - Ou....webm

Anonymous No. 197687


Anonymous No. 197689

>2017 + 12 = 2029
Are you posting from the future?

Image not available


Ganryujima 9 - Ou....webm

Anonymous No. 197694

Anonymous No. 197729

Maaaaan...muh back

Image not available


Judo Paralympic G....webm

Anonymous No. 197734

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197768

How do I not get annihilated by ura nage or tani when trying to do koshi guruma?

Anonymous No. 197771

Apply proper kuzushi, retard

Anonymous No. 197783

I wonder how hard it would be to become the best Sambo guy in the US, there isn't that much competition right?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197785

>I wonder how hard it would be to become the best Sambo guy in the US
Much more difficult than you think. Here's a list of the countries represented in the recent US Open.

>there isn't that much competition right?
There is plenty. While sambo in the US is nowhere near as big as it is in an eastern block country, it's far from obscure. There's enough home-grown talent and tournaments to have multiple regional leagues. There's a few active US competitors who've competed/medaled at the World Sambo Championships.

Anonymous No. 197789

I have never seen a Sambo gym in the U.S. how the fuck is that big?

Anonymous No. 197796


Here's a map of known sambo gyms. Not exhaustive or completely up-to-date, but reasonably accurate.

Anonymous No. 197813

>Posts a wrestler and bjj black belt
Sure showed me!

Anonymous No. 197824

>third Dan in judo
every time

Anonymous No. 197834

Is the US sambo scene mainly guys who wrestled in high school and/or college? That's how I've been imagining it.

Anonymous No. 197836

how do you take care of your tendons?

I been to 14 classes now and half way thought class my arm felt like it was done, right in the elbow joint.

I have been doing calisthenics and taking collagen if that matters.

Anonymous No. 197837

Horse liniment. Old school power lifting trick. Do not apply before training unless you want your partners to hate you, do not apply when sweating or otherwise still wet directly after shower unless you hate yourself.

Anonymous No. 197839

>Horse liniment
okay sounds good, Funny I live walking distance from a horse store

Anonymous No. 197840

>mixed martial arts fight
>person does multiple martial arts

Anonymous No. 197842

Or just use fucking icy/hot. Same thing & made for humans.
Never understand stupid shit like this. You're not a fucking horse & it's not some great wisdom to use an analgesic made for a different fucking species.

Anonymous No. 197843

It's literally just a stronger dose of bengay you actual dumb fuck

Anonymous No. 197844

Also, this a bad recommendation in general. Will do nothing but alleviate pain. If you want to actual help your tendons recover...
>take breaks during intense sessions & stretch
>get adequate sleep
>plenty of protein
>collagen, glucosamine, chondroiton, and vitamin c supplements
>adequate hydration
>targeted eccentric exercises
>massage & myofascial release
>cold/hot therapy
These are things that will improve your tendon health, not just alleviate pain, which might trick you into overtraining.

Anonymous No. 197845

Which you can fucking OD on dipshit. A cross country runner a little while back killed herself overusing just bengay. But yeah, go ahead and take horses dose. Fucking retard.

Anonymous No. 197846

that's a good list thanks

Anonymous No. 197847

You're welcome. And always listen to your body. It's always better to take a wee break & recover proper rather than risk catastrophic injury & be down for god knows how long. Clawing your way back through rehab & atrophy.

Anonymous No. 197851

>how do you take care of your tendons?
high intensity weightlifting and plyometrics.
I don't play around with too much icy hot shit or supplements, I just raw dog life. But, DMSO can help.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197854

This is Bunk Fintzmeyer, he's taking up Judo.

What's a good throw for him to learn?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 197855

you're not getting away that easy /an/

Anonymous No. 197857

Was getting caught part of your plan?

Anonymous No. 197858

>I don't play around with too much icy hot shit
>But, DMSO can help
Does the same thing. It's just a topical analgesic. I mean, it helps with transdermal applications but just by itself that's all it does.

Image not available


Nate Diaz vs Josh....webm

Anonymous No. 197861

Image not available


Zatiev Sambo US O....webm

Anonymous No. 197862

Depends. Sport sambo tends to attract wrestlers, bjj guys, and judoka, though latter two are usually committed to their own sports and only dabble in sambo. Combat sambo tends to attract MMA guys or people with no training.

Anonymous No. 197870

On the topic of Sambo, for someone with only a bit of striking experience, for the goal of mainly getting good at Combat Sambo, is it better to train Judo + Combat Sambo or Muay Thai + Combat Sambo?

Anonymous No. 197877

Better of just doing the grappling of Judo. Grappling beats striking any day although I do like clinch fighting.

Anonymous No. 197878

Also there is the option of BJJ, I didn't mention it just because everyone says to do either MT or Judo to improve your Combat Sambo

Anonymous No. 197924

Muay Thai doesn't really mesh with combat sambo that much. The stance is different and kicks are punished. Muay thai sweeps are good but limited compared to the options you have in sambo. If you want to do striking to complement combat sambo, something like sanda/sanshou would be better since it inherently mixes striking and throws. BJJ might improve your overall ground game, but the meta is different and it's not optimal if you have sambo in mind.

Anonymous No. 197979

How many judo moves are there REALLY though, since a lot of them are the same move
Like I'm sorry, uke goshi and o goshi are the same move, the depth of the hip is an arbitrary line in the sand, tsuri goshi is the same move too, gripping over or under doesn't change what you're doing at all
Too many moves like this I'd say
The 3 collar mounted chokes? Same move

Anonymous No. 197982

I would no arm triangle you if you did this shit to me

Anonymous No. 197997

>*MMA fighter does judo for a year when he's 8 years old*



Anonymous No. 197998

That's judo in a nutshell you could probably condense it into around 15 moves but then it wouldn't appear so mystical

Anonymous No. 198000

Who are you referring to

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198001

Anonymous No. 198002

Careful, I said this in another Judo thread and a horde of armchair experts came out of the woodwork to give me viscious type lashings. Lol. This is why MMA is a thorn in so many traditional martial artists sides. This is true of pretty much any MA but especially the grappling styles. They like to pretend that they are so cerebral & complex but it's not. Once you practice enough you begin to just understand the mechanics of the body. It's like combat anatomy. No Judoka, well atleast no good one, has a move list in his head that they are running through, trying to decide which to use. They just understand the anatomical mechanics of the body in combination with physics, and exploit it. Once you understand that, all the different techniques cease to matter as they are trivial compared to that understanding. Sometimes I think a lot of martial arts instruction is intentionally/accidentally convoluted because if you taught those anatomical mecanics outright instead of all the different versions of roughly the same principle in action, you wouldn't be able to con people into paying for years. If getting a black belt takes multiple years, is it really hard to learn? Or do you have shitty teachers?

Anonymous No. 198008

Nobody thinks judo is mystical outside of complete retard who don’t train like >(you)

Anonymous No. 198012

Very very wise post
Judo can be summed up as.. if you push someone, they push against you (usually) to maintain balance. Then you quickly pull them as they are pushing towards you so their momentum is added to your pull and they will lose balance. I did this for fun when I was a kid before I knew judo existed

The other principles are if you take out a point of balance (legs) with trips, and also if you act as a fulcrum point (hip toss) think of pushing someone back against a knee height wall. It doesn't matter if they are 60kg or 200kg. If you manage to push them just far enough for the wall to touch the back of their legs, they will fall backwards due to esoteric magic and physics

Same principles apply for wrestling. People say it's more brute force but I disagree. If you can't lift someone's leg up, then good luck off balancing them if they plant their weight

Anonymous No. 198023

Good luck triangling anything as I feed you your own dick. Have you never been double-under passed?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198028

That's literally how judo instruction starts. You learn the generic principles and then you get into refined tactics for acting upon those principles. Do you even train? Touch tatami.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198042

>Training partners start talking about school, work, other hobbies and their social lives
Judo is all I have

Anonymous No. 198047

Some times I do rugby...

Anonymous No. 198063

based rin nakai enjoyer.
I showed her to a gay and he said I was gay

Anonymous No. 198066

You're not doing judo right now. What's your day-to-day life like?

Anonymous No. 198071

Yeah, except that's not really how it's taught. You're given years worths of faggy hoops to jump through before you even start getting into really substantial instruction. This is why, in some ways, it is unironically better to learn from a book at your own pace. The progression for most martial arts systems are total bullshit. You can learn pretty much everything judo has to offer in a year or less. Tests for black belts are jokes and there is no good reason for how long your advancement is delayed. This is why MMA gyms are becoming so much more popular than TMA dojos. Because you can just jump in & your obvious/observable skills on sparring days/in matches determines where you are. In MMA your skill is self-evident, you know like it naturally is, and you're not being gatekept by a faggy belt system & a douchebag in a dumb uniform milking you for his rent money.

Anonymous No. 198085

>Yeah, except that's not really how it's taught
That's not been my experience but the only beginner classes I've seen have been at very competent schools. That book was given to me in a program that's seen thousands of students and in class we talked about the concepts in the beginning of the book early and often, and even had written and oral quizzes. At multiple schools I've trained at the kyu belt promotions all include quizzes like this with the instructors often printing out study guides spelling out the minimum you're meant to know at each level. What kind of school did you go to?
>You're given years worths of faggy hoops to jump through before you even start getting into really substantial instruction.
I can teach a useful amount of judo to a normal adult in about three hours. I can do the same to a halfway athletic adult in less than an hour (one class). I'm sorry if someone scammed you with a "judo" McDojo but that's not how it's normally run. It's an Olympic grappling sport as well as a martial art, the typical experience doesn't involve much fucking around.
>The progression for most martial arts systems are total bullshit. You can learn pretty much everything judo has to offer in a year or less. Tests for black belts are jokes and there is no good reason for how long your advancement is delayed.
The intensive program at the Kodokan can get you your black belt in about a year if you graduate, less intensive study takes longer. You're very upset about something you know very little about.
Judo isn't even a TMA, it's a modernization of a TMA.
>Because you can just jump in & your obvious/observable skills on sparring days/in matches determines where you are.
Every sizeable MMA gym I've visited had separate classes for more advanced students. The judo belt system is just a unified international standard for defining levels of advancement so you know where to place visiting students in your class at a glance.

Anonymous No. 198086

Why do autists always work themselves in a tizzy over judo moves? There's only 100 codified techniques and you only need to know 15 of them tops to get a 1st dan and compete in the black belt division.

Anonymous No. 198088

I remember watching her UFC debut against Miesha Tate. My mood just slowly slid downwards as I realized this stubby japanese woman was never gonna get anything going.

Anonymous No. 198092

Well I think you're misrepresenting the position
It's not about japanese names, it's that minor variations in grip placement or some such thing doesn't change the move

Also the judo program in the gym I attended requires knowing the entire list left and right before being eligible to do a black belt test

Anonymous No. 198098

in my experience
>Soto makikomi
crushing experience when it's done by a heavyweight who throws all his weight on you
>Ura nage
hits hard enough to KO someone
>Osoto gari
not normally, but someone who's mastered it can throw with the force of a thousand suns

Anonymous No. 198099

>not normally, but someone who's mastered it can throw with the force of a thousand suns
Years ago I was on a strong osoto kick trying to get it ironed out and just trying to do it as smoothly as possible and ended up accidentally throwing a few people way too hard and feeling like a complete asshole.

Anonymous No. 198105

i never go too hard on osoto gari. i wish i could but it makes me paranoid about accidentally tearing someone's knee.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198108

Why does everyone make Uki Otoshi into this big, heavily technical throw that is impossible to do in live practice? This is actually one of the easier throws, at least for me. It's literally just like Tai Otoshi but without the leg, the hands and body placement is the same.

Anonymous No. 198109

And rope see the kata style classical version and assume its aikido wuwu nonsense. They don’t realize it’s just pushing a guy further into where they’re already going.

Anonymous No. 198111

>And rope
What did you mean by this

Anonymous No. 198115

Most people's first exposure will be during nage no kata practice to get promoted to yellow belt and they'll see the ridiculous kata presentation and think "wow that'll never work" and no one ever shows them a practical variation so it becomes like bigfoot. Zen master veteran judoka can do it but only if the stars align and the gods smile.

Anonymous No. 198116

>What kind of school did you go to?
An MMA gym that rented space to instructors of various styles. It was a fucking joke. Taking a class with a traveling instructor, trying to say what you can & can't be doing at a certain level, when the beginners MMA class is going at the same time & making him look retarded.
>Judo isn't even a TMA
Founded in 1882 & follows traditional budo code of conduct, yes it it. It is also an olympic sport but it was & still is a TMA.
>Every sizeable MMA gym I've visited had separate classes for more advanced students
Yeah & you don't need to fucking test into it. You perform, get the nod from the instructor when it's obvious you can handle your shit.
>written and oral quizzes
Lmao, when I said "unironically better to learn from a book at your own pace," I meant just like practicing breakfalling at your gym and just going for some throws with a sparring partner.
>I'm sorry if someone scammed you with a "judo" McDojo
Says the fag talking about taking written and oral exams. Guess what dipshit, you got had by a Mcdojo.

Anonymous No. 198128

>Also the judo program in the gym I attended requires knowing the entire list left and right before being eligible to do a black belt test
That's entirely on your judo gym.

The only universal requirement that the IJF mandates is "can you do nage no kata?"

Anonymous No. 198130

I have no friends outside of the gym and I'm unemployed, so I just hibernate until the next training session. Judo is basically my only form of social contact.

Not that being employed has had any significant effect on my life outside of making me too tired to go and train the hobby that I actually like.
I also got a meme degree a few years back but neither of these things have made me an inherently interesting person, so as soon as people at the gym start talking about real-life, I black out because I realize I have nothing going on in my life.

I'm aware there are ways I can improve my situation, so I'm not looking for life advice. I guess I just wanted to vent, that's all.

Anonymous No. 198146

Well that explains why the kodokan has its 1 year to black belt program

Here you have to do the promotional tournaments for all the browns, and then for black do the kata, and then there's the lightning round where they're just going to call out any number of moves from the list in no particular order for you to do
Always seemed like a lot of work I don't really care about

The majority of people I've seen over the years get to brown and that's where they'll remain forever after, and the ones that get to black spend months autistically prepping for the exam
Don't even participate in the class with everyone, they go off to the side and just memorize things.

This guy has been running the gym since 2007 and has produced about 7 or 8 black belts in that time

Anonymous No. 198147


Anonymous No. 198152

One thing that I do like about belt systems/ranks etc is people know how much experience you have

I started wrestling recently and it's scary not knowing who else is new and who else is a monster who will ragdoll me
I also wish they knew im brand new. And also who I can ask for advice/help

Anonymous No. 198153

>An MMA gym that rented space to instructors of various styles. It was a fucking joke. Taking a class with a traveling instructor
You're judging judo from some wandering charlatan instead of having any experience at an established program. Skill issue on your part.
>trying to say what you can & can't be doing at a certain level, when the beginners MMA class is going at the same time
Having done all three, wrestling and BJJ are safer for novices to fully practice than judo, which requires competent breakfalls to avoid concussions, broken wrists, etc.
>when I said "unironically better to learn from a book at your own pace," I meant just like practicing breakfalling at your gym and just going for some throws with a sparring partner.
I disagree, even as someone who is a good self-learner. Then again, I've had competent instruction.
>Says the fag talking about taking written and oral exams.
Make up your mind. Should students understand the underlying fundamentals and unifying principles or not? How are you supposed to test large groups of new students for a basic baseline of comprehension without asking them if they comprehend the baseline? A 1:1 student:instructor ratio might be ideal but I've only ever seen it at one school.
>Guess what dipshit, you got had by a Mcdojo.
My first exposure to judo, after years of scholastic wrestling, was a university program run by two red-white belt instructors (one a former Olympic coach) assisted by a cohort of black belts. Several other instructors I've had came from this program; in their smaller schools you were verbally quizzed, often informally. I also trained for a short while at one of the oldest dojos in the country, which gave out printed study guides and made book and internet/YouTube recommendations. I've visited some smaller schools in rural areas without having time to see too much of the process for new students there, but in my experience judo dojos uphold Dr. Kano's streamlined teaching principles.

Anonymous No. 198154

Hierarchy's will emerge everywhere and I know it's common for wrestlers to talk shit about belts or whatever, "we don't have ranks, we just wrestle" yes you fucking do
Wrestlers have ranks, they just don't wear it on their uniform during practice
But you'll see kids walking around to safety pins on their wrestling gear reflecting their performance so even wrestlers put trophies on display the same way people do with belts

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198155

>I started wrestling recently and it's scary not knowing who else is new and who else is a monster who will ragdoll me
Just relax and learn. Getting ragdolled can be highly instructive if you keep a level head about it, reflect on the lessons learned after the fact, and keep trying your best.
>I also wish they knew im brand new. And also who I can ask for advice/help
I perceive that to be the main value in a belt system. Instructors know how to sort large classes at a glance and newer students can identify advanced students and take the load off of the primary instructors. Everyone gets used to teaching what they know as they advance and you end up cultivating a very strong group of instructors over time.

>"we don't have ranks, we just wrestle" yes you fucking do
Absolutely. Natural in-team hierarchy aside, end-of-season tournament performance was taken very seriously. Some of the kids who wrestled at the higher levels got pic related tattooed and exposed that tattoo every chance they got.
>they just don't wear it on their uniform during practice
>the same way people do with belts
I would argue the primary utility of the belt is that it's worn during practice.

there's a wrestling thread but it's pretty dead: >>174608

Anonymous No. 198224

Question judo frens, who do you think understand a certain throw better:
>guy who can throws everyone in randori/shiai with it
>guy who can demonstrate it perfectly in kata/static
I know they aren't mutually exclusive, but i see it often. There was this guy who threw me and others with osoto the other day and he has "shitty" uchikomi form for it (toes not pointed, behind the neck grip, no upward pull only bent sideways). Yet someone else who was used as an example for the perfect osoto uchikomi has never thrown anyone with it. Thoughts?

Anonymous No. 198226

Retarded take. Judo is sport, coaches prepare you as fast as possible

Anonymous No. 198241

Mkay, but they don't.

Anonymous No. 198242

Sure bud, this is what sport coaches usually do - they slow your progress as much as possible so you will never compete. This is how sport works.

Anonymous No. 198245

For their pupils they think have a shot at making them a bigger name in the business. The rest just pay their bills. And if they're any kind of noncompetitive instructor or non-full contact competition. You're, again, just paying bills & will be intentionally taught in the most asinine drawn out way possible.

Anonymous No. 198260

You're speculating based on your experience with a rootless conman in a thread of people who actually train judo as an established discipline and sport. I'm sorry you had a bad experience outside the norm but it's foolish to assert everywhere else is like that.
>For their pupils they think have a shot at making them a bigger name in the business
I've seen schools get sincere compliments on the collective quality of their white and yellow belts. Instructor reputation isn't just about winning at the higher levels, it's about cultivating good students the entire way up.
>You're, again, just paying bills & will be intentionally taught in the most asinine drawn out way possible.
There's zero fiscal incentive to do this. If you can teach students useful and interesting things faster they get more excited about what you're teaching and they'll want to keep giving you tuition money.

Anonymous No. 198267

You’re retarded and coping because you’re too lazy to show up to class. Guaranteed, I’d put money on it.

Anonymous No. 198268

Good. A black belt is a sign that you have significant knowledge of the sport. If you don’t know the sport you shouldn’t be permitted to test for your black belt. Fuck you, lazy faggot.

Anonymous No. 198270

You might be able to argue that the first guy understands judo better and the second guy understands that specific throw better.

Anonymous No. 198276

There is a reason why great coaches aren’t always great fighters and vice Versa. I know plenty of great fighters who could not coach to save their lives. One of them, specifically, has a lot of knowledge and I love training with him but he has had so many fucking concussions that he can barely talk and can never express what he’s trying to say accurately.

My point here is, understanding judo is kind of relative. It may seem like a great coach really gets judo while being completely unable to preform the skills of judo himself. Conversely, there are people who cannot explain judo at all but are naturally attuned to it. Ultimately, this is a worthless discussion. The end

Anonymous No. 198278

>For their pupils they think have a shot at making them a bigger name in the business. The rest just pay their bills.
Your tops are as good as sub tops which are as good as sub sub tops and etc. There is absolutely no reason for coach slow down the progress

Anonymous No. 198281

That's not really true though

Image not available


Sumo Haru 2012 Ba....webm

Anonymous No. 198391

What do you call this in judo?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 198409

The women seem hesitant to randori with me.

Anonymous No. 198432

Ushiro-Goshi, rear hip throw. It is a counter to Ogoshi.