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last time i skated to places in public on my day off, i was heckled by two different tradies in their pickups telling me to get a job and learn to change a car battery

Anonymous No. 191225

Gustav is so good
also why is crailtap so scummy bros? the nine club episode with chico, he isnt afraid to go into detail like the younger pros that dont want to lose their jobs.

Anonymous No. 191240

Ah man that's unfortunate. Perhaps they were jealous that you were freely enjoying your day off when they were working.

Anonymous No. 191243

>>what if i
Dude as someone who's barely lived in his body in his youth and have struggled with learning skating intuitively this is the trick for me. Hmm ok what if I try x, what if I try y, so much better than what I used to do(doing the exact same thing over and over again)

Anonymous No. 191256

You should have listened to them. I personally used to skateboard. I could do it all. I could stationary ollie more than a few inches even. Then one day THAT happened. Now I have a crippling fear of car batteries and 45 degree inclines. Quit now while you can.

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I listened last night and got to him talking about why he left chocolate and had to stop. What was the crailtap stuff? Similar? Not a great look for girl/chocolate

Anonymous No. 191308

They cut his paychecks, then just stopped paying him here and there, all while not inviting him on any tours and trips. The ownership pretended not to know anything about it. Basically Mike Carroll has always been a fucking weirdo.

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>Now I have a crippling fear of car batteries and 45 degree inclines
Say no more anon, we can all guess what happened. I'm close to tears thinking about this, so fucking brutal. This is why I have pic related tattoo to keep me humble.

Anonymous No. 191333

lmao what the

Anonymous No. 191349

Niggas really saving pics of my tats for a meme

I don't even skate anymore shits for losers quit now while your ahead

There used to be cool people in skating these niggas look like bums now, what happened to the cool punk fits like ali boulala and duffel

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Anonymous No. 191353

>ali boulala
drug addict alcoholic loser who killed his friend, gave himself brain damage
drug addict alcoholic loser who got brain damage from a dude weed guy

Anonymous No. 191354

oh yeah forgot to mention duffel was retarded enough to call stevie williams a ni*ger

Anonymous No. 191361

I have had a long break once again.
At least.
Loneliness and slight depression like always.
Music is on depressive side of metal.
I need videos that could get me motivated.

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Anonymous No. 191364

>I don't even skate anymore
don't post here anymore kook

Anonymous No. 191365

The best thing you could do is just go out and skate. Nothing is going to motivate you more than feeling your board again and remembering why you love it. If you really want videos though:

Anonymous No. 191366

I guess I just need something to get my mind on it.
For week or two I have thought that I want to get back on board but it hasn't been anything except moments thought that disappears immediately after.

Anonymous No. 191367

I can do whatever the fuck I want skater fag you can't do shit

Anonymous No. 191368

I haven't left my room in a year since I got sober

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>Music is on depressive side of metal
Your subconscious takes in this music on a level that your conscious brain does not comprehend and it reflects it in your attitudes and subconscious actions. Giving up shitty music is an easy way to help better yourself. For me it was gangster rap. You've been MK Ultra'd fren.
Is this the lore of kneebro? After all that shit talk, he fell on a 45° drop in?

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>Music is on depressive side of metal
Your subconscious takes in this music on a level that your conscious brain does not comprehend and it reflects it in your attitudes and subconscious actions. Giving up shitty music is an easy way to help better yourself. For me it was gangster rap. You've been MK Ultra'd fren.

Anonymous No. 191374

Maybe I am just tired of winter.

Anonymous No. 191375

Man those guys are such clowns

Anonymous No. 191376

This is corny as fuck. Why is Rick McCrank hosting it too lol

Anonymous No. 191377

just some lads 'avin' a laff, innit

Anonymous No. 191382

lol Satan! Skulls! Are they 12?

Anonymous No. 191383

are not we all?

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I grew out of some things

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could I get some thoughts on this skateboarding-themed song?
It's supposed to express the zen feeling I get from skateboarding.

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could I get some thoughts on this skateboarding-themed song?


It's supposed to express the zen feeling I get from skateboarding.

Anonymous No. 191389

I need other anons to either like it or shit on it before I can decide if it's good or not.

Anonymous No. 191400

Sounds like default settings

Anonymous No. 191408

very bad
>skateboarding-themed song
how so?

Anonymous No. 191412

I've seen someone hit their head just practicing slow moving flatground tricks once (then another time a kid tried to roll off a ledge). The only times I've hit my head it was from skating ramps in the early days and thankfully had my helmet on both times, though one of those times it was actually the helmet that caused me to bonk my head at all due to how much it stuck out. It's pretty unlikely you'll fall so badly that you'll hit your head just learning the basics, but you never know. You'll have all your worst falls early on.

I'd 100% recommend wrist and elbow guards though. The first thing you'll naturally do is stick your hands out dead in front of you to stop yourself, and those impacts can be enough to break bones at worst and give nasty sprains at best. Kneepads might come in handy too but I tend not to fall to me knees when I'm not skating big transition.

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Anonymous No. 191431

bro, this is terrible. I almost shattered my knee just listening to it.

Anonymous No. 191435

The entirety of the drum layer is sounds made from riding my skateboard. There's also a rolling sound in there for ambience...

Anonymous No. 191436

That's cool, thanks for giving it a listen. Sorry about your knee.

Anonymous No. 191439

Shit was ass little man

Anonymous No. 191443

Thanks, but I mean, I'm really trying to fix it, so if you could say what makes it ass? I could redo the mixing, change a beat, get rid of an instrument, whatever. I'll even redo the whole thing if I can get some reasoning to. should I just give up on music altogether?

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Anonymous No. 191450

thanks for this, but /mu/ has pretty shit taste and i'm trying to get some critiques from actual skaters, not some record-playing hipsters.

Anonymous No. 191456

your trying to get critiques on your shit music that has nothing to do with skating

Anonymous No. 191460

The drum beat and synth is really nice but your guitar playing is pretty off-time and your guitar is out of tune :p The song idea itself is good.

Anonymous No. 191461

thank you I'll work on the guitar. It's something that's been bothering me too, i can't change the pitch without changing the damn speed in my daw, so I'll try re-recording it in both pitches.

Anonymous No. 191462

>i can't change the pitch without changing the damn speed in my daw
This is not true, you fucking suck. Go to /prod/, they might help you and you will at least be in the right thread.

Anonymous No. 191466

>45 posts
>15 of them are off topic shit about this fags shitty music
>third of the thread is not about skating

this isnt even funny like the knee guy or car batteries this is just plain off topic nonsense that theres a whole board for

Anonymous No. 191468

Idea to merge this gen with /rag/(rollerskating) when their thread hits bump limit. Both threads would get some crossover and it would centralize discussion but rag is very slow so it wouldn't overtake the skateboarding discussion.

Anonymous No. 191471


>/esg/ is srs business

All anyone does here is troll and gatekeep, anyway. I just gave you all a perfect reason to troll, you should be happy.

Anonymous No. 191472

>I just gave you all a perfect reason to troll, you should be happy.
nigga fuck outta here

Anonymous No. 191473

Your instruments sound very shallow, you need to work on giving them depth, idk how. The melody and what ever is fine but I think it sounds like a garage band song using default settings. Synth stuff was all analog and had a nice warmth to it.
This you? Sick skating
Fuck no

Anonymous No. 191474

That sounds like an awful idea

Anonymous No. 191475

let's brawl

Anonymous No. 191494

yea all my bad head hits have been bombing hills and losing control. i dont get how the pros bomb hills and fall and come out unscathed somehow that shit fucks me up the most

Anonymous No. 191542

I fucking hate hill bombing. It's by far the riskiest thing to do one your board with what seems to be the highest mortality rate, but even a "small" injury can mean a fucking skin graft. You have such little control of what happens to you. Big nope for me.

Anonymous No. 191570

yeah, the whole 'pissdrunx' era of skateboarding was so lame, basically viva la bam for losers who weren't even smart enough to get rich off it.

Anonymous No. 191571

i personally recommend wearing a helmet if you ever broke your elbow or wrist. your mind will involuntarily try to save those during a slip out and end up causing a head hit

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Anonymous No. 191583

Pissdrunx was based you faggot

A lot of nerds scared to do drugs in this thread

Anonymous No. 191584

>viva la bam for losers
viva la bam was already for kooks

Anonymous No. 191586

the pissdrunx era was a lot of fun but its a good thing that the culture moved beyond that. not everyone can party 24/7 and huck themselves down stair sets with a 12 pack in em and being able to do that shouldnt be glorified. i dont like viewing skaters as athletes but on the contrary acting like they're rock stars is cringe as hell.

oh look more shitty tattoos and retarded accusations/opinions. if you noticed everyone in the PD era who sobered up still has a career and will say ya those were fun times but they had to come to an end. almost everyone from that era ruined their career or almost ruined their career.

i watched an episode or two of viva la bam recently and damn is that shit hard to watch as an adult, I understood why my dad hated him he's literally just an insufferable asshole and the only funny parts were don vito being a drunk retard. wildboyz 4 lyfe

Anonymous No. 191595

The guy above me is a faggot, skateboarders should be rockstars, partying in your 20s is based, viva la bam is based

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Anonymous No. 191622

What do you think of my ollie height

Anonymous No. 191628

looks really high

Anonymous No. 191638


Here's the full session 20:30 onwards
Go watch it. Dont mind the rest of the vid

Anonymous No. 191646

Just quote and talk straight to him you absolute faggot.
Shit opinions.

Anonymous No. 191653

The guy above me wants me to quote, what a loser

Anonymous No. 191654

>appealing to the crowd
try harder

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curb fuckers.jpg

Anonymous No. 191659

bros how does this happen. these are two different identical dents in my curb I recently relacquered. This has to be a scooter right? Its the only thing I can think of unless the fattest retard in the world is practicing 5-0 stalls on it. the curb is already crusty as fuck and chipped with the lacquer scraped off from when I first rub bricked it and lacquered it 4 years ago from what I can only assume were scooters. the curb is fucked, and Im not gonna make a new one in the same spot cause the same shit will happen which sucks cause its in an absolute perfect location in a town with a grocery store 2 liquor stores a smoke shop and once even a skate shop close by. now i gotta fuck off and find a hidden curb outta the way.

go ice your knee and change a car battery, you give off incredibly kooky vibes. if your idea of partying in your 20s is pissing your pants every night and doing pills and heroin you're a damn loser and thats coming from someone who has pissed the bed multiple times and done pills and heroin.

Anonymous No. 191663

dude is that you, you fuckin rip and your english is money

bro hit me with the backside flip

Anonymous No. 191670

killin' it dude. Those switch flips looked great

Anonymous No. 191671

Def looks like a scooter mark to me. The way they slap on to ledges all crooked. Looks like the exact angle.

Anonymous No. 191684

Surely you can grind through that. As Ben Degros says, "Don't be a baby"

Anonymous No. 191691

its deeper than it looks, im used to skating crusty shit I even filled in the cracks with wax all the way and was still getting hung up. idk what to do besides write no scooters on the curb with a mark all and hope they get the hint. Im only there like twice a week I cant like watch the spot, Ive dealt with scooters fucking up other shit in this town before, put a giant giant dent in a parking curb I had a few years ago. i only hope if I run into em there not minors so I can properly tell em to fuck off. i used to be able to slide/grind this curb all the way, now I can only get a foot or two at the most. i definitely need new trucks but it shouldnt matter that much I made this shit perfect.

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Anonymous No. 191723

>my ledge was... grinded?

Anonymous No. 191733

if you dont skate why are you here

Anonymous No. 191762

Do you guys take you boards with you when traveling (plane-air)?
Do I have to pay extra for it or do some sort of check in?

Anonymous No. 191764

I've always just put it upside down on top of my duffel bag. Last time I flew I had my setup and two decks that I got from a shop where I was visiting. Never had an issue.

Anonymous No. 191770

do what this guy did

Anonymous No. 191833

It really depends on the airport, I've flown out of Ireland with my board no problem, then coming back from France the asshole security made me check it in as oversize baggage which cost even more than normal.

I've also had my skatetool confiscated at airport security in London, so that's another thing to watch out for.

Anonymous No. 191837

anyone know where i can find or watch evan hays/badkidd08 older videos? i never seen them before he deleted them all

Anonymous No. 191845

what is it about bronze56k that people like? they hardly even sell hardware, they mostly sell gay ass graphic t shirts and pants that look like shit. their videos has cool visuals and animations i guess, but what do people see in this brand?

Anonymous No. 191853

People like the videos they captured the drugd out meme aesthetic of that time when they were first hot that's why i still respect them

Anonymous No. 191854

Ever since I got sober I got fat now I'm built like bam shit sucks bros

Anonymous No. 191856

Skated all my life until getting out of college in Japan/Hawaii.

Moved to states and gave my last board to a random kid at the park before boarding flight to mainland. Life hit and now I'm a heavier gym rat dad who just started skating again after a 10 year hiatus.

Felt euphoric, way more muscle memory/balance came back than I could even imagine. Life is good.

Anonymous No. 191857

the videos are good and have a different euro aesthetic like palace.

when im not drinking Im eating lots of chocolate and junk food but the trick is to also exercise

Anonymous No. 191880

Straye has $20 shoes right now if you wanna look like a 3rd grader

Anonymous No. 191884

>have a different euro aesthetic
they are from queens new york and new jersey

Anonymous No. 191889

he made them public

Anonymous No. 191890

Good skating dude.

I watched the rest of your YouTube videos and read the comments. Some of those YouTube comments are trolling assholes not to be taken seriously - I hope you're not letting them bother you.

Anonymous No. 191891

im looking for the videos that were like gifted haters, i only see vlogs

Anonymous No. 191899

>way more muscle memory/balance came back than I could even imagine
This is how I convinced a friend of mine to pick skating back up. It's like unlocking latent abilities that you built up in your youth. People skating for the first time as an adult don't have that experience.

Anonymous No. 191957

>It's like unlocking latent abilities that you built up in your youth.
that's how i felt last time i skated a gap and threw out hospital flip after not doing those for like 10 years and landed it 1st try.

Anonymous No. 191976


Anonymous No. 191980

i mean that's why i hadn't done them in 10 years

Anonymous No. 191981

same mid thirties and just ordered a creature board. A little self concious about my age and that im still messing with a children's toy but fuck it.

any way anyone use a shorter board length wise. I got a creature stump board thinking it would be easier for flip tricks. what was anyone exp with shorter length boards been

Anonymous No. 191982

>ordered a creature board
oh no no no no no

Anonymous No. 191983

give me the qrd anon. i havent kept up on whats good and whats not

Anonymous No. 191989

creature and santa cruz use the shittiest woodshop there is, boards are notoriously bad

Image not available



Anonymous No. 191990

i got an oldschool shaped deck because it was on sale and i wanted to support my shop. the fucker is like 10 inches wide but short and it's the first board i've ever been able to treflip with zero effort.
>mid thirties
i think skating and snowboarding are boomer sports now. last time i went on the mountain i don't think i saw a single boarder who looked younger than 40.
i wanted to get this deck or the junji ito ones but they both sold out really fast

Anonymous No. 191991

bummer. They are the only ones i could find with a shorter length size in an 8
that was my problem before. Every time i would try a trick i had to over exaggerate the flick. it became such a pain in the ass i just stopped and just ollie shit

Anonymous No. 191996

I'm 33 and just got back into skateboarding. I'm messing around with all the dimensions. Wheel base is huge for me. I need 14"+. My last board when I was like 15 was a 7.6 board and I got back into it with a 8", but the wheel base is less than 14" and I got a 7.75", but again less than 14". I got a 8.38 and its 14.5" wheelbase. The wheel base is probably the most important part for me because I can ollie like a motherfucker on the 14.5, but its so fat I can do flip tricks, but its really slow.
I'm sticking with the short wheel base 7.75 with low trucks, but I'm torn between riding higher trucks with a longer tail and nose and wheel base or just at least getting a 14" wheel base for a 7.75 board with my low trucks and a short tail. I like having super fast pop, but with that 14.5" wheel base I can get a super high ollie out of it. Its just that its fat and it rotates slow.

Anonymous No. 192012

i just wish there was a low truck with actual kingpin clearance

Anonymous No. 192018

I'm on mini logos. Theyre the lowest if you ride a wide board. Like 47mm. I'm tempted to try thunders if I want to get a 8" board that isn't short as fuck.

Anonymous No. 192019

Gotta be real lads, rollerblade vids mog skateboard vids hard. Every skate vid is the same - disjointed grinds and flips down stairs with no cohesion, choreography or creativity. They're going for the hardest trick, the high score, but not style. Watch blading vids way more creative interesting tricks, spots, innovation, STYLE. Is it cause skateboarders are autistic?

Anonymous No. 192020

no one wants to Rollerblade though. skateboarding is magic and rollerblades are gay.

Anonymous No. 192021

>skateboarding is magic
I ain't seeing it bro. I'm seeing people who would never dare to dance at a party doing tism flips to impress his peers, not magic.

Anonymous No. 192022

>i think skating and snowboarding are boomer sports now
Damn straight. You can add surfing too. Seems the amount of groms has diminished to an all time low.

Anonymous No. 192023

It is because you're a rollerblade fag who likes the intricacies of the tricks while everything on blades is a soul grind of mute grab spinneroo to me. We are into skating in the same way where something styling and creative to us is just another kickflip to you.

Anonymous No. 192024

dancing at a party is gay. I'd rather be autistic than a homo.

Anonymous No. 192025

Dancing is euphoric and literally something humanity has done forever. Try letting go of that inhibition.

See you're naming tricks but it's not about that, those technicalities. It's about doing something epic stylish, creative and FUN.

Anonymous No. 192026

Real. I get nothing from watching BMX, Blading, or Scootering(ew). I rarely ever see bladers anymore. They're a dying breed. Every time I see one they are older too.

Anonymous No. 192027

I skate(board) too btw and have been doing that longer than blading. I love skateboarding I think the vids are uninspired.

Anonymous No. 192028

They're fine I have never heard that about Creature, typical stiff chinese wood. I have that exact board it's quite steep and square, probably a lot different than what you're used to if it's been 15-20 years.

Anonymous No. 192029

>skate vids
I sleep
>rollerblading vids

Anonymous No. 192030

rollerblading will never be cool but yes skaters are creatively bankrupt in comparison thats cause skaters are jocks that want to fit in so everything is formulaic while rollerbladers are actual outcasts, you have to be a little odd and incredibly authentic to your true self to rollerblade since it's gets such strong rep of being lame. does not suprise me that their vids are more interesting, still gay as hell though

Anonymous No. 192031

Yeah you get it man. And I'm not even gonna argue blading is gay cause whatever. Here's a video you might like, a bit more traditional so I think boarders can enjoy it too. Maybe my favorite.

Anonymous No. 192033

I'm gay and that little wall hop just turned me straight. Thanks.

Anonymous No. 192034

No problem brother. (that wall hop is epic)

Anonymous No. 192036

The only cool thing was the long lines but they also seemed very easy where as they are difficult in skating. Not into the gay dreamscape nonsense film style.

Anonymous No. 192039

>the long lines
Yes I really like that too. It gives a flowing rhythm over single tricks cut together.
>they also seemed very easy
For him, yes. To me it's not about difficulty but style... SOUL even.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192043

>skaters are jocks that want to fit in

Anonymous No. 192045

why is rollerblading even being discussed in here

Anonymous No. 192120

>Gotta be real lads, rollerblade vids mog skateboard vids hard.
>Posts the corniest hipster edit imaginable

Anonymous No. 192126

>rollerblading will never be cool
the kelso brothers would have something to say about that

Anonymous No. 192131

get this gay shit outta here, this is one of the reason why nobody likes you fags both irl/online, constantly trying to insert yourselves where you dont belong and insist you're actually cool that can hang like an annoying little brother. if anyone here was interested in rollerblading they'd be posting about it in your general. theres no reason for you to be in here waxing our coping.

🗑️ Anonymous No. 192132

seething woodpusher

Anonymous No. 192134

>rollerblading doesn't have Finnish schizo vloggers creating depressive kino
fruit booters just can't win

Anonymous No. 192135

i watch skate vids cause I wanna see different skaters doing different tricks at different spots. Im not watching them for their artistic merit or soul or whatever the fuck. i guess when you only have 5 tricks you can do you gotta make up bull shit in your head to justify watching someone spin 30 times for a part

Anonymous No. 192137

do you want me to go shit up your general? cause its raining here and I got the time

Image not available


some dude.png

Anonymous No. 192147

Anonymous No. 192150

>Im not watching them for their artistic merit or soul or whatever the fuck
low iq npc take

Anonymous No. 192151

>low iq npc
you're describing 99% of skateboarders

Anonymous No. 192152

watch television or a fucking movie retard

Anonymous No. 192156

Wow, rollerbladers are big on fake steez, huh? So many of those roll aways looked retarded. These guys also look 40. The cultural impact of rollerblading is basically zero theses days, so the kids that would have bladed are scooter kids now. The rare times when I do see bladers they're usually chill old heads, but man does their sport look silly to me. It probably looks even sillier to kids that didn't grow up sharing parks with fruit booters

Anonymous No. 192157

Alright, what's you guys' favorite skate vids then? Post some, I'm curious.

Eh, it's fine if it's not your style but it's a very thoughtful video with soul imo.

Anonymous No. 192158

>constantly trying to insert yourselves where you dont belong and insist you're actually cool
Wasn't my intention, just disappointed in skatebaord vids but I'd love to see what you guys' favorite skate vids are.

Anonymous No. 192161

>very thoughtful video with soul imo.
the fuck does this even mean (rhetorical question dont answer
id love to know what skate vids you actually watched

>The rare times when I do see bladers they're usually chill old heads
the older dudes that I see that are still doing are always chill and are never in a park. I ask em if they been doing it since the 90s/early 2000s and they usually hesitantly answer yes probably assuming im gonna make fun of em but I just tell em thats sick keep doing you. they've learned to stay in their lane

Anonymous No. 192162

The ones called "[Skater name] [skate video name] part". I don't remember which ones. So, which skate vids are your favorite?

Anonymous No. 192163

>talks all that shit
>never even watched a vid

get outta here fag

Anonymous No. 192164


Anonymous No. 192170

Lmao that first one was really bad, skipped second. Like I said anon it's all mute grabs and soul grinds. Ramped slow mo power slides make no sense. Also the arm steeze are straight from 90s skating but people were eventually bullied out of it.
I like this part, is fast, balls to the wall, every trick done properly and editted well with a good song. It's everything I need -

These guys were wild tho, blading should stick to ninja shit.

I guess you're going to keep posting, probably try not to troll cunts with the whole us v you thing. Bladers have their own lane and should stick to it.

Anonymous No. 192171

>try not to troll cunts with the whole us v you thing
The guy you're replying to is not I who made the first post, and I was not even trying to do that. I skateboard.

I like the vibe in the first part, he's pretty chill. The vfx and editing has the vibe of THUG 1.

Anonymous No. 192172

Fair. There was a period of my life I skated with rollerblades. No one skateboarded in my area. Was good memories, lots of jump ramps and stupidly big gaps. Only one guy still does it but he wears lycra suits and goes for like 200km long rides kek

Anonymous No. 192173

>talks nothing of the skating/tricks/spots just VIBES
fruitboot fag leave, you have the mentality of a art school dropout

Anonymous No. 192174

Nice it is fun.

Anonymous No. 192175

To show appreciation to you, and not to appease that guy, I'll say I like the 180s in and out of slides, and the 360 on the fire hydrant. Stuff like that adds some style which I like. Mostly I like how he does the tricks, pretty relaxed and fun.

Anonymous No. 192184

its called a natas spin faggot. did you really not even watch till fred gall?

Anonymous No. 192185

i remember not liking his part as a kid but rewatching now it's really good

Anonymous No. 192189

fuck off fruitbooter

Anonymous No. 192222

Depends on the airline. If they don't allow it, I just leave the deck and buy a fresh one there.

Image not available


Duane Peters rock....gif

Anonymous No. 192223

>Alright, what's you guys' favorite skate vids then? Post some, I'm curious.

Here's a few.

Anonymous No. 192228

terrible idea, completely different sports

Anonymous No. 192231

thats a great list. unfortunately this zoomer fruitbooter can't even make it through 5 minutes of a single vid.

Anonymous No. 192233

this is basically the skate video for me, probably a fan compilation, banned by copyright many times, this one is shit quality, I don't know if you consider this a classic

Anonymous No. 192235

reminds me of the greatest skate video of all time Gangsta Skater vs Punk Skater

Anonymous No. 192241


Anonymous No. 192247

>Gangsta Skater vs Punk Skater
lol I remember that shit

Anonymous No. 192262

hahaha where is this from?

Anonymous No. 192266

Ryan Lay Epicly Later'd, shes talking about gifted hater who appears in the video

Image not available


swarm of bees on ....jpg

Anonymous No. 192267

I am the depressed shit who asked for videos to get motivated.
I have gone skate boarding twice since last post.
Today I smashed and maybe sprained my knee to the floor.
I could limp within minute and I got back on board within five minutes but even after few hours it feels a bit unsteady.
Hopefully it is just pain and bruise.
More videos would be nice

Anonymous No. 192268

I hurt my IT band last time I got hurt. Must've torn muscle below the knee. It was bad. Feels great now, but I'm on a small break. Hard to get motivated again because of work, I'm fucking some milf and I'm doing a project painting my car, plus today I'm drinking beer and playing video games. Idk how old you are, but I know that when I got hurt, I knew something went wrong, but it took hours til I actually couldn't walk anymore and I kept skating. Next time I get hurt (I'm 33) I'm just going to stop for the day.

Anonymous No. 192270

34 and started skateboarding last week. (skated for a bit when I was a teenager.)

Taking it slow by getting comfy on the board with pushing and pumping.

Can Ollie somewhat ok and trying to land shove its at the moment.

Feel a bit embarassed sometimes learning at the parks by myself being a bit older. Is it over for me bros? Should I just hang it up?

Anonymous No. 192271

you think about yourself too much

Anonymous No. 192272

27y old
I started last year
I have already bent my ankle once and it took over a month to heal
Three to heal completely
I will wait until this heals
I seriously need to start using board as vehicle once the weather allows
Would improve everything a lot

Anonymous No. 192273

at least you're by yourself for some privacy lol. I personally don't want to interact too much when I'm trying to relearn shit at parks and trying to learn new flatground shit.

Anonymous No. 192275

All I know for what I did wrong was I didn't lower myself to the obstacle. The new park built near me has like pretty low obstacles, lots of transition though. Hopefully you figured out your mistake. As for being depressed, I can't help because I try everything to cheer myself up. Its one of the reasons I got back into skating and nothing seems like it helps. Just have to keep going and know there are better days ahead. Skating might bring you down somedays and make you want to give up, but if its fun, if its some kind of way to express yourself, like the way I see it, its good to have and force yourself time to time.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192277

Stop thinking about others
In the beginning I looked like a 27y old tard with knee pads, gloves and old bicycle helmet
Now I look like a 27y old tard with pic related
I would have preferred it in olive green or similar color /k/ is strong in me
No idea if it is proper helmet for the job but it has saved my head more than once

Anonymous No. 192280

shut up faggot

Anonymous No. 192287

Bought a round flat rail and 50-50s do work when you just put all your weight on it. I'm stoked.

Anonymous No. 192291

This was such a good episode. I only became aware of Ryan recently, but dude has such good style. I can't wait for the Sci Fi video. I actually saw them filming for it in my city last fall. Always was a fan of Jerry when I was a kid too. Me and my homie used to watch his Bag of Suck part religiously before skating

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192306

I'm a bit disappointed bros...

Anonymous No. 192313

am too stoked for the Sci Fi vid. Jerry rules. the episode coulda done without a 5 minute segment on GH

Anonymous No. 192314

This gifted hater arc is like the black mirror game show episode where the black dude goes crazy and threatens to kill himself and it gets good ratings so they adopt his gimmick into their propaganda machine.

Anonymous No. 192330

>No idea if it is proper helmet for the job but it has saved my head more than once
>but it has saved my head more than once

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192337

what's everybody working on?

grip-less skater here, working on this tail stall hand flip thing, not really sure what it's called.
once i get it down on this easy bank, I'll move on to steeper slopes.

Anonymous No. 192345

i always found indy hand fips way easy than doing it from a nosegrab for some reason.
>what's everybody working on?
i'm pretty beat up from riding park and bombing hills all winter but i'm trying to get my tres/switch tres really dialed while i take it easy but now i also have massive autism about doing them with no drift

Anonymous No. 192357

The self filmed kickflip looked really cool, I liked the pop shuv sex change as well. No idea what the hand flip is called.
Several tricks I'm wanting to learn and improve on right now, crooked grinds probably top of the list. I can lock into them really well almost every single time, even pinch and hold them really well, but exiting the grind or popping out is still inconsistent.
Skating with no grip is a bit odd, but I feel like I can relate at least a bit because I've always really disliked MOB grip and how overly-coarse it is - I prefer something like classic Jessup or Pig grip.

I'm new to the general, may try to get a couple quick clips soon just to share something. Been a really long time since I've tried filming anything.

Anonymous No. 192358

practice popping out of nose manuals going off curbs.
nogrip is pretty good unless you need pop or go anywhere that your board will get even slightly dusty or damp. i know it's kook shit but now that i've tried foam grip on skateboards i'm never going back to mob.

Anonymous No. 192359

what's the story with that guy? is he a nonce or what?

Anonymous No. 192360

>practice popping out of nose manuals going off curbs.
That's a good idea, ollie into nose manual is another trick I've been working on so two birds in one stone there.
Right now the only way I'm landing crooks is by riding them to the end of the ledge and just kind of dropping out of them.

Anonymous No. 192372

No grip is to protect my shoes. Sick of spending 60 bucks a month on shoes, plus I hate when grip wears a hole into your shoe, it starts putting holes in my socks and eventually scraping skin off my foot. When I stopped using grip, I noticed that the rubber from my shoes creates enough friction for me to continue skating like normal. Even friends who've never skated like this can kickflip it first try when they try my board.

Tldr; I can wear nice shoes to skate, they don't wear down.

>Unless you need pop
No grip hasn't affected my Ollie's at all, it's all about how you snap that tail on the ground.

Anonymous No. 192375

Will try that, I'm just no good at nose stalls. Probably something else I should work on

Image not available



🗑️ Anonymous No. 192377

Thank you Steve, very cool.

Anonymous No. 192378


Anonymous No. 192379

I honestly want to try it next time I set up a fresh board for shits and giggles. I know I like less abrasive grip like jessup and I've currently had my pair of shoes last 4 months now with shoe goo. I mostly wear down on the kickflip area. The other day I was curious to try my work boots and they work surprisingly well, but I wear them to work. I might actually start skating in them though when my boots start to look ugly. My boots are light.

Anonymous No. 192383

I'm working on 50-50s on round rails. And my ollies and kick flips. I fucked around with my set up so many times. I really want an excuse for a new board with a longer wheel base, but still 7.75

Anonymous No. 192390


Image not available



Anonymous No. 192391

>No grip hasn't affected my Ollie's at all
Maybe but, I don't think it's helped them.. what happens if you go faster?

Anonymous No. 192392

5 boro used to have a really nice 7.75 x 32 with a 14.25 wheelbase but idk if they still make it

Anonymous No. 192393

>The other day I was curious to try my work boots and they work surprisingly well, but I wear them to work. I might actually start skating in them though when my boots start to look ugly. My boots are light.
I really enjoyed wearing specifically my work boots for skating for a while. The giant sole underneath makes for a great bake pad when planting and dragging your pushing foot to slow down. It doesn't wear down evenly though so eventually trying to walk on them will give you spine problems. It was nice having a large area for stability but at the cost of dexterity, mostly for going down hills.

Anonymous No. 192397

That is fucking perfect. Of the 3 boards I have, I have a 7.75 with 13.875 wheel base 6.38 tail and low trucks. I guess even just 14" is better, but I'm liking the challenge of mastering my ollies on the short wheel base. Next board I am thinking about getting is 7.75 with 14" wb and 6.25 tail. I feel like a short tail works well with low trucks. The other board is a 8.38 with 14.5 wheel base, but its so fat. I don't feel connected at all, but it makes ollies so comfortable, like my feet don't have to be as close together to get a 2 foot ollie. Ive seen there is a wheel base adjustment tool where itll attach to your bolts so you can drill with precision new holes.

Anonymous No. 192398

>It doesn't wear down evenly though so eventually
Thats my concern I guess. I just wear those boots so much that it kind of makes sense I'd want to skate in them. Worn the same brand and style for I think over the last 10 years, but they used to be 45$ the first time I bought them, now its double the price. I just save them in my amazon cart and buy them when I see them get below 80$. I wonder if shoe goo can rebuild that rubber too, because its been working with my skate shoes.

Anonymous No. 192399

ah they are $72 right now in this color. So wide, so comfortable, so light, but I'm not ready to make the change. Pissed they used to be fucking 45$, but they last so long for warehouse shit. I had a pair last me 3 years til the sole separated.

Anonymous No. 192400

The skate shoes I buy are under $60.

Anonymous No. 192401


also my skate shoes I buy are half a size smaller than what I wear to be comfortable.

Anonymous No. 192404

You guys should bookmark this thread:

I've gotten so many good deals on shoes. Currently have some half cabs on ice that I got for $45.

Anonymous No. 192407

what's the qrd? i'm not giving that dan webz shithead any views

Anonymous No. 192408

Its probably half overreaction, but also he mustve touched some younger than legal girls and made them feel uncomfortable. He drank a bunch while giving lessons and mustve made advances, but idk. I feel like let the law do what it do and braille can fuck off. Its gay.

Anonymous No. 192410

there’s a fucker on there with like a full emerica warehouse in his closet but he didn’t have any hsus in my size.
i miss that shoe so much bros. ipath cats too

Anonymous No. 192498

i got 5 pairs of etnies/emericas last year for $100 + free shipping. how are you going through a $60 pair of shoes a month unless your ditching your shoes the moment they get a small hole.

Anonymous No. 192502

idk i wear my shoes until they fall apart but i think that's partially how i ended up with tendonitis

Image not available



🗑️ Anonymous No. 192516

have a slappy easter sunday

Image not available



🗑️ Anonymous No. 192518

have a slappy easter sunday

Image not available



🗑️ Anonymous No. 192519

have a slappy easter sunday

Anonymous No. 192521

Having trouble champ?

Anonymous No. 192528

When I have the money I'm probably just going to have to move up to at 8" and get some mid height trucks. I used to ride 5.0 ventures on an 8" board and got a shit load of use out of it, but I'll probably get some new 5.25 trucks.

Anonymous No. 192530

I shattered my knee trying to post that clip

Anonymous No. 192536

Anonymous No. 192546

Is an 8.5 board going to feel massive for someone with size 42 shoes? I've been riding an 8.25 for a while now and been thinking of going up a size for riding more bowls/transition/

Anonymous No. 192547

Its probably about the same. I would get started with what you have before making the decision to try. I like my flat ground shit and want to stay below 8.25. My 8.38 is pretty much my longboard, but I guess at some point I have to skate a bowl for the first time.

Anonymous No. 192548

length & wheelbase have a bigger effect imo. i used to be really autistic about deck size but now i jump between a 7.75 and like a 10 and it's not a big deal.

Anonymous No. 192552

I can get that, but I feel like short wheel base doesn't limit me but I don't like my feet so close together for big ollies and I don't like how slow wider boards rotate and it feels like I have less control when I'm in the air for flip tricks.

Anonymous No. 192553

I guess none of it really matters its all personal preference. I still havn't done enough experimentation with truck height.

Anonymous No. 192556

I ride an 8.6 and mostly skate street. Only difference for flip tricks is my legs get tired quicker and 360 flips rotate slower but I never had them good anyway. I think you adjust. Smaller boards feel like I need to be delicate with my flicks now.
I also went from 7.5 all the way up in increments over 15 or so years.

Anonymous No. 192557

I like how much I have started to feel on the board even its small, just getting huge pop sucks if the board is short.

Image not available


skate apu.jpg

Anonymous No. 192569

>Be sperg
>Feel weird around others
>Others feel weird around me
I do not know shit about any of social interaction and even less about skateboarding
I still want to be social
Maybe not like other great apes

Anonymous No. 192570

I don't know what size my board is cause I'm not a faggot choosing boards based off numbers, I actually stand on the different decks to choose based on feel

I am superior

Anonymous No. 192571

i've never even heard of an 8.6 deck

here's your >you, faggot

Anonymous No. 192572

Riley Hawk rides an 8.6

Anonymous No. 192573

finding out that heath is a turbo autist about skating around people made me feel better
[spoiler]i used to skate fucking contests and had so many tardo socializing moments that still make me want to jump out a window whenever i remember them[/spoiler]

Anonymous No. 192577

I recently tried 8.38 and it's the only size I want to skate now

Anonymous No. 192579

Riding bowls better and trying to launch out. It's so hard to stick out the bonk and land. One of those things where I need to unlearn bad habits in how I pump.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192581

slappy crooks

Anonymous No. 192586

I'm not butthurt about it, but a bit funny - I live in the middle of nowhere so I order most of my gear.
Bought a Toy Machine deck that their own site said was 31.75" length, and 14.25" wheelbase. CCS and Skatewarehouse both list the same specs for the deck.
It was a good board, really enjoyed the shape, decided I wanted to try a 14" wheelbase and slightly shorter board as my next deck.
Noticed when I set up the new board that it looked VERY similar to the one I just swapped, so I got a tape measure and actually measured - The old one I had been riding was actually 31.5" length and 14" wheelbase, so identical to the new one I just bought.
So either I got a miss-press, or all 3 sites have the specs off. I'm going through a bit of "madness" right now, so trying to find a shape to stick with.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192590

i really like jp skate sites because they do the best job of actually showing you the deck you're buying

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192592

It's a passport board. I might drop to 8.5 next depending what's on sale.
Thanks anon I just remembered my one and only competition I entered at like 12. I bailed every trick then decided to make up for it by hitting the big quaterpipe with speed. Only I ate shit on the way and face planted in the middle of the park. Didn't get a second run.

Anonymous No. 192610

damn, nice

Poor Investor No. 192624

I hereby proclaim /esg/ anime territory.

Anonymous No. 192628

try shovel nose shape next and you will want to skate nothing else. 8.38 shovel nose is the perfect board

Anonymous No. 192630

Oh fug did you guys see James Hardy died?

Anonymous No. 192632

did he die skating?

Anonymous No. 192637

apparently a seizure. I guess he took too many hits on the head.

Helpless Investor No. 192646

fuck you
we /chuck/ here

Aspiring Investor No. 192647


Anonymous Magnate No. 192649

>he didn't go all in on GACHI

Poor Investor No. 192650

you'll be changing my lambo's car battery before the day is over buddy

Anonymous Magnate No. 192653

Does Finnish dude lurk here regularly? His videos are like peering into the life of a schizo. I relate with him in some ways

Anonymous Magnate No. 192654

2.5 million in liquid assets Im going to be riding bones swiss the rest of my life

Rich Investor No. 192655

Did some heelflips over easter

Anonymous No. 192662

Why do you hate Braille ? They were kino when Lance was still around.

Anonymous Mogul No. 192665

Every day I think about what life would be like if I didn't mess up my knee.

Rich Investor No. 192666

>one of those sessions where you first t everything
cock is rock solid

Anonymous No. 192667


Anonymous Magnate No. 192668

>Why do you hate Braille ?
zoomer leave

Anonymous Magnate No. 192669

>Why do you hate Braille ?
Why do you like Scientology backed content for children?

Anonymous No. 192670

Braille is an old channel
Oh come on lad, sure Aaron is into that weird cult but that doesn't mean they're indoctrinating children, right?

Anonymous Mogul No. 192671

>Why do you hate Braille ? They were kino when Lance was still around.

Fledgling Investor No. 192673

wonder where Lance is nowadays. the lance dance was probably the only genuinely good thing to come out of braille.

Anonymous Magnate No. 192674

you must be 18 to post here

Anonymous Mogul No. 192676

Literally everything they post is kids content

Anonymous No. 192682

Started trying frontside flips for the first time since picking skating back up, I never had them before or really put much time into practicing them but right off the bat they're feeling really good. Landed a couple that were a bit sketchy but I'm getting a good pop and rotation out of some.

Was unexpected that it worked out like that - Always a rare and pleasant surprise when a trick comes easier than you thought. Will keep practicing them, really want to expand my flatground repertoire

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192684

>do you know who ryan lay is
>i love that

he recovers favor with the
"you might know something with the sci-fi-fantasy board to be that hip"
>o-oh you know them
"yeah they're pretty low key"

would you guys turn pro if someone offered it to you even if you skated like beatrice / or gifted gaper :^)

if you make a cool twin tail graphic i'll buy it

Anonymous Mogul No. 192686

Its funny how most of the paypigs from GH's discord are shitters and trolls

Anonymous No. 192694

yeah i appreciate secret genius

Anonymous No. 192709

remember when no comply tricks were trendy? what a terrible era

Anonymous No. 192719

i cant do them without hurting my knee

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192721

i finally able to do shuvit after couple days trying, might buy myself some chicken home

Anonymous No. 192792

wow are you also homophobic? take a hike buddy

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192800

I've hit real strides in my progression bros. I never thought I'd still be learning new shit like this at 30. These threads have unironically helped motivate me to keep skating. I hope you all have a great next session

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192801

Fuck yeah boi
>t. also 30 and learning new tricks

Anonymous No. 192803

literally just do a little everyday. that's all you need to do to keep getting better.

Anonymous No. 192875

i was on the fence about toby ryan but the raw talent makes up for the lack of soul

Anonymous No. 192878

yes boys keep at it

Image not available


exploding knees.jpg

Anonymous No. 192880

Knee still feels funny.
While standing from squat or crouch or such position with normal slight sideways strain.
I guess I will keep my board on the ground for a while.

Anonymous No. 192881

>strong muscles around your knee = less knee problems
Do some calisthenics shit for it

Anonymous No. 192882

It hasn't affected walking but I get it checked just to be sure.

Anonymous No. 192883

>get it checked
desu seems no use
>"it is strained"
Is what they will say. Maybe even tell you which specific ligament. It doesn't really matter, you just need to strengthen the muscles.

Anonymous No. 192886

it only took 20 years but i can actually treflip now
look into the ido portal squat challenge

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192891

>imagine being over 30 and ska-AACCKKKKK

Anonymous No. 192892


Image not available



Anonymous No. 192894

Just ordered some Fallen "Goat" shoes.
Pretty stoked on how they look but I don't think I'm going to like going from high tops (Tremont) to low.

Anonymous No. 192895

fallen is still in business???

Anonymous No. 192897

They came back in 2019, still skater owned. A lot of the old riders (Cole, Sandoval, Marks) got back on.
Their shoes are good. They resurrected a lot of their old models and made minor updates to them to modernize the designs, and also have some all new models.
They recently had a big season end sale on their site, I got the Tremonts for only $28 which was awesome.

Anonymous No. 192898

lowtops are nice for some things but goddamn i only need to get cracked in the ankle once to regret wearing them

Anonymous No. 192899

Yeah that's more or less my concern. I like the added protection and the "secure" feeling high tops give your ankles.
I've torn ligament in my ankle before and although I've recovered I'd like to avoid more ankle sprains because they feel like they do more damage now than they used to.

Anonymous No. 192900

My first thought kek, they were the best skate shoes for a minute til every company ripped them off

Anonymous No. 192901

it's only really an issue if you flip the board a lot and do shit like treflip mannys or nollie bs heel 360s where you're basically sticking your foot in a blender. supras were probably the most supportive skate shoes i ever found but they died sadly

Anonymous No. 192905

They went out of business, then they brought it back without Jamie Thomas lmao

Anonymous No. 192908

this is terrible man wtf are you talking about?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 192959

You guys wish you were me right now.

Anonymous No. 192960

>Gamecube version

Anonymous No. 192961

Based except it's literally impossible to play these games with a controller and I'm sucking massive ass. I could be speedrunning it on a keyboard, but on this bitch I'm taking my sweetass time.

Anonymous No. 192971

whoa very nice anon

Anonymous No. 193036

think it
dream it
do it

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193046

Me and my homie landed our first flip tricks after serious injury. (I snapped my ankle he was shitting blood for a month). Felt wholesome as fuck

Anonymous No. 193052

>I snapped my ankle he was shitting blood for a month
You're supposed to use your fist, dingus.

Anonymous No. 193064

Why did you guys not make me aware this show exists

Image not available


reddits guy thrif....png

Anonymous No. 193123

I really don't think that little gay bitch Robert Neal can take Gifted Redditor in a fight.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193134

Made a little mini edit. Everything could be done better but just wanted to have an early morning skate session getting some clips, it's very rare I film anything.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Anonymous No. 193135

LMAO that powerslide at the end was amazing

Anonymous No. 193139

Joa getting Weckingball-pilled
Nice, that park looks really fun

Anonymous No. 193140

Thank you. It's a comfy little park, great for low to medium intensity skating which is perfect for where I'm at these days.
Big appreciation to the woman who worked for a decade+ to make this park a reality - It was a mother who lost her son at an early age (drowned) and she wanted to build a skatepark in his memory. Campaigned, held meetings, etc for a long time to make this park happen.

Anonymous No. 193153

if you watch him when he was younger hes clearly autistic... like there is a video of him jeremy klein tony hawk all watching back the end or some other video i forget.. but his voice is super autistic and fucked up and he doesnt say a word for like the first half till hes drunk

Anonymous No. 193154

sam hyde is cringe

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193163

people keep trying to talk to me when i snowskate. i am an autistic hikkineet i am not prepared for this

Anonymous No. 193164

Go faster so they can't catch you.

Anonymous No. 193179

Knee bad
Sleep schedule shit
Motivation zero
I just want snow to melt
At least then I could just go outside instead of taking a long walk to hall

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193180

knees great
sleep schedule on point, sensible bedtime
highly motivated
healthy eating
no snow because i don't live in a frozen hellscape
i just got back from a session with some other guys. we have a new curb going that we fixed up. it grinds really smoothly. after that i went out by myself to my own little curb that i keep a secret. i even got to pet a nice dog a little old lady walked by with.
today was awesome.

Anonymous No. 193183

>my own little curb that i keep a secret
God I h8 cunts who do this shit. Fucking j*w I hope you get a pebble caught under your wheel tomorrow.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193199

>woke up early
>showered, groomed
>got my uni work done
>sunny day so skating later
>it's only 9 am
p good sunday so far

Anonymous No. 193203

knee bad
sleep schedule shit
motivation sky high
weather is great
but knee bad

Anonymous No. 193206

my problem is just my motivation is lacking right now.

Anonymous No. 193215

The thing with motivation is it always ebbs and flows. You need to have discipline and go out skating even on days you don't feel like it. Are you going to regret going? Most likely not if you enjoy skating. Sometimes all it takes is forcing yourself out there and hopping on your board

Anonymous No. 193216

Why did I have to be me to get injured instead of one of you low test no motivation faggots? You don't skate anyways. I've never not wanted to skate.

Anonymous No. 193219

They can't get injured if they don't go skating

Anonymous No. 193222

im just too distracted with other projects. I make sure i still get some flat ground in, but i really want to go back to the new park near me even though i kind of dont like it.

Anonymous No. 193224

Post new park.

Anonymous No. 193230

its not that new, but I just started skating again. It gets crowded, feels small to me and the flow is all over.

Anonymous No. 193231

>new jersey


Image not available


skater girl.gif

Anonymous No. 193232
anyone watching?

Anonymous No. 193233

I wish I was good enough at skating to skate spots I find. Plus everyones a pansy and will call the cops immediately trying to skate random public places. Also I ended up liking NJ at this point in my life and even I cant believe it. Miss this park

Anonymous No. 193234


Anonymous No. 193235

this dude Angelo Caro does a perfect run, not a single cheer... souless

Anonymous No. 193236

ive skated this park a few times, Its very fucking weird, the bowl sucks. the c - curb is too low to the ground, that bank is huge and steep, theres that verrt wall thing for no reason, the mini has square coping. last time I was there there were 2 or 3 boomers blasting a tony hawk ass playlist and they each had a couple complete set ups there were swapping back and forth, fully padded, could hardly skate around.

Anonymous No. 193237

Fuck yeah man. Getting an early start to the day and then having all afternoon to chilll/unwind is the best.

Anonymous No. 193242

tampa pro is so boring how does anyone watch this or Street League

Anonymous No. 193243

It is alright

I enjoy the contests most of the time

Anonymous No. 193244

jams are more fun than runs i don’t care if pros (tryhards) like runs more

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193248

is it a bad idea to buy cheap wheels off ebay? I'm broke af but want to make one of my baords into a cruiser
I can't imagine that quality would be an issue but idk

Anonymous No. 193251

they just dont inspire me to want to go skate, the parks are so boring/generic.
ive been to jams/demos and they are way more fun for everyone involved, sure theres less money/no trophies but it feels like everyone is way more stoked/involved where as tampa/sls people are chasing a bag

Anonymous No. 193253

I like it. The synth was pretty cool. Keep working on it, it sounds like it needs some changes, but I think you got something interesting there.

Anonymous No. 193257

You are the weakest bitch of them all. Hurt your knee years ago and just gave up. Didn't have the balls to do what you needed to do to get back on the board. You don't get to call anyone low test.

Anonymous No. 193260

For that price I'd just wait for a sale from a normal brand, iirc slap had a thread where they watch for sales on every skate site, only time I ever use that shitfest of a forum. Point of a cruiser is for it to be easy riding, why risk that on random chink hardware that's hard to find shit on. That or just wait another week on it and get shit you trust, that way half your time on your board isn't wasted on thinking if their acting wacky. Or hell, experiment with em, just find em cheaper than 20, that's the price of some real wheels.

Image not available


gap to manny crop....webm

Anonymous No. 193267

I'm trying to film a clip every weekend. This one took me longer than I had hoped, but the spot was also bigger than I anticipated. Feeling good about it overall. I found a few other spots nearby too.

Anonymous No. 193268

i got some satoris for like 20 bucks. we're just coming into sale season as well

Anonymous No. 193269

that's a sick spot.

Anonymous No. 193270

Yeah, I'm a fan. I had seen it in clips before, but never been to it until today

Anonymous No. 193272

Cool spot, looks good on camera too.

Anonymous No. 193275

Good work anon!

Anonymous No. 193305

Get cancer and die in a fire.

Anonymous No. 193325

I'm sure I'm not the only one that suffers from this - You ever get a new pair of shoes to skate, but then unbox them and check them out and are like "Man, these are sick and I want to keep them looking nice"?
I almost feel like I need to buy intentionally ugly shoes or colors I don't like in order to skate them without inhibition lol. Or maybe 2x pair of shit I like.

Anonymous No. 193338

Yes you are the only one that suffers from this. When you start skating you'll stop suffering from this.

Anonymous No. 193339

Do your parents still buy your clothes?

Anonymous No. 193341

No, do yours?

Anonymous No. 193342

That's just how it goes man. I prefer shoes that hold up well enough that they look good even when they're worn down. Can't say I've ever spared a pair.
>I need to buy intentionally ugly shoes
If I don't like what I see when I look at my feet I skate worse.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193343

i get a little autistic about them until they've been skated for a few sessions. it's also kind of satisfying to see how they break in though and how your kickflip spot starts showing.

Anonymous No. 193347

Yeah I'm kind of the same way - I feel kind of bad the first few sessions tearing away at them, but it's like they go through that initial tear period and once they look properly "skated in" they have their own appeal again.

Just rambling. Like you said, shoe autism.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193353

Are these broken in enough

Anonymous No. 193354

only if the have holes on the soles

Anonymous No. 193389

you could get some clear shoe goo and put it on before you start wearing down the rubber or go no grip like that one anon. I just saw a video on youtube where the guy doesnt seem to use grip tape either.

Anonymous No. 193396

The no-grip thing seems to be getting a little bit more popular(?)
Not exactly the same thing but I've noticed it's VERY trendy right now at my local park for kids to put their griptape on with a whole side or half the nose/tail left bare. To me it looks like a horribly botched grip job, but they're all doing it on purpose.

If Daewon can have a highly successful skate career never using top bushings, I'm sure someone could get used to skating no grip.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193398

coomer tourist here

whos the hottest girl skater i can simp for rn

Anonymous No. 193421

efron danzig

Anonymous No. 193422

marbie miller

Anonymous No. 193432

No, I am not gay.

Anonymous No. 193442

debating putting my board in my car and going to the park. I usually go mid day, week day to try to avoid people to no avail. Maybe after work its emptier.

Anonymous No. 193443

Ill do it. its a 10 hour work day manual labor but im curious if somehow knowing I have my board already will get me motivated or keep me from getting too tired.

Anonymous No. 193451

30 yr old bloomer here. I have two set ups, one in my car for random sessions. You'd be crazy not to.

Anonymous No. 193489

even if you can't go skate keep a board in your car and everytime you have to drive do at least 1 trick. i did this with treflips and i have them on lock now

Anonymous No. 193490

I burnt out at work and said fuck it. I hate that skate park. Im going to stick to street and flat ground or I can drive farther to try some other parks. But thats a good idea. I have different boards, but I cant wait to get another board and trucks knowing what I like now.

Anonymous No. 193512

I can't say

Anonymous No. 193521

i think we should combine this thread with the SOAP thread, the thread is really slow and the discussion would not interfere with the skate discussion

Anonymous No. 193531

Its not that slow. It just is not your thing if you expect others to contribute.

Anonymous No. 193532

can anyone recommend me some stuff to use for going tapeless? i think my tape head is fully fucked and i cant find anything good i have an hdr-fx7

Anonymous No. 193554

soap just has more soul, the videos have so much more character, I really think itd fit in well here.

Anonymous No. 193571

i think we should combine this thread with the Mike V thread, the thread is really slow and the discussion would not interfere with the skate discussion

Anonymous No. 193575

I have like 1100 skatedeluxe premium club points and I want to order some dickies. I could get like wheels and socks for free but I think I'll just get socks.

Anonymous No. 193587

Whole lot of people in this thread giving way too much of a fuck what others think. Skating has always been about defying that.

Skateboarding is therapy for autism. Get on that board and stop giving a fuck.

Anonymous No. 193588

if we combine /esg/ with the mike v thread then the mike v thread will reach a bump limit faster

Anonymous No. 193591

>Skateboarding is therapy for autism. Get on that board and stop giving a fuck.
I wish I could. I literally drive away from my neighborhood before I step on my skateboard.

Anonymous No. 193592

same anon posting, to be fair, I only started again last december after +10 years off the board. Im finding my comfort again, but I wish i was more reliably spontaneous about skating. Its like I have to plan or wake up and think if I want to skate a lot that day or not. Im already planning if I want to spend time friday night or saturday skating and where and when.

Anonymous No. 193605

Bros fuck skateboarding. Now when I walk my ankle hurts after 25 years of constantly rolling it. I'm not gonna be able to walk by the time I hit 45

Anonymous No. 193607

Man bros fuck having sex. Now when I fuck my dick hurts after 25 years of constantly fucking all sorts of bitches. I'm not gonna be able to fuck by the time I hit 45

Anonymous No. 193608

It's ok by then you'll be able to download a new one.

Anonymous No. 193609

>25 years of constantly rolling it
skill issue

Anonymous No. 193660

Not stretching issue. If you stretch with some ankle rolls pre-sesh you won't get as many injuries when it happens. May not be the toughguy-skater thing to do, but it works.

Anonymous No. 193672

ive never rolled an ankle doing anything. I think its all in the calve muscle.

Anonymous No. 193690

Good point
>May not be the toughguy-skater thing to do
I think most skaters are into stretching now. I even see teenagers stretching at the skatepark sometimes

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193720

brothers i warm up in the hot shower sauna style before the sessions in the pool better believe im not grabbing my fucking ankles at the park but you bet your ass im getting these hammies alive and engaged

stretching at the park is fine but you better believe your old ass is marked as a geezer from that point on

i unabashedly swing my legs around like a moron if ive not had a chance to shower and stretch

Anonymous No. 193734

>my ankle hurts
Welcome to aging
I have to roll to warm up, usually just go post up under a tree and do 10 mins of non invasive stretching. Then when home I can spend 2+ hours on more stretches.

Anonymous No. 193737

im mostly joking, but it's all in how you do the stretch, sitting down grabbing ankles isnt as effective but far less kooky

also if you over roll your ankle intentionally, progressively (without actually rolling your ankle)
it makes it much harder to roll your ankle

Anonymous No. 193738

Yeh obviously I don't bust out the yoga moves in public.

One of my ankles I fucked badly, I don't really agree about rolling it intentionally, I do a lot to make it stable because it rolls so easily now. Once you fuck the ligaments and they become loose it is hard to undo. Meanwhile my other ankle is solid.

Anonymous No. 193741

yeah i dont mean...actually roll it, i mean progressively extended that range of motion your ankle is willing to accept without pain and gradually that range becomes bigger and thus more durable (untested bullshit)

i will say just because your foot can do certain positions while warm, you can reach that same location cold but you will injure things

Anonymous No. 193770

You dumb motherfuckers, you can't prevent fucking your ankle by fucking stretching it, the forces of skateboarding will fucking roll it wether you stretched or not. Now I can't drive or walk more than 30 minutes all because dumb ass skateboarding I'm only 33

Anonymous No. 193771

fuck you retard white paper says otherwise
this guy has a really strong and true point as well according to

Anonymous No. 193802

You are wrong and using this as an excuse to whinge instead of doing something about it. Bitch mode activated.

Anonymous No. 193831

just got new trucks, and they make a bit of a clicking and popping noise when turning

is it something I should worry about?

Anonymous No. 193836

It's probably the pivot cups (or slightly less likely the bushings).
If it bothers you, you can take the hanger off the truck and put a little wax in the pivot cup, then reassemble - It'll quiet things up. You can also use something like a silicone lubricant, or white lithium grease for automotives if you have something like that laying around.

Anonymous No. 193849

will the noise go away after using it regularly, or I have to do something about it if it bothers me?

Anonymous No. 193852

>white lithium grease for automotives if you have something like that laying around

Only car battery changers have access to that.

Anonymous No. 193874


Although I will say I mentioned lithium grease, a silicone based lubricant would actually probably be better. Either way, all you're looking to do is lubricate the cups.
Normally once they start sqeaking and creaking they'll keep doing it. Almost every pair of trucks I've ridden has done that though, either right away or after riding for a few sessions.

Anonymous No. 193881

>get to park
>stretch quads by pulling them back behind me
>stretch calves by handing heels off a step
>stretch back by doing one of those twist things where you push against a wall behind you or sit lotus and use your legs
>pump the bowl for a bit to see how I feel
>if I'm fine, session is fully on
>if not, more elaborate stretches

This shit keeps me skating 4 to 5 times a week, I don't care if it reveals me for the 30 year old boomer I am.

Anonymous No. 193882

NTA but my trucks will squeak for a while, then stop, then creak like crazy. I have yet to figure out what causes it but I think heat is a big element. I've put wax shavings and Speed Cream in the cup and bushings and it only has a temporary effect.

Anonymous No. 193888

Enjoying your first 2 weeks on /esg/ eh buddy?

Anonymous No. 193911

he doesn't know.....

Anonymous No. 193915

NORA of course

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193916

>squeaky trucks
That has never bothered me. Usually a new pair of indys will squeak on the first session, but after that it stops. I do so many nose slide variations that eventually my baseplate pinches the pivot cup and squeaks with every turn. My current trucks are so worn that I've chipped off some baseplate. Pic related.

Anonymous No. 193939

trips of truth
the dubs below it

holy shit dude you are fucking gnarly

only time my trucks squeak is when the pivot cup is dirty, clean it up and put it back together and it usually works

Image not available



Anonymous No. 193943

Anonymous No. 193947

Fucking hell lol

Anonymous No. 193969

lo siento señora jackson uuuuhhh

Anonymous No. 193971

allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright allright

Anonymous No. 193976

I embraced my autism and decided to start skating.
Masking is shit.

Anonymous No. 193980

I like big tiddies but this graphic is wallmart tier. Looks like something revive would make, minus the tatas.

Anonymous No. 193981

Anonymous No. 193982

already posted

Anonymous No. 193988

your steering/pushing would suffer
if i could i would save up for a normal cruiser complete with wheel wells and big wheels but that’s just me

Anonymous No. 193989

>wheel wells
wheel flares i mean
like fenders on a car

Anonymous No. 193997

I drove to 2 skateparks and saw all the kids on bikes and scooters and how crowded they were and didnt leave my car. Ive failed myself today.

Anonymous No. 193999

That's amazing work anon.

Anonymous No. 194017


Anonymous No. 194047

>hottest girl skater

Anonymous No. 194067

any idea on diy pivot cups beside the hot glue one? it took whole week for a new one delivered to me

Anonymous No. 194068

bro just put it down for a week skating without the pivot cup in place can be straight fuckery without gobs of wax

Anonymous No. 194072

>your steering/pushing would suffer
how come? I have riser pads

Anonymous No. 194079

ignore it he's a retard telling you to buy a complete. idk how shitty those wheels are and they're not that cheap, I don't like really soft wheels either the 78s I had stayed on for about 15 minutes.

Anonymous No. 194109

Buy them in "bulk" (like 2-3 sets at a time), it's cheaper and more efficient that way.
I want to stock up on Riptide replacement cups.

Anonymous No. 194131

90% of girls who skate are not hot in the slightest. Few exceptions. And she probably skates at your local park not a pro. Probably has an instagram with 3k followers where she posts backside boardslide clips in baby tees

Image not available



Anonymous No. 194138

I found some for cheaper, 80a 60mm
They feel way better on the sidewalk and road, even if it means I'm a bit more limited in tricks, so I'm probably keeping em for when I ride around town

I will say maybe there's a middle ground I could take too, considering I've seen people run small but softer wheels so they can still do tricks on the street

either way, I have a park board with normal hard wheels so I can just alternate if need be

Anonymous No. 194164

higher deck makes pushing harder
nothing wrong with risers per se but the idea of using risers without wheel wells disgusts me
but again that’s just me
>telling you to buy a complete
maybe you are the retard

Anonymous No. 194225

>I will say maybe there's a middle ground I could take too, considering I've seen people run small but softer wheels so they can still do tricks on the street
Spitfire new 93a F4 "Reynolds Formula" wheels look like they're trying to accomplish exactly that. Looks like they're being marketed/pushed decently hard.
No experience with them firsthand as I basically excluisvelyl skate smooth skateparks, but Spitfire makes good products so I'm sure it's not all hot air. I ride their 101 tablets.

Image not available



Anonymous No. 194241

ywn be a 35-year-old boomer skater
> the year is 2000
> grandpa takes you and your neighborhood friends to the skatepark for the first time ever in your 10-year-old life
> you've only ever skated flatground and the janky 2inch high box you made, but your buddy can actually ollie up a whole curb(based) and your other buddy can do a heelflip once every 30 tries(also based)
> "sir, you will need to sign the waivers before they can go in"
> "you are the legal guardian of all of them right?"
> *awkward staring at eachother* itsover.jpg
> "yeah"
> based gramps signs the waver with false info
> we're in
this is playing on the loudspeaker
> avoid every single ramp and skate flatground for an hour
> everything looks huge despite bein only 4ft high(10-year-old problems)
> you finally work up the courage to drop in on a 3ft quarter pipe, actually do it first try
> "it's easy, just try it"
> friend tries it and breaks eats shit, chipping a tooth
> other friend says fuck that and continues to skate flatground
yeah, you will never know what it's like to be a 35-year-old boomer skater

Anonymous No. 194251

god i hated those fucking waivers so much. usually they'd be cool about it but every once in a while you'd get the fucking autist 'ermmmm are you achtually the legal guardian of all these kids' guy or someone's dumbass mom who didn't know how to play the game

Anonymous No. 194253

why were you hanging out with 10 year olds when you were 35?

Image not available



Anonymous No. 194254

Rewatching some old video parts, looked up Jamie Tancowny's part in Zero Strange World and good fucking lord look at the extension on this varial heel.

Anonymous No. 194255

that whole video is so good

Anonymous No. 194256

It was from when the Zero team was at it's most "stacked", IMO. Their team at that point in time was just ridiculously good:

Long list but each one of them was putting out INSANE video parts, and they all rode for Zero. The days right up until Blackbox closed were amazing.

Anonymous No. 194271

33 this year. Sucked as a kid. Skateparks scared me what few there were near me.

Anonymous No. 194281

I used to ride the biggest shit at the parks cause no one was on it. Now I am too self conscious to relearn.

Anonymous No. 194313

anywhere with decks on sale?

Anonymous No. 194324

You could always check the slap sale thread. If you don't mind blanks you can get generator wood here:

I got a pack of 5 and they are the generic shape that skate shops get from generator for their shop boards. They are technically samples so they can come with little imperfections, and the colors are random. I'm on my second one and I really like them

Anonymous No. 194325

Also, I wouldn't get griptape through there. Get some Mob or Jessup or whatever your preferred grip is

Anonymous No. 194327

>not wanting the "USA griptape"
what are you some kind of commie

Anonymous No. 194328

lol I don't trust it, but maybe its okay?

Anonymous No. 194341

Anyone here recommend non-abrasive grip tape? I'm too broke to keep buying new shoes every 2 months. Not to mention I actually like wearing some of them without holes

Anonymous No. 194349

dkl is ok, but personally i hated it after a day.

Anonymous No. 194353

also shoe goo works

Anonymous No. 194360

foam grip is good if you like your boards being less grippy while also keeping a consistent level of grip through the whole life of your board. it costs way more than a sheet of mob though so i wouldn't really consider it a cost saving measure especially if you go through boards pretty quickly. also like if you foot drag or run out on tranny you are still gonna wear through your shoes. tbqh i consider the fact that your shoes don't get blown out to be kind of a bad thing because they're still packing out and becoming less supportive even if the toecap isn't getting shredded but you don't have the same visual indicators of where your shoes are in their lifespan and i'm pretty sure riding dead shoes on dead boards for so long is 90 percent of the reason why i got tendonitis.

Anonymous No. 194365

skatewarehouse always has sales

Anonymous No. 194375

New dickies 847 I got are stiff as balls. I don't remember them being like that. Did they change anything?

Anonymous No. 194401

is it normal that newly replaced wheel and bearing make landing a flip harder, it's too slippery even when landing a shuvit

Anonymous No. 194424

not harder it's just different

Anonymous No. 194460

did you get wheels that hard as shit (97a +) and immediately skate them on polished concrete? If so then yeah that could be seen as normal for someone without a ton of experience, if you got normal hardness wheels and are skating on asphalt then no that is not normal and you're doing something very wrong

Anonymous No. 194465

it's 92A 55mm on ceramicish sideroad, i think i got used to shitty bearing so when the new one installed it just became too slippery to me, rn i changed it to the old bearing and it's better

Anonymous No. 194514


hell yeah, just bought a deck, wheel and bearings. Good looking out fellas

Anonymous No. 194606

It's Jessup, says it right on there

Anonymous No. 194660

Someone order some and tell me if its as good as normal jessup

Anonymous No. 194734

new thread >>194733

Anonymous No. 196700

whats more content like this? I liked that

Anonymous No. 196717

Bros my penny board came in the mail today. I tried riding it on my side walks but the side walks are too shitty. works good in the parking lot though. Im kinda dissapoingted, I wanted to livbe the crusing penny lifestyle. STill liek having the board though. Any other suggestions of short boards that are good for shitty side walks? I like shortboard cause of the portablity. There's lots of place where regardless of board imma have to carry it cause of the terrain.

Anonymous No. 196938


You know what to do