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I think I got memed.

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I'm trying to figure out how much Voltage I would need to attach to a wire to burn through a very thin piece of plastic that's hanging from said wire.

The plastic wire melts at 90°C. Anyway, the way I would do it is:

Solve for Q where m is the mass of the wire, c is the specific heat capacity of the plastic and deltaT is the change in temperature needed.


Then apply Joules Law and Solve for I

Q = I2 * R * t

Once you got your Current you can infer the Voltage.

Thoughts? Pic unrelated

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Is this true?

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Anonymous No. 16176646

Now that the dust has settled, was this guy onto something about 'strange loops' and consciousness or was it all just schizo ramblings to cope with his mediocre career in math and physics?

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🗑️ 🧵 Baby boys should be mass aborted

Anonymous No. 16176567

Tell me why this wouldn't be an incredibly based idea.
Imagine a future where girls vastly outnumber boys.
There would be little violence since boys wouldn't even have to bother competing among themselves, they would have harems of qts and refuse to even aknowledge the sub 9s.
Women would be forced to take care of their appareance and be submissive or risk being a femcel.
Men would live like lions or silverbacks.

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🧵 I have nothing else to do but study because I was born a loser

Anonymous No. 16176559

I started my public school years being placed into special education classes due to my diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. That was until my mother demanded the school board to place me into mainstream education because I told her that I felt the special education I was receiving was inferior compared to the mainstream education all of the other kids were getting. I didn't even know I was autistic. I felt stupid and my mother was never going to tell me about my diagnosis because she thought I would have given up on life if she told me the truth.

Now looking back on my primary and secondary school years I never belonged in a mainstream school setting. I was mediocre in the majority of my classes which resulted in a mediocre gpa. The teachers and counselors were right.

As an adult I have no social, employment or educational prospects. I never had those things since the beginning. I'm waiting until I get my monthly SSI check and I'm still rotting at home.

I have been taking a remedial basic mathematics course for 2 months but now I'm asking myself what's the point? I never put any effort into math so why take math seriously now in my early 20's when people like Terence Tao and asian students mog me on social media?

There's no job opportunity for me so why even bother studying for a timed test or meet due dates? I don't even belong in college and no one wants to teach adults basic math skills that you were suppose to learn and hold onto as a kid.

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🗑️ 🧵 Psychopathic Geniuses

Anonymous No. 16176530

A server for rare individuals who possess both a psychopathic personality and high intelligence.

Are you one of us?


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Anonymous No. 16176519

Why isn't P vs BQP considered a bigger problem than P vs NP?

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🧵 Measuring intelligence

Anonymous No. 16176495

The current most accurate way to measure intelligence are through IQ tests, but IQ tests at best are limited in measuring all types of intelligence and fragile to error.

Measuring intelligence objectively is challenging. We can easily measure physical attributes like height, weight, etc. in an objective manner with 100% accuracy but we currently cannot do the same for intelligence. An example of objectivively measuring intelligence would be the fact that Albert Einstein's brain had 17% more neurons than the average person. If we could measure intelligence in a full-scale with 100% accuracy, we can recognize our own intellectual potential and place it in wherever we want.

Just like some people are physically talented, some are also intellectually talented. But unlike measuring physical potential, we can't easily measure intellectual potential. So the question is at what point will we be able to measure the full-scale of intelligence with 100% accuracy?

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Anonymous No. 16176493

how smart do you have to be to get a PhD in Math, Physics, or Engineering

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Anonymous No. 16176476

I'm entering math grad school. Should I shoot for a 3 paper dissertation or a traditional one?

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🧵 Why come I ain't smarter?

Anonymous No. 16176455

What specific aspect of the brain/nervous system is different between smart and dumb people?

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Anonymous No. 16176454

How do we stop using plastics forever?

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Anonymous No. 16176394

this but unironically, gravity as mainstream physics currently understands it is all wrong, the dark matter issue conclusively proves that. einstein's model is trash that should be regarded as nothing more than an outdated primitive superstition.

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Why is every chemistry channel on YouTube run by a lisping numale?

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🧵 Edgenuity

Anonymous No. 16176353

I’m behind in my online course for Chemistry. Is there a website I can use to pass? My parents are going to be upset.. with me…

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🧵 Physica A

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Physica A

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Anonymous No. 16176321

What happens when they colonize space and rule it under a socialist colonial administration?

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Anonymous No. 16176300

Scientifically, why are women so great?

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Anonymous No. 16176270

Yet another plagiarism scandal at MIT

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🧵 Numberg

Anonymous No. 16176234

Jewish ass number
Literally discovered because of interests

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🗑️ 🧵 Do not publish in journals

Anonymous No. 16176217

Do not give them any money or permission for them to use your hard work. Do not give them any crediblity. Follow the way of Computer Science: only conferences and free access journal organized by the cream of crop of the communities are considered prestigious while other journals like nature, science, elsevier... etc are shunned. Do not participate in reviewing for any of the above scam journals. Do your part of not giving scammers and hacks power over science. that is all.

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Anonymous No. 16176209

Is psychology a legitimate science?

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🗑️ 🧵 /sfg/ - Spaceflight General

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ITS COOKED - edition

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