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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227943

Why don't we create domesticated breeds of monkeys just like we created dogs? Just imagine what an extra obedient monkey could do in your house. You could teach it all the tricks you teach your dog, and way more. Maybe they could even help with cooking and cleaning? I'm pretty sure that a monkey is smart enough to stir a pot or sweep a room.

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🧵 Low number of steps performed in memory.

Anonymous No. 16227909

Neuroscience thread.
I'm technically relatively high IQ (for all that's worth, not much I assume) and can problem solve quickly, but as soon as there are compound steps - not just multiple banal steps, but rather things involving combination of multiple strategies, my brain shuts down.
It's honestly worrying. For example in competitive math sometimes you have to assume one strategy is right, and then keep going along that route and take the next strategy. Or in games like Go or Shogi you have to read 10 moves ahead. My brain just freezes on the second move ahead.

Is this a form of retardation? My short-term and long-term memory both suck, I swear I might be disabled. Lot of good that "IQ" is...

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inflection point.png

🧵 Saying no, mental health, and media filtering

Anonymous No. 16227872

Having 8 billion people and a bunch of internet/tv and too much energy generally means you need more stability despite more antagonizations and more amplification of those issues with communications.

So as to having too much stuff generally work is less than necessary, but you do it because it's a social stabilizer, but you shouldn't actually use all the modern stuff that's around. Maybe just buy and shelve it. Iow saying no.

Mental health is tough because people actually think these things are overdiagnosed, but they're usually more just not understood. I had bpd, sleep apnea, and either adhd or autism that was masked by sleeping all the time.

Media filtering kind of a work in progress and science because people had to generally get pretty demoralized to accept they needed to be censored like trying to train 3 to 5 billion dogs not to bark.

Instead of talking about intersectional issues and making it about who's who, the real problem is that nearly everyone has to get a lot more used to just saying NO and recognizing that they all have the mental health issue of being narcissistic ornery animals at a minimum and I am talking about myself for sure.

Discipline and humility are the terms I guess, but it's kind of like getting to the point where everyone can say this and nobody talks back about it. They just accept it and learn from it instead of finger pointing.

Also if someone says you first that shoudn't really matter if you're mentioning the right thing to no longer do...

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227845

Does aspirin do anything for ED?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227784

Red/Black pill me on GMOs. I have a microbiologist-turned-cardiologist friend who has full confidence they are completely fine, but he is naive when it comes to the more evil sides of humanity sometimes. Am I right to avoid them, or are their genuinely no shenanigans?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227774

I haven’t had any zero implications.

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Anonymous No. 16227768

Ma butt cheese leaking all over da place

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🧵 >dark matter

Anonymous No. 16227690

Why did they choose to stupidest name for it? They could have named it unknown matter or anamalous matter. What the fuck is "dark" matter supposed to mean? It isn't even dark.

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🧵 Do all biology textbooks teach that life begins at conception?

Anonymous No. 16227676

It would make sense since neither the sperm nor the egg contain human genetic code, but they zygote created upon their merger, does.
>When a sperm and an egg merge, it is called fertilization. This process occurs when a sperm cell, carrying half of the genetic material, meets an egg cell, also carrying half of the genetic material, and they combine to form a single cell called a zygote. This zygote contains the complete set of genetic information necessary for the development of a new individual.

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🧵 Truth or nonsense?

Anonymous No. 16227664

I’ve been reading articles about how obesity is caused by failing hormone responses (like to insulin) which lowers your BMR because your metabolism isn’t using caloric energy.

Apparently it’s induced by seed oils (omega 3 and PUFA) which changes the structure of your cells and causes inflammation and associated symptoms.

The shocking part is that allegedly you can restrict your calories well below your recommended caloric limit and still not lose weight even with diet and exercise.

I know, I’m still confused by it but I would like some unbiased information to clear this all up.

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🧵 female gf psyche science

Anonymous No. 16227631

she's my first and i've never had close relations with females before.
scientifically speaking is it normal of her parroting every single opinion or statement i made when interacting within our social circle?
she's very good at art and decent overally but this uncanny behaviour made me question her sanity.
could it be iq issue? are your high iq gfs like that?

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227608

>muh thought experiments

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🗑️ 🧵 Do you know how to solve this puzzle without guessing?

Anonymous No. 16227548

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🗑️ 🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227447

Do vaccines cause autism?

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🧵 Reheating Food in Microwave

Anonymous No. 16227425

Please red pill me on the health effects of reheating food in the microwave. Here’s my situation: When I eat brats or steaks cooked on the grill, my stomach never gets upset. When I reheat those things in the microwave, I sometimes get an upset stomach that reminds me of when I eat too much low quality food like cheap Chinese food made with low quality ingredients. Is the microwave degrading the nutrients in the food I reheat or something?

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🗑️ 🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227320

If global warming is real, how come theres still snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro?

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🧵 Geometry question

Anonymous No. 16227274

Does anyone know what shape the Wigner–Seitz cell of lonsdaleite is? I tried googleing it, and several other equivalent terms, but no luck.

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227267

How exactly does raising interest rates reduce inflation? is it because people save more or because fewer loans are made, or both?

>ps: economics is science

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Women in the head....png

🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227230

Can evolution explain why women pose like deer in headlights to sexually provoke men?

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🧵 Modern monetary theory or modern money theory

Anonymous No. 16227219

MMT's main tenets are that a government that issues its own fiat money:

Can pay for goods, services, and financial assets without a need to first collect money in the form of taxes or debt issuance in advance of such purchases
Cannot be forced to default on debt denominated in its own currency
Is limited in its money creation and purchases only by inflation, which accelerates once the real resources (labour, capital and natural resources) of the economy are utilized at full employment
Recommends[clarification needed] strengthening automatic stabilisers to control demand-pull inflation,[11] rather than relying upon discretionary tax changes
Issues bonds as a monetary policy device, rather than as a funding device

The first four MMT tenets do not conflict with mainstream economics understanding of how money creation and inflation works. However, MMT economists disagree with mainstream economics about the fifth tenet: the impact of government deficits on interest rates

What's the /sci/ take on this?

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🧵 Pharmaceutical synthesis is crazy

Anonymous No. 16227204

There are potentially hundreds of millions of organic chemical compounds, and almost all of them are extremely hard to make, requiring dozens of steps in highly controlled condition.
And what you get is some random molecule.
Why would anyone make a huge effort to get a random molecule that could or not have an effect on the body?
Shit, some valuable medicines are found naturally in nature, such as aspirine and meth precursors, so that could motivate research, but most pharmaceuticals seem like extremely random chemicals. What gives?

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🧵 fuck

Anonymous No. 16227188

Got my ass kicked here didn't I

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🧵 man spreads covid vaccine disinfo - dies

Anonymous No. 16227185

man is interviewed infront of camera, both men talk about things not accepted by mainstream COVID narrative, it was maybe in 2021?

BOTH are dead since 2022-2023

>Andrew Charles Griffin died on December 17, 2022, at age 60.

>Rashid Ali Buttar died on May 18, 2023, at the age of 57.

The video wiht voice:

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🧵 Untitled Thread

Anonymous No. 16227173

Is non-carbon based life (e.g. silicon, tin, germanium, boron, arsenic) purely sci-fi wishful thinking, or are there any conceivable circumstances under which it might appear?